Photo Gallery: Arches National Park, Utah

Arches National Park near Moab, Utah didn’t disappoint. I ended up camping out here for a couple of days in free campsites just outside of town. The scenery was nothing short of spectacular, as you can see from the photos I took above.

Unfortunately, the nightlife in Moab was not that exciting despite numerous events going on around town. I stumbled into Woody’s Tavern hoping for a good time. I did find a good locally brewed beer, but the atmosphere was typical Anglo-America. People looking at each other without speaking or acknowledging one another, Anglobitches marching around like they were goddesses, and locals talking nonstop about their careers and what material things they wanted to acquire. I excused myself early to retire to my tent, and enjoyed some awesome sleeping weather with lows in the 50s.

Word to the wise: Don’t get sand in the zipper of your tent. It was easy to do in the sandy soil here and it destroyed the entrance to my little “home” on the road. I couldn’t zip up the front door anymore. So, I had to spring for a new tent at one of the outdoors shops in town.

My Ninja 650 continues to perform flawlessly as I ghost my way across awe-inspiring landscapes in the remotest stretches of the nation. The problems of a dying America seem so remote even though I’m right here in the States. When you stop paying attention to the media and isolate yourself from this diseased culture, nature has a way of finding you, cleansing your mind, and making you forget the dystopia you’re living in.

There’s a whole other world out there, outside the insane world of man. I like that world. It’s my home outside the matrix when I have to be in the matrix. As always, you can help me continue my pioneering MGTOW, ghosting, nomadic travels through the Wild West by donating through PayPal or GoFundMe.

See you soon, from the road and the uncivilized parts of the world.

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  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    While nomads may have a propensity to disappear and go off the grid, I don’t think Rel would be the type to ghost in this way by his own choice(I could be wrong). In my humble opinion, the most likely outcomes are 1) incarceration, possibly from cocaine possession, 2) serious injury from motorcycling and/or cocaine or, 3)as much as I don’t want to say it, death, possibly via either motorcycle and/or cocaine. 4)Suicide is also a possibility. However, at this point we can only guess as to what has happened to Rel and I hope nothing bad has happened to him.

    Rel, I’m hoping you are okay or will be okay as soon as possible. We wish you the best if you’re alive and rest in peace if you have passed away. Either way, thank you tremendously for your contributions to awakening and continuing to awaken many men(myself included) and thus improving their lives. You have done a great deal of benefit to society and you spoke things most would never have the guts to say, even if they knew the truth.

    We hope you are okay/will be okay and we hope you will be back posting again.



  • Hello all,

    I am thinking that Mr. Furioso may not be back soon if ever, if that´s the case this website will go down in the next months or so. I saved it on the wayback machine to have access to the old articles at anytime in the future.


  • I’m hoping that he’s maybe had a brush with the law and is incarcerated temporarily, that would be a good outcome at this point!

    Best wishes rel.


  • Damn. It’s been over two weeks since I last posted. I thought there would be something new.
    Thanks Rookh for the breakdown on possible senarios.
    I’m thinking the worst, this guy lived a pretty damn fast paced life.
    I’ve already started downloading the most pertinent articles on here before the site goes down.
    May I suggest to everyone everything under ‘the sexes’ is a goldmine of information regarding the true nature of women.
    I started to use the information I found though here in my daily interactions with women and my life has changed 180 degrees.
    Thanks Rel, wherever you went.


  • I was expecting Rookh to post at some point to chime in on Rel’s whereabouts, good to hear from you.
    Hoping Rel resurfaces at some point.
    For those who have benefited from Rel’s work as I have, I’d recommend PDFing and saving your favorite articles from the website, in case the website goes down or something.
    Rel’s Wine and Milk article is one I read once a month to help fran my mindset, one of the best Red Pilled articles out there.
    Take Care.


  • If anybody does figure out who he is, obviously DONT post his name up here. I was worried about the cross country moto cruise myself. Hopefully he comes back and laughs at all of us.


