One Step Closer to The Male-Free World TNMM Warned About


Geneticists are working on eliminating sperm from the reproductive equation – making it possible for two women to reproduce together

Recently, TNMM warned of a future dystopia in the making in an article entitled “The Future is Female” – A World of Female Masters and Male Slaves. A world in which the stated feminist dream of reducing men to 10% of the population is achieved. A world in which men will be little more than a slave class, with schoolmarm women in the middle bossing them around and an elite cabal at the top pulling the emotional strings.

Women are the perfect consumers, after all. Consummate materialists who obsequiously and blindly follow authority no matter how unjust it may be.

Another piece of the puzzle falls into place with Rookh Kshatriya’s recent piece on geneticists working to bring about the feminist dream of a male-free world by creating the first brood of mammals born to two mothers. Even the mainstream media commented on the doom this breakthrough could spell for men once the process is perfected for human use, since sperm will no longer be needed for reproduction.

Women can go to the test tube and reproduce with each other. Kshatriya, expert on the innate misandry in Anglo culture wrote:

In sum, this scientific news must have sent the Anglo elites into paroxyms of joy: their dream of a man-free society bereft of dissent, honour, reason and progress is at last in sight.

The Anglosphere is frightfully close to achieving its vision of a male-free world. Men have already been pushed out of their children’s lives in a post-feminist world, reduced to little more than checkwriting child support slaves. Men are now being pushed out of their roles in governance and business by cheerleading Republicrats and Demicans (and yes, even Trump) who both push the supposed superior virtue of females in such positions.

Women already hold enormous biological power over men, literally the power to decide whose genes pass on and whose do not. Once women have political and financial power over men the ingredients for a post-apocalyptic thunderdome will have been assembled.

Unchecked, I wholeheartedly believe this New World Disorder currently forming all around us will lead to the extinction of the human species. Any student of history knows how mad tyrants of the past have been, when they had broad but limited power over humanity. But in the future, tyrants will literally have the power of god thanks to electronics micromanaging the lives of every person on the planet. It’s obvious they even intend to take the powers of human sexuality and reproduction away from the masses, and to render men worthless even genetically.

How long before a power mad lunatic breaks the entire species in his lust for total domination over mankind? (Or, what at that point in time will be known as womankind.)

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  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    Brave New World meets 1984.


  • Trump is a Good Puppet Master; there is no doubt.

    Look at his handling of Elizabeth Warren; he goaded her into the “DNA Test”; she fell for it; and now she has made herself look like a fool; and by her ceaseless desire to “prove herself right” she has only made a bigger fool of herself; playing right into Trump’s hands.

    Even the people who might have been initially predisposed towards sympathy towards her are sick of it; NOBODY CARES ABOUT HER GENETIC HERITAGE; AND THAT IS AS IT SHOULD BE.


  • They are currently cloning polo ponies in country of Argentina and the state of Texas. Apparently the well known and successful race horse Storm Cat was also a valuable stud horse. At one point in his career as a stud horse his fees were over $500,000. When he died his owner had the veterinarian take skin and hair samples, and to make a long story short, the owner teamed up with two gentlemen who had licensed a cloning technology from a company in Texas (who were already cloning talented polo ponies),and had Storm Cat cloned, there is currently a clone of Storm Cat, that is going to be used as a stud. Look up cloning Storm Cat and you will see pictures of 2 young cloned Storm Cats. My point is, I am certain that they can clone humans right now, there are ethics and laws they have to overcome, but in the Storm Cat cloning article one of the men involved in the transnational cloning company states he has been approached by a wealthy person asking to be cloned, he further states that for now he has said NO, but indicates that if enough money is offered he believes a company will clone a human. So really all they need is an unfertilized human egg cleaned of its DNA, so they can inject the human DNA of the person to be cloned. The future is now. I am betting some company somewhere has already quietly cloned a human or humans and they already walk among us. We have no way of knowing who is a clone and who is not, anymore than we could tell which horses are clones and which are born naturally.


  • There is a theory that was popular in academia a few years ago. There was supposed to be a cataclysm forty thousand years ago, i.e. meteor crash, that killed all the megafauna and reduced humanity to twelve reproducing couples. What Rel describes is pretty serious, and implementing it would be insane, but we are fairly resilient as a species.


  • The MSM of course paints it that “Trump should be nervous” about the Mueller probe.

    The fact of the matter is; THE EXACT OPPOSITE IS THE CASE; Trump does not give it a second thought; nor does any serious legal observer; the only ones who take it seriously are the borderline retards who call themselves lawyers and frequent the local liberal talk show circuit.

    But back to the point; all of his enemies are the ones living in fear of the end of their physical liberty (unless they are utterly disconnected from reality) as they know (or should know) that someone like Trump; with strong narcissistic tendencies; does not take being made a fool of lightly.

    The Mayflower is the tip of the iceberg. Expect scores of Big Names to be brought before federal magistrates over the next 18 months; as The Shit is About to Hit The Fan; this is the opening salvo; like that day in the Senate in May 1856…when Brooks caned Senator Sumner.


    • I swear; I took a few minutes to read some “mainstream” views on the Mueller probe; and they all talk about “the road to indicting Trump”.


      It is not impossible that if the Dems retake the House they might be able to pass some articles of impeachment; BUT THEY WILL NEVER FIND 67 SENATORS TO CONVICT HIM IF IT GOT TO THE OTHER CHAMBER; THE DEMOGRAPHICS ARE NOT THERE AND WILL NOT BE THERE IN THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE.

      If they think Trump is the resigning type, like Nixon; they are insane. He himself said something to the effect of he could he could be caught on tape robbing a bank and no one could do anything about it. That tells you all you need to know.


  • The saddest thing – or one of them, at any rate – about the insights and perceptions of these writers, including yourself, Rel’, is how few women would read these writings/findings … and how few of them would be intelligent enough (or perhaps deprogammed enough) to understand the machinations at play, as they accord to the true agenda. But, of course, HOW does it benefit a woman to go against her very own nature, especially when an entire socio-demographic serves it so well? In my articles and posts, it seems only to be women of the generation before mine 50’s – 60 Y/Os who “get it”. And even then, they don’t comment on it in any real way, unless only to focus on the lower-level politico-puppetry at play. Since returning to Australia – after living abroad for ten years – I’ve noticed with disgust, but without surprise, that the teenagers and twenty-somethings of post-millennial-Australia are either drug-fucked meth-skanks (lives totally ruined), or so dumbed-down by Rockefellers General Board of (compulsory) “Education” (indoctrination); so entitled, and so self-absorbed – from the gynocentric empowerement adenga – as to be utterly incapable of a conversation about anything but themselves… (lives of everyone around them, potentially ruined). After surviving it, myself – career all-but destroyed, and by the skin of my teeth, when I was a twenty-something – I dread the realities of what young men – totally ill-prepared for the war being waged against them – are being walked into. I would say, “good luck, boys”. But, CHRIST you’re going to need SO MUCH more than luck to survive this. And HOW is your society, your education system, your peers, your fathers (no longer allowed to live at home) preparing you for it? …… ? …………?


  • What will Angloskanks do when the brave armies of Russia Federation, China, Iran and Latin America send their soldiers into the daycare centers of North America and Europe to save the thousands of toddlers from the Angloskank child molesting feminists?

    What will nudist-pedophile professor Victoria Bateman do when Vladimir Putin knocks at her door when she is getting fucked by an 8yo boy who identifies as a queer feminist?

    What will they all do?! No man will save them from the “enemies” of feminist America.


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