Big Brother’s Grasp Expands – Two New Spy Cameras Emerge


Two new Big Brother technologies are on the way

It’s hard not to imagine humans have started swirling the toilet bowl on the way to extinction. Give elite psychopaths unlimited power to micromanage human lives via technology and what possibly could go wrong, right? (As a side note, could this explain why the universe is silent? Because technological societies inevitably obliterate themselves once arising due to evolutionary baggage – like elite psychopathy? I wonder as an amateur student of astronomy and cosmology.)

The American police state has already accustomed its subjects to constant scans, searches, and seizures. Especially, if one is flying the unfriendly skies and has to interact with gutter TSA agents. But, no matter how much power and authority a tyranny has over the lives of its citizens – it’s never enough.

Daily Mail is reporting on new technology that will allow the corporate-government complex to know what someone is feeling by scanning them. It’s reported as a way to monitor health. (Don’t believe that front.)

The data we share with companies online has become a hot-button issue, but new technologies could soon be scanning us as we go about our day. That’s the claim made by a neuroscientist, who believes that devices in the real world will start gathering unprecedented levels of information about us.

Our bodies give off various signals that can be scanned and analysed by advanced computer systems, revealing everything from our current mood to our overall health. In a similar way to wearable gadgets already available, future devices could be set up throughout public spaces to harvest this valuable bio-data.


Are you ready to live in a real-life Truman Show? You’re about to thanks to cameras going up everywhere

Note if the mainstream press is reporting on this as a technology that’s on the horizon, there’s a good chance the technology is already in the hands of the Deep State apparatus and they’re looking for a Hegelian Dialectic pretext to deploy it for use on the population.

And we thought Facebook was invasive.

Less a threat to the survival of the species, but nonetheless another straw on the camel’s back with regards to behavior modification, social engineering, and forced submission to authority Australia will soon deploy cameras to watch what you’re doing in your car. Once again, tyrants encourage us to trade liberty for the illusion of safety. In this case, we need cameras to monitor us all the time because some people text and drive.

A New South Wales Police spokesman told that officers currently “use a variety of methods to detect drivers using their phones while driving”.

“Line-of-site, by trained officers is the primary method of detection, however, long-ranged cameras have been used with success, and helmet cameras in motorcycle police continue to be used,” the spokesman said.

But that technology could soon be replaced by stationary cameras that automatically issue an infringement notice without the driver even realising they’ve been sprung. NSW Police Highway Patrol boss, Assistant Commissioner Mick Corboy, told the Nine News there were “emerging technologies coming out”.

“So the way we are going to defeat this is by video evidence, by photographic evidence and we are looking at everything possible around the world at the moment and we think we’ll get something in place fairly quickly,” Mr Corboy said.

What’s most amazing is police state apparatuses in America and Australia aren’t even hiding their nefarious intentions anymore, and they’re encountering very little resistance to their tyrannical moves.

They must figure Anglo men have already been thoroughly cucked and conditioned to accept new female overlords in business and government rather than putting up a fight for their rights and their very way of life. Of course, these women in positions of power are intended to be faithful underlings who will only do the bidding of the money masters, because women submit to authority much better than men. (That must be why men are being removed from positions of power with the #MeToo witch hunt and other social engineering devices.)

The day is soon coming a human being won’t enjoy a moment he’s not scanned, monitored, and sometimes punished by a global panopiticon that could very well turn life into a living hell on what will be a prison planet.

I keep looking for the light in all this, but don’t see any. Unless the people rise up, take control of the situation and turn our government servants into the ones who are monitored around the clock rather than the people. I don’t see that happening in today’s Idiocracy, though. Worse, the hour is very late. Once the global panopitcon is in place it will be almost impossible to get rid of, because Big Daddy Government is going to know every move you make and every move you ever thought of making.

Any wonder I’ve decided to live for the day?

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  • I think your on to something with your astrobiology and sociopolitical science.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “I keep looking for the light in all this …”

    Stop staring into the mushroom cloud before the mushroom cloud stares into you.


