Another #MeToo Witch Trial Exposed: Cosby Accuser Admits She Made It Up


Janice Dickinson admits she made up the Cosby sexual assault story to sell more books

The exposure of Bill Cosby’s primary sexual assault accuser as a gold-digging liar didn’t quite get the in your face attention the 80-year old actor’s media witch trials have in recent years. In part, because the scandal-obsessed American media have already sunk their fangs into more baseless sexcapades with which to further undermine men and vaunt women. The latest sex scandal du jour features disgraced FIB agent James Comey and supposed conversations he had with President Trump.

Comey got top billing on newscasts because of an ABC news interview with Clinton operative George Staphylococcus. The revelation? Comey claims the billionaire playboy turned president might have hired a few Russian hoes in Moscow way back when, along with a passel of little things that amount to little more than tattle-tales and gossip.

Gasp! Stop the presses. More violations of Puritanical cultural mores. And… wait for it… nobody gives a damn that President Trump banged some Russian whores during his days as an Alpha male businessman. That is, nobody except the sex-hating, Neo-Puritan press.

Predictably receiving less emphasis in the same news cycle (because it doesn’t fit the media’s anti-male agenda) is the bombshell revelation that Bill Cosby’s accuser just admitted she made her sexual harassment claims up so she could sell more books. Apparently, she wasn’t drugged and raped by America’s Dad after all. From ABC News:

Janice Dickinson took the witness stand in a Pennsylvania courtroom, testifying in Cosby’s retrial on three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

In what could be a major blow to the prosecution’s sexual assault case against Bill Cosby, a former model and reality TV star admitted on the witness stand Thursday that she fabricated passages in a memoir – including a story of “rebuffing” the comedian’s advances.

But feminists want you to believe, gentlemen, “women don’t lie” and they must always be believed. That line of pablum is what #MeToo has preached since its inception. Pay no attention to the Cosby case (nor a host of other injustices leveled against men) in which a money hungry Anglobitch destroyed a man’s reputation and made him a laughingstock all so she could sell a few books. Shopping and eating out are important to a girl, don’t you know.

As always, women’s stories are taken at face value. No evidence required. Men are guilty by default and treated as such in the shameful American media. Case in point, Dickinson has let this totally fabricated story go on for years and been encouraged to do so by breathless news coverage.

Called by the prosecution, the 63-year-old Dickinson recounted a 1982 incident in a Lake Tahoe, California, hotel room, in which she says she was drugged and raped by Cosby.

“Here was ‘America’s Dad’ on top of me — a happily married man with five children,” Dickinson testified in Montgomery County Court in Norristown. “And I remember thinking how wrong it was — how very, very wrong.”

She told the jury that she passed out during the assault, saying, “It was gross.”

However, under cross-examination she buckled.

Dickinson acknowledged that she concocted stories in the book in order to get a much-needed paycheck.

“It’s all a fabrication there because I wanted the paycheck for my kids,” Dickinson testified, adding that her ghostwriter took “poetic license” with her life story.

Seizing on her answer, Mesereau replied, “So you made things up to get a paycheck?”

Appearing angry, Dickinson responded, “They weren’t there! And you weren’t there! And I’m telling the real story!”


Vindicated at last, but not before having his reputation drug through the mud. Bill Cosby leaves the Pennsylvania courtroom

Now we finally know the truth. This washed up Anglobitch admits the accusations she made against Cosby were made up so she could profit from the scandal. Now, true to female form (never admitting fault) Dickinson is trying to scapegoat her ghostwriter. Never mind that’s she’s been in and out of court with attorneys trying to get money out of Cosby for years.

This, men is yet another demonstration why women have been kept under a cultural tight leash for thousands of years. Without male guidance and cultural restraints, women will absolutely destroy civilization. It’s their nature. Just look at how efficiently they lie and manipulate not only men but the court system in solipsistic attempts extract money for their reckless, spendthrift lives. And the party is only getting started in pussy-worshipping Anglo culture as #MeToo rewrites cultural and legal precedents.

