There are Four Lights But the Matrix Says There are Five

YouTube and Facebook are now trying to censor Diamond and Silk, the Trump supporting, middle-aged black women whose videos often go viral. It’s amazing how badly the establishment wants to shut up those who don’t spew media “approved” narratives from their lips. It also illustrates how the establishment doesn’t want to hear from black people unless they’re saying what they’re told to say by leftists.

Silicon Valley overlords told Diamond and Silk their views were unsafe, and the duo have had their traffic throttled as a result. But I’ll tell you what’s really unsafe – adherence to one narrative and making everything else a thought crime. As Paul Joseph Watson puts it: If two jovial, humorous middle-aged Trump supporting black women are “unsafe” for the Facebook community, who isn’t?

As the specter of Soviet-style censorship looms, I keep thinking of this scene from TNG. It’s a good dramatization of an attempt to mentally break a man who’s resisting a false reality. I apply this scene featuring two fine Shakespearean actors to resisting the narratives the matrix is now trying to shove down our throats by censoring us and burying us in fake news. Trying to break those of us who are exposing the lies of the matrix, so we will start saying we see five lights when there are only four.

P.S. As we warned you was about to happen, the American police state recently made another bold move against free speech by taking Backpage, Craigslist and a number of other web sites featuring legit personals as well as escorts and other adult sexual providers offline. As TNMM reader DatGuy put it: Now, everyday men can’t get female companionship the regular way or the paying way. 

I don’t know what America is, anymore. But it’s not my home. I only come here for money. For now.

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  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I have to agree with Paul Joseph Watson. These women are no threat. Is this the point at which YouTube has stepped past the line? Since YouTube is primarily consumed by men, this does go against their interest to censor to appease anti-male SJWs.


  • Backpage and the like which provided a way to link up with escorts and other various sex workers was a direct threat to the betazation of all western men. The rise of MGTOW and similar minded men who have walked away from the ideas of marrying a woman had at least the outlet of sex workers to enjoy some basic physical pleasure. With that outlet available, they’d have no reason to bother with dating. Take all that away and back to the plantation for many of these guys. It’s very obvious what there’re up to. Prostitution between 2 consenting of age adults is no one’s business and harms no one. Scary times we live in Rel!


    • Years ago I used the whorespage on bp for a hookup or two. I was hoe-jacked once. The other was on drugs and had a mountain bike/two duffle bags of shit in tow. Needless to say I declined. And both looked waaay diff from their pictures. Fuck that shit.


  • I have to hand it ol’ Patrick Stewart. The guy is almost 80 and his wife is half his age. I forget, she’s under 45 though not fat.


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