  • The key to your enslavement is facial recognition software and RF (radio frequency) hardware. Defeating face recognition is difficult but not impossible. Wear dark sunglasses when out in public, especially in stores. Wear a wide brimmed hat pulled down low and never, ever look up because that is where the cameras are. Avoid the big box retailers, especially Wal Mart. Remember the “Romeo and Juliet” kids on the run and stealing cars a few years back? The news had their pictures in a South Carolina Wal Mart on the day of their visit there. That should tell you all you need to know.

    RF hardware is easier to defeat. It has limited range to activate the chip and cannot defeat a “Faraday Gage” (remember the movie Enemy of the State?). Get a RF defeating wallet and that will keep your cards from being scanned. Never use an ATM or credit card unless absolutely necessary. Get cash from your bank’s (no one else’s) ATM and pay for everything in cash (while you still can).

    For your internet surfing, get a used lap top. It will have been registered in the original owner’s name and its IP address cannot be traced back to you. Only use public WiFi hot spots. Your home modem will track you. Do not, I repeat do not, get a Siri or Alexa device. They are constantly listening and law enforcement is already making use of what they capture. Also, do not get a smart TV or any other “smart” appliance. As insane as it sounds, your own refrigerator will spy on you.

    Use burner cell phones but only ones that you buy and activate from a public phone all while heavily disguised. A murder case in Tennessee revolved around a burner phone cell number. The provider could not tell the cops who bought it but they could tell the cops where and when it was bought. The cops retrieved video surveillance from the retailer and ran that through facial recognition and viola!

    Be careful where you park your car in public. Your license plate may as well be your SSN.

    You cannot be too paranoid. Nor can you prevent all data collection. Your goal is to keep is to a minimum. For example the local electric utility would wave the security deposit if I gave them my SSN for a credit check. I refused and paid the deposit. Another example is my dentist. They wanted to run a copy of my driver’s license. I asked why and was told it was for fraud prevention purposes. I said, but you already know me. She said if my picture was in their system then I wouldn’t have to show my ID every time. I refused and said I would be happy to show it every time, but no copy would be made.

    In short, be vigilant about protecting your data and who you give it to. You can’t starve this beast, but you can put it on a diet. Cheers, I think.


    • What about owning property in countries like USA or Canada? Will SJWs burn down the houses of men deemed politically incorrect?


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        If you’re concerned enough about privacy and don’t care about the costs, incorporate several LLCs and transfer the assets to each of the LLCs, keeping them separate in order to provide additional protection.

        If the LLCs are incorporated in certain states (such as New Mexico), the information that may be obtained about the owners is limited. If you’ve hired a law firm to act as your nominee for LLC registrations, all that some would-be Nancy Drew type is going to get on you is the name of your law firm.

        One benefit of this type of arrangement became obvious when I was pulled over for expired number plates on a rental vehicle: since the vehicle wasn’t mine and was registered to the rental company’s LLC, I wasn’t going to be hauled off to jail by the cop for having expired number plates, whereas the laws of that particular state would otherwise allow that to happen.

        Some states allow you to have two addresses for your driving licence, one that’s on file as your residence and that is kept private within the state’s records, with another address being listed on the driving licence itself. Aside from a practical consideration of having to make sure that your addresses are in the same county or the same voting district (if you vote at all), you can make the second address anything you want, just as long as you can receive mail there.

        Interestingly the second address does not always have to be in the same state: I know a few life-long New Yorkers “temporarily” in California who have chosen to keep their New York driving licences, but with a California “temporary” address. They only drive rental cars, so there’s no driving back to New York just to deal with vehicle registrations. Technically as long as they are “resident” in the state for one day a year, it’s allowable. South Dakota has a more formal arrangement that works along this principle, and it’s a good one for semi-permanent vagabonds who need an address of convenience for receiving official mail, but who are otherwise mobile or entirely out of the country most of the year. (If Rel would like details, I might be convinced to send him a précis version.)

