Will Trump Stop White Genocide?


Will Trump stop the dispossession and possible genocide of America’s founding population?

Interesting times we live in. Alex Jones was censored this week, no doubt an experiment to see how far the elites can push Americans in stripping our right to Free Speech and Assembly. They’re coming for your First and Second Amendment rights with guns a blazin’, make no mistake about it. (The Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments have already been gutted thanks to traitorous scum on Capitol Hill.) The timeline on burning the remnants of the Bill of Rights has been sped up because people are waking up, and the bastards who want to strip you of your status, your legacy, and your humanity are desperate to regain control of the situation.

I have been thinking about the tactical situation, and it has become my firm belief that genocide is on the agenda.

Just look at the situation: White men can no longer reproduce themselves because of a myriad of factors. White women have been ruined by feminism and its incipient cock carouseling – a process 50 years in the making that began in earnest around the time JFK was eliminated by the Deep State. Even if a white man does pull off a miracle and reproduce, it won’t be long before he’s stripped of his offspring, his pride, and his productivity by a predatory court system that has unleashed the worst of female instincts in order to destroy him. He is literally destroyed by his own reproductive success.

So, any children he might have will be generally be one-offs that are promptly used as a weapon against him. Fertility stays below replacement rate as his first child proves to be such a costly and painful “error” he doesn’t want to further subjugate himself to women and their court system. The miracle and beauty of family – the very foundation of a nation – destroyed by forces in his own government.

But, that’s only one front in multiple attacks Mr. White American is suffering. This same government has thrown open the flood gates to allow millions upon millions of non-whites into the nation in a poorly disguised attempt at destroying the demographics of America. Interestingly, the 1965 immigration act was spearheaded by Edward Kennedy who no doubt knew the forces that killed his brother might throw him to the wolves if he didn’t do their bidding. In typical lying politician manner, Kennedy said the immigration law would not change the demographics of America when in fact he and the people behind the law knew it would basically kill white America. It has. (The other Kennedy brother, Robert was soon brought down for campaigning against the profitable Vietnam War. Even Kennedy’s son John Jr. was likely killed by the same shadow government so that a Senate seat could be opened up for Hillary Clinton – who very nearly won a presidential election and would have put the final nails into the coffin of our nation.)

After passage of the 1965 immigration act, America’s founding population has gone from 92% of her populace to becoming a minority amongst the next generation, with no signs of the bottom that has fallen out ever returning.

Liberalism has established a new social order in which nonwhites can be racist, mean and cruel to whites but whites can’t defend themselves or say anything back. Just look at the case of The New York Times not only defending Sarah Jeong’s long history of racist tweets but making moves to toss her hatred of white people into an Orwellian memory hole.

So, what do we have? White men stripped of their ability to reproduce, white men stripped of their national identity and forced to subsidize their own demise with a monolithic welfare state that transfers wealth from producers to invaders, and a social order in which any race is allowed to have pride in and defend itself except whites.

How can an objective person look at this carefully designed “perfect storm” and see anything but an attempt to bring about a slow, soft genocide? (We won’t even go into what’s being done to our brothers in Europe.)

Michael Moore, the slob and leftist filmmaker has recently come out saying he thinks Trump will be the last president of the United States. His comments are no doubt intended to stir up even more hatred towards white people, since Trump is a symbol of whiteness and of Heritage America. Ironically, Moore may be right in his prognostication, though.

The New Modern Man has long been writing about the coming Caesars who will run America now that our republic has been thoroughly subverted and destroyed by moneyed interests, just as Spengler predicted. If Trump is truly on the side of Heritage America, his taking charge of a failed government that’s now trying to destroy its founding population may be a welcome development.

Will he save his people from the traps sociopathic billionaires have so carefully laid for them for half a century – and turn the tide as their genocide and displacement from their own nation looks increasingly inevitable? Or is he merely another player in the globalist game? That is the question that begs an answer.

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  • Ask the question-Why would the deep state go after Alex Jones? I believe they know exactly what they are doing and why. They do not want the veil lifted on themselves. Know the good guys by who the DS hates.

