The Human Farm

Sometimes, a man stumbles on a commentary that’s so astute, so concise, so spot-on nothing else can be said. Like this commentary on how passive the sheeple of America have become as they’re turned into slaves yet have assumed a completely passive role in their own demise:



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    “Perhaps the deep state remains in control behind the scenes after all (consider the recent back-pedal on declassifying the Russian probe documents)?”

    Can I get an amen. The point is that you have to know who the real enemy is or else you run around half-cocked.
    I can’t tell you all the bullshit I have heard from so called intelligent people. Guess who the puppet masters for the deep state are? White beta males. The feminine side is so good at social maneuvering.

    This world is full of cognitive dissonance. Want to make real changes? It begins by taking personal responsibility. No more blaming my wife and or girlfriend. Instead of blaming them for their bad behavior how about taking responsibility for it? That’s right, you are responsible for enabling the weaker sex to behave in the manner she does. Not saying you should try to manage all women, just the one’s under your authority such as work and marriage. Once a man can reclaim his health from the FDA matrix you will be in a better position to NGAF. Inner game is so important but is a challenge given the damage the GMO system has done. So many men weakened by fungal and parasitic infestations along with high estrogen and PUFA intake. The consequence is a generation of soy boys always fearing the future.


    • I can’t tell you all the bullshit I have heard from so called intelligent people. Guess who the puppet masters for the deep state are?

      Is that anyway to talk about Snobby Girl?


  • That pretty much sums it all up. People willingly hand over their freedom and privacy now without a second thought. It’s now at the point where I’m deemed a weirdo because I want aspects of my life to remain private. The brainwashing of the West worked very well indeed.

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