        I also have a non-ideal cheaper solution that’s working for now: my vehicle is low-mileage and gets parked end-in so the number plate isn’t visible to people driving by. When I’m parking in a public carpark, I back in far enough that the back end of the vehicle can’t be opened at all because of a concrete wall or pillar behind it, much less the plate be readable to someone walking behind it. I’ll also be ordering a cover for the vehicle so I can keep the vehicle covered during hot summer days, which of course will do wonders for blocking the number plate as well.


      • Angry Outernationalist – Good advise, but I will differ on the aspect of LLC’s. They are still property in your name that you must declare in a divorce and will be subject to division for the bitch. A better solution is a living trust that owns all your assets. It is a legal third party entity and not subject to division. An added benefit is you don’t have to go to another state to set it up. Cheers.


  • I watched a video on YouTube the other day. A cop pulled a guy over because he smelled marijuana. The video is about 25 minutes long and unpleasant to watch. The cop puts on latex gloves and searches inside the guys pants. In America the cops can grab your nuts, dick and finger your anus because they smell marijuana.


  • FORGET the public waking up, Remy. “Privacy is dead” is their motto (dead for them….the elites and their protectors still have privacy).

    If you want a light, remember this: third world populations can’t sustain first world technologies.

    As the proportion of white men decreases, technology will fail. Notice how all the “scientific advancements” today are just surveillance tech. No life extension, no cures for cancer. Trayvon, Lee and Mohammad won’t get taking man to the stars.

    If Nazi Germany had won WW2 or at least held Europe, we would have bases on the Moon, Mars and Titan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ryu
      I have to disagree with you on a couple of points here.

      1/ Germany may not have won the war but the Nazis did.
      Remember Operation Paper Clip?

      2/ Humans cannot survive in space beyond a couple of months. We need gravity, sunshine, natural electromagnetic fields, greens and complex combinations of minerals and select proteins to build enzymes which regulate our entire anatomical structure and its systems.
      So far, in the fields of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals we have not even come close to where we need to be and I doubt if we can before we destroy the grid and the bulk of the population. That event will throw us back eons not centuries.

      3/ There are cures for cancer but the Mercury based medici medical system would not profit from that. Ever heard of Dr. Thomas Willis? He defined and named Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes 1) around 278 years ago and stated the cause of it which also suppresses immunity; WHITE SUGAR!
      Avoid cancer by avoiding Sugar and Pork which carries the precursor to most Cancers; Candida albicans which thrives on sugar.

      The rest of your post I can agree with wholeheartedly!

      Note the angst over Syria this past week and that WW3 is unlikely to result from this because there is a money game in play at all times. War is profitable but complete devastation won’t be. Nonetheless, a loose nuke in the hands of a psychopathic ideology can and will set off a chain of events leading to WW3. That is what we should expect and that it will, anyways, start in the region of the River Euphrates which transits Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.
      That’s funny, aren’t all of those countries at war in Syria?

      Duh! Dang! Duh, what’s up Doc?


      • Moslems narrate that their end times conspiracy starts in the Euphrates river where everyone will fight for its wealth, either gold or oil.


      • What was the old joke about the Cold War? Our Germans beat their Germans!


      • MarkyMark
        I never heard that before but it says a lot.
        There was a reference I read a decade ago, legitimate source, might even have a copy of it, but, it was to the effect that; The top level couriers employed by Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill were all Jesuits.
        We also know that the Vatican was in bed with the Reich-stag and Fuehrer even if only by looking the other way and remaining silent.
        The shit we don’t know has to be even more bizarre.

        Addendum; this is why I can’t give any credit to Jordan Peterson even though I do like his critical thinking and even some of his positions on various subjects.
        If he cannot acknowledge, or does not understand, the effect of usury and its control system of Government, Banks, Corporations and Religion, on the gross balance of power and consolidation of wealth by the top 1/100th of 1% then how can he ever do anything except support the status quo, of the social order, while he claims to reject certain critical components of it? Primarily, the Hegelian dialectic’s effects which he is absolutely playing into and, in fact, assisting in developing.
        And, now, he is going to use the church (their version of the bible) to build a case for western social doctrine and morals. That is insanity defined in my book. He can’t even define what it is he is arguing for but only against. Rational thought, is that it? He needs a little rationalism himself.

