The Rumors of My Demise Are Exaggerated


Rising out of the ashes, I have returned from two months of ghosting in the wilderness

Hello, Brothers.

I’m back after a long ghosting session. I decided when I was in the middle of what turned out to be a 10,000 mile motorcycle road trip to go off the grid for a while. While visiting nearly every national park out west, often far from civilization I found myself in campgrounds without electricity and in areas with no cell service and therefore no WiFi. Moreover, in the midst of all my tent camping travels I found myself wanting to cleanse my mind of all the mental pollution coming out from both the liberal and conservative media.

Being away from it all, in the wilderness with just me, my bike, and my tent was one of the most spiritually and mentally cleansing things I have ever done. I just had it with the constant shit stream of information that to me, is designed to daze and confuse as to what is really happening with the planned demolition of our way of life in the West. After a few unintended days completely off the grid due to no electricity and no Internet service, I decided just to stay off until my soul had healed itself.

Here are some conclusions I came to after my soul-searching journey:

  1. The white race is being phased out by the elite. Conquerers are being brought in in a reverse colonization strategy, and when the numbers are right mobs will be unleashed on what will by then be a demoralized, dehumanized white race.
  2. I am past my Red Pill Rage phase, which I now see was the theme behind The New Modern Man up until the time I went off the grid. While there will still be moments of Red Pill Rage, I want to move towards crafting a message for men that takes the anger out of the terrible situation we’ve been placed into.
  3. My gut feeling is Trump is still a diversionary tactic. Conservatives are putting all their eggs in one basket by putting the responsibility for victory or defeat of the war on liberalism in his hands alone, and when he is either removed from office or his term expires there will be a hard left liberal backlash that will follow. They’re not even hiding their intentions anymore.
  4. I’ve had my fill of women, and their anatomy no longer has the same allure it once did. Somewhere between 150 and 175 women, as I was on top of one of them pumping away it finally clicked in my mind – why am I investing so much of myself and my mental energy into trying to game women and get laid? It seems like such a waste of talents after figuring out how simple, and obtuse women are. I’ve said it before that MGTOW is likely the ultimate destination for every PUA. I believe that after becoming successful with women to the point I’ve had my fill of them.
  5. Censorship is coming and I don’t know what to do about it. Conservative views will be censored by the passage of hate crime laws (which will unjustly make our views hate crimes) and enforced by placing responsibility of policing content on the backs of service providers. (Think of what happened to Backpage on steroids.) The legal precedent for this has already been set with the criminal FOSTA act, which I’ll detail soon. (GoFundMe has also blacklisted me. Thanks to everyone who donated to my spring road trip but I didn’t see a dime of it.)
  6. After vacillating back and forth on whether or not it is worth the risk to both my personal safety and investing the enormous amount of time I put into my writing and research, I’ve decided it’s better to die on my feet than serve the NWO on my knees. The pen is mightier than the sword, and even if I’m a lone voice in the wilderness at least someone will have chronicled the entirety of the tragedy that is the controlled demolition of the West unfolding before us.
  7. It was nice to be away from everything, leaving behind the insanity of the modern world as I got back in touch with nature. My 2 months in the wilderness only heightened my contempt for the machine culture we find ourselves neck deep inside of.
  8. I have a treasure trove of photos from my journey that I’ll be posting. My solo adventure was so satisfying I am planning more of them.

The enemy’s hand is now grasping our throat, and it is terribly late in the game to try and fight back. But, I have decided I want to do my part to give men my perspective on what’s happening with both women and the world. Much like Thomas Jefferson, I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility over every form of tyranny over the mind of mind. My writings have been and will be my effort at fulfilling that promise.

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  • I had a hunch that you were ghosting because feminazis and manginas only thrive in urban settings. Feminazis and soyboys aren’t likely to go beyond there city boundaries, even when traveling abroad to gated resorts.


  • I too am glad that you are back; at first knew that you would be “Out yonder” and then after several weeks wondered if you were ok. The Marxist-Feminist psycho narrative has reached into most of Europe and in the homeland of that matrix, Russia. for a very long time. In terms of security of the site, perhaps look into various methods of doing and end-run and even short-wave transmissions when the time is right.


  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    I suspected you were tired of the matrix and had simply said fuck it after being disconnected for a while. Very glad your back, and liking the new direction you’re signaling.


  • Welcome back brotha! I figured you just went off the grid for awhile. Easy to do out in those parts and can really recharge you, as you’ve seen. Looking forward to future posts and your new outlook!

    I too am past the “rage” part of the red pill and while I still enjoy the company of women, it’s in very small doses and I don’t take them seriously at all. It’s quite liberating to get to this stage.


  • Writings like this are what give me strenght to do my part, also. I hope you will come from the hiatus an even better writer.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Nah, I was pretty sure that you’d decided to marry Mary Jane Rottencrotch from East Bareback, West Virginia and that you were hunkering down in your new double wide with her and your new cat named Ersatz … 🙂

    I’ll stop the rumour mill if you start posting more often, even when you’re on a “vision quest” out in some desert. 🙂


  • We were a little worried…
    As your trip ends, mine begins.
    The media does what it does best: misinformation and manipulation of the undiscerning population.
    I am happy to hear about your cleansing.
    I am a very indifferent mgtow-member and I believe my meager wages belong to me. I choose my company as I see fit.
    Sooner or later, we will be eliminated as a species. We will be replaced by brainless robot-like men who will unconditionally obey.


