Cultural Castration


Men have already been culturally castrated in America

Anglo culture, now in its death throes has been singularly successful in culturally castrating its men. In the last 20 years as the pace of social engineering has accelerated in a tangential fashion, America has culturally castrated men of all races with political correctness, man shaming, and by destroying male utility value after tricking gullible women into becoming merry YouGoGrrl wage slaves + giving them government checks funded by legions of sexless Betas.

But anyone knows it reserves particular hatred for the men that comprise its founding stock, i.e. white men. It may be the first time in history a nation has moved to commit genocide against its founding population.

Recently, the ambitions of those designing the new gynarcho tyranny were laid out here on TNMM. I received some emails and comments stating this increasingly evil nation once known as America will never be able to reduce men to 10% of the population. But, in many ways it already has through a phenomenon I call cultural castration. Men aren’t literally de-balled, but they might as well be. Because most men are getting far more affection from Rosy Palm than an actual girl. Even hambeasts are inaccessible to the average guy.

The bottom 80-90% of men are effectively castrated because they’ve been eliminated from a sexual marketplace that has seen hypergamy rise to the Nth degree. The Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) is widely called upon to describe this imbalance in the dating market, a culture in which the best men for maintaining civilization (hard workers, honest, reliable, good fathers, etc.) are relentlessly punished with involuntary celibacy and TFL or true forced loneliness.

To illustrate cultural castration goes well beyond creating large numbers of men for whom the intimate relationship they crave is a pipe dream, consider this conundrum: Dare speak out about your situation? Think you should be treated a little better by women? That’s toxic masculinity! You’re attacking women! You’re a misogynist! Shame on you! You should always believe women!

Add to the already imbalanced sexual marketplace a government adding estrogen to the water supply, creating a generation of soy boys by lacing genetically modified food with soy additives, socially engineering young men to become willing cucks, destroying male spaces, and using The Hegelian Dialectic to further atomize maleness in the culture a la the #MeToo witch trials, and what you have is an already hateful culture (now run by elites who are using the innate flaws in Anglo culture to wrest control of government from men) desperately trying to destroy its men in any way it can.

Who needs literal castration when cultural castration has been so effective? Women are being eased into positions of power while men are pushed out. These dethroned men aren’t just becoming sexless wonders as a result – they’re also effectively being turned into geldings.

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  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    So glad you’re back, Rel. Your articles are insightful, passionate, and needed.

    I married in the early 2000s, and when I look at the cultural landscape my son faces in the sexual marketplace I feel some measure of luck. The influence of modern feminism has jacked up female egos, influenced lawmaking, and destroyed educational institutions.

    My thought here is that the elite know nothing steers the masses better than fear. Therefore, that which they want people to stop doing, especially men, they make people afraid to do.

    My question is why. To what end, that is a benefit to the elite, is making men afraid of women and sex, or even travelling elsewhere to obtain them, is this helping the elite?

    How does a mass population of sex deprived, lonely men make life better or more profitable for the elite?


    • Worldwide corporate socialism.

      Men prefer freedom by and large. When women were under our purview, we were strong and blocked globalist ambitions .

      The corporate state created feminism to ally women with the state and against us. To beat us down and marginalize us.

      He gets a bad rap on these pages sometimes, but I think Trump, at his core, is fighting this arrangement. That’s why the corporo-government establishment and feminist hate him so much.

      “It’s a dangerous time to be a man in America”, he said. He knows what’s going on


  • Toronto men shy?
    Or are they afraid of police brutality, legal ramifications, sanctioning of civil liberties and SJW mobs?


  • What a post…

    I’m surprised these last few articles linking the metoo# fiasco to Anglo-American puritanism haven’t garnered a lot more commentary: all are truly superb and tremendously insightful.

    Over the years many men have laughed at me and at my words; but of the many who laughed then, not so many are laughing now; and I doubt the deluded few still laughing will be doing so for very long.


    • Hey Rookh! Why is the teacher Victoria Bateman naked at Cambridge? She poses naked on school property and no one reprimands her, but she can wildly make unfounded accusations of “sexual harassment” because she is naked on school property!


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    It occurs to me that nay society which does, as this one does, to men is bent on self destruction.


  • Canadian and England men can’t approach women, but some nutty teacher named Victoria Bateman parades naked at her classes in the UK.


  • Am wondering, is it easy for a good, law-abiding white guy in his late 30’s to immigrate to (or at least obtain some sort of permanent residency) in the Dominican Republic? Am seriously planning on moving there or someplace similar as soon as my 2 kids (sons, thank God) turn 18 and finish high school…


    • fuzziewuzziebear

      I have to wonder if the powers that be have overlooked that possibility? America was built by people who traveled from other places to get here. If it gets too onerous, we can leave.


  • very accurate once again. this is my reality and i do not see it getting better. all i can do is focus on myself.


    • You are not alone. There are multitudes of men in this country suffering from what is addressed in this article. Indeed, focus on yourself, disengage as much as possible from people and position yourself to get to the point where you can do as you please with your life.
      This culture in America is twisted and sick. What masculine man could possibly want anything to do with it? Just go into monk mode.


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