Why Western Civilization is in Chaos: The Answer Key, Part 1


Faithful Unto Death: Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue as the West disintegrates around us

Decline of the West, the exhaustive study of the rise of fall of civilizations containing prescient predictions for Western civilization published in 1918 by Oswald Spengler has been discussed often here at this outpost. As time goes on, the predictions laid out in what should be viewed as one of the greatest works in human history become even more plain to see. The genius of Spengler’s civilization model becomes increasingly irrefutable.

The political, spiritual, and artistic forms that sustained the West for a millennia are now going to hell in a handbasket. Chaos is coming.

Spengler’s Civilization Model is proving to be astonishingly accurate. Even more impressive is how much the world has changed in just a generation or two, especially considering that a mere 20 years ago one would have called you a nutter if you told them total destruction is where the West was headed. Nowadays though, this is a common topic amongst the masses as Spengler’s predictions are quietly coming to fruition.

In this first of three installments, we’ll take a quick look at the political predictions Spengler made a century ago. Forthcoming installments two and three will look at how Western spirituality and art have also begun the process of full disintegration.

Let’s look at some predictions from Spengler’s Civilization Model and apply them to the crumbling world we see all around us.


The “answer key” from Decline of the West, helping explain why the West is in chaos, and worse things yet to come. Column 1-4 is how “Winter” or the decline played out in Egyptian, Roman, and Chinese cultures (respectively) and how it will play out in Western culture

Reading from left to right, top down we find a perfect description of 21st century America and Europe. The body of the people is essentially urban in constitution, with 80% of the U.S. population now living in an urban area. Thanks to liberalism, the population is indeed dissolving into a formless mass. We can see this manifest itself with the rise of the degenerate freak mafia (liberals) infesting the body politic like cancer. Degeneracy is now the rule rather than the norm. Rather than the traditional form the Western population assumed, we are now plagued by a blue/pink/green haired, gender confused, fat, greedy, slothful population.

The population is also inorganic in that it is no longer tied to the land or biology. What better way to illustrate this than the gender bending society we have turned into, one that is demographically and biologically suicidal with dying white populations in both America and Europe as even children are now regularly encouraged to change their gender by either cutting off a penis or sewing one on rather than keeping the sex they were born with.

At the top, item #1: Domination of Money (Democracy) and economic powers permeating the political forms and authorities refers to how sold out governments in the West have become. As TNMM has posited before, today’s economic powers and political forms have merged and are practically one and the same – our ruling class have become a true corporate-government complex.

TNMM will also now propose the idea that JFK was assassinated by forces inside the U.S. government in 1963, and that Americans have been living in a pseudo-republic since then. (This is not Spengler’s prediction, but it fits the model well and offers a much more plausible explanation than the laughable Lee Harvey Oswald “lone nut” cover story that has been used to explain assassinations and mass shootings to the point of being worn out over the last 50 years.)

The assassination of JFK represented the victory of moneyed powers over the power of the people. Often called the Deep State, moneyed powers refers to elites and shadowy figures from the CIA and NSA running the American government rather than elected officials. Everything since JFK’s assassination has been a sham, something we will detail at a later time.

We are transitioning to items #2 and #3 on the list. Increasing primitiveness of political forms is plain to see with the Democrats becoming the anti-white party and the Republicans becoming the white party in America. Identity politics and its attendant tribal warfare are ripping the republic apart. This will intensify to the point leaders will no longer be elected, and much like in the Roman Empire one will have to kill to get into office.

Inward decline of the nations into a formless population can be represented by the sharp transition America has made from being a nation that was 92% white as recently as 1960, to whites making up a scant 1/3 of its population among newborns before 2050. America is quickly becoming the “polyglot boarding house” Teddy Roosevelt warned against, the definition of a formless population with no common language or culture. Anyone who tells you ethnicity and a particular ethnic group’s culture has nothing to do with a nation’s characteristics and its destiny is totally brainwashed by liberalism.

Formation of Caesarism and victory of force politics over money are yet to come, but Donald Trump’s ascendance to the presidency represents this coming change as the republic crumbles and the nation one day returns to the rule of a single man. Trump was elected because the people long for a leader to bring order to the chaos created by battling ethnic factions in today’s democracy of demagoguery. Democracy will self-destruct because whites and non-whites have very different ways of life. This will continue to exhibit itself in opinions on government policy making the system increasingly unworkable.

