“The Future is Female” – A World of Female Masters and Male Slaves


Imagine a future with a female aristocracy and in which men are reduced to 10% of the population – feminists are openly calling for it

When our elite overlords tell us “The Future is Female” they’re giving us a hint at the hell they have planned for the common man on this planet.

A 5,000 year old social contract giving men dominion over women, placing men at the center of the human family and of human society at large isn’t just being rescinded, it’s being ripped to shreds and the tatters burned.

The largely automated, electronically enforced tyranny of the New World Order will put elites at the top issuing orders, women in the middle following orders and a tiny minority men on the bottom being subjected to orders.

(As this monumental tranformation of human society occurs before our eyes, notice how Judge Kavanaugh is being villainized for daring to even question the baseless claims of his female accuser at his Senate witch trial. This cultural precedent isn’t happening by accident. Men can no longer question the words of their new masters.)

We are getting but a mere a taste of this new, emotionally-driven type of society with the Kavanaugh witch trial and the embedding of #MeToo hysteria in the culture. The West has so long been based on male characteristics – namely the search for rationality in jurisprudence and balance in running the institutions of society – most men can’t imagine what a world increasingly run by women (doing the bidding of elites) will look like.

Just think of Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem The Female of the Species. Indeed, the female of the species is deadlier than the male and the elite know this. It’s why they want to put women into positions of power from corporate boards to seats in the legislature to heading up the executive and judicial branches.

Women are much more prone to emotional hysteria, emotional manipulation and submission to authority than men. And, they are much more ruthless. Anyone who has learned well the crimson arts of seduction and pick-up artistry knows that once the benefits are extracted from the male and he is of no further benefit to the female, he is dead in her eyes. This is the premise of Briffault’s Law, after all.

Men have already been rendered largely worthless in the eyes of women. How many generations before the nightmare vision of some feminists is implemented? A world in which men aren’t just child support and alimony slaves, but slaves altogether. As we are already seeing with the skewing of the sexual marketplace, a society in which 80% of men are invisible in women’s eyes, men are worthless (and as good as dead) to women unless they provide some benefit. The benefit men have traditionally provided to women and the family has been stripped from them by their own governments.

Once women have been given total power in the West by the elite puppet masters currently managing our Western pseudo-democracies, The Hegelian Dialectic schema of manipulating the decision makers in society becomes much more effective. The elite only need introduce emotionally-driven issues into the national narrative to get what they want. Women behave and respond emotionally, so hysteria will be the norm in the future whenever the elite want to create change. The template for a society that’s run this way is already being laid down with today’s mainstream media.

Here’s how the model works: Introduce an emotionally driven (if totally illogical) narrative into the female hivemind, who will then hamster rationalize any new, Draconian policies introduced by the elite.

This model is much more effective in a world where men have no voice. Once today’s soy boys are tomorrow’s capons, chemically if not literally castrated for the sin of toxic masculinity the new gynarcho tyranny will move to cement male subordination.

Women are also much more susceptible to following unjust rules simply because they come from dictates issued on high. Used to bowing to authority throughout the history of humanity, they will unquestioningly follow dictates issued by their superiors. Since the State and the Corporation have supplanted traditional male roles in society, men are increasingly becoming utility objects without utility in women’s eyes. Women don’t answer to husbands or even their fathers, anymore. They answer to their new husbands and fathers, the State and the Corporation.

One might envision a world in which the dream of some prominent feminists – to reduce the male population to 10% of the human species – is realized. They’re even openly calling for ideas like International Castration Day and aren’t being censored by the far left tech overlords. This well-publicized desire of women like The Femitheist to commit genocide against men and enslave the remaining 10% of the male population echoes the thinking of feminists like Sally Miller Gearheart:

In her early career, Gearhart took part in a series of seminars at San Francisco State University, where feminist scholars were critically discussed issues of rape, slavery, and the possibility of nuclear annihilation. Gearhart outlines and justifies a three-step proposal for female-led social change:

I) Every culture must begin to affirm a female future.
II) Species responsibility must be returned to women in every culture.
III) The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.

Gearhart does not base this radical proposal on the idea that men are innately violent or oppressive, but rather on the “real danger is in the phenomenon of male-bonding, that commitment of groups of men to each other whether in an army, a gang, a service club, a lodge, a monastic order, a corporation, or a competitive sport.” Gearhart identifies the self-perpetuating, male-exclusive reinforcement of power within these groups as corrosive to female-led social change.

