1 in 5 Millennials Identify as LGBTQ


If the media told you to jump, would you? It seems the answer is “Yes!” for many in our society

A constant barrage of media propaganda is having effects on the society at large as more people than ever have moved out of the “straight” sexual orientation column. A record number of millennials (those born in the early 1980s to early 2000s) now identify as LGBTQ. Straight from the mouthpiece of the elite ruling class, NBC Fake News reports:

GLAAD’s third annual Accelerating Acceptance report surveyed 2,037 U.S. adults ages 18 and over last November in partnership with Harris Poll. The report revealed 20 percent of the youngest respondents (18-34) identify as LGBTQ, a notable increase from 12 percent of Generation X (ages 35-53) and 7 percent of the baby boomer generation (52-71).

That’s 1 in 5 millennials now identifying as something other than hetero, a figure that has nearly tripled from their grandparents’ generation. One might wonder would the figure be that high if: 1) Fathers hadn’t been removed from homes by the welfare state and Draconian child support debt slavery system, 2) That generation hadn’t been taught in school and by the media that LGBTQ is virtuous while heteros are evil oppressors, and 3) Millennials weren’t the least sexed generation on record because of poor male-female relations?

On a related note, TNMM has explored the relationship between the obesity epidemic and rising rates of involuntary heterosexual celibacy or “incel”, all three topics (a sexually repressive culture for straight people, obesity, and rising rates of homosexuality) being closely related.

When asked whether she expects the percentage of people who identify as LGBTQ to continue to rise in future generations, [GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate] Ellis said “absolutely.”

The number will almost definitely increase because women have become as inaccessible as Kilimanjaro to the average guy as a result of a post-feminist world in which they’re taught to hate men. Worse, TNMM regularly reveals the myriad ways social engineers and legislators lay legal and cultural mine fields for heterosexual men.

Both men and women will be pushed towards sexual experimentation since relations between straight men and women in the Anglo world have become so mercenary – and even downright dangerous for men to pursue in a #MeToo culture.

Oh, the number identifying as “trans” has doubled in a generation, too.

According to the report, 12 percent of millennials identify as either transgender or gender-nonconforming, compared to 6 percent in Generation X.

Social engineering works. That’s almost one-third of an entire generation identifying as either gay or trans.

While TNMM generally adopts a libertarian view of sexuality – do what you want but leave us out of how your pleasure yourself, the success social engineers have had at reprogramming an entire generation prompts questions. How long before other sexualities are mainstreamed by our rulers? Detrimental ones? Like bestiality and pedophilia?

How long can this biologically and culturally unsustainable course last, in that whites are already dying off en masse in America and Europe? Say what you will about our overlords, evil they may be but stupid they are not.

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  • The New York Times had once an article that indicated that at least some homosexuality is a result of parenting.

    Here a quick run through.


  • I know of a department in a state university where half of the staff is gay.
    It appears that it’s impossible to get a job in any decent government agency unless you are gay. Of course, the prior rules still apply, if you have relatives in that agency.
    As far as trans goes… There was recently an uproar due to trans “females” competing in sports. Women, didn’t like that at all and started a petition to ban trans “females” from women’s sports. It seems like a double standard here. All government agencies have reduced requirements for women but equal pay grade. When it’s all the way around, they petition to eliminate competition…. I personally love it when the true nature is exposed.


    • Feminists are hypocrites if they cheer on a masculine man to become a faggot or cut his balls, but if that said man now chooses to mingle with women, then the social conservatives and feminists form an unholy alliance.


  • Frankly, I’m shocked.
    I don’t interact on a regular basis with people under 25, so I have no idea just how screwed up that generation could be.
    I graduated high school in 2000. Of the top of my head I can’t remember anyone being openly gay or bi or transgender.
    How much has changed since then!
    There will be a price to pay for this. What was once abnormal is now normal.
    We’re living in a society where everything is now upside down.
    I too see many false signs of hope.
    The writers over at Return of Kings have a tendency to write abou ways we can, as men, improve the situation in this country.
    I am of the opinion America is too far gone down the path of national suicide.
    What we can do is network with like minded people.
    I used to think I could drop red-pill information on guys and slowly open their eyes. What I’d actually did is alienate me from people, including members of my family.
    I’m actually surprised no body has gone after Mr. furioso.


    • No one has come after Remy, because he uses an alias and his site is still somewhat small.

