Police State USA Hits Nevada Brothels with False Charges


Police State USA needs to arrest itself – not Dennis Hof

The new gynarcho-tyranny formerly known as America continues to expand its utterly insane War on Sex. Two of its “heroic” Police State USA units have hit three Nevada brothels (all owned by charismatic pimp Dennis Hof) with what basically amounts to false charges.

Cockblocking cops from Lyon County Sherriff’s Office and Immigration and Customs Enforcement claim immigration violations are occurring at Hof’s brothels, even though they’re the very agencies responsible for conducting background checks on the prostitutes who work in the brothels when sex work cards are issued by government officials.

It’s truly one of the most astonishing cases of the fox guarding the hen house ever heard of. Nonetheless, a heterosexual hating press chimed with glee:

An investigation of three legal Nevada brothels owned by a reality TV star and candidate for the state legislature found immigration violations and indications of possible human trafficking, the county sheriff said.

Thus said Reuters, member of the propaganda wing of the Deep State establishment. (You know, the people who constantly screw with your psychology through advertising, public relations, and fake news operations.) Surely, this hit couldn’t have anything to do with Hof running for office, and being the favored candidate to win a Nevada assembly seat? To ask the question is to answer it.

What the press and the police fail to plainly tell you in their convoluted story is that the responsibility of screening for immigration violations and human trafficking falls on the shoulders of the very police officials making the trumped up charges. Maybe it bears repeating: THE GOVERNMENT ISSUES THE VERY WORK CARDS THEY CLAIM HAVE IMMIGRATION VIOLATIONS.

This case is obviously a shakedown. The police should be arresting themselves, not telling the press to go sic Mr. Hof.

Hof denied any immigration violations or trafficking at the brothel and said the sheriff’s department was responsible for screening prospective employees.

“It’s on the county, not us,” Hof told Reuters.

Sheriff Al McNeil of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office distanced himself and police officials from responsibility in the incident with some good old-fashioned boilerplate:

“The ability to coerce, exploit and traffic non-US citizens into Lyon County by foreign criminal enterprises is going to be difficult to detect and deter by our limited capabilities and resources of foreign born applicants, which has caused us to develop better working partnerships with federal agencies to combat human trafficking efforts,” he said.

Blah, blah, blah. We’ve heard it all before. As TNMM has previously documented, human trafficking “busts” usually net nada. The human trafficking narrative is a smoke screen intended to keep men sexually unfulfilled by providing a pretext to spend public resources on conducting run of the mill prostitution arrests in the vast majority of cases, which sound much more nefarious when they have the bogus “human trafficking” moniker slapped on them.

What we have here is another example of The Hegelian Dialectic at work. The American government looks for problems, finds problems whether there are any or not, and applies preconceived Draconian solutions to clamp down on liberty. It’s how the monster operates.

What’s going on here at the cultural level? Another attempt at expanding the most extreme form of sexual repression ever documented. Anglo men, already so hard up that they’ll pay hundreds of dollars per hour for a simple tryst with one of the ladies in Nevada brothels are seeing yet another state-derived damnation of one of the most basic human drives there is.

Rookh Kshatriya knocked it out of the park when he wrote of this push to desexualize the culture at large:

Anyone with the most perfunctory grasp of psychotherapy and classical psychology in general knows that its founding fathers insisted on the importance of a healthy sex life for robust mental health. Freud, Maslow and Reich were all absolutely insistent on this: and modern Anglo-American psychology demonstrates total ignorance of its own foundations in promoting ‘adjustment’ to an asexual, denatured condition.

As usual, Anglo-Saxon culture lapses into insane puritanical denial of normal human needs when confronted with the detritus of its failed gynocentric agendas. Here we are in the early twenty first century, seriously expecting healthy young males to live like monks or ‘transition’ into sterile females because the Anglo-American cultural establishment failed to predict the social fallout of promoting misandrist feminism in a culture defined by residual puritanism, female entitlement and institutional misandry. It truly seems as if the Anglosphere has returned to Victorian times – if indeed it ever left them.