        If WE don’t support democracy, theocracy, Capitalism/Corporatism then what do WE support?
        What is OUR moral compass and higher ground?
        What right do WE have to pick up weapons of war against another country or our own government?

        We have the greatest ongoing challenge of the mind, heart and spirit of the human being in recorded history and few recognize it for the penultimate challenge it is.
        It makes Red Pill look pretty lame in comparison; except that, at least some men are seeing now that there are a number of other agendas in play which do not support any kind of freedom whatsoever.

        It has become necessary to choose your alliances very carefully.
        To choose where you spend, or earn, every dollar you wield as a sword.

        Thanks, Marky, for providing some food for my daily rant.


      • Moriyah: You bring up an interesting point with “It makes the Red Pill look pretty lame in comparison”. The reason it does is because there is something beyond the Red Pill, the bottom of the rabbit hole if you will.

        What is found there is the Black Pill. What I found by taking it is that free will is an illusion. Yes, we humans (and all animals) have a modicum of free will but that free will can only be exercised inside a very narrow band. Our own DNA demands certain behaviors governed by the imperative of the DNA for the DNA (Dawkins’ Selfish Gene Theory). So, yes, your illusion of free will is an illusion provided by your DNA for the DNA (it promotes genetic diversity). In essence, a biological illusion.

        Society operates the same way. Your illusion of social free will is just that, a modicum of free will that can only be exercised inside a vary narrow band. Society demands certain behaviors governed by the imperative of society for the society. A society governed by women (the gate keepers of sex) and the elite of the elite males. In essence, a social illusion.

        Just as the only thing that can defeat money is blood, the only thing that can defeat the imperatives of DNA and society is the mind. The mind is the bastion of free will and in reality the only place it can exist. There is much more to the Black Pill but once it frees the mind “it makes the Red Pill look pretty lame”. I can’t say I recommend the Black Pill. As bitter as the Red Pill is to digest, the Black Pill is nauseating, but that is where the ultimate truths can be found. Everything else is just part of the never ending game of life, sex, conformity, and death. But a totally freed mind is, for me, worth it. Cheers.


      • Care for a cup of hemlock tea to go with that Black Pill?

        Socrates had no illusions about his coming death by decree. It was death! The termination of his life, but, he had lived his life and would not now sacrifice what he had lived for to buy another few days, or years, and thus invalidate his life.

        No man is an island by choice. We are social creatures just like most of our mammal brethren. We live by and within our social interactions. I mean; we only stay alive, to the greatest degree, as a result of and by way of our social interactions. Alone it is not long till we are lost. Of course we can be lost in a crowd also.

        Certainly a large part of our DNA dictates our social nature. Our DNA is so unique, complex and multifaceted in its intricate characteristics as to be not humanly decipherable and often not even discernible by the one who carries and manifests it.
        We have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, 16 great, great grandparents, 32 great, great, great grandparents, and 64 great, great, great, great grandparents. Each of those is a complex blood line with innumerable blood lines within that DNA.
        The Bible says we are influenced, even blueprinted, and dictated by 4 to 5 generations before us. That is a lot of DNA dictates but also potentiality.
        Few of us recognize what that potential is and/or its purpose.

        I have tracked my DNA back 6 generations. The influence from many identifiable ancestors is undeniable and remarkable in my pre-made physical, mental and even spiritual character and inclinations. Still, I have choices, options, and not just predilections.

        Of course there are saints and sinners in my lineage and what dictates their power in my proclivities and activities?
        Well, we also have epigenetics. That involves absolutely everything we experience, everything we entertain with our mind, everything we see, hear, touch, taste and yes, even smell. We have choice what we consume with our mind as well as our mouth.

