Cheap, Off The Grid Living


The Lillevilla Getaway cabin will be my getaway – my cabin in the woods – as I finish designing my ghosting lifestyle

Regulars to this heretical outpost will know I’m actively working to extricate myself from the matrix that Anglo America traps its men inside.

I did the college and “career” path its lying politicians genuflect about as they position themselves to raid your wallet while simping for votes to get into public office. I got severely burned following that path. Looking back, I’m not surprised I got burned because the system they’ve designed is rigged 6 ways from Sunday.

Long story short, the value of my college degree evaporated thanks to America flooding the market with rubber stamps over the course of the last generation by telling everyone (even those with low IQs and low grades) they needed to go to college while lowering both the standards to get in and the credit standards to take on massive amounts of debt.

As one astute social commentator puts it in The College Conspiracy documentary, America used to place the chains of debt bondage onto college graduates by getting them to sign up for a home mortgage once they had their rubber stamp. Only now, it gives them the mortgage without the home in the form of non-bankruptable college debt.

Thanks to all these changes occurring back to back to back and the consequences of social engineering schemes intended to turn America’s sons into unemployed pariahs, I got stuck with massive college debt I couldn’t pay off. To add insult to injury my job in fake news became very insecure because I was not only a hated, reviled white male but I openly questioned its narratives – sacrilege – in the news room.

I saw the collision this industry was about to have with the iceberg of truth coming, and bailed a few years back. But, not before I got taken down with a bankruptcy for voicing – gasp! – conservative opinions. I learned quickly those who don’t go along and get along with the suicidal notions of feminism and liberalism get shoved out the door of the fake news industry.

I ended up bankrupt and homeless after my illustrious career in fake news. They want parrots, not thinking men. Lesson learned.

So, you might see why I have nothing for this country and nothing for the illusions it sells after being treated so badly by it and its women who act like they’re some kind of royalty but act, dress, and look like they’re some kind of trash.

Putting all that aside, after paying off my bankruptcy (I didn’t get anything free) I promptly left fake news to start a new life. Part of that new life is securing myself a residence that I can afford and that I can pay off quickly in this newly christened age of the precariat – a term the ruling class has coined for the “precarious proletariat” or wage slave class they’ve been busy creating.

After much research, head scratching and worrying I’ve found a viable solution. Cabins made from high quality wood that make excellent tiny homes for under $20,000.

It’s truly ironic that the very isolated, rural area I once ran away from to chase the false illusions America sells to the world now is now the place I will seek refuge from a dying nation and a suicidal Anglo culture.

I plan on constructing one of these units in the spring, and working towards making it as off the grid as possible. I will later return to my family’s agrarian roots and start growing my own food. (We often grew our own food when I was growing up. So I know how to do it.)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the system, nay, house of cards the American oligarchy has set up, it’s that I want absolutely nothing to do with it beyond having a mercenary relationship to extract the minimalistic resources I need to have a well-stocked cabin in the woods, to travel around and enjoy the outdoors on my 50+ mpg motorcycle, and spend extended time in friendlier lands abroad.

I can do more on $18,000 a year than most people can do on $50,000 a year. Minimalism and keeping Anglobitches out of my life gives me the power to say that.

Ghosting in the matrix, and “living fully now” as Alan Watts would put it when I’m lucky enough to be abroad. That’s the plan. A true nomad, with a cabin as a base from where to plan my months and years abroad and in the North American wilderness. (Last spring’s motorcycle camping journey across the Western U.S. after time in Europe, South America, Asia, and the Caribbean was the experimental phase of the plan.)

I’ll be documenting the construction of this humble home when the time comes. (I’m building it myself, by the way.)

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    The smøl house is a nice idea, but I have to ask: why do such a thing in the United States if it’s so corrosive to your soul?

    Should you choose to delay doing this until you can do it outside the US, I have a suggestion …

    South Dakota has flexible and reasonable laws regarding residency, and all you have to do in order to qualify for South Dakota residency is to spend a day in paid accommodation of some kind.

