Backpage Shutdown Further Represses Sexually Unfulfilled U.S.


The American police state is cracking down on online prostitution in a neo-Puritan culture

Following President Trump’s signage of the FOSTA act, the American police state made a power grab that immediately put a lot of sex workers out of business. It also worsened the incel lives of desperate Johns who use their services in an erotophobic culture. FIB and assorted alphabet agencies claimed they were saving women from horrible, profitable lives as sex workers by using the agency’s iron first to close down Arizona-based Backpage.

Surprisingly, one lamestream media outlet is playing devil’s advocate and finally asking questions that never got asked before thugs in blue barged in to arrest Backpage’s purveyors. From AZ Central, an Arizona-based news outlet:

The site had served as a microcosm of a larger debate on prostitution in recent years, and the seizure of what the DOJ called the “Internet’s leading forum for prostitution ads” ignited swift reactions on both sides.

Well, not quite AZ Central. The general public never got to have a “debate” over prostitution. Government officials had that debate for us and didn’t bother to ask our opinion about what they were doing. Local news channels and the totality of corporate controlled media have consistently adhered to an anti-sex, anti-freedom, anti-male, anti-sex worker doxy.

The narrative in the Puritan press following the shutdown was universally as follows: Prostitution evil, Backpage shut down, female victims protected by Big Daddy Government.

Of course, establishment YouGoGrrls who run the Anglobitch plantation cheered the move, no doubt as a way of tightly controlling men’s sexual options in a culture that regularly profits from the financial exploitation of men who are so desperate for love women can make them do just about anything for it. A top Republicrat was front and center in her support for the move.

Anti-sex-trafficking advocates, including Cindy McCain, cheered Backpage’s demise as a blow to an abusive industry.

As usual, Police State USA didn’t bother listening to the women who provide sexual services and the men who purchase them. Even seasoned sex workers say men are desperate for female affection, and are a far cry from the sexual deviants a sexually repressive culture makes them out to be. Sometimes they don’t even pay for sex – but to have someone to talk or to cuddle with. However, working girls had to take to social media to have their opinions heard.

Meanwhile, sex workers across the U.S. and Canada swarmed social media to air concerns rarely heard in political discourse: To them, Backpage’s demise meant the end of safeguards and a reliable revenue stream in a profession that’s not going anywhere.

“They’re devastated,” said Laura Dilley, executive director of PACE, a Vancouver-based nonprofit that advocates for decriminalizing prostitution.

That’s a narrative you never hear on the news. Sex workers having their lives devastated by tyrannical government moves. Much less a narrative that talks about men having another sexual outlet taken from them in a culture in which 80% of men are now “not good enough” for female affection, even from land whales.

The American government never learns. Prohibitions only push banned activities underground. Alcohol prohibition did it. The drug prohibition has done it. And banning prostitution has done it. Worse, the obtuse nature of do-gooders in the police state means they don’t see the problems their actions create.

If sex workers can’t advertise online, they can’t screen their clients beforehand and are forced back out to bars and into the street, Dilley said.

Never is this angle presented in the Puritan press. That sex work isn’t going anywhere, there will always be a demand for it (even more so in the Law of the Jungle Anglo culture of today) and now women who need the money will be forced to ply their trade in riskier ways.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty; a lot of grief and fear,” said Jelena Vermilion, a sex worker based outside of Toronto. “A lot of people are essentially planning to be homeless, planning how to fall gracefully as much as possible…From Friday, a lot of these people haven’t had any calls.”

A Michigan woman who goes by the name Sarah Fenix on Twitter posted a viral thread about how the ability to screen on Backpage saved her from riskier sex work.

Even though women who sell sex say Backpage made them safer, their arguments fell on predictably deaf ears inside the thuggish law enforcement agencies Americans now suffer.

In a press statement, FBI Director Christopher Wray said Backpage’s closing strips traffickers of a key tool. “This website will no longer serve as a platform for human traffickers to thrive,” he said. “Whether on the street or on the Internet, sex trafficking will not be tolerated.”