        I am an off the chart introvert but still interface with many people daily though not haphazardly. I choose my places, conversations, words, thoughts. That which I disagree with or despise I push it out or away or throw it back on the one who would burden me with it. In addition, I give them fuel for their flaming engine so they may fly or blow themselves up. Their choice not mine. I simply give back what I get. What I give I get back also. What do I give? Love, peace, joy, hope, understanding, consideration, etc. and it must be returned in kind.
        These are supernatural, beyond natural, laws which permeate the entire universe and keep it operating. I trust them because I must. I certainly cannot trust other men, or women, just because we are ‘civilized’. Certainly not trust, by default, in those who seek after control over others .

        A parasite, human or otherwise, has a DNA imperative to infect other hosts to become new vectors for their lineage and continuation of their DNA and the accompanying imperative.

        When you talk of the ‘Imperative’ you fail to mention the extra portion that humans received which other species did not.
        Humans have an attribute known as the carnal nature, That which allows us to recognize right and wrong while practicing either without remorse or constraint other than our DNA, genetics, or epigenetics would encourage us to. We can always choose unless we are insane. That is to say, deprived of sanity.

        Do other mammals or creatures commit suicide? Some say they do. I see no evidence because I cannot read their minds though I do understand them well. Humans commit suicide when they see no hope, supposedly. Many humans commit suicide just by the way they do, or don’t, live their lives.

        On a personal level it is a dichotomic dilemma that humans alone endure as a species, and a society, and not really as individuals. Individually we always have choice though we may not know it or exercise it as part of a dictated societal body.

        You are right in that most people are not able to exercise Free Will because they have none.
        They have fully accepted a social consciousness construct, and contract, which was designed for them by psychopaths. They are fully programmed and directed through the hijacking and directing of their carnal nature. (Hollywood helps greatly in that regard). It is only possible because they failed to subjugate and control their carnal nature and direct their own Free Will.

        Yet, it is that alone, that is, our consciousness, our conscious awareness of our carnal nature, which can make us fully human, if we embrace control and direction of it.
        This one thing may allow us to surpass death when we embrace that conscious awareness instead of our carnal nature, genetics and the societal construct.

        That, I would argue, is the real Black Pill you mention.
        We cannot give up a Free Will we never had. Nor can we exercise it if we don’t know we have it.

        Acceptance of the idea that you are already dead, as Socrates did, is what will allow you to transcend the fear or denial of the eventuality of death, and thus fully live. This is not possible if we are ruled by our carnal nature. We must be aware of our carnal nature and rule it. In doing that we become aware of the carnal nature of others and do not allow them to rule us.
        In this we do have true and complete Freedom of Choice!

        Carmen has full freedom of choice as to whether she goes out with me, fucks me, cucks me or marries me and loves me forever. I had/have full freedom of choice to set her up for her choice. I already made my choice with regard to her. So who has/had Free Choice here? I did but no longer do. She didn’t but now does.
        I had a choice but gave it up for her to make hers. She had no choice till I gave it to her and now must choose to have it in order to have it. In the end it was not her choice but mine. If she forgoes choosing I, again, may choose another or another or another.

        This is the power that men have over women and women do not have over men. It is a power not to be abused.

        Meanwhile, Emily thinks if she is a bitch I will notice her and pay more attention. She has not yet noticed that I am not paying attention at all.
        Kahdijah is too young yet and cannot make the choice even if she knew she had it.

        I had a free mind at a young age though not Free Choice. With great effort, and much assistance from the accumulated wisdom of the ages, I have bridled it to the subjection of my will. It is that, my Free Will, which is important, to make my Free Choice, and no one else’s. And, no one else’s has sovereign sway within my being.

        I always use to like the black balls, 3 for a penny, when I was young.
        I took the Black Pill early on.


    • America can fund for feminism and male oppression overseas. It happened to Cuba Dave in Costa Rica!


  • There is no hope except that found in the prophecies, and, I am not talking about the bullshit versions given by every lying, stinking church out there.
    We all need to read the book ourselves and even learn to use lexicons and concordances if we are to make sense of our makers plan and our place in it.
    Anybody who has an alternate viewpoint I would love to hear it but only if it is backed up with extensive evidence based on their own massive, in depth research.
    If I had not done the research myself I would certainly have the same conclusion as you, sir.


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