    Let’s keep this real simple. JUST LOOK AT WHO THEY HATE AND GO AFTER. That is all you have to do

    BTW, they hate men cold approaching women. Trust me they do. They want everyone herded into the internet where it can all be managed and where men are disadvantaged by default. You can look at, and say, the most vile things digitally. But say hello to a gal live or, God forbid, touch her arm, then all hell breaks loose.


    • They’ve got white men stepping on egg shells.


  • Rel says:
    So much of the problem stems from modern white men being so weak.

    Males know full well the penalties for standing up against the Master Class. When I was a little girl, my mother use to say, “the women of this country made sh*t of the men”…this was over 20 years ago…We keep forcing the most laughable restraints and restrictions upon your class and you keep swallowing like the good boys you are! There are days when I read of yet more and more of this stuff and I do not think I will ever stop laughing!!


  • The Rockhead says:

    May God bless Putin

    Your “Christian god” is dead…old news. We will soon return to the ancient, pagan fertility cults devoted to the Goddess Demeter and loyal to matriarchy. Soon Wicker Men shall be a common sight throughout the land!


  • Males are beasts of burden…grunts…drones…born to serve the Superior Female. This is why Nature made them large and strong…as this makes them more effective slaves for Us. But masculine beasts flatter themselves when they think to themselves that Women think of them as “disposable”. The truth of the matter is, We do not think of them *at all* as We move blissfully through Our carefree, luxurious lives.
    *Laughs at the Slave Gender’s awful fate*


    • Relampago Furioso

      You would say that about your own sons? Assuming you’re not a genetic dead end, which is what you sound like.


  • Girls are so superior. The fact that our physical beauty can cause a part of the male body to quiver, twitch, or harden whenever we want speaks to our power over the masculine gender. And once we have a man in this state, he is little more than our thrall – he will do whatever we tell him. A male can be two or three times our size and weight, but is invariably reduced to quivering jelly when knocked senseless by our femininity and sex appeal. Every girl should use the natural power she has over the male slave gender.


    • “The fact that our physical beauty can cause a part of the male body to quiver, twitch, or harden whenever we want speaks to our power over the masculine gender.”

      Agree, in part. No one wants to talk about the most powerful creature in the world, an attractive women who knows how to use her femininity. It can take down the most powerful man.

      It is unfortunate that American women have been duped into giving away their most powerful asset to be like men. It is ridiculously unnatural, thus killing the greatest power God gave them.

      Oh the irony. I talked to an escort about this and it was one of the best discussions I ever had with a women. She said that western women are being duped into throwing their greatest and most powerful asset out the window. Trust me, no REAL man is attracted to a women with masculine qualities.


      • If She can properly phase beauty with intelligence, cunning, and deviousness…still all feminine or neutral qualities….She can be All Powerful. It is not easily done; even I am still working on getting the proper mix.


      • Rock said:
        It is unfortunate that American women have been duped into giving away their most powerful asset to be like men.

        There is considerable truth in that assertion. I have met many females who are leading dreadful existences…working wretched jobs like a typical slave might…completely wasting their beauty which could have been really rather easily used to expropriate male labor and cash and a life of (comparative) ease.


      • I would argue that that greatest freedom of all is the freedom *Not to Work*; as engaging in labor (whatever the nature) constitutes an infringement on one’s Free Time…and since time is a person’s most precious resource…this theft of freedom is both profound and grave.
        Feminism greatly augmented the number of females in the labor pool; and I can tell you categorically that many, many women deeply regret this quantum change in the gender dynamic.
        Who in their right mind would want to work if they did not have to? For even a so-called “fulfilling” career still constitutes time stolen from leisure…time that could be better spent pondering the Nature of Existence and Reality…or travelling for pleasure…or strolling…or simply loafing.
        Of course the concept of the “sacredness” of labor has its roots in ancient times; recently updated in the canonization of those who embody the “Protestant Work Ethic”…as if those who break their necks toiling away from adolescence to Old Age are scoring points in Heaven; while the idle are writing themselves a one way ticket to Hell.
        This is a very effective brainwash; so thorough that the myth endures to this very day. The Ruling Class needs slaves to move civilization forward; and though the contemporary rabble is no longer encumbered with actual physical chains; the minor improvements in their quality of life are mostly illusory and really were quite necessary…since w/o them; a widespread revolt would have occurred long ago.