  • Welcome back Rel! You were missed.


  • Welcome back Rel! You were missed.


  • Welcome back Relámpago! You were missed.


  • He’s Alive!


  • Holy hole in a donut, Batman!


  • Good to see you back alive.

    Don’t die on your feet … just get out of the country before the gates slam shut.

    Avoid censorship by using an email list to spread your ideas.
    Use the public blog just to lightly, gently, hint at your ideas, and invite men to subscribe to
    your private email list.
    In email you can write freely.

    Best wishes to you from Thailand, where a white man can still live free.



  • Rel, glad you’re alive & kickin’! Yeah, it’s something to mount the iron horse and just GO…


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Good to see you back. I presumed,that, by now, you had signed on with a carrier that would not allow you to blog. . I hope that you are wrong and there is a way out of this.


    • Hey, Brother Fuzzie
      Someone once said “the difficult we do right away, the impossible takes a little longer`.
      He went on a four week trip and came back in eight. Think what he can do in a year.
      I wonder about making videos talking while driving a commercial truck.
      Never mind, just dreaming out loud.

      Liked by 1 person

  • I, and many others, would stop and think on occasion ‘where is he’?

    It appears you have found what you sought and now you will light a bonfire of a different sort that will be difficult for even a flood to put out.

    No doubt, adversity teaches us many things. Living in the wilds with the plants, animals, birds and insects teaches us how little value there is in the world of television/internet.
    One thing that does, can, have value in that world in a box is WORDS.

    As you have learned, and will continue to learn, the words of wise men like Thomas Jefferson will fertilize your brain to speak wiser words still.

    You probably know, Thomas Jefferson did not choose to put President of the United States, nor Secretary of State on his tombstone as an epitaph. No! Instead he chose very carefully and charged it in advance:
    Before his death, Thomas Jefferson left explicit instructions regarding the monument to be erected over his grave. In this undated document, Jefferson supplied a sketch of the shape of the marker, and the epitaph with which he wanted it to be inscribed: “… on the faces of the Obelisk the following inscription, & not a word more:

    Here was buried
    Thomas Jefferson
    Author of the Declaration of American Independence
    of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom
    & Father of the University of Virginia

    “because by these,” he explained, “as testimonials that I have lived, I wish most to be remembered.”

    And that is how I, a Canadian, remember a simple man who would give his life for a concept yet to be fully grasped and practiced by any man or woman alive but for which a few still strive for attainment.

    Once a man realizes who he is, through trials and meditation mostly but also from the words of others well considered, then he can stand and act like a man with no fear of death except for in what he has left behind undone.
    Thomas did what others should have done and should do now. That they do not does in no way absolve others of their responsibility to do so.

    While you were gallivanting around America on your Iron Horse I was wrestling with a Narcissist named Carmen. Yes, that Carmen. Not just a narcissist but a sociopath and psychopath rolled into one. I continue to study the matter, seeking the cause and the cure.

    I am looking for Khadijah again as there just might be something in those Muslim women. That is, while all of the Muslim men are chasing Swedish girls who can go fuck themselves anyways.
    My wife was Swedish but that was long before the NWO giveaway of that socialist state. And before she started Menostop.

    Looking forward to some more of your food for thought.
    I will keep you posted when I find another virtuous woman.


    • You won’t! Some men, never learn…


      • That may be true, but, it won’t be for lack of trying. I talk to women, and men, of every age every day when I am out and about. Talk about serious things. Just like I am talking to you now. I am an introvert by nature, and by choice, but like many introverts I am also an empath and a Sigma. I don’t need the approbation of others, indeed, I eschew it, but I show my appreciation for others just as I scream bloody murder when the bullshit stinks. If there is one reason why I have had far more than my share of women it is the forgoing. I do not accept your statement that I will never ‘find another virtuous woman’ as that also presupposes there are no virtuous men. If that is the case you might as well die now and not wait your turn. Get off your ass and get to work and earn what it is you want; If it is a virtuous woman then you better be full of virtue yourself.


    • Ok. Good luck to you, then.!


  • Red Pill Brotherhood

    Glad to see you back brother and glad to know that you’re okay.

    It truly is liberating(haha) when us men reach the stage of red pill peace. Not angry, as we have no control over what is going on in the system, just seeing everything for what it is from a stoic and enlightened point of view. It’s most conducive to our own mental happiness when we get over the likely necessary phase of red pill rage. After the rage phase we can then fully develop and grow.


  • Welcome back. You have been missed. And welcome to the peace and serenity of monk mode. My lfetime count is 60-70, high by some standards low by others. The point is that I haven’t been laid for seven years and in a way it has been the best seven years of my adult life.

    I now live as a minimalist MGTOW ghost monk. I have often posted this; Why are monks such happy and serene people? The answer is that they know things that don’t.

    So, TNMM, learn what others haven’t and pass it on. The library is the freed mind. Once the answers as to “how” and “why” are known, only a very small question remains and that will be answered at the final sunset. I look forward to your thoughts. Cheers.


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