    While this includes a rental apartment or a house, both of which are obvious, what isn’t obvious is that it also covers a hotel room, an RV park spot, or even a rental tent in a campground, just as long as you can show a receipt for the minimum one night stay per year that also shows you’ve paid South Dakota sales tax.

    Given your day job, it shouldn’t be difficult to arrange at least one day per year or per season in South Dakota, and as for your stay, you might convince an RV park to let you park the big rig.

    As for your mail, there are commercial mail receiving agency (CMRA) arrangements in South Dakota, some of which will do document scanning at a per-page price.

    You’ll have to show up for your driver’s license tests in person, and you might have to do something else to transfer your class A and CDL certifications from your current state of residence.

    But if you’d like to go nomad while in the US by stuffing your belongings in some small storage units that you visit on occasion, spending most of your time “residing” on the road and sleeping out of your big rig’s space, then there’s an option to consider.

    Look on some RV travel forums for more information about South Dakota’s flexible and reasonable residency if you’re interested in more accurate details.

    Should my current state of residence decide to fuck me over in some as yet unforeseen way, this is an option I’ll be putting into action.


  • Rel, that’s a nice little home, would suit me fine! I have a dream one day to build something like it in the forest in Finland, where I used to live. Hopefully I can learn from your experience constructing the cabin!


  • Rel, I looked at that cabin, both the photos and the plans, and it’s nice. I like it!


  • @ Fuzziewizziebear,
    There are cybercrime laws that don’t apply to feminists as they rarely get prosecuted like men, but if a feminist complains that men are “making them feel unsafe online”, police and detectives will abuse cybercrime, cyberbullying and harassment laws to punish such men.

    If female teachers are allowed to have sex with 5yo students because of lax sentencing laws, but 17yo males who date girls the same age as them, get 50 years imprisonment because a feminist teacher [who has a child for a 10yo male student], tells the ex-gf that the 17yo “raped” a “minor”, then should this feminist society be flooded with complaints to politicians, lawmakers and army officials?

    Cuckservatives will NEVER understand that feminists and their useful idiots like Antifa will NOT stop the violence and intimidation they are using unless the other side uses EQUAL FORCE.

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    • We are taking it on the chin, but I hope that when they realize their Prince Charming is not coming, they will see that they went too far.


      • Truth!
        Many suckservatives mistakenly believe that Anglo-feminism is a spectrum of difference in political beliefs, such as a Mexican Democrat supporter arguing with a Black Republican, or emo arguing with a “normie”. At the end of the day, the Mexican and Black Republican will put aside all differences, just as the emo and “normie” will go about their ways.

        Cuckservatives dream of that day when feminists will change their hearts and revert to traditional women.

        It’s a system where the elites have paid off useful idiots to destroy the family, and by extension, society. It’s warfare designed to destroy families and society, while masquerading as a political belief system.

        Many Canadian men have told me in whispers how feminism mainly from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal has destroyed families, fathers and sons. It’s a sneaky way for the elite to prevent any hetero man from uprising against tyranny.

        No wonder Canadians aren’t stopping the immigration quotas from increasing, or the fact that many of these business class migrants launder money into Canada to make life very expensive for youngsters and working class Canadians. No…blame patriarchy and show lip service to the feminist-lesbian alliance.

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      • My point was that it will be hard for women to see that they have blown up their relationship with men. All those things they were putting off paying and doing won’t get paid or done by them. As for the elites, men in relationships are incentivized to conform. They are going to have real trouble when most of the men don’t give a damn, to borrow from Rhett Butler.


  • One of two tourists charged with vandalism for spray painting graffiti on an ancient red-brick wall in northern Thailand is from Grande Prairie, Alta.
    Thai police said early Friday they had arrested a Canadian and Briton — Brittney Schneider and Furlong Lee, respectively, both 23 — at a guest house in Chiang Mai. They are being held at the provincial court and face up to 10 years in prison if found guilty.
    Schneider, 23, faces up to 10 years in prison for vandalism. (Facebook/Brittney Schneider)

    Schneider’s mother, Tara, told CBC News she’d received a frantic phone call from her daughter.