Thus, if “men were reduced in number, the threat would not be so great and the placement of species responsibility with the female would be assured.” Gearhart, a dedicated pacifist, recognized that this kind of change could not be achieved through mass violence. On the critical question of how women could achieve this, Gearhart argues that it is by women’s own capacity for reproduction that the ratio of men to women can be changed though the technologies of cloning or ovular merging, both of which would only produce female births. She argues that as women take advantage of these reproductive technologies, the sex ratio would change over generations.

It doesn’t take a genius to see Gearhart’s plan is being implemented piece by piece in America and Europe.

Of course, this is all music to a totalitarian elite’s ears. What better way to run a tyrannical society where they give orders and the rest of society takes them than to put women in charge of the levers of control and reduce men to nothing more than a new slave class? Now you know why male spaces are being destroyed, men are being marginalized, and men are being pushed out of the institutions they created with the keys to the castle being forcibly handed over to women.

It’s the mother of all shit tests. And Western men are failing miserably. Something so grotesque could only come from the hearts and minds of of women in male and sex-hating Anglo culture. Truly, this once great culture has become a blight on humanity.

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  • “How did you get home? ‘I don’t remember,’” Trump said at the rally Tuesday in Southaven. “How did you get there? ‘I don’t remember.’ Where is the place? ‘I don’t remember.’ How many years ago was it? ‘I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.’”Imitating Ford, he added, “But I had one beer — that’s the only thing I remember.”

    Trump is a greatest rapper of all time LOL


  • Hi Rel,

    Interesting article.

    But as a German old white toxic man I am going to tell you: If there would be a planet earth without men or only with 10% male “slave” population, guess what? A few weeks later all women would scream, cry, suffer and eventually die.

    You know why? Because women can’t do shit without the help of skilled men. And they know it. There are many prominent examples. Here’s just one of it:

    Mrs Ulrike Welte, now 64 years old, German. In 2010 the utility company “Vattenfall” wanted to push her career and offered her the director’s seat at the nuclear power plant “Kruemmel”. She should have been the first cunt leading a nuclear power plant in Germany.

    She only had to pass one test simulation before her promotion: The controlled shutdown of the reactor within 30 to 60 minutes in an emergency scenario. Guess what? She failed. Even more than 2 hours later she didn’t remember what to do, which buttons to push and whom to call.

    Thank God the German Atomic Energy Authorities stopped this experiment immediately and denied the promotion of this “Strong and Independent Woman”.

    And this was just one example of many.

    At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what irrational and degenerate feminazi-cunts or “elites” want. Because they all rely on real men. And always will. And they know it.


  • Look brothers , here’s the thing . Yep Rel is right … there’s an imminent genocide of straight white men that’s near the civilizational horizon . And well .. there needs to be a detailed nuance . The future ain’t female , Its got 3 tiers . At the top tier 0.1% elite rich patriarchs ( read Rockefellers, Rothschilds , elite international bankers etc ) . They will have ironclad control over a force of super-soldiers supported by a multi trillion dollar military technology and infrastructure in exchange for gold and a personal harem for each super soldier.
    Tier 2 : hedonistic soulless women . They are the majority of the population ,continuing their animalistic existence fueled by hedonism and perpetual obedience to the global patriarchs and super soldiers .
    Tier 3 : Slave men of every ethnicity . They are tortured , abused and experimented on , and sometimes also thrown to Colosseums for the entertainment.

    And speaking of the tough homies and the bruhs waving the AR 15 and watching NFL and WWE , I appeal to their common sense . Brothers are you fucking nuts ? You fight a trillion dollar funded fire-blasting nuclear capable steel behemoth that is the US military, with a fucking bunch of semi automatics ? No . You try to gain Access to their scientists and engineers who are also men like us and try to awaken their soul and inner morality . Make them understand they got two futures .
    1. A white Saudi Arabia
    2 . Forced gay rape and pedophila and male slavery .


  • I swear there is no other blogs/channels than this one right here who has got such a perceptive analysis of the massive problems plaguing the West…..well done!!
    The sad thing is, these horrific state of affairs would never get off the ground if it wasn’t for the beta cuck male supporters of feminist ideology

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  • Western Culture is DOOMED unless we physically take women’s rights away. Yes. By force. Short of that we’re done. Going to have to go down somewhat like the Hulu TV show Handmaid‘s Tale.

