Photo of the Week: Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite National Park


Replacing the Eye Candy series which pedestalizes women (who don’t deserve to be pedestalized) will be a new series entitled Photo of the Week. This series will feature scenes shot by Rel (me) on his travels around America and the world. There may also be a few hotties thrown in from time to time.

Starting off this series is Bridalveil Falls inside Yosemite National Park. I captured this scene within minutes of descending down the mountain into the heart of Yosemite National Park on my motorcycle. This photo was, of course shot during my 10,000 mile long motorcycle camping trip. It was the first such adventure but definitely won’t be the last.

I accomplished more in a month with a bike and a tent than many people can accomplish with RVs that cost as much as homes. I wound my way through most of the western gems of the National Park system in that time period.

I literally felt my eyes watering up as rode down the mountain and into such beauty. All the risk of going so far alone with nothing more than two wheels and a tent was worth it somehow when I saw such majesty before my eyes.

All my life I wanted to share moments like this with a woman, but they were too busy trying to separate me and my wallet to appreciate what Nietzsche described as the childlike wonder, and lust for adventure and danger found in every man. I have it in spades, there’s little doubt.

There was something so pure about making this adventure in such a nomadic and minimalistic fashion. A man can forget he’s inside the matrix when he abandons the man-made world and delights in the natural world. There’s a whole other world that exists outside the realm of politics and the jetsam and flotsum of a dying Anglo culture and its obsession with machines and doing everything (including living life) in a mechanical way.

I try to experience that world whenever possible.

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  • What an amazing place.


  • Paul Allen; co-founder of Microsoft; checked out of the world today…at the tender age of 65…after Steve Jobs left in his late 50’s…proving once again that TIME is a person’s most precious resource; and all the money in the universe will not buy a person an ounce of water in Hell…


    • 90% of the things that are “important” to humanity…and that they spill buckets of blood fighting over… are essentially meaningless horse manure in the Grand Scheme of Things.

      The thing that *should* be pursued is the conquering of Death itself; i.e. achieving immortality.

      Of course; you would have to institute Mass Sterilization once that has been achieved; for if no one dies you can’t have anyone else being born; as there are only so many resources to go around.


  • Love Yosemite-so much wow factor in one place. Yosemite was my first solo adventure and I was hooked after that. I still travel with people too, but always take solo trips during the year. Just being able to come and go as you please, hike as long or as short as you want, sit and admire the view for as long as you want…it’s really an awesome experience. Most people can’t handle being alone on trips though, typically the more extroverted types. They need that constant interaction which I feel fortunate not to require when I travel.


  • You know… There are some of us who really understand and highly appreciate what nature has to offer. I tend to travel a lot. Alone.
    People always ask me why I travel alone and why I don’t carry a woman on my bike.
    I simply reply that drama and aggravation are no longer needed or wanted in my life.
    I used to do that when I was younger and believed in fairy tales. Now, I am an adult, grown up and independent. I can perfectly make all of my own decisions without the need for a second opinion. Inevitably and invariably, they call me selfish and say that I am afraid to take responsibilities. I reply that their words are an insult to all of the strong and independent women out there who are perfectly able to handle their own responsibilities without the need for any man. They keep on insulting me as I ride away.


  • Beautiful pic, Rel. Took a peaceful drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway after slaving 54 hours to keep a house with no family, no children, let alone a sub-par woman.
    At least America has some beautiful scenery.
    And I will say this, you got me thinking about the state of feedom in USA. Despite the fact I can buy and sell handguns and AR15s in my state without getting the government involved, I have questions as to whether I am truly a free man or just some variant of a number in The Village. Well, I’ll be the one they refer to as Number Six.


  • Like!!! Did you see my friends?


  • I donated quite a bit to your GoFundMe for your trip back this spring, but I recall you posting you never received any of it? Would it be worth contacting them and seeing if they could get it to you now, or do you think it is too late for that?


  • Rel,

    Was really hoping you’d publish some beautiful photos you had taken this spring on your big trip as well as some stories about your adventures. Very cool… Thanks!


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