  • Rookh Kshatriya

    Friends, I am deeply concerned by this ominous silence. The nomadic lifestyle Rel revelled in can be intoxicating and uplifting; but it can also be dangerous and unforgiving. The little I know of him from the chapters of autobiography he sent me to review was that he was a Caucasian of Scots-Irish descent from West Virginia. He was in his late 30s, 37 or 38. As we know, he was an extremely on-point and tech-savvy guy, not the type who would just drop contact without good reason. All this leads me to think he is either deceased or was badly injured in a motorcycle accident either in Utah or New Mexico (which he said was his next destination), or perhaps Colorado or Arizona. Sad to say, Utah seems to be a hotspot for fatal motorcycling accidents.

    That said, Rel also expressed a lot of interest in going off-grid and living in the wild while he finished his autobiography. It would be great if he posted something quoting Mark Twain’s classic line, ‘reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’. However, each passing day makes that ever less likely.

    Possible scenarios run thus:

    1. He was killed or badly injured in a motorcycle accident shortly after making this post.
    2. He was murdered or hurt by a random tool, perhaps some incel White Knight who didn’t like his opinions or lifestyle. No shortage of those knocking around.
    3. He has dropped out of society to test himself against the wilderness and finish his book.
    4. He died of natural causes. Although he was of prime age, it does happen. Alternatively, he might be temporarily incapacitated by serious illness. Lastly, he might have killed himself – not impossible, but I don’t believe it for a moment.
    5. Maybe he found the love of a good Anglo-American woman and renounced his views. But if so, why did he not delete this blog and close his Facebook account? He would not just desert his fans without saying a word: not his style.
    6. He was murdered or ‘removed’ by powerful people who did not care for the views he expressed so artfully in this blog. Believe me, preaching what he preached took a lot of guts and doubtless made him a lot of powerful enemies in the Deep State and its associated agencies. These people are quite capable of ‘disappearing’ lone motorcyclists camping in remote areas. Not only are they capable of it, they have every reason to silence a man making too many ‘waves’ in society. It didn’t help that Rel gave quite up-to-date descriptions of his location and present lifestyle. I know several dissident masculinists who have experienced runs of misfortune since biting the Red Pill and daring to speak out on these issues.

    Hopefully I have posted enough details for his fellow Americans to find out what happened. You know his approximate age, birth state/region, location (Utah/NM), motorcycle model and other details. If it is confirmed that he is deceased, I will post the chapters of autobiography he sent me both as a tribute to him and the awakened lifestyle he died pursuing. Let it also serve as a warning not to reveal too much about oneself when presenting these revolutionary ideals.



    • Misfortune as in smear campaigns, or misfortune as in death?

      The deep state must be grasping on straws if they have to assassinate a nomadic blogger who has to depend on donations for a minimalistic lifestyle.

      The Deep State in Canada (owned by the Saputo Family, Desmarais, Bronfman all of whom are friends with Trudeau, Bill Morneau and Kathleen Wynne) did the same advocating for violence against Roosh Valizadeh of Iranian-American ethnicity.

      So…Feminism is afraid of a blogger who posts about his escapades in third world Latin American countries? What a fucking joke, though disturbing how the Feminist Deep State would resort to murdering dissidents.


    • It’s also possible that he’s in jail.


    • Rookh

      I am very concerned about Mr. Furioso, but I still have some hope that he is somewhere injured and he will be back as soon as he heals. He has been away for nearly two months, but with the information that you provided some readers may track him, I would give him another month before assuming that he passed away.


    • Maybe he just forgot his phone charger before he set out West.


    • Rookh,

      Rel could have also died as a result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. I’ve been through AZ & NM, and you can go MILES without seeing anything or anybody; there are some deserted and desolate stretches in AZ & NM. If his accident happened somewhere in BFE, he could have died long before anyone found him.

      As for finding a good woman, it’s possible-even in America. My SIL is a good woman. I knew one long ago during my Navy days. They do exist; they’re very rare these days, but they do exist. However, the odds of finding one are long-akin to finding a unicorn.

      Perhaps, when Rel went into NM & AZ, he made a foray into Mexico? After all, AZ & NM are border states. Furthermore, Rel mentioned that he’d met a nice woman from Mexico in a previous post. He seemed quite taken with her; he talked about her differently than the others he mentioned. Isn’t it possible he took up with her again, this time on a more permanent basis? If he didn’t take up with her, what about finding another nice Mexicana just over the border? I think this is a more likely scenario, given his oft professed love of Latinas.