Not only is the Anglo-American world sexually and socially primitive, its increasing detachment from the canonical roots of western thought was never more obvious. The modern Anglosphere represents an evolutionary dead-end on the tree of occidental culture, severed by centuries of dehumanizing repression from the well-springs of psycho-sexual health and normality. It no longer even knows its own sources; clear proof of its fractured and degenerate nature.

He’s right. This tangential form of sexual repression will lead to cultural extinction.

This is undoubtedly one of the strangest chapters in human history. We now have a nation – America – pushing for its men to either become sexless monks or to chop their manhood off entirely rather than fulfilling their sexual deires as every other culture and virtually every other animal species on the planet does – by having male-female intercourse.

Why straight, lonely, good men put up with a government and a police force that persecutes them in this manner is beyond my comprehension.

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  • Disgraced elementary teacher Kyla Cowan-Wilson will spend her first night behind bars on Friday when she begins serving the first weekend of her 90-day jail sentence for having sexual encounters with one of her students.

    Cowan-Wilson will also spend two years on probation, must register with police as a sex offender and submit a sample of her DNA to the National DNA Databank.

    Ontario Court Justice Matthew Webber delivered the “lenient” sentence to the 34-year-old former public school teacher Tuesday after a joint submission from the Crown and her lawyer.

    “As a community we can’t have a teacher breach the trust of our young people,” Webber said. “You violated that trust.”

    Webber described the sentence as “a lenient one” but within the acceptable range for the offence of a single count of sexual assault. Charges of sexual interference and sexual touching were dropped in May when Cowan-Wilson pleaded guilty. Webber gave the former teacher credit for that plea, which he said spared her young victim the “stress and angst” of a trial.

    “You’ve suffered real consequences as a result of your conduct,” Webber said. “You’ve given up a career as a result of your conduct. As your lawyer acknowledged, your teaching days are over.”

    Cowan-Wilson was a teacher with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board in 2016 when she was charged for the encounters with the boy, whom she met in 2011 when he was 12 and she was his basketball coach. She was his primary teacher the next year for Grade 8 and the two began sending lengthy text messages to each other.

    Kyla Cowan-Wilson leaves the Ottawa Courthouse with her husband, Matthew Wilson, after she faced charges in relation to incidents that occurred over the course of a year (2013-2014) when she was a teacher in The Ottawa District School Board Tuesday July 05, 2016. Darren Brown / Postmedia

    When the boy graduated to Grade 9 in a different school, Cowan-Wilson convinced his mother to let him help coach her basketball team. She would pick him up and drive to a Costco parking lot where she would straddle and fondle him, court heard. She bought him alcohol, sent him photos of her in lingerie and told him she was unhappy in her marriage and that she loved him.

    The encounters ended when the boy’s sister found a “love letter” Cowan-Wilson sent him for his fifteenth birthday. The mother went to police.

    Cowan-Wilson went on sick leave and later resigned from the school board. She now works as an office administrator and is trying to establish a career as a photographer.

    She is still married and is the mother of a six-month-old daughter. The weekend sentence will allow her to remain the main caregiver of the baby.

    She wore black slacks and a black jacket in court on Tuesday and answered with a quiet “yes” or “yes, your honour” when asked by the judge if she understood all of the sentence.

    Her lawyer, Solomon Friedman, said Cowan-Wilson offered her “deep remorse and regret” for her actions and had an “extremely high prospect of rehabilitation.”

    A psychiatric assessment of Cowan-Wilson showed no disorder, but nevertheless she could be ordered to undergo counselling and treatment as her probation officer sees fit.

    She is also prohibited from holding positions of trust or authority over males under age 18.

    Cowan-Wilson’s victim, whose name is protected by a publication ban, was too distraught to be in court, his mother said. But according to a victim impact statement delivered at Cowan-Wilson’s guilty plea, the now 19 year old has suffered profoundly with anger, guilt and shame since the encounters.