Finally, #3: Historyless stiffening and enfeeblement even of the imperial machinery, against young peoples eager for spoil or alien conquerers is already well advanced in the West. The U.S. military is supposedly the most powerful in the world, yet the nation is so enfeebled by liberalism it can’t control its own southern border. There is no doubt whatsoever the West is being demographically conquered – Europe by Muslims and America by Mestizos. We are also losing touch with our history as liberals relentlessly assault it by viewing everything through the myopia of “racism”  – most recently by tearing down historical statues.

Primitive human conditions thrust up into the highly civilized mode of living is coming in full force sooner rather than later. (Technology has sped up the timeline, and section #3 will come much sooner than the year 2200 Spengler predicted.) While we can already see the decay of great Western cities like Detroit (and Future Detroit a.k.a. New York City with the election of Socialist leaders like Ocasio-Cortez) truly primitive conditions will arise as a result of people desperately trying to escape the so-called matrix.

It’s not hard to imagine that as electronic sentinels increasingly rule over our lives, monitoring everything we do with cameras and sensors all around us – even what we say in our homes and how we drive our cars – those who seek to be free will eschew technology altogether. It’s becoming ever clearer that technology is meant to enslave humanity, not free it. Once this realization hits the masses, we will see a sharp rise in primitive human conditions as people flee the electronic plantation.

There’s no way out of this. Many Trump voters think the West can escape its fate, but it ultimately cannot. Trump and others may help postpone it, but the forces driving the rise and fall of civilizations are beyond our control.

In many ways, the West is already dead. We are the last remaining cells that cling to life even though the organism known as Western Civilization has died. What is our duty? To cling to the lost ideals of the West – to “life” – as long as possible. Spengler wrote in Man and Technics:

We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.

The ground rumbles beneath us, just as it once did at Pompeii. There’s nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide from the ongoing implosion of the West. We can only try to make the best of the situation. As Spengler knew, optimism is cowardice. Brave pessimism will get the new modern man much more mileage.

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  • The economy needs a reset; not a collapse. Luckily Ontario has a President that can get rid of all liberals and feminists who are leeching off the public treasury like mold.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    I envision future military commanders with a lot of snark who will have the following painted on their nuclear missile arsenals:


    It’s probably a good time to move away from larger cities, if only for the sake of any children or extended family you might give a crap about.


    • According to my calculations, first Damascus gets nuked, and then another city or two get nuked, then it cools off for a couple of months, before all hell breaks loose.
      I have a specific small town chosen which is almost entirely surrounded by water with one road in and one road out 60 miles from the nearest city down wind.
      Time to start buying sardines.


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        It’s possible, but inevitably it would also be a distraction.

        This has more or less the sound I’m expecting: you and me, we have the same problems, товарищ, so if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours …

        Movies are often sound checks for possible futures.

        “Politicians had finally solved the problem of urban blight” — from the introduction of “A Boy and His Dog”, a movie based on the novel by Harlan Ellison.


      • Well, at present, apparently, I’m assigned to earth no matter its condition or the condition of all the creatures on it. I need to make the best of it and encourage and assist others to do the same without getting fucked over in the meantime.
        As things get more difficult, progressively compounding, more and more people will begin to shake themselves out of their lethargy and some will do it soon enough to save themselves and a few others.
        Those people will all be found working outside of the major cities at organic efforts in concert with the earth. The rebels and hooligans amongst those will be found out quick enough and put down like dirty dogs.
        That’s just the way it is and the way it is going to be for a thousand years.
        It’s wake up time.


  • Read “The Machine Stops” , it is on the Internet, you just need to google it, written in 1910 that story is the best prediction of future ever written in work of fiction


  • Eweryone should read on the Internet the short story “The Machine Stops” written in 1910 by a Victorian English homosexual
    E.M. Forster. It is by far THE best prediction of the future ever written


  • Nice to see you back man! Great article/ comment as usual. I would like to recommend a book for you to review and possibly add to your recommended reading for the site. It can be found on audible.com in audio form or through amazon of course. It’s called “Why America Failed” by Morris Berman. He cites Lewis Mumford among many others throughout the work, who incidentally was influenced by Oswald Spengler and “The decline of the west.” I found it very truthful, and insightful- and think you might too, as well as the readers of this blog. There are some useful talks by Berman on youtube as well. He has written other books too- The twilight of American culture, and dark ages America that I will look into as well. Cheers.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I would like to have explained how oligarchs, or the Deep State, can profit from the destruction of civilization. I don’t think that anyone in Rome profited. When the Goths sacked Rome in the fifth century, they stayed three days. The reason the Romans opened the gates was because there was no more food.If we are headed to a new Dark Age, it will be worse than the one after the fall of Rome and the Agean Dark Age after Santorini exploded. The height that we will fall from is all the greater.


