Trump Says Administration Will Crackdown on “Sex Trafficking”

At least President Trump is now calling it what it actually is and isn’t hiding behind the “human trafficking” smokescreen any longer. Trump invited a cast of weeping women into the Oval Office to paint an emotional scene and promised to crack down on “sex trafficking” last week. It was at least one Freudian slip that differed from the usual “human trafficking” narrative.

On the surface and coming from a female mouthpiece working for the Town Hall news organization, the push to end sex trafficking sounds righteous and the punishments ladled out to perpetrators richly deserved.

As a strong advocate for sex crime victims, I’ve been closely following the pedophile arrests since Trump took office. There have been a staggering 1,500-plus arrests in one short month; compare that to less than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests in 2014 according to the FBI. It’s been clear to me for awhile that Trump would make human trafficking a top priority.

On October 8, 2012, Trump tweeted: “Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents – fast trial, death penalty.”

Who wouldn’t agree with that kind of rhetoric? This humble outpost would certainly support a clamp down on men who are abusing women and especially children, but that simply isn’t what is happening with most of the human trafficking, i.e. sex trafficking busts now accelerating like a prairie wildfire around the nation.

What’s really happening? A new move by an already heavy-handed, increasingly totalitarian government to expand its ongoing War on Sex, turning it into a full frontal assault on the already humiliated, emasculated, lonely and desperate masses of Beta males in a man-hating America.

No sexual relief for you! But lots and lots of villainization, male shaming, sex shaming and female pedestalization.

Even Town Hall’s own compilation of sex trafficking busts that are supposed to support Trump’s sex trafficking policy with news stories falls apart if one scratches the surface of this carefully polished, and highly emotional narrative.

Not only is there the extreme irony of a crackdown on sex trafficking being conducted by a president who had dalliances with a porn star he later paid to keep quiet. (How is that not prostitution?!) But, buried in the details is the inconvenient fact that anywhere from 90-95% of the arrests stemming from the “sex trafficking” crackdowns listed on Town Hall involve hapless Beta males caught with their britches down while visiting or making appointments with a willing adult female service provider.

Pedophiles aren’t being arrested. Lonely good guys are.

At least Harris County, Texas called their “sex trafficking” sting what it really was: A Johns Suppression Initiative. Rather than police arresting hordes of pedophiles living in vans handing out candy to children, kidnappers, and dangerous criminals, the type of men police have actually been busting and sex shaming under the banner of this new initiative can be found in this excerpt from ABC 13 Fake News in Houston:

Randal “Randy” Hendricks, 71, is charged with misdemeanor prostitution and is out of jail on bond. According to court records, the entertainment lawyer and agent answered a Craigslist ad and then went to the Greenspoint Hilton, prepared to pay $80 for sex. Instead, he found an undercover female deputy.

Yeah, they’re busting lonely men who have been sexually disenfranchised and are so lonely, and so desperate for a release they’ll pay a WILLING woman for a brief tryst in a hotel room to ease their sexual frustration. Don’t take my word for it. Go look at the mug shots and ask yourself WHY are the police obsessed with ruining these men’s lives?

What makes the sex trafficking narrative so disgusting is the way Trump and Police State USA are conflating a real, horrible issue – child sex trafficking – with run of the mill prostitution cases.

Of course, police chiefs love to stroke their egos as they brag about destroying good men’s lives for the crimes of being lonely, having a libido, and being so invisible to women in a misandrist Anglo culture they had to go to a prostitute. Once again, our “heroes” are saving the day:

“Many times these folks are successful public figures in the community, and so it can be embarrassing for them,” [Police Chief] Gonzalez said.

Police KNOW they’re not busting child sex traffickers, and even make snarky remarks about it. Most of the 178 arrested in Harris County were charged with solicitation of a sexual act, and little more. These aren’t dangerous criminals the police are arresting. By their own admission, cops are destroying lives of successful men for nothing more than soliciting sex from willing adult women and offering to leave a $100 bill on the night stand.

Crucially, note that in the ABC 13 article no “sex traffickers” were arrested which is typical of most “sex trafficking” busts TNMM has been following, and no women were being victimized. Women often offer sexual services of their own volition, something a Puritanical culture can’t seem to grasp.

So, Trump is continuing a long tradition in America of its ruling class creating various “wars” on its own citizens to keep them from destroying their lives by destroying their lives. It tried enforcing vice laws with Prohibition which failed epically. Then, it created a very lucrative Drug War and even played it from both sides – the CIA flew in drugs from Latin America and Police State USA went crazy throwing people into prison for drug crimes which swelled the prison population to the largest number ever seen in the history of mankind.