    “We chose not to go to trial,” his mother said outside court on Tuesday.

    “This process isn’t over today for (my son) and our family. There is a lifetime of healing ahead for us. No sentence could satisfy us.”


  • https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/ex-teacher-jailed-90-for-having-sex-with-student/amp
    Feminist PEDOPHILE teacher only gets 90 days jail for fucking a 12yo boy!


    • Trial — Gregory Alan Elliott
      Gregory Alan Elliott has accumulated nearly one hundred thousand dollars in legal fees. If convicted, he’ll also face up to six months in jail. The judge is scheduled to render his verdict on January 22.


  • Some teachers dress more scantily than the escrots, hey, even Victoria Bateman prances nude on school property at Cambridge. Why terrorize the innocent escorts and brothel owner using white knights in blue uniform and guns?


  • Ah yes once again demonizing that evil evil heterosexual consensual sex, very predictable given that Hof is running for an elected office. This is the M.O. of the “progressive” now then it comes to straight men. Throw some bullshit accusations up in the air and see what sticks to defame and slander. It’s amazing to me no matter how “progressive” this country claims to be, they still can’t stomach a man paying for sex with escorts (even though women regularly offer themselves up in soft prostitution via sugar baby sites, etc..)


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    Given the details of what is in the post, the Lyon Co. Sheriff has to be insane to go down this road. He wants to prosecute businesses that rely on him to clear employees for hiring those cleared employees? That sounds a lot like entrapment. Add to that, there are only fifty two thousand people in Lyon County. They can’t afford malicious prosecution.


    • Feminists don’t care about logic. They support armed white knights in blue uniform terrorizing escorts because of how they are dressed (suggesting that sex is being sold or not if that’s true), but female teachers in Canada are fighting for their rights to come to class naked, which will soon become a trend in America.
      Many American female teachers dress more whore than the whores of Nevada but the police is on their side!

      Liked by 1 person

      • While I think they want the johns terrorized, there is a cost to this that can’t be supported if they are entrapping employers. Still, feminists don’t care about costs if they don’t bear them.


      • That’s why the economy collapses, and we must remember the feminists and not show them any forgiveness or mercy unlike the ussy begging PUAs


  • A society no longer worthy of support should not be supported.
    I’ve moved on.
    I’ve noticed, and this is something I don’t like about myself. I’ve become much more callous and short in my dealings with people, both male and female. as I’ve become more red-pill aware.
    It’s not something that comes naturally to me.
    The less I feel attached to the society around me, the less I seem to care about the people.
    Has anyone noticed a coursening in their interactions with people as they have become red pilled?


    • The hard part is that jobs are getting hard to find, feminists and Hipsterism has skyrocketed the cost of living, universities are toxic to men, and working in an office is like walking on eggshells….Where does that leave men? They can’t even spend their last $50 to see Roosh v or else be smeared by the media and subject to online harassment.
      Are feminists going to push men to take the side of Russia or China?


    • I feel you Duncan,
      I’ve become a hard ghost of a person who interacts very little with those around me. This is not who I naturally am, but this is the world I’ve been put in.
      For me, a lot of the callousness emanates from what this article speaks to, and that is simply not being able to fulfill my biological need of female companionship, and having to pay for it when I absolutely need it, which in turns breeds a sense of pity in myself that I have to pay for something that I shouldn’t have to.
      But alast, even after studying PuA and all of that stuff, I still can’t even get a date let alone intercourse.
      Mgtow and expatriation is my only option. And I know many of you are on the same boat.


    • No, Instead I’m my usual friendly, happy self generally, but I do make a huge effort to avoid morons at all costs and find myself putting more effort into sizing up situations quickly to avoid morons getting access to me and my life. Not easy to do, but I have to protect myself and I have found simply refusing to get involved or interact in anyway has saved me time, and preserved my personal happiness. If pressed to be involved I am polite, and bow out quickly. It works for me and helps me preserve a positive attitude.


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