Camille Paglia Says Feminism Is Collapse of Western Civilization – Summons Men Back onto the Anglosphere Plantation

Imagine my shock when this MGTOW video entitled Feminism is The Collapse of Western Civilization made the Drudge Report. No views have been suppressed by the Anglosphere like men’s views. Statements like these are usually considered thought crimes, and men are deplatformed or worse for even making them in today’s tyrannical gynocracy. The fact we are getting mainstream attention is a watershed moment.

It WOULD take a woman to even be heard about the issue of treating men like shit in this man-hating culture, though.

Paglia, an academic and social critic is absolutely correct: Feminism IS the collapse of Western civilization. However, feminists are changing their tune ONLY because imminent collapse is on the horizon after women have spit in men’s faces from my generation forward and men have started walking away en masse from both women and society because of how badly we are being treated.

They need us back on the plantation to stop the rotten edifice of Anglo culture from totally caving in on itself. Personally, I say let the motherfucker burn. I have nothing left for Anglo culture except contempt and I’ve already abandoned it for Latin America beyond coming back to cash in off its rotting corpse.

Women said they don’t need us, let them carry the weight of society. I’m not coming back onto the plantation no matter how much backpeddling feminists do. Are you?

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  • Feminism is very evil. But MGTOW is very safe.


  • WASHINGTON – To Alyssa Milano, the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing underscores a point many women have been arguing for nearly 100 years: The country needs an Equal Rights Amendment.

    The actress and activist, who helped launch the #MeToo movement with a tweet this time last year, told USA TODAY that an ERA would have helped Christine Blasey Ford, who testified in an emotional Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last month that she was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh in high school. Kavanaugh denied those allegations and others and was sworn in Saturday as a Supreme Court justice.

    “When we are not in the Constitution for any protections except for the right to vote, I think that it allows for a perspective of ‘lesser than,’ ” Milano said. “It will just put women on an equal footing in the legal system, particularly in areas where women have historically been treated like second-class citizens, especially in cases of domestic violence and sexual assault.”


    Why would an Equal Rights Amendment be desired? Such legislation would only REDUCE the status of women; not increase it; as Females are the Master Class and Males the Slave Gender.

    Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Asia Argento and the other founders of MeToo have perpetrated quite an atrocity on the Men of America; and on all people who respect concepts such as Presumption of Innocence and our Majestic Bill of Rights.

    That the three of them are “listened to” by every media outlet is The Greatest Absurdity of Them All…Three Douchebags whose never-ending vendetta against All Men has destroyed countless lives over the last year or so.


  • Retiring Senator Jeff Flake calls the “lock her up” chants for Hillary Clinton profoundly disturbing.

    Again; this clearly demonstrates that the White Female; especially the IMPORTANT OR UPPER CLASS WHITE FEMALE is far, far above The Law; any “crimes” they are guilty of (and this particular subject is obviously guilty of misdeeds w/o number) are not to be taken seriously; or even considered; they have free reign…carte blanche…to do what they wish…and it is important to CONTINUOUSLY REINFORCE THIS NOTION so no stupid male gets the idea that “equality” is anything more than a buzzword for the brainwashed masses.


  • Camille Paglia is one of the few feminists old enough, and wise enough, to realize that women can’r survive without men. The rest are too stupid to see that they are only replacing husbands with the government.

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    • Canadian womyn don’t need no man; only his assets, child support and alimony that are guaranteed by the barrel of the gun from Big Government and the elites.
      The female lion has a male lion.
      The female chicken has the male chicken.
      The female RAT has the male RAT.
      The female ROACH got a male ROACH,
      but feminists are the only species on earth that don’t need no man!


  • Christina Hoff Summers is another feminist critical of modern feminism.
    First, never trust a anti feminist feminist.
    Second, the female primary social order doesn’t recognize it has set the conditions of its own demise. Or replacement really.
    Hypergamy unbridled effectively marginalizes the average male.
    40 percent bastard rate
    50 percent divorce rate
    50 million + abortions
    25 percent std infections
    2/3 student loan debt
    And on top of this we have the worlds most ravenous drug culture.
    I might be off on exact figures, so forgive me, though I think they’re pretty close.
    I believe most men want to be ignorant regarding the true nature of women. We really are the idealistic ones.
    As I stated, a female primary social order lays the conditions for its own demise.


    • Pussy beggars in the manosphere thin it will be all roses and sugar once an economic collapse happens, falsely assuming that these rabid feminists will change their tune and become women after destroying several generations of men. Do the Jews forgive Hitler? Then why should any man forgive feminists and women who aid and abet the police state?


  • Where was Pagila when the SlutWalk wave of feminism enforced psychological warfare on men, as in women have the right to flap their meat curtains in public, but once she accuses you of sexual harassment, it’s off to jail or if you resist police, it’s off to the cemetery.

    As much as I despise what happens in the Middle East, what Salman Abedi did at that Ariana Grande concert, if it was true, showed how Anglofeminism has alienated men that they are following the path of the “Misandry Bubble” where younger women will be cannon fodder for the Zionist cultural wars and gender wars.

    Feminism has ruined the futures of countless men, and females once they begin elementary school are groomed to become militant foot soldiers for feminism in adulthood?

    Is Salman Abedi the one who martyred himself to prove a point? That Anglocunts start their hate of men from young?

    Fuck the Anglo 1st world cuntries. Let the feminists bring in as many refugees, rapefugees, hey, they should bring in armed militia Chadrabia Desertcock too, but once clash of civilizations happen, that is NONE OF MY PROBLEM!


  • Canada is doubling down on the feminist tyranny, and Kavanaugh is going to be mobbed of his reputation, so what the fuck does a tradthot have to say? Pagila wants us to work on the Anglocunt plantation so that she can spend her retirement at some offshore country living in luxury while man my age (20s to 30s) are likely to die without wives, families or anyone. Fuck that.

    Bill C51 – which will soon be law [in Canada] – re-defines communications of sexual consent as “sexual acts” so that documented consent can be barred from defense evidence. Too many liars are being caught making false accusations – this law will help them not be caught.


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