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    • HIT THE FUCKING BULLSEYE WITH A TACTICAL NUKE . multiple beer salutes for this comment mein weiser Bruder . Yep . We are gonna have a Saudi Arabia of straight white men with them white bitches as our property and chattel . It’s this way or mass genocide of all heterosexual white boys and white men .

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  • Hey RELAMPAGO, are there envy from Air Canada or Westjet? Seems like Toronto women are always claiming or crying rape in the Dominican Republic:

    However, this one is scary as she is falsely accusing a man from Canada while he still has to face trial in the DR. Complete violation of sovereign laws and international treatise.

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  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Part of what may be happening is that, as the number of feminists shrinks, the ones remaining will seem radical to the point of being rabid. While women are going to hang on to all the advantages that feminism gave them, they are leery of aligning themselves with batshit crazy man haters. The remaining feminists are going to make the Democrats so unpopular, they will be more obscure that the Whigs in time.
    At least, that is how I hope that it turns out. We’ll know more in November.


    • Closet feminists are only retreating from the feminist label because of scared tactics. Once the coast is clear, these Anglo women will reap the benefits of a gynocentric system.

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  • > Men have already been rendered largely worthless in the eyes of women. How many generations before the nightmare vision of some feminists is implemented?

    Ahhh… I hear you on all this. But the “force” of this piece is classic Rollo style “the sky is falling” fear response. More fuel for MGTOWs. If that’s your audience, you’re right on track.

    This is your domain, and I respect that. Of course you’ll do what you want. To be honest, the title of your piece sucked me in… not out of interest, but out of disappointment… that you would help echo that theme.

    For my part…I want examples of men leading us in a better direction. And Kavanaugh is it. We have things to talk about besides fear, over and over and over…

    I personally have had enough of the “they are coming for us” talk. They are coming for us. Not “women” (like in your first line above), but the Femicunts, for certain. And they will have the support of “women” when it serves women.

    (Although… this week saw some very real support for men from sane women, in terms of the Kavanaugh support. That is what we should be encouraging.)

    Kavanaugh did something last week that most men in the culture refuse to do… he didn’t back down. That was a cause to celebrate for me.

    A million posts saying “they are coming for us” is a big pile of fear. It’s not inspiring. It’s not actionable. These are all the criticisms I have of losers like Rollo… beating the fear drum, endlessly… sucking other men into constant fear and victimhood… will only make men increasingly sick.

    Kavanaugh said, “I will not quit.” He was beyond fair/reasonable, but also firm that he couldn’t be chased down with bullshit. He was defiant. It was beautiful.

    THAT ^ is an example that helps the culture.

    What men need to do is… STOP SAYING “I’M SORRY” in bullshit situations. They need to “out” every “anonymous” woman that makes a claim against them. Every single time. No apologies. Make the accusers have skin in the game… and stand up when you think you’re right. They need to push back, in specific ways, in their own lives. And talk to other men about that. Give us examples to celebrate.

    This ^ will steer some of the sheep (men and women both) back into sanity.


    • http://thefederalist.com/2018/10/01/podcast-women-angry-last-weeks-kavanaugh-hearings/

      This ^ is an area of the culture to emphasize.

      I am not expecting women to support us… but some will, certainly. Here is a good example.


    • Yeah, but he is still a cuck. He should have gone straight up scorched earth and forward prosecute that lying cunt for perjury to congress. The fact the Republicans are bending over backwards to accommodate the democrats shows it’s only going to be more of the same bullshit in the future.


      • C’mon, dude.

        I like being “tough guys.” I want more “tough” in my life. But when we have examples like Kavanaugh… for you to call him a cuck is pretty ridiculous. What could he do in his position? He set a very bold standard, under a very bright spotlight.

        And we are very lucky that he actually IS a “boy scout.” If he lead a less “squeaky clean” life (God knows I’m not anywhere near as clean as he is), we wouldn’t have a credible working role model in position in the culture right now.

        Show some support.

        In other news: My understanding is that others on the Right are using the “FBI investigation” to go after Feinstein, etc. And THAT news, is more of what the culture needs… if there was any wrong doing, hold the accusers accountable.

        You want to slow down the aggression from the progressive slim… NEVER apologize (unless you genuinely did wrong), and push back, HARD on the accusers.

        You’re pushing on the accused.

        As you hiss at men like Kavanaugh for that level of strength… I can’t see how you help the culture.


      • What strength? I didn’t see any strength. He was and still is playing defense. I don’t see him aggressively going after his strawman accusers. If all he can do his hope Donald Trump picks up the slack for him, then he is fucked. You forget the Dems successfully pulled off this shit show against Roy Moore.


