The Curse of the Cat Lady: SMV Tables Turn as Women Age


The number of cat ladies will increase sharply in the coming years

Women are dealt all the best cards in the poker game when they’re young. They have an enormous amount of power over the lives of men, and since feminism appeared on the landscape like a plague our supposed social betters have used it use it to walk all over us. But, take note ladies. Nothing lasts forever. The shins you kick on your way up may be attached to the ass you have to kiss on your way back down.

The tables turn. SMV (Sexual Market Value) flips as people age: Men’s increases and women’s decreases. As women age and their power over men evaporates because nobody wants old, decrepit ass with cobwebs and HPV inside, men have the chance to even the score.

The coming spinster bubble has been highlighted before, as the average age of white women nationwide is now 43 and rising. (White women abandoning family to become job slaves means they literally are killing the entire race – white population decline is only accelerating.) They shafted men when we were young by refusing to reproduce in numbers sufficient to sustain the population, tormented us with their newfound right to be hyper-hypergamous, and decimated the nation by voting for far left wingers.

But, they’re getting old. They’re childless like never before. There won’t be anyone to care for them in their old age. While they love to chant the Don’t Need a Man™ mantra when they’re young, Anglobitches will be needing a utility object (i.e. a man) to come save the day as a bankrupt U.S. government is forced to reduce retirement bennies. Especially after their spendthrift lives have led them to insolvency in their old age. (Women spend $100,000 more than they earn over the course of their lives. In the past, men have made up the deficit.)

Will you be ready to sacrifice your quality of life so that an Anglobitch might have it easier during her golden years? Or, will you relegate her to the same lonely existence she sentenced you to when she had power over you?

To me, it’s time to exact vengeance as the women who rejected good, decent men when we were young are will soon be rejected in their own time of need. Personally, there’s nothing I’ll enjoy more than watching the YouGoGrrl, career girl lifestyle go down in flames as huge swaths of women end up poor and lonely in their old age while I’m banging women half my age abroad.

What will you do when aging women start crying out for men to help them in the near future? Or, cry out for government overlords to forcibly take money from men to pay for the short sightedness of women?

Third wave feminism now ushers in the age of the cat ladies. Coming soon to a dystopia near you.

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  • I only feel sorry for all those poor cats who have to suffer women like these.


    • Those would be the domestic cats experiencing a 50% death rate from cancer attributed to their cat food.
      Don’t eat anything she makes for you, she might be saving money by ‘extending’ her meatloaf with Fluffy’s dinner.


      • eww lol

        To be fair, I heard that pets get cancer now because of their extended age, and while pet food might be a contributor, it also helps extending their lifespan as well (quality pet food anyway). For example, our dog is already 5 years older than the average lifespan of her breed (and while she has health problems she’s fine), and our cat shows no signs of being middle aged despite being 12 already. Both pets get pet food, but also stuff we won’t eat anymore because it’s spoiled.


      • Hi Magyar
        That was written partly serious and partly joking but average age extended is kind of irrelevant if you die anyways from an entirely preventable disease.
        Since we could take hours talking about cancer and the war on us we should get back to the topic at hand, `bat shit crazy western women`, therefor please see my other comment on Toxoplasma gondi.


  • Jonathan Castle

    Repeatedly, a pattern emerges, Ratliff said: A personal crisis leads to prescriptions to soothe the pain. And then they lose control.

    It’s actually fucking sad. They were never meant to be independent of men.

    They’re being culled.


    • fuzziewuzziebear

      Thank you for your links. I had no idea that anyone in the mainstream was aware of this, or that women were affected at all. As for the women, they chose to take the route they did. They had to know that the benefits to them after menopause were irreplaceable.

      I was going to make a smart aleck remark about women never truly hitting the wall, borrowed from Captain Capitalism. There is some merit to it. As long as their signatures are worth something, there will be someone to flatter them.

      Again, it is tough to feel sorry for them. They have treated men badly all their lives.


    • You are right on the button about drugs you will not believe the amount of women I know who are in the 35-40 age bracken who are on “HAPPY PILLS” Nearly everyone of them are on Prozac, various anti depressants, bio polar and other mind alliterating substances just to get themselves up in the morning. Here is a tip if you ever date a woman in her 30s try to rifle through her handbag on the 1or second date. Women keep all their shit in their bags you will find out want she is on. Even better if she asks you to go back to her place when you are there ask to go to the loo and look in her bathroom cabinet this will also have the shit she is on. It may not even be worth it if the woman you are about to bang has loads of mental health problems.