The product of neo-Puritan feminism and a gynocentric culture, a few fantastic and unrepresentative cases of child sex trafficking were used as a pretext to stop all adults from advertising and seeking sexual services on the web. FIB touted a passel of cases as the “norm” on Backpage, cases which it used to arrest Backpage’s CEO and other members of his team.

Of the 17 victim narratives in the indictment, only three do not mention a pimp or trafficker. Of the three women who apparently posted their own ads, two were killed by customers.

That was the pretext. Never mind the hundreds of thousands or millions of men and women who used Backpage’s service responsibly. Police State USA excels at finding rare abuses of liberty then “cracking down” with oppressive (and in this case, repressive) legal action stripping those liberties from everyone.

It’s the old “trade a lot of liberty for the illusion of security” game that’s been going on since time immemorial. The Founding Fathers of the U.S. warned against falling prey to this tactic of tyrants, but barrel-bellied Americans don’t seem to notice the tightening leash around their necks.

Meantime, Anglobitches and their social engineer controllers have once again been successful in tightening their grip on the supply of sex in an attempt to make male demand of it benefit them more and more financially. It won’t work. Men are already calling the bluff, and would rather go MGTOW, end up alone, or flee to less erotophobic cultures rather than betting the farm on some pasty tail.

Why sex workers and incel men allow themselves to be abused and controlled like this by an oppressive government remains beyond my comprehension.

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  • One way or the other, you always pay women for sex. Drop the illusions and enchantments and marriage is simply a more exclusive, more man punishing form of prostitution. Can you imagine the trillions that have been forcefully transferred via alimony, asset division and child support from men to women under state force? I’m glad the sex workers lost their jobs. Since sex was their only marketable skill, now they can work minimum wage jobs. Lots of men won’t be exploited financially by prostitutes in the future, too. Incels can’t appreciate what they will never have to suffer by not being attractive to any women. They don’t know how truly fortunate they are. Someone needs to fill them in. Relationships with women are HIGHLY overrated.

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  • Agree. It had to be a new word because most of the USA would look on Prostitution as “no big thing” as they do on most other parts of the world. They needed a new inflammatory term that would make you think it is a hideous act instead of normal adult males wanting to associate with willing normal adult females. ” Sex Trafficking” gives the mental picture of poor women chained up inside a cargo hold of a freighter coming from some distant land to be sex slaves- which is so preposterous that absurd doesn’t seem an adequate word. Now just add in the word “child” and you have all you need to take all the rights you want and all you had to do was tell a big enough lie- once again.


    • Sebastian Hawks

      It’s Anglobitch anxiety about all the Mexicans, Asians, and Middle Easterners running around. Women are too fake and phony to be upfront like the alt-right and pretend to be all against racism fawning all over their “pet” minority, but clearly nobody believes that Ned Flanders and Homer Simpson are running these hoax “sex slave” rings. The whole “White Slavery” hoax from a century back was about bourgeoisie WASP anxiety over all the Al Capone type immigration to the big cities at the turn of the century. Once people decide they don’t like something, (like Podesta with the right or Trump with the left) they become willing to believe absolutely anything about their enemies no matter how implausible. (Like “Pizzagate” crackpotery and “Obama is a Kenyan Muslim” scenarios on the right and “Trump Derangement Syndrome” Russian conspiracy theories on the left.)


      • “Pizzagate” is a good example of how the American “right” can be just as delusional as the “left” when it comes to these trafficking hoaxes.

        Some sloppy “investigative” work by a bunch of moronic amateurs is enough to get people to seriously believe that “child sex abuse” dungeons are being run in public within pizza shops.


  • Soooo. we live in a society that glorifies sex…well, I guess iit’s ok to be promiscuous, have multiple partners, sugar daddies, ohmosexual, bisexual, lesbian, transsexual….so, can we discuss prostitution yet?


  • I believe there is a connection between pathological form of sexuality, like pedophilia etc, and suppression of normal sexual urges. It seems that those things are on the rise in Western nations at least. So the Washington puritans (some of which I`m sure are pedo`s themselves) might be indirectly punishing children with policies like these. Sexual urges will come to the surface in some way or another, so it`s best to allow for an outlet that doesn`t harm any party.