      • “There is considerable truth in that assertion. I have met many females who are leading dreadful existences…working wretched jobs like a typical slave might…completely wasting their beauty which could have been really rather easily used to expropriate male labor and cash and a life of (comparative) ease.”

        I actually agree with a material part of that.


  • Within 10 years, males will be stripped of their right to vote and own property. Within 15 years, they will lose all their rights and be nothing more than thralls. Their brute strength and brawn will make them exceptionally fit for hard labor and servitude…and their tiny brains will never let them understand how girls enslaved them…or how to extricate themselves from a predicament that will last for centuries.


    • “Their brute strength and brawn will make them exceptionally fit for hard labor and servitude…”

      LOL, have you taken a look at all the U.S. soy boys lately?

      BTW, what are you, about a 7? You have never been with an Alpha male I assume. I personally don’t have many notches but have created a lot of Alpha widows.


    • Snobby Girl.

      You are talking a complete load of crap, what are you doing on this site just Trolling.


  • Will post this and take a couple of deep breaths before I jump into the fray.


    • I don’t know what is more sick the chic in the short dress at 1:00 or the chick with the swayback at 2:00.

      On another note, is there a place to talk game on this forum? I have been noticing a lot of changes with anglo b’s over the last year. Some tougher to game, more flaky, at least the 20 yo’s. The age directive seems to be stronger with this group. Even if they are attracted to an older guy they are scared what their peers will say. Also notice the black chics are easier for a white guy now. weird.


  • Be careful not to ‘awefulize’ the situation.

    White men can still reproduce. You just have to think of marriage as a transactional thing. You want kids from her and she wants protection during her child bearing years. Then, in all likelihood, it’s over after that.

    I was frivorced, but I came away with 3 kids and I have 50% custody. I think that is more of the norm than it used to be.

    The goal is kids. Not a wife for life.

    And honestly, even with women of yore, a wife-for-life is a heavy burden.

    Be smart, protect yourself the best you can and find a way to have kids!


    • Agreed it should just be a business type transaction if you want kids. Most guys kid themselves thinking their wife is gonna stay with you till death these days. When people ask why I’m not married, I typically say “I’ve fucked enough married women to know better”. Plus let’s be honest, you’ll most likely get bored/annoyed with her shit after awhile as well and be happy to move on.

      The big problem though are the family courts which are extremely biased in favor of the mother so the 50/50 custody you have isn’t always the case. So it’s still a big risk in the current climate.


  • Trump won’t do shit. He’s a jew-shill, you know that Remy. So many good white brothers have been conned by this NY fast talker.

    The only hope for the white race is the 10,000 Warlords and their ideology is Gangster Bolshevism. It is the ONLY ideology strong enough to defeat ZOG.

    Pastor Lindstedt says that when the USA breaks up, 10,000 white leaders will create their own fiefdoms. Check Chuck Palaniuk’s book Adjustment Day; he knows it.

    I suggest you lower your sights, Remy.

    Most whites are already dead. Look for the 10,000. They are the leaders. There are at least 3 on CH.

    ALSO REMY, I want you to know that my ideology allows white men to mix. You can keep those girl babies you make with mino women. Its called y haplotype WN.

    I like some black women, gook women and spics too. Not many, but enough.

    I used to consider expatting to Ghana, Ethiopia, or Somalia for this very purpose. Sadly most of my type seems to live only in 1985-1995.



    • Idiotic.

      If he was a ‘Jew shill’ then the New York Times, Wash Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and Hollywood would have supported him in 2016 – and now.


      • Fyi, my pet peeve is the amount of low IQ males who say Trump is the same as the rest of the neocons. Even worse are the jew baiters. Be aware that there are many paid neocon trolls roaming these sites. Trust me. PROOF- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSAoitd1BTQ It’s all a PR charade.