      In any case, those are my thoughts for now…



  • Rel

    Starting to assume you are currently unable to post, hope nothing untoward has happened to you and that you are back soon.


    • Maybe the cocaine and hookers diet didn’t work out so well…


      • Like everybody else here, I’m beginning to wonder if he wrapped himself around a telephone pole someplace.

        Anybody know his real name. It would then be possible to do a search of accident or arrest reports amongst other things to discover his current state of well being.

        Just a thought.



  • Dear Mr. Furioso

    It has been a long time since you stopped any activity on you blog, I hope you are Ok, maybe you found something more interesting to do. Wherever you are many thanks for the time you spent helping men to improve their lives and to show us that there is more in life that to be a slave of pussy.


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    • Yesterday made it six weeks since Rel last posted on here. Like you, I hope he is well-wherever he ended up. Thankfully, his blog is still up, so his writings will continue to help men…


  • Poof……Just gone…Fair winds brother wherever you ended up.

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  • Anybody know where Rel is?


  • I thought my eyes had been opened over a year ago after taking the red pill. I’ve been reading a lot more regarding the dominance and agenda pushing the liberal progressive agenda. I’ll define liberal progressivism as promoting diversity, multiculturalism, feminism, queer rights to name a few.
    I see now, my eyes have opened wider, to the perversion infesting this country.
    I understand why a man like Mr. Furioso would bail on a career in media and all but drop out of participating in American society.
    Donald Trump is holding back a full shitlib takeover, for a least another 2 years.
    After that, god only knows.
    Abandon ship!

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  • I have several theories on Rel’s absence.
    1. He crashed the bike into a wayward moose or elk.
    2. He was ravaged by a horny grizzly while camping.
    3. He has been kidnapped by Canadians or left coast metrosexuals and is being held for ransom.
    4. He has discovered an off the grid poosy paradise and is doing in depth research before reporting back.
    5. Ding, Ding! Winner. He is in the hinterlands with no wifi.

    Guess we will have to wait to find out.


  • He went totally dark for almost a month.

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  • Did Rel pass away? If so, you made great contribution s to many men’s lives and hope you went out well, sir!

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  • Rel, where are you now? Any more pics for us?

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  • Not a feminist or breastfeeding mother pedophile (Spiritual Tasha Mama) in sight!

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  • I want to encourage you guys who like and benefit from Rel’s blog/work here to support him with his GoFundMe drive. I started it off today with a donation and plan on donating more ASAP. He is an excellent writer and a good example to men in the West and personally I have gotten a lot of value from his work. Thanks.

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  • Sebastian Hawks

    This is a good time to go see some of the more arid areas of the us while they are still green before the intense heat of mid summer turns them brown. By July it will be 100 degrees there and you’ll have to deal with all the families toting their summer break kids along. They also raise prices. The scenic high plains around Cheyenne WY and Sterling CO and the Nebraska Sandhills are best this time of year too. A green sea of grass, by mid summer it will be yellow and a different experience.

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  • Finally, a positive vibe out of your intelligent brain. Dude! Love your “go f-yourself American crass culture schtick.” But finally, a motorcycle story: wind in your hair, smells beside dripping honey pots bathing your dick, and eye stopping natural formations right here in “your country.”

    I read your blog on a regular basis, I enjoy your success stories with the nubile creatures of comfort, I really love looking at the fotos of trouble you hawk here on the Furious Man, but a motorcycle gets you out of the crap. Away from the computer, the phone, the rat race and into the great outdoors. You’ll never forget your time on the road with a bright sunny day and 10 minutes later your drenched from an unseen shower. Dry tumbleweeds posing as sage and the next moment the taste of rain and the cool air wafting over you. If you’re not smiling after this astounding event, you should pull over and throw yourself off the nearest mountain…

    You’ll wonder,… it’s a Tiger Xcx 800. My favorite bike, an all rounder…




  • The areas around Moab are awesome! Been out there a few times. Arches, Canyonlands and various spots within Moab itself provide great outdoor adventure. Did some great mountain biking out there as well. Delicate arch is a typical tourist cesspool sadly, since it is really beautiful but the further out you hike, more solitude is the reward. The Needles district in particular-very few make the trek down there but it’s phenomenal hiking.

    Enjoy Rel!

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