Now it seems, the moral crusading has turned to keeping men sexually frustrated and alone unless they’re willing to pay the pied piper his ransom in McMansion, luxury sedan, divorce lawyer, alimony, and potential child support debt slavery payments. You know, all the trappings of a modern marriage.

Isn’t that what this is really about? Keeping men on the plantation by making them pay enormous sums of money for some pasty tail under the guise of relationships, marriage, and frivorce while giving women complete and total legal power over men?

Reading over the purported sex trafficking statistics, with 9 out of 10 men guilty of nothing more than run of the mill prostitution – America has gone from a nation that doesn’t like men to a nation that’s actively hunting them down and destroying them for the crime of having a sex drive.

File this case under Trump is reinforcing gynocentrism just as effectively as feminists have done. TNMM has long told you to watch out for this character. When Trump talks of shitholes, I say to myself we are living in one in America.

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  • Never will understand the obsession in this country with cracking down on prostitution. The trafficking argument is a total straw man. I’ve met girls that are/have been sex workers and all have done so completely willingly and had no stories of trafficking. If 2 consensual adults want to trade sex for cash straight up, who is this hurting? The answer is no one. Girl gets some extra bucks and the guy gets off with no strings attached.

    I know the actual answer is that opening up prostitution takes power away from women. Sex is really their only bargaining chip. If guys can pay for play, they won’t have to put up with their bullshit and dating.


  • CUBA DAVE, never FORGET!


  • this from a man who started his own modeling agency so that he could meet pretty, young European women. Alpha male my ass, his wife is as mail-order bride as they come. sure he bagged a few through his charm and wealth, but certainly spread his money around both before and after the deeds.

    however the greater manosphere is in love with his archetype, so no one there will consider the truth.


    • Trump is alpha. His wife is actually impressive. She “supports” him and holds to secure traditional feminine values. She also acknowledges that men like sex and that it is normal. The chasm is wide between someone like his wife and the average American woman. If Trump is not alpha then I don’t know what you would call most males in the U.S. He has balls but the question is will he be able to ultimately resist the swamp? As much as I disagree with some of the things Trump does he is still one of America’s few hopes right now. With that said he is only human.

      Bill Clinton, now there is a beta boy. He should be caned for being married to Hillary. The dude has to rape women to get a piece. WTF.


  • Obviously Trump did not start this whole facade. In fact he was an example of older man and younger woman which they hate. The question: is this a political concession or is he getting sucked into the swamp? I don’t know.

    What I do know is this country lost it’s moral compass. I have stated ad nauseam that they are criminalizing cold approach and herding men into the digital matrix where everything can be managed. Placing normal masculine behavior in the same bucket as truly wrong behavior=not good.

    Trump may be just a stop gap. If Hillary was elected we would probably not even be here discussing this. For real.


  • If they go after the REAL sex trafficers (like Bill & Hillary Clinton), then go for it. If they’re going to bust guys trying to get laid, not so much. I think that prostitution and drugs should be legalized anyway. One, folks are going to want to do both. Two, the ‘wars’ against drugs and sex are leading to a reduction of our rights. Enough already!


  • Please, please, any brilliant entrepreneur who can bring realistic sex bots to market at a reasonable price in the near future will effectively achieve sainthood with much of America’s male population. Look for organized crime to make a killing in the black market for them as underground sex bot resales explode in the wake of the inevitable feminazi prohibition.


  • Everything that I have seen in the last few years has demonstrated that there is little human trafficking in sex work, but there is in Korean hair and nail salons. Also, there has to be tonne of it with farmworkers. This will not sell newspapers like white slavery will. Thanks for the heads up. It looks as if politicians are throwing all men under the bus to get votes from women, who would rather believe fantasy.


  • Off topic: Is Rookh K. going to write a new article soon for TNMM? He is brilliant and his Anglobitches site has some great pieces.


  • Misquoted, he said, “all the wells are poisoned.” Not fountains.


  • The Unz Review is a great place to read authors and viewpoints not addressed in the main stream media.
    Indeed, there is a very minor awakening among men in America.
    I will continue to encourage men on an individual bases to visit ‘manosphere’ sites.
    On a macro-level, the country is done.
    My mom likes fizzy drinks from McDonald’s. I went inside because the drive thru was too long.
    I haven’t been inside a McDonald in ages. I was appalled.
    The men were bloated, no muscle tone in their arms. The women looked haggard. I couldn’t tell their age. Everyone was dressed like they just got finished mowing the lawn. Disgusting.
    Retreating into yourself is the only logical thing for a red pill man to do.
    “Life is a fountain of delight, but where the rabble drink, there all the fountains are poisoned.”- nietzche.


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