    “Mom, I’m in trouble,” she said her daughter told her. “I spray painted an ancient wall and I’m going to prison. And I’m scared.”

    Closed-circuit TV footage allegedly shows the pair spray-painting a wall near the Tha Phae Gate, the main entrance to the city’s old town.

    “They admitted to the crime,” Police Major Anon Cherdchutrakulthong told Reuters. “When people visit somewhere they should know not to [leave] graffiti.”

    Canadian, Briton arrested in Thailand for graffiti on wall

    Anon said they do not yet have a lawyer, adding that the young man and woman showed signs of having been intoxicated.

    Tara said her daughter “made a mistake. This is out of character for her.”

    “I just told her, ‘What’s done is done,'” she said.
    Brittney Schneider of Grande Prairie, Alta., left, and Furlong Lee from the United Kingdom, second left, stand in front of Tha Pae Gate in Chiang Mai province, northern Bangkok, Thailand, on Thursday. (The Associated Press)

    Bail money has been sent to Thailand so Brittney can be released on Monday, she said. After that, her daughter will have to remain in Thailand until her trial, which could be in two months, she said.

    “She has to face it. She’s sorry for what she done. But I said stay strong and breathe and go through it.”

    Schneider said she asked her daughter why she did what she did.

    “She said she’s ashamed of herself,” Schneider said. “It was an act of being intoxicated.”

    Thailand keeping famed bay from The Beach closed indefinitely

    33 dead, many more missing after Thailand tourist boat capsizes

    Tara said Canadian officials told her there is nothing they can do to change local laws in Thailand.

    She said she plans to fly to Thailand to support her daughter while she awaits trial.

    In addition to 10 years in jail, police said, the young tourists could face fines of up to one million baht, or $40,035 Cdn.

    Video footage obtained by Reuters showed the words “Scouser Lee” painted on the wall in an apparent reference to the English city of Liverpool. Thai police did not confirm Lee’s hometown.

    With files from Reuters


    • Thailand doesn’t give pussy passes to a Canadian feminist dyke!


      • Throw them in a Thai jail, it’s what they deserve.
        I stayed for a week, right across from the Tha Phae Gate, just last year. Had an amazing time, the city is full of amazing, beautiful temples, as well as beautiful Thai, feminine women.
        Chiang Mai is awesome.


      • I got suspended on Facebook because I made a comment using my Facebook account on a Canadian news outlet and some moron reported me for “hate speech”.

        My comment was ” Thailand wouldn’t allow these feminists and lesbians from Canada for having free reign to destroy their country’s heritage. Good on Thailand for upholding the law, because in Canada, she would’ve gotten a pussy pass for being a woman and a butch lesbian.”

        Canadian women tend to disproportionately create mischief and problems where ever they go.


  • Okay, cool, was just wondering. That way maybe you don’t have to waste too much of your time monitoring your comment section for that kind of thing, hopefully.


    • A month ago I saw feminists and anti-feminists debating, and the feminist made almost 600 comments.


    • Just an update… has been infiltrated, trolled and sabotaged by co-intel agents. The moderator KeyMaster of the forums has mysteriously vanished, and flood comment trolls and former users have turned the website into one echo chamber of cat memes.

      Methinks “Someone” was probably a co-intel agent who tried to flood the comments section to sabotage the website here. Honestly, not even someone with OCD or mental illnesses would post so fast and quickly as if it were a copypasta or robot.


  • Raining on the parade here, but you’re still going to have to deal with the (intrusive) issues of permitting – habitability, sewage, water, power, etc.- and property taxes. Plus you’ll need additional outbuildings for vehicle storage, tools, gensets and so forth. Finally, since you’re gone six months+ out of the year driving a truck, traveling to Timbuktu or whatever, this thing had better have some very strong steel shutters or similar since it’s an attractive and isolated target for burglary and/or vandalism.