        Obviously there is not the kind of hate toward Trump from the DS neocons unless he is considered a threat. Can he fix everything all at once? NO!. He has to play the game given how systemic the situation is. I don’t know if he can do it but if it can be done then he is the man. The question is will the neocons pull him into their coven or will he eventually take them out? I wish I knew the answer but you can’t underestimate how evil and conniving the DS is.


      • Look up the pic of him kissing the wailing wall. Look up him and Shillary both being visited by Netenyahu.
        The way he play for their eternal war with Iran.

        Jew shill, bro. Maybe you’re not a WN yet.

        And note too how he never criticizes the jews or the Apartheid regime in Israel. Hmmmmmm..


      • Ryu, one test is whether he has been physically drawn into more war against Israel’s foes, which aren’t necessarily ours. (You know, the whole ‘let’s you and him fight!’ gambit.)

        I’m happy to say he wasn’t drawn further into Syria, despite the Left and Neocon’s beating the war drums ferociously after a couple false-flag attacks there. Nor has he destroyed another nation like Obama did with Libya (shameful) and Bush did with Iraq.

        I think his independence on this matter is amply evidenced by the heat he takes from Neocon warmongers.

        And – to me anyway – it’s good to be friendly and productive with Israeli leaders, so long as he protects our interests first and fore most, which I think he does.


  • White genocide could be a rather self-destructive strategy for the NWO. They seem to be very fond of the surveillance grid they’re building: the digital space is already controlled and monitored by the likes of NSA, and the real world is being covered by cameras augmented by facial recognition technology. The maintenance of this sophisticated infrastructure is not a trivial thing: dear overlords will have to preserve strong engineering culture, which is impossible without preserving equally strong scientific and math culture.

    It seems, that currently only two ethnic-cultural groups are capable of producing sufficient amount of high IQ individuals: Whites and Asians. There appears to be a problem with the latter group though: Asian societies, while good at copying and improving upon Western designs don’t seem to be fruitful innovators. While they probably will be sufficient for maintaining technology underpinning digital dictatorship, further technological breakthroughs are required to achieve transhumanist agenda, which is allegedly pursued by NWO types.

    I wonder if their real plan is not a genocide, but a final subjugation of the most productive part of the “herd” by application of super-powered “German guilt” approach to all Western countries simultaneously. It’s a wild speculation, of course, and maybe dear “leaders” are just demonstrating incredible shortsightedness and proneness to self-destruction which is one of the common psychopathic traits.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “… it has become my firm belief that genocide is on the agenda …”

    The sudden expression of backlash to the agenda will be the thing to watch out for.

    “How can an objective person look at this carefully designed ‘perfect storm’ …”

    The “carefully designed” offensive inevitably meets the “specially engineered” response.

    This has happened before.

    Understanding what is going on requires a more developed knowledge of meta-ontological frameworks and systems theories.

    The world has already passed through at least one small-S “singularity” that prevents more of Spengler’s “possible future worlds” from being derived from the present-day, although there is perhaps an obvious solution to this impasse that may yet come about.

    A short of hand may suffice if you don’t choose to seek understanding: staying as far away from the focal points of “consensus political syncretism” will go a long way to increase your chances of survival during the Great Change, especially if you stay away from them physically in addition to staying away from them notionally.

    Buying the propaganda of “consensus political syncretism” out of curiosity is, of course, optional, but it’s a meaningless waste of resources and should be avoided.

    Ergo, concordantly …


    • Hasn’t backlash started already? We’ve witnessed Brexit and election of Trump, and these two events reek of “specially engineered” response. Brexit referendum was initiated by James Cameron, the fine example of political puppet, and Trump was provided with massive amount of media support by MSM (no publicity is bad publicity).

      We can also observe the rise of right-wing internet characters, such as Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern: they both have recently appeared on Australian right-wing MSM TV channel. I’ve heard quite many speeches of Molyneux: the guy is a skilled demagogue who tries (quite successfully it seems) to focus the anger of his auditory on “leftists”.