What if Dickinson hadn’t buckled? Had better attorneys? Cosby could have been jailed and forced to pay through the nose for a sexual assault that never happened. This bitch needs to be thrown in prison with a sentence comparable to the one Cosby would have faced upon conviction.

The irony is the Comey and Cosby scandals have so much in common. Two unscrupulous people doing whatever it takes to get rich off a book. (Comey has a book coming out, too.) Worse yet, in a #MeToo world women have carte blanche to follow Dickinson’s footsteps.

What a time to be alive. Oh, and if I’ve said it once I’ve said it twice. Stories like these (as well as stories from men I know personally) are why I avoid white women like the plague. They’re poison. You have been warned.

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  • I have a couple of questions about this Bill Cosby show trial. Why is there no statute of limitations? I can understand why murder has no statute of limitations, but rape is absent of a statutory limitation also? Since DNA evidence didn’t exist then, doesn’t that leave only fallible, perishable human memories to recall events? How can anyone recall an event that happened DECADES ago?! Hell, I can’t even remember what I wore last week! Secondly, why would Bill Cosby have to resort to rape? After all, wasn’t he a rich, famous alpha male? Couldn’t he have gotten pretty much any woman he wanted by virtue of his fame and wealth? Why would he have to resort to raping anyone?


    • The technical term for it is ‘flexible memory’ where recollections can be altered to fit future needs versus past needs which have already been satisfied.
      Or, something like that!
      Some say ‘a woman never forgets’ but, no, that’s an elephant; I say ‘a woman always mis-remembers’.


  • My my color me shocked…


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    And why is it that this man with tits hasn’t had “her” earnings from these books of lies stripped from her and given to Bill Cosby as tributes and compensation for damages?

    Is that really fair though? Fairness would mean that she’d get to do nine years without parole like OJ Simpson.


    • Biblical law, upon which America was supposedly founded, requires an eye for an eye. That is clarified further, later on, to state that the punishment intended for those falsely accused is to be endured by the false accuser. This is very clear in the Bible. Even unto death; capital punishment.

      We could call that poetic justice and make rhymes about it, or, yes, take all of her earnings and give it to Bill or the cause of his choice.

      More than a few, men primarily, have been bankrupted by false accusations from women or the maternal society created by the fragmented imagination of Marxist, Socialist, Left-tits, I mean Leftists, Feminists, but, also Fascists. Be forewarned.

      Anybody notice how Germaine Greer, the cunt of cunts, has come out of the closet to atone for her sins or to get strung up, yet? I’m not sure which.


  • I just want to know; how many cats does she have?


  • She is delusional and should be locked up for lying under oath. Though nothing will be done ‘cept for a slap on the wrist with a fake warning to said fembot.

    Cosby is no saint either though. I’m know he’s done his fair share of taking advantage of various situations. I have close acquaintances who have worked for him in Live comedy shows and to them he was the biggest prick/ dbag by far. Cosby can kiss A $ $ as far as I’m concerned.

    However; that being said, we have and have had a problem with crazy women making crap up in their head and many snowflake whimpy males eating it up and defending that $ H I T for far too long.

    Time for a change… The question is when will that ever happen? Probably not til it’s too late.


  • “Women don’t lie”

    –Leftist Feminist Borg

    Except for the 3 dozen or so women who claimed to be raped by Bill Clinton. All of a sudden women lie.

    Liked by 1 person

  • She is a lying slut that admitted to Howard Stern to having fucked over 1,000 men; a sewer rat indeed…

    Liked by 1 person

  • Shit if there is one thing women do more than men, besides lactate, it’s lie.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    It’s not just her. There is the entire machine set up to prosecute him too. Not only do we need to prosecute accusers, we need to go after prosecutors and judges. They know this stuff is bunk and can smell it a mile off.

    Liked by 1 person

    • fuzziewuzziebear

      I just noticed something. How is this matter being tried in Pennsylvania when it happened at Lake Tahoe? Could these women have “shopped” for a friendly venue?
      This just got a whole lot worse.


  • She was lucky that she didn’t do this on a man able to dump her carcass over a bridge on the Interstate hwy.


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