      People who use their real names, in this business, get caught and their lives are ruined. (unless they are controlled opposition, like Juden PeterStein).

      ZOG seems to have a threshold in who it chases down. Rooshie seems to be that lower end. So what, about 200 comments per article, a fairly big site? I can’t remember them going after anything smaller.


    • Check this.

      Aussie gov going to now protect women from bad dates.

      BigGov is now cock-blocking Oz men. They “should be” pissed.


      • fuzziewuzziebear

        I saw that. Wasn’t something like that tried here in the States about a year ago? I am going to guess that little came of it. If I were on the receiving end of that, I wouldn’t patronize that establishment again for the rest of my life and I would tell all my friends. Then, there is the matter of running out on the check. Who gets stuck with it? This is going to be a lose/lose for business.
        As for news from Australia, it looks like feminists may come to blows in the Senate.

        We may be coming to a point where feminism may be a political handicap. They can’t represent men because they hate them.


  • TNMM You and your articles are simply the best available on these important issues, don’t ever stop what you’re doing 😊
    I continue to learn so much from your threads and if you had a dedicated YouTube channel I would be an instant subscriber


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Did the poll have a breakdown as to sex? It is my guess that little has changed with men in regard to sexuality, what should shock anyone is how women have gone bisexual. Some blogger noted that, among younger women, about half of them were identifying themselves as bisexual on OkCupid a few years ago. I don’t know what this means socially, but it can’t be good for heterosexual men and that had to be the intent.


  • I think the factors you listed are valid PLUS actually chemical changes.

    It’s been proven that testosterone has droped 30% since the 70s.

    It seems to be a combination of societal factors and Altrazine, Flouride, Glysophate, birth control and other endocrine disrupters in the water. I know it’s a meme but Altrazine really did make the frogs turn gay


  • @Zen.. all I know is when the going gets tough the tough goes fishing..
    That is what I am going to do..

    smoke myself up a batch of trout and bar b que the big ones and to hell with the rest of the faggots, race baiters, sjw bitches.. There is a lot of empty spaces out west as all the fvkheads are beating themselves up virtual signaling across instant messaging..like it means or will matter in the big picture..

    screw the lot of them..


  • My teen son has acne, the 4 dermatologist I took him to all recommend a drug called spirodactine, if you look up the information on the drug it is a testosterone suppressant, many boys and men grow breasts etc. on it. I told all 4 dermatologists no thank-you, I was told this is one of the most common acne drugs prescribed for acne. My point is that between the soy in the food, the estrogens in the plastics, especially water bottles and the pharmaceuticals that suppress testosterone, along with the media indoctrination 24/7 the fact that American boys/young men are confused is not surprising. I will say I see more families waking up to the mass physical and mental poisoning via the doctors, pharmaceutical companies, big agro and the media going on, so the tide may turn soon or is already turning. I have managed to keep my sons masculinity intact and am constantly on guard for him and myself. I would also like to warn anyone woth a teen son or daughter with acne to not let their doctor or dermatologists prescribe Accutane for their kids acne, it causes ED among boys and the same type of problem among girls, it was also offered to my son and I said no. The blogs are full of teens and twentysomethings who started taking the drug as a young teens and still have ED, its a sad state of affairs. The drug also causes anger issues, birth defects and more.

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    • buy some cold pressed hemp oil and use that to cure his acne.. topically and digested it will fix it in nothing flat and is legal in all states.. you can buy it off of amazon


    • Thots that Hurtz

      Good warnings regarding Accutane and other killer drugs. The mass poisoning is biological and psychological. Avoid if you can.


  • Good analysis here but you guys are missing the overall picture of what is about to take place….There is going to be a monetary system collapse on the back of oil depletion aka death of the petro-dollar system. This is a System “Reset” which is going to CULL off at least 30% of the overall World population and as I speculate probably closer to 90% of people. You do not want to be near any major urban or suburban areas when this thing goes down.

    The Powers that Be know that the current system is presently defunct and can no longer go on and that is why they have ramped up the dividing/conquering everyone by sexuality, race, class, etc. They want to make sure everyone is so confused, brainwashed, and propagandized that no one knows what the hell is really going on until it is too late and they don’t want the fingers or guns pointed at themselves.