  • There is one thing missing in your logical account of what went down. Prostitution has been successfully conflated with sex trafficking, and most especially child sex trafficking. This bullshit has been completely debunked numerous times. There have been 16 year old girls who have become prostitutes. On their own. They have not been trafficked. However, this entire bill is supposed to stop sex trafficking.

    And because it is all about sex trafficking and NOT prostitution, the bill passed.

    Your essay here misses that key point, and it is key. They didn’t ban prostitution. They banned sex trafficking, which is the newly created term foir prostitution. Because the word prostitution had lost its ability to shock and repel. They had to come up with a new one. Sex trafficking is that word. And child sex trafficking is that secondary word.

    You should be writing about this. This is the real story.

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    • Another thing that I notice is that they try to portray pimps as pure evil when this is not the case. Prostitution is a business, and anyone who isn’t a free agent is managed by someone. That is simply what a pimp does.

      All of the “trafficking” narratives (whether “child” or adult) are bullshit because they rest on the assumption that females don’t want to have sex for money. However, having sex for money is just what females do. There is no need for “trafficking” because there are more than enough willing females for sex work.


    • Sebastian Hawks

      I remember in high school in the late 80s they warned the guys no matter how horny we were, don’t go to a hooker or we’d die. When the myth of a heterosexual aids epidemic never materialized, and the poofs got their pills. The Anglobitch could no longer use that angle to demonize prostitutions and reverted to a new strategy: rerun the White Slavery hoax from a century back. If you look up that canard from the Suffragette Anglobitch Teetotaler agitation era you’ll see it was largely inspired by anxiety of Anglobitches and puritan beta-males over all the Al Capone type immigration and these people wanted to believe the most fantastic, blood libel type accusations against them. The current talk about millions of trafficked children is so utterly implausible no intelligent person should believe them. No one could get away with this for more than ten minutes. But then again we live in a society of gullible idiots who believed in all kinds of crackpot hoaxes we now laugh about.

      Remember how the media took the Satanic Panic epidemic seriously back in the 80s? A whole bunch of innocent people went to jail based on obvious crack pot allegations against them. Mundane women running day care centers were molesting children and sacrificing them to the devil in the minds of neurotic Anglobitch mothers and quack social workers who coached the kiddies to tell elaborate, implausible lies. High School Metalheads in Bible Belt Towns had crackpot Barney Fife local cops blame unsolved crimes on the lurid “Devil Worship” fantasies these squares held in their heads about this mundane pot smoking Metallica Ozzy Osbourne listening mulleted high school subculture. Geraldo even ran a tabloid TV special on this crackpot satanism run wild theory just to get a few bucks and further spook the squares. The derelict media was also way to uncritical of the alien abduction hoax in that time period as well, now with South Park spoofing the whole thing nobody takes it seriously, but in the late 80s early 90s you’d have a good chunk of the populace and media thinking the idea of little green men from outer space giving colonoscopies to yokels on flying saucers was a credible allegation.

      Of course the whole current “Trafficking” hoax is just lies and misdirection to ban mundane prostitution in an era of gay marriage. They have to lie about their true goal. This is similar to all those hippies back in the early 90s who were pushing “hemp” pretending their sole motivation is to make farmers’ and ADM’s business model more profitable by providing a new miracle cash crop that would provide endless paper pulp, fiber, ethanol, biodiesel, etc. Of course this was all misdirection and their true goal was legalizing marijuana for recreation use. Sometime in the mid 90s they changed their pitch to “medical marijuana” now they claimed their sole motivation was to help grandma get through chemo! Now in states like Colorado we can see the true fruits of the tree, legalizing it for recreational use. Not that I’m against this, it’s good to have the nasty Amerikan police apparatus out of at least one aspect of peoples lives. (Shut down the tyranical “drug testing” racket next!) But this lies and misdirection campaign the pot people used to with their bait and switch must be exposed with the Anglobitch puritan missionary NGO and anti-sex lesbian feminist nuts who want to shut down prostitution using the “human trafficking” hoax. An unoriginal dusting off and rerunning a well established hoax from a century back. Maggie Mcneill over at the honest courtesan blog spends a lot of time exposing this hoax. The debunking has been done and is out there, just that the media is derelict of duty and chooses to give the microphone to the hoaxers instead of the skeptics. Seems the Anglobitch runs the newsroom and the “Weinstien” type guys who might not want to push their crap have no voice.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      When the women of America behave like the whole damned country is a fucking trap house, what do you expect?