    Plus that little wooden cabin in the woods will require constant upkeep – cutting back the bushes, painting, leaking roof, rot, whatever – that you *won’t* be able to perform since you’ll be gone most of the time. Meaning in turn having to hire some sort of caretaker local and hope he/she is reliable. Or just leave it for long term and hope for the best.

    Oh, and forget about the motorcycle. You’re going to need at least a 4×4 pickup for those trips to town that, like it or not, will become necessary. (Motorcycles simply won’t cut it when it comes to a trip to the hardware store.)

    Alternative suggestions:

    -Continue going to the Dominican Republic or wherever and renting, living pretty much with two suitcases and a laptop. (If the roof leaks, then it’s their problem, not yours.)

    -Consider poring a simple concrete pad instead and setting up a tent on it, say from Denver Tent – Still minimalist, out in the woods, etc., yet it can be easily taken down and stored in the back of the camper shell of the pickup along with associated furnishings, and the pickup in turn put in safe, inexpensive storage when you’re on the road. Since a fully loaded Colorado Wall Tent runs 4K fully loaded, this is a far cheaper alternative to buying what is in effect a storage shed that rots in the rain as well.

    Reality though is that, though living in the woods a la Henry David Thoreau and going all Walden Pond* might seem an attractive prospect now, I very much suspect that you’ll quickly discover that it will get real tired real fast, and you’ll begin to pine for a Medellin or someplace.

    Just a thought.


    *I hated that damn book. Navel gazing Proto-Hippie Lit masquerading as great American Literature. Give me Moby Dick or anything by H.L. Mencken instead. Please!


    • Relampago Furioso

      You’re thinking like a typical ‘Murican what with the pickup truck and all. Thinking about spending more money when the object for me is spending less. Pickups can be rented cheaply from the local Enterprise if I really need one for a day or two. (By the way, these pickup boys that think they’re big and bad driving around in one of those plastic and aluminum abominations crack me up as I roll by them with 80,000 lbs of steel.)

      Permitting, water, sewage, electric are minimal problems since it will be built on family owned land in an area with very little in the way of regulation. It won’t be considered a primary dwelling even though that’s what it will be. Well and sewer hookups are already there. People live in homes that are far more poorly constructed than this will be in every state I’ve been to. (Seeing the real America rather than the PR imagery has shown me this nation is pretty much nothing more than a fantasy brainwashed into our heads by marketers and psychologists working for the media. I see poor people and wage slaves and fakers driving their fleeced (leased) luxury sedans and dilapidated factories that treat their employees like inmates spitting out the crap that stocks the shelves in your local store wherever I go.)

      The tiny home will also be down a gated private driveway in the middle of nowhere, and being a minimalist I won’t have anything to burglarize. In addition, I know another trucker who uses Big Brother to his advantage with cameras protecting his home. He caught a power company employee on video fucking up his generator and they had to spend $25k buying him a bigger, better model under threat of litigation. He also caught a neighborhood kid stealing from his garden. He didn’t call the cops on the kid, but took him under his wing as a father figure. Long story short, the kid went from being a delinquent (single mom household, of course) to being at the top of his class.

      I’ve already adapted to living simply in my 18 months (not consecutive) living in a sleeper unit while in the matrix and from my year (plus various month long sojourns) living abroad out of 3 suitcases.

      I also have a car in addition to the bike. The car gets driven less than 5k miles a year.

      Your concern is appreciated, but I’ve thought this out very well.

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      • Actually I was thinking something more along the lines of an *old* PU with a stake flatbed, the easy to fix kind with a single vacuum line to the distributor and a DIY krylon paint job that you never have to polish….