  • Good to see you back TNMM
    Sometimes your views are so similar to mine, I swear it’s like reading my own words if they were just sucked out of my brain lol
    Your article here, as usual is spot on


  • “New York City with the election of Socialist leaders like Ocasio-Cortez)” Socialist was always a politically correct way of saying Communist. Just sayin’. That Cortez cunt is definitely down for La Raza and Reconquista in the district she represents.


  • To identify the symptoms is one thing, to identify the cause another.
    As I have said many times in many places ‘what is wrong with capitalism is usury’. It Mortgages/Death Bonds the future; yours and your children’s.
    Socialism/marxism/feminism/capitalism/islamism/judaism ad nauseism are all supported by usury. Keep that in mind for when you build a tribe or a colony.

    The Deep State is defined by very few who toss the term around. The Vatican rules. All roads lead to Rome. The Pope sanctions or eliminates all rulers. The beast with a deadly wound has been restored to life in the US war machine, London global banking system and Vatican church which rules protestantism through London and all other religions through money.

    We are about to see a peace agreement for Syria. Expect that to precipitate all hell breaking loose.

    Do not forget these few herbs to save your life over and over again. Without them, and clean water, you don’t have much hope. Goldenseal, Echinacea, White Willow, Valerian, Rosa. Learn now while you have yet time to do so.
    When you are hemorrhaging is the wrong time to read your first aid book. That would be cayenne for hemorrhage, heart attack and strokes.


  • The electronic surveillance is already worse than you think. Every thing about you and your possessions might as well be a personal identifier. Your face, license plate number, and phone number are all tracked and the information stored forever.

    I am strictly cash, but that does not provide complete privacy for my purchases – it just makes retreiving the information a shade more difficult. A cashless society is coming and when it does what is left of your freedom goes out the window.

    Even the last bastion of freedom and privacy between your ears is under assault. Myopic electronic “geniuses” are working on it right now.

    How can one escape the current insanity and destined tyranny? A western white man cannot. Developed countries are all folowing the same script. That leaves third wold shit holes where the white man is nothing more than a mark to be exploited. No thanks.

    The only possible answer is to hunker down and stay off the radar of the tyrants as much as possible. Particularly the radar of the police. A law abiding man finds himself in a so-called “court of law” for two primary reasons – traffic offenses and females. Obey the traffic laws and treat all females like the courthouse supply line providers they are and your odds of a successful life increase dramatically.

    Become a minimalist in a rural white area well away from cities. Buy some land and learn how to raise crops and livestock. Just some thoughts from a man already doing it. Cheers.


    • You’re right about the major reasons why men go into court, if they are not felons or psychopaths! Feminists will make any man go to court for frivolous and vexatious complaints such as “street harassment”.


  • I’m familiar with the quote, but why do you think it is noble to die in a hopeless fight for people who do not wish to be saved?

    Very, very few people admire Tim McVeigh or Ted Kaczynski today. They are forgotten, like the name of that soldier who croaked on Pompeii.

    Let the West fall. If it is in your interest, become a warlord and take some spoils, lead some men.


    • Relampago Furioso

      “I’m familiar with the quote, but why do you think it is noble to die in a hopeless fight for people who do not wish to be saved?”

      This is a good point. I don’t want to defend the idiotic masses but instead defend my own way of life by pushing back against Socialism (which Spengler correctly predicted would be the concluding ideal of Western civ as it dies) as long as I can.

      That is, until I become one of the “primitives” Spengler predicted living off the grid on a tropical island surrounded by willing women.


      • I’ve been a WN a long time now. Once the System goes cashless and then grabs the guns, there will be no hope at all. And it is already fairly hopeless now.

        I am not familiar with Spengler’s primitives. Some have predicted the atavistic white man being the survivor.

        There is the “nigger mindset”. Basically, you just lift, work as little as possible, screw around, get all those gibbs. Man, the other WNs hate this idea. They want to keep their nose pressed to the grindstone.


    • This is very accurate. It is important to add the fact that the dropping IQ of the Western man is paramount. No man willingly gives up freedom. But if a man cannot think his way out of a paperbag due to poisoned air, water and food, as well as being encouraged to take multiple poisons in the form of prescriptions, well doom for mankind is on its way. Clean air, water, food and accepting the fact that the body is capable of healing itself is a step in the right direction. Boycotting the money powers, especially big pharma would go along way to stopping the downward slid that western man is on. Outliving the stupidity surrounding us all now is a winning plan.
      Man can and will survive beyond this time period but if he cannot think straight, the same event progression will just start again.


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