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Although I would not have availed myself of the services, it is a bad thing that is down. Until an alternative is found, women plying this trade will go to the street and that will not be good. Having the internet as a clearinghouse for this is a good thing. It would better yet if it were confined to brothels and made legal as it has been in Nevada for decades, available in all but two counties, five miles out of town, and off the main road.


    • Knowledgeable clients and providers will probably head to the Dark Web. Look for a steep learning curve as there is a spike in search terms such as “Access the Dark Web” and such.

      Also, a good deal of the traffic will no doubt move to dating sites such as POF and Match. You already see questionable posts at these sites that are pretty much solicitations. On the “interests” filter, enter terms like “Sex” or “Partying” to see what bubbles to the surface.

      Of course, there are still no guarantees for any of the actors in these venues. They – all participants – still face the dangers of murder, violence against person and police stings or entrapments, to name a few. Standard stuff for anything that’s caused to be illicit.

      And we all know and agree that you could simply just legalize it – not just prostitution but all forms of consensual sex – even to the point of lowering the age of consent significantly.* But then the PTB wouldn’t be able to distract you from dealing with the real problems at hand. You wouldn’t have the salacious headlines to generate ratings and web hits. Ambitious prosecutors and politicians looking to enhance their careers might actually have to display some competence and intellect. And so on and so forth.

      So we know that won’t happen.

      But this whole prostitution thing? It won’t go away. It will just take on a different and new level of complexity as it adapts to changed circumstances.

      Just a thought.


      *That would be a major source of (emotional) debate of course, and something for another time. But whenever somebody refers to “Child Prostitution” – or “Child Anything” for that matter – whilst trying to make you think it’s a 6 year old, I’ve learned automatically to be quite dubious. Invariably it turns out to involve somebody who’s, say, 16 or 17, i.e. pretty much a young adult. In other words, It’s the problem of the One-Size-Fits-All-No-Matter-What definition of Childhood increasingly that’s become the norm in the last 50 years or so.

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      • fuzziewuzziebear

        Rel has already had a post about how dating sites are being used. It does seem like an almost natural extension.


  • That’s why I do my hobbying in Canada; very difficult to criminalize prostitution and prostitutes in Canada unless it’s a bizarre coalition of anti-sex feminists and the tradcon Harper conservative government. My US dollars also go further in Canada. Escort agencies rarely use their prices in US dollar terms, so $100 Canadian is $100 Canadian even if the exchange rate changes with the US dollar.


  • If modern men are worse off in leu of a website shutting down, we really need to grab our balls and man the fuck up. That ‘witch’ you become dependant on, becomes your master. Im only mad about bp’s closure cuz it’ll make it harder for me to find a gun to blow my brains out in this ever increasing shithole. Till then ill jack off as usual.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    You know how it is with these damned Washington DC perverts: first they wanna COPPA feel of some FOSTA children, and then once they’ve finished with their devilish deeds, they want to take a SESTA …


  • America has been a sad place for healthy hetrosexual men for quite sometime now. America has been a happy place for homosexual men and all women for quite sometime now.
    Leave it to the American government to find a way to make it even worse for hetrosexual men. The average American male has to face a daily existence of no female companionship unless he pays for an hour of a hooker’s time in order to fulfill a base, physiological need. Now that’s taken away.
    I think FOSTA will simply further the MGTOW movement and the mass expatriation movement to non-prudish countries (Mainly SouthEast Asia) for men.
    I know I’m positioning myself to do just that.
    Moving abroad to a country where you know you’ll get laid on the regular and potentially meet a traditional, young wife for marriage sounds better than staying in the States and continuing the existence of no sex and no suitable, viable marriage prospects.
    I don’t know what at this point can change the direction this country is headed, it’s truly sad for those who were born and raised here.

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