      So, we see the engineered problem: mass injection of people culturally incompatible with native populations into Western countries. We see the beginnings of semi-guided reaction, so the question is: how this reaction will develop and what solution tyrants have in mind?


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        “Hasn’t backlash started already? We’ve witnessed Brexit and election of Trump, and these two events reek of ‘specially engineered’ response …”

        This isn’t the backlash yet, it’s just a reaction, and it’s appropriate that it’s coming from the Conservatives …

        Anglo-American Conservatives have spent so much time and effort in emulating a “Classical Liberalism” borne of the philosophy of Edmund Burke that they completely failed to recognise the threat of initially well-mannered savages moving in next door.

        What you are seeing is merely the act of waking up from the sleep of unreasoning tradition, and the full-blown backlash may yet be many orders of magnitude greater than any of these startlings from slumber.

        More than this, what you are observing also involves waking up from “the integral accident” that arose from these conditions and others.

        The way I see it going down is that the Anglo-American Conservatives, having had their fill of being “prudent” and “restrained” and “turning the other cheek” in the manner of their beloved Burke, will eventually accept the possibility for efficient bloody-mindedness in dealing with the accidental outcomes they’re now stuck with, and in so doing they will create the eventual backlash that is not so much a wailing as much as a single unified and very angry shout.

        Then all hell will quite likely break loose, which is why I said that you will want to avoid pockets of “consensus political syncretism”, no matter which flavour they might offer themselves to be.


  • If President Trump ain’t doing shit to #repealthe19th #keepthepimphandstrong #keepherPHbalanced #women’sempowermentisfuckingcancer, then he ain’t doin’ shit to stop white genocide. That’s the way I see it.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Of all the races, white men seem to be the worst at keeping their women in check and being a leader of the wife and family. Sure there are Deep State forces pushing for multiculturalism and what not, but ultimately white men as a whole need to stop being betas and stand up to their wives, the courts, etc.
    As we know, women in general, irregardless of race are ruined, specifically Anglo women. But even here in the States, you see people of certain countries like Middle Easterners, Russians etc. maintaining the patriarchy and quite simply being men. Whereas the black and white communities, those men don’t seem to have a clue on what it takes to be a husband and keep your wife in check in a traditional, refined manner.
    Of course, these are all generalizations. It doesn’t matter your race, color, religion or background, we men here in the States are fucked.
    As I always say in my comments, keep prepping yourself financially, mentally and spiritually to extricate yourself from this hell hole and move to a more traditional society where you can hopefully find a traditional, slim feminine women to start a family with, or simply be a playboy for life.
    I for one hav gone Mgtow here in the States, no matter what I do Or gow much I day game, I can’t even get a date.
    Fuck the States.
    Have a lovely weekend my brothers.


    • Relampago Furioso

      “But ultimately white men as a whole need to stop being betas and stand up to their wives, the courts, etc.”

      I agree. So much of the problem stems from modern white men being so weak. I once wrote an article about it because I see it wherever I go. Women are like water, they fit whatever container they are placed into. Without a container, they spill everywhere and make a mess.


  • Checking out today’s news before jumping into the rat race.
    There is an over-arching phenomenon here. Americans, of all backgrounds, for the most part don’t want to be bothered. ‘If it doesn’t affect me personally, I don’t care.’
    Aldous Huxley really was a genius. He saw the future. He called his happy pill soma. I think. America is under the influence of a big happy pill. Maybe consumerism? Just like a pill, a temporary solution to a deeper problem?
    Hey, at least my game is improving. I’ve been practicing daddy game. I’m 37, working on 22-26 year old “young” women. It’s really shocking how receptive “young” women are to validation from an “older” man!


  • While I am not going to argue with any of your points, I think our opponents’ concern is more immediate. The midterms are coming up in November, and it is normal for the administration to lose ground. I don’t think that is going to happen this time. I think the President is going to gain ground on the strength of his opponents looking nothing short of rabid in their derangement syndrome. Still, they are going to pull every trick they can think of to advance their cause and they don’t care how underhanded it is.. This will be more ugly than 2016.


