Why Are You Loyal to a Nation That Has Betrayed You as a Man?


America used to be the light of the world. It has been transmogrified into a giant social engineering experiment, human farm, and debt slavery camp.

The unthinking masses never cease to amaze me. It’s no wonder the elite have gotten so far with their plans to take over the world, turning Earth into their personal prison planet. People are so easy to fool.

Many haven’t realized it, but the electronics now being pushed into our hands and into our lives by cleverly amoral marketing flacks are intended to give those running the servers the power of God over the masses of the world. This Big Brother – “God” in other words – always watching us, and always telling us what to do.

Why else do you think they want you talking to your cell phone, your car, and your “smart” home with Alexa living in it? Because one of these days that very technology will be telling you what to do. It will flip from being servant to master.

The blind patriotism that Americans have even in the face of their creeping slavery is particularly astonishing to me. Especially men who talk about their “freedoms” as they have been almost totally emasculated by their own nation. Men who are child support slaves, debt slaves, and increasingly third class citizens who aren’t so much as to look at a woman the wrong way – and especially not to expect anything from her – go around waving American flags and talking about how great this place is.

Sure, it’s great if you believe consumption and materialism are the be all, end all of human existence. Look beyond that and America is a special kind of hell.

The effectiveness of brainwashing isn’t just astonishing to behold when watching emasculated, disinherited, and frankly, spit upon men clucking about America. The illusion of America has also had a powerful effect on those living abroad, who think the America they’re immigrating to (or breaking into in many cases) is the nation they see in Hollywood movies and on MSM television. To their credit, the illusion of what America is not still captures the imagination of her own citizens who live under a tyranny and in a toxic Anglo culture, clueless to the type of cesspool they’ve adapted to.

It’s such a sad time for a man with eyes to see what’s being done to people.

I see caravans of illegals coming to America and feel sorry for them because this is not the great place they think they’re coming to. America is not a shining city on a hill any longer. Immigrants are being sold on an illusion of America (just like her citizens) but in actuality are only being used to provide cheap labor, cannon fodder, and votes to the oligarchs who are hellbent on destroying the descendants of America’s founding population.

As someone who sees the country every day from many different angles, I see a nation that’s rotting out from the inside out. I see a nation of fat, listless slobs and gender confused abominations. I see a nation full of bastard children and women drunk on their own power. I see a nation of wage slaves. I see a brainwashed population told their only purpose in life is working, consuming, and keeping their heads down like obedient serfs.

The sad truth: This country is nothing but a fantasy in modern times. There is no freedom. There is no true prosperity. The citizens haven’t had a say in government for at least 50 years. (If not over 100 years, when the Federal Reserve was created.)

Yes, this nation was once the light of the world. But that America is no more. All we have left are the memories and the fantasies. The illusions carefully sold to us by those in the media who have so carefully programmed our minds. Illusions are almost impossible to destroy, even in the face of reality. This is something Alan Watts knew:

So if a person believes that the Earth is flat, you can’t talk him out of that. He knows it’s flat. Look out the window and see; it’s obvious, it looks flat. So the only way to convince him it isn’t is to say ‘Well let’s go and find the edge.’ And in order to find the edge, you’ve got to be very careful not to walk in circles, you’ll never find it that way.

So we’ve got to go consistently in a straight line due west along the same line of latitude, and eventually when we get back to where we started from, you’ve convinced the guy that the world is round. That’s the only way that will teach him. Because people can’t be talked out of illusions.

We can’t talk people out of illusions but we can show them the reality of what is being done to them by an America that was hijacked by an elite long ago.

What glitches have you found in the matrix? TNMM has long been compiling a list of treasons this country has committed against its citizens. The time is now to start exposing the lies of America to those around you, creating a rude awakening for the millions of sheeple who still think they’re free.

The America we once knew and loved died long ago. But, a sociopathic elite still promulgate a myth of America to maintain their control over millions. The only way to create a Renaissance and even the prayer of a return to liberty is to destroy the myth of America.

You’re not free, slave. Your children have been stripped from you. Your women turned against you. You are forced to finance your invaders and those who would spit upon your sons. Your vote is worthless, you are managed like cattle, and your masters laugh at your plight and your opinions.

Why are you loyal to a nation that has so thoroughly betrayed you in every possible way? Why do you believe politicians who have made an art form out of treachery? Why do you go on living this way when your ancestors sacrificed so much to give you a better life than your nation now expects you to accept?

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  • Notice that many of the pro-gay supporters in this video are women, mainly white Anglo women…Ironically, a Filipino woman testified that she was molested by a faggot, then became a lesbian before finding Christ. There should be a Meme for that cringe…Filipino woman vs Angloskank from TORONTO!


  • Trump needs to work hard toward bringing the deep state and neocon lackeys to justice. These people are psychopaths who, among other things, have been trying to goad Russia into a final war. They need to be in prison and their families need to be monitored with ankle bracelets. This is no time to be compassionate. That time has passed as these psychopaths have had plenty of time to change their ways.


    Ashton B. Carter
    Mike Morell
    Hillary Clinton
    George Bush
    Barack Obama
    Marco Rubio
    Bill Cllnton
    John Brennan
    James Comey
    This is not a complete list. Along with these individuals, the CIA, Pentagon, NSA and FBI need to be thoroughly vetted for all traitors who tried to undermine democracy and push the U.S. toward a final war with Russia.

    There has to be consequence for such psychopathic behavior. which put the whole world at risk. I would hope Americans would rally behind our president as he cleans out the corruption.


  • Where are we going to go? I do remember Vladimir Putin inviting the descendants of those who fled communism back to Russia. That does not apply to all of us.

    There is something else and it is rarely brought up. There are far fewer paths to be an independent businessman today. Government has has gotten bigger and snarled everything in red tape. This only contracts the economy by limiting opportunity.


    • I failed to mention that opportunity is what brought a lot of immigrants to America. Take that away and the best and brightest are going to give us a pass.


  • Muslim immigrants should be welcomed into the USA and allowed to take over and establish Sharia law. That would fix our marriage and gender relations immediately.


    • No matter what “-ism” you choose; you are doomed to failure; all people’s lives are like that of a terminally ill patient; except on a longer time line; the best you can do is make the patient as comfortable as possible before they expire.


    • And that would fix your traitor ass, too, retard. Or are you a Muslim behind the keyboard?


  • The technology can be “unplugged” through the use of frequency, no technology means the tables will turn.
    All electronics need a form of power, remember that.


  • I knew that the Onstar in cars is listening to all conversations and stores them in a cloud, I knew that Alexa and Smart appliances and Smart TVs are also listening and storing information. What I hadn’t thought about was the turn about that all these smart electronic items can and will “give you orders.” It’s a chilling thought as just about everyone on the planet carries a cell phone even if they live in a hut. The future is always uncertain, but if the masses don’t object to all these jackboot tactics the future is bleak.


  • What if the globe is the illusion? It is just as hard to talk people out of that one. 🙂


  • You don’t have to physically separate from America; you can also boycott mainstream society, but we all agree that this feminist tyranny will lead to 1812 or 1776 revolution. The feminists are showing their nakedness to 5yo boys, while covering up their bodies at the sight of men, and also falsely accusing those men of sexual harassment, costing them their jobs, reputations and freedom as offending a woman is straight to prison for a man.

    The UK has a serious problem of radicalized youth, but Victoria Bateman chooses to bait innocent men into her false sexual harassment campaign by complaining that by virtue she is naked, she is a victim.


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