      • Isn’t it bizarre that powerful men in the Anglo countries aren’t doing what 99% of powerful men do overseas when it comes to false accusers and anyone fucking with their bread?!


  • This can only happen if we have mass automation though! It`s after all the “invisible men” (to women that is) that do all the real jobs in order to keep a modern civilization afloat. So a world that is all women, except for a small group of male breeders/sex toys, would have to outsource all those jobs to robots/AI. Of course it`s only men who can invent and maintain these technologies also, but you only need a small group of high IQ men for that.

    I really think we will see future with less humans on the planet, but I`m not sure there will be a discrepancy in the ratio of men to women. The elites probably want less people in general, not just less men. Why would they give a shit about Somali or Vietnamese women? These are most women after all. White women will soon be a tiny fraction, <1 percent of the females on the planet.


  • Unconsciously identifying with those who enslave (and manipulate) them. So few can, apparently, see the agenda. Try having a conversation of this nature with the average sheep – and I mean men, as well as women – and witness the fluoride-stare, and the stated – and not so – accusations of ‘insanity’. Someone said to me recently, “the trick is not to allow people to realise that you’re intelligent”. To me, this statement speaks volumes about the current and future milieu of humanity.


  • I don’t see how hypergamy can accept only 10% men, unless they are all Tingle-selected, top Alpha breeders, and all the women agree to share the men amongst themselves.


  • No, the future is most certainly not female. Fuck off with that bullshit, Rel. Seriously, man. I will personally be smashing a few skulls into the pavement before that shit ever happens. These people aren’t difficult to find either. Women who do rule over anything usually end up destroying it. Guess who is in charge of rebuilding and reimplementing order. Men all day every day. Any cunt spouting female empowerment needs five across the face and then some. I’ll end this rant with the Pimp’s Prayer:
    Lord, have mercy on the soul of this bitch. Guide my hand lord, so that this bitch knows the rightful place of a ho. Amen


    • Relampago Furioso

      The title of the article is the elite’s new slogan, not mine. Further, I don’t see men doing anything to stop it other than retreating and losing every battle in the culture war, bitching on message boards and putting all their faith in the false idol Trump.


      • Many supporters of Roosh V/ Return of Kings/ Jordan Peterson are all supporters of ethnic cleansing of non-whites, but they cower into a corner like a scared mouse when a rabid feminist animal attacks them.

        They e-brag how they have more guns than the U.S. Army that they will use on Blacks, Moslems, Jews, etc, but run like pussies when some skinny Antifa thug yells at them. I wonder if the Alt-Right manosphere is controlled opposition?

        Why are the manosphere supporters willing to exterminate millions of blacks, Moslems, Jews and non-whites, but such a pussy to put an end to what Rookh has coined and trademarked as “Anglobitch feminism”?


      • He says this but if women out number men why would the men fight the system? 9 females to every one male. It would be a great r type system, men would not need to work hard other than for food and shelter. The system as long as it has robots and power it could continue for centuries. All you need to do is kill men (and women) who are more conflict personalities and kill the ugly and/or disable men and women.


      • I forgot to mention that they would need to kill the old. After the age of 50 you sent off to a island and never seen again. As well as people too tall (or short)


    • Craig, I’d like to see you stand up to Government thugs with automatic weapons pointing at you. You don’t have a clue as to whats coming directly at you. You better reconsider things from a more clearer perspective. If you have a penis, you are the target.


      • What really happened to the anti-war left who revealed that the Obama administration was stockpiling military-grade weapons and ammo that was more sophisticated than the weapons used in the Vietnam and Iraq wars?


      • DarthSchadenfreude

        A smart person wouldn’t stand up to Government thugs with automatic weapons pointed at him.

        A smart person would find out where the family of the person giving the orders to the thugs lives, and then burn alive that person’s family with gasoline, preferably after doing some thing brutal first, like machete-hacking off the limbs while they scream and gouging out their eyes.

        You don’t do an eye-for-an-eye; you do a 100,000 eyes for one eye, and you don’t show mercy to thugs. There is no point to worrying about phony morality and squeamishness with dealing with killers and murderers. Sadism and viciousness is currency, too. We’ve been trained from birth to believe you should just bend over and take it from people with “power”. Brainwashing potential lions into scared sheep is how vermin scumbags retain power. “Snow is black” – Fichte.

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