  • fuckin’ scary. same as what’s happening here in Europe. but people are waking up, or maybe it’s even too late to turn the tide


  • “So, what do we have? White men stripped of their ability to reproduce, white men stripped of their national identity and forced to subsidize their own demise with a monolithic welfare state that transfers wealth from producers to invaders, and a social order in which any race is allowed to have pride in and defend itself except whites.”

    This, my friend, is what you call Karma. You can sit behind your laptop and bitch and complain about what is happening but the truth is white men have been keeping minorities and women down. Replace “white men” above and insert black man and tell me now how you feel. Are you still as vocal about any person being put down? Are you still an activist?

    Your statement above is a clear example of what white men have been doing for years.

    Good luck!


    • We may not be dealing with a Marxist. It sounds more like someone has bought into identity politics and resorted to hate. We can thank the current Democratic Party for a lot of this. It is a long time since I heard the slogan, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”


    • Relampago Furioso

      Spoken like a true Marxist. I haven’t been keeping anyone down. I have been just as disadvantaged as any minority despite my skin color. Your comment is Racial Bolshevism, plain and simple.

      What’s more, women’s “liberation” has resulted in most of them becoming job slaves and/or state dependents.


    • Relampago Furioso

      I’ll add, your arrogance only underscores your inability to understand the situation.

      The elite are only striking at the white man to better control you. Once the only people who have successfully stood up to power for a millenia are eliminated, there will be no one to stop totalitarianism from gripping the entire planet.

      It sounds like you are stupid enough to welcome that dark future merely because of your hatred of whites. You think you’re winning when the truth is you are embracing your new slavemasters only because they’re killing whitey. Sad.

      If you think whites subjugated you, wait until totalitarianism emerges.


      • Wow. I guess we will just have to wait and see. Good luck to you sir.


      • The elite are only striking at the white man to better control you. Once the only people who have successfully stood up to power for a millenia are eliminated, there will be no one to stop totalitarianism from gripping the entire planet.

        This. Control is what they want. Complete.

        Marketing weak white soy boys on TV and everywhere else. Constantly demonizing white males and making their women undermine any authority they might have. Pieces of a puzzle which all fit nicely together.

        May God bless Putin


      • Well said, but falling on deaf ears…


    • Such a shallow perspective you have.
      Yes, the planetary overlords are primarily white, but, they have a shit load of toadies of all colors, including millions of Negros, Chinese, Natives and Mulattoes/Metis, doing their dirtiest work.
      I could name several dozen blacks if you like.
      On the other hand; I am white in appearance though Metis by genetics and acutely aware of the savagery of the white race in colonization of the planet. Nonetheless, it was black slave traders who collected black natives to sell to the white men.
      Preeminent amongst all of the slave traders was the Vatican pedophiles. Unbeknownst to most they actually had their own navy for trading slaves and hauling back loot from the Americas after slaughtering millions.
      You, whatever your color, are as enslaved and enslaving as any other through the usurious system you call democracy.
      You want to end slavery as we have known it for thousands of years?
      Then end usury by refusing to participate in it in any way.
      You want to disable the NWO?
      Then stop usury.
      Give yourself a shake brother!


    • Rel, the guy is almost certainly a troll. If not, definitely s(he) is a typical example of the groupthink/(((indoctrination))) endemic in our once great country. Did you see the recent article in the Failing New York Times? Advocating essentially the demographic replacement of the overwhelmingly white population in Vermont, New Hampshire, etc. Thanks for another very precient article as always.


    • “This, my friend, is what you call Karma.”

      Yes well the Karma is coming to you “AI C” for all the support you gave the great evil people of our time. McCain, Hillary, Obama and their ilk who supported Muslim rebels as they crucified, raped and murdered innocent women and children by the thousands in places like Syria, Libya, etc.
      Let’s not forget the overthrow of governments and subsequent murder of thousands in places like Ukraine, Iraq, Bosnia, etc.

      Yours will be real given your support was real.



      • Petra. Good luck to you too sir.


      • “Petra. Good luck to you too sir.”

        ..and a “Good Luck” to Hillary and you it.



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