      • Generally I get the point, however, you are now dealing with a world going mad. Any woman you pursue already has traits of madness. The pills don’t help at all, this is true, they actually make the problems worse. You have a mad woman on pills or a mad woman not on pills.
        What does that mean for the future? Your future?
        I suggest that there are options which work provided you can isolate the patient from negative influences, her friends and family primarily along with Hollyweird and TV, which are quite simple and easy to effect.
        Diet, herbal medicine, exercise (sex being by far the best exercise) and plenty of time spent with nature, ie. plants, birds, mammals, reptiles, etc.
        We are going to have one seriously fucked up planet to clean up, way worse than we have right now, and those who cannot adjust their habits and priorities will die out pretty quick. Most within weeks. Population down to around 5-20% within a year of day zero.
        Psychologists agree that 90% of the population is certifiable. Well, I agree that 90% of the psychologists are certifiable, but, I think it is still only around 50% of the general population. No, I don’t mean the 50% who are all women.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Good read. I may do an article on it.


    • I think your right, add in the gardasil shot and the human race very well could go extinct. Enlightening article. Along with the cat lady article, the future is very bleak. I’ve been vocal about whats going on to those around me, I have 4 sons, I have to be, for there sake and mine, all of us.


  • Jonathan Castle

    they made a faustian deal with the devil. And now the white-woman ego bubble is popping hard.

    NYT says white women are taking antidepressants in droves (complete with cat woman photo):

    Alpha fucks? Yes sir please!
    Affirmative-action for WW? Yes!
    Throw white men under the bus? What do I care?

    Still, it takes a lot for any human to say no to free gifts. Tragedy of the commons. Individually, power gets them what they want. Collectively over time, it backfires.

    Now they are stuck supporting themselves for real (not in slogan) and they can’t handle the pressure.

    I hate the cultural marxists for all this human suffering. Women were just the useful idiots.


  • The real, unto now undisclosed reason that old western women are bat shit crazy:
    Toxoplasma gondii (IPA: /ˈtɒksoʊˌplæzmə ˈɡɒndi.aɪ/) is an obligate intracellular, parasitic alveolate that causes the disease toxoplasmosis.[3] Found worldwide, T. gondii is capable of infecting virtually all warm-blooded animals,[4]:1 but felids such as domestic cats are the only known definitive hosts in which the parasite may undergo sexual reproduction.[5] A number of studies have suggested that subtle behavioral or personality changes may occur in infected humans,[20] and infection with the parasite has recently been associated with a number of neurological disorders, particularly schizophrenia [14] and bipolar disorder [21]. (from the Wikipedia article)

    Now you know.
    Furthermore; this parasite is known to mentally affect women and yet, to my knowledge, not known to mentally affect men. I can attest to knowing several women who are currently under the influence of this parasite including some who were attracted to me 45 yrs ago. Keep in mind that I am 62. Today, they cannot get my attention for more than 5 seconds.

    On the other hand, Carmen, yes that close to the wall Carmen, has markedly improved her attitude since my last report and is receiving appropriate positive reinforcement training from me, again. I have to say, and I hope she is not listening, she is a knockout dreamboat. I just hope I can beat that parasite out of her.


    • I actually read some medical studies 3 years ago in regard to this parasite, you are spot on. I had forgotten about it, but the reality is, it is a real concern. Its also worth noting that quite often people that own or work with cats big or small often experience a bout with the disease Balls Palsey. I knew a guy that worked with tigers that got it, the whole left side of his face dropped. There needs to be more awareness of these parasites, they affects cat people mentally and physically, tragic really. Additionally if you live in a house with cats due to your partner owning them, extra caution should be taken.


      • Well said, Janes. I have only learned this general subject of parasites over the last 20 years and it becomes more significant almost daily. Sadly I did not know it sooner. There are a few lives lost due to my ignorance and inability to call out doctors on their own ignorance which is huge.
        However, the real takeaway is not in the subject as presented or discussed here. The real story is about pleomorphism. The concept was initially introduced to the medical profession by Antoine Bechamp who was a contemporary of Louis Pasteur who become Antoine`s antagonist and adversary. Pasteur was wrong and all postulations thenceforth are wrong also. The story is astounding in scope because it reaches forward to today and impacts our lives in so many ways we would need several books just to gloss over the subject.
        Your advice is sound and should be accepted by all.
        More so, we should be careful who we sleep with, or even kiss, including, especially, our pets of all kinds. This is directly related to the explosion in cancer in North America particularly.
        Hopefully, more people will clue into this as it is decimating our species and we are supposed to be taking care of all other species. That will be hard to do if we are extinct.
        Thank you very much, Janes, for your input.


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