    Trump is just the front man for those who back him, mostly Rothschild with their assorted clan/frontmen (Wilbur Ross), various moneyed districts such as The City, etc. Why do you think all of his foreign policies are deliberately isolating the US while propping up the Corporations? He and his backers know that things cannot go on such as support for NATO, Paris Accords, etc. They are simply setting the stage for what is to come in the future. Why do you think the FED has reversed QE and is now engaging in quantitative tightening and raising interest rates? It is sucking the excess liquidity out of the system and the emerging markets are now having a more difficult time servicing their dollar denominated debts. Think the periphery nations are being sucked dry to keep the developed economies alive.

    Yet he is still supporting the Saudis who are the Oil Wealth yet will not be for long as their main oil field Ghawar peaked back in 2005 and they are scrapping the bottom of the barrel now. Do you know they have to use 7 million gallons of water a day for extraction? Why do you think we invaded Iraq and blew up Libya? Saddam and Gaddafi didn’t want to sell oil in dollars anymore!
    Still supporting Israel because it is the lackey that allows the West to come in freely to scoop up oil and it acts as a distraction in the Muslim World….once the Oil there is no longer profitable or feasible to attain in the Mid East….you’ll see Israels time run out as their backers…..Big Oil, USA,The City, etc. will no longer provide for them. Why do you think they are demonizing Russia and Putin so much? Russia is going to be the last man standing in regards to commodities necessary for the continuance of civilization. Do you see where this is going?

    Trump is not going to turn back any of the gynocentric policies because he could care a less about them and the system has too much invested in it. The current “System” is essentially cannibalizing itself to try to get as much as it can before it implodes and explodes.


  • Don’t know if you saw this story. The Beast diverts a plane so Rooshie can’t step foot in England.

    I have to say, initially I didn’t agree with the expats. Used to think they were cowards. But most men can’t be woken up. The few who can, you can’t organize due to the Surveillence State. Checkmate.

    I’m thinking of going poolside expat myself. With the Police State locked in, there is very little room to maneuver. Just have to find a way to make money and I’ll be gone.


    • the deep state is ingrained world wide.. If you want to actually be free you do not have to leave the US.. JUST STOP using their electronics.. simple as that.. get a burn phone, use fake name, keep a land line in your house and drop all usage with big data,,
      if you must have internet hook up a vpn and DONT get a cell phone tied to you through google (andriod or iphone)..
      use cash!

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    • All because of feminists!


  • Alot of my comrades have big hopes for Gen Zyklon. There’s no way – they are the most cucked generation ever. Most will be lucky to get laid at all.

    Every time I get a chance to talk to a young white male, I quiz him on MGTOW, PUA, WN, all the good shit. You’d be shocked to know most don’t even know these things yet.


    • Relampago Furioso

      I agree. I see a lot of false hope amongst my fellow bloggers that things will all turn out in the end.

      What we are actually seeing with the last hurrah of conservatism and nationalism is the last gasp of the West as it dies.

      Sure, many have awakened but it’s far too little, too late. I still believe Trump is controlled opposition, too. Meant to put on a good show, but to change nothing structurally. Only to put on new window dressing to prevent an actual uprising from happening.

      It’s Reagan, part 2. Reagan talked a good game of small government but actually helped create the monolithic beast we suffer today. Government expanded enormously on his watch. I suspect after the Bush family attempted to assassinate him (a la Hinckley) he did what he was told.

      Trump is doing the same thing for a new generation. Very little has changed except how conservatives feel. No wall. The police state continues to grow. The Bill of Rights gutted. Hildebeast is not in jail. Dads are still being turned into debt slaves by family courts. Women still have men by the balls legally and culturally, and would rather breed with the invaders than their own stock. Degeneracy still runs rampant.

      Trump’s supporters think he’s fixing everything when all he’s done is issue executive orders, easily eraseable by his successors.

      Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain.

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      • trump is a plant to take the united states corporation through bankruptcy..
        he is good at it


      • Yes you are spot on, I tell people this all the time, this is the truth in a nutshell.


      • OK, then what can men do…what are their options… or is all hope lost?


      • trump pardon the Bundy Oregon Ranchers in that mess.. NOW if the deep state prosecutes the murdering fbi agent, I might have a glimmer of hope..


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      They flash me their titties, they let me bang them in the backs of moving vans …

      It’s so casual that I don’t even get their names most of the time, and they sure as shit don’t get mine.

      Generation Zed’s chicks are horny as hell and some of them aren’t taking soy injections anymore.

      Hope for them? Not a chance for the chicks, they love slutting it up too much.


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