Video: “Red Pill” Reaches John Stossel

Many of us have been discussing the Red Pill for years. In fact, taking the Red Pill is one of the foundations of The New Modern Man blog and movement. How heartening when the term reached one of the few mainstream reporters I respect, John Stossell. In this fabulous interview, Stossel talks to Candace Owens of Turning Point USA on how she is working to wake up other blacks to the underhanded political machinations of the American left. Owens’ stance gives me hope the cloistered, carefully manicured alternate reality created by 50 years of mainstream media and leftist politics is imploding.

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  • Good grief, did any of you commenters even WATCH the video??? It’s about a (somewhat) conservative black female who is trying to wake up black people to the reality of police shootings and racism being overblown by the media, and the liberal federal government programs designed to increase the dependency of black people (primarily black women having children) upon the government. It has nothing to do with the issues of men’s rights, MGTOW, etc.


  • The USA government are nothing more than a bunch of American- Cryptos, So called American citizens who have sold out their country and peoplet for Shekels. Fifth Columnists who pretend they have the people at heart while destroying them within. The enemies are already inside the gates just the same as in Canada, Sweden, UK and others all been sold out.


  • Thought so another Joo, just when on Wikipedia both of Stossel parents are Joowish and left Hitler’s Germany he even married a joo (Abrams) wouldn’t trust them a inch. Women going into men’s red pill stuff are just looking for attention any news reporter is just looking for a niche in the market place.


    • The powers that be control all sides of the issues, the Hegelian Dialectic. The alt right and alt left are manipulating us to foster hatred, violence, so they can crack down on everyone. Alternative media has been hijacked by them and is just as bad as mainstream media now.


  • Sebastian Hawks

    Well the Anglobitch and Churchy Prudes just shut down Backpage, a modern version of the Larry Flynt trials and seizure of the Maplethorpe exhibits from a generation back. Total violation of free speech allowed in this Anglobitch anti-male dystopia.


  • Datguy has made a accurate observation. Do not trust a woman pushing ‘red pill’ knowledge. Women are not able to see from a man’s perspective, hence, they cannot work in the interests of men.
    A mother can work in the interest of her son, which is genetic self interest.
    I disagree a man can take advice from a sister or a wife. They are still working in accordance with self interest. Always self interest.


  • Don’t drink the koolaid, Remy.

    If you want your redpill fix, get it from a known dealer, not a System shill or a negro thot. I must say that this is my first exposure of John Stossel, and he stinks of liberal or jew.

    Alot of fine bitches are throwing out the redpill to get mad hitz and male attention. White men seem to love to hear Alt Right talk from a woman.

    This happened to WN. We are violent, racist, extremist, anti gov movement.

    …but then came guys like Milo or Jack Donovan. Tried to turn it into the “Alt Lite” – our talking points watered down for normie tastes.

    Accept no substitute and take the full dose. No meatless hamburgers, no caffeine free coffee. A GOOD writer or speaker should make you go “oh shit amazing i gotta work with that nigga!”


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Promoting BS in place of truth can only last for a little while. There is an old saying, “The truth will out.” This may be one of the strengths that the internet has lent to civilization.


  • Come on, Mr.Furioso, the corporate media doesn’t report anything unbiased or unless they have a interest to promote.
    Mr. Stossel is catering to a market, that’s all.
    Meanwhile, whites still aren’t allowed to have group interests or even suggest they may have group interests, as opposed to everyone else on the planet.
    I think the Red Pill phenomenon has now grown large enough to attract corporate interest and that of course will result in its hijacking.
    Perish the thought, in another year there will be a whole host of ‘Red Pill’ literature coming out. Designed at the level of corporate, of course, telling us ‘the truth.’


    • Relampago Furioso

      I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said, except Stossel has a long track record of being an advocate for liberty. (Probably why he left ABC News long ago.)

      I do think you have a point about corporate hijacking of the manosphere. Jordan Peterson already came and went, trying to corral men back onto the plantation. His won’t be the last attempt to do this.

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      • I’m not white, nor am I Christian.
        In America, February is Black History month. Can you imagine if January was declared White History month?

        What if there was WET (White Entertainment Television) the way there is BET (Black Entertainment Television?

        Can you imagine the shit storms these abovementioned scenarios would create?

        It’s cool Stossel is reporting on the Red Pill, but I don’t buy it coming from him, especially when the story is based on a woman taking and pushing the Red Pill. The only women I take advice from are my mother, sister, aunts and my wife if I marry one day. Other than that, I don’t care what a women has to say.


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