        Like you I live (unwillingly) part time in the country, and so I know what I speak of when I mention the sundry and continual maintenance issues of a wooden box that rots out in the rain in a semi wild landscape. If a tent isn’t your thing – clearly it isn’t – you might want to consider instead building something along the lines of a large single story cinder block shed with steel shutters for the windows that lock from the inside.(Make it on the tall side and put in a mezzanine from Global Industrial for extra room.) Big Brother monitoring tech might be all well and good, and you may have very little to steal*, but the meth head or oxy addict – they infest rural America – won’t know that as he trashes the place looking for something to sell, or even decides that it will make a great shake-and-bake lab and then burns the place down. Ditto the bored teenagers looking for a party house they can tag up as they get drunk and stoned.

        Clearly and as you say, you’ve thought it out. But an alternative view – what I do best – never hurts.

        Just a thought.


        *That will change as you acquire and ever greater number of valuable off-grid living tools and implements, courtesy of your repeated visits to Tractor Supply Hardware.


      • The whole aim is to return to a pre-consumerist, backwoods American lifestyle with libertarian heroes pitting themselves against the wilderness. This strand of North American life is not only the purest, it is blissfully free of Anglo-Puritan degeneracy.


    • Rookh, et al, I see what you mean. It is just a damn shame that obviously good conscientious men like Rel, for example, are driven to withdraw from American society in rational response to the meltdown of American culture and the utter rot of the Anglosphere/misandrist, etc. Men like him and some of you guys on here as well would surely be great community figures and patriarchs in a more sane time (1950s Heritage America, for example), but truly the only rational response is to go the John Galt/minimalism/pump and dump America for cash and GTFO of this Clown World country. As soon as my two young sons are adults, I am planning on expatriating and doing much the same and hope my boys will follow suit. If they do not, I plan on encouraging them to leave regardless because the idea of them becoming entangled with an Angloskank and ruining their lives is too distressing to bear.


    • He wouldn’t need a 4×4 or ATV to access the property; a good dual sport motorcycle would be fine. A Suzuki DR650S or Kawasaki KLR 650 would both be ideal mounts. Properly set up, they can do road trips; when the road ends, they can go there too. A windshield (the KLR aready has a fairing and windshield) with removable metal panniers would be all he needs.


      • In other words, a two wheeled Jeep. (I really like dual-sports BTW.) And if that’s the case, then why not just get an old 80’s CJ for the same price. A cursory search on the web shows any number in the 6-7K price range.

        Advantages Rugged and reliable overall, easy to fix with excellent parts availability, and you can actually carry stuff/supplies for your cabin/tool-shed/wooden-box-rotting-in-the-rain back from where-ever, either in back and/or by towing a surplus trailer. Plus it will keep you dry and warm when it’s cold and wet, something that can’t be said for a motorcycle.

        I have to admit that I believe that Rel, despite the whole John Galt/Jeremiah Johnson romanticism of living off the grid alone in the wilds, is in for an eye-opening revelation that minimalism requires a tad more in the matter of material goods and secure construction than he’s anticipated. It’s one thing to embrace it in the rear cab of a Cascadia on the Interstates (with easy access to the supply chain for immediate supplies and repairs) and something else entirely to be a self-reliant hermit in the deep forest where every little thing requires a 60+ mile round trip to town, you really are on your own, and a survival requires a surprising (and ever growing) number of tools of all sorts.

        Could be wrong here, but I still think that living out of two suitcases in South America might be the better and more economical minimalist choice.

        Just a thought.



  • Fuck off and get a life. Jesus, man, take your meds and troll somewhere else.


  • Someone why do you write so many posts I forgot what I had to say, or is that what the establishment wants by losing focus of commenters because of numerous posts?!

    [Edit: I was to ask you how much land costs in the southern states as Boomer Canadians have created a bubble here in Buffalo].


    • Relampago Furioso

      “Someone” just got booted for spamming the comments sections.


      • How do you prevent an annoying troll from continuously spamming your comment sections? Block their IP address?


      • Relampago Furioso

        That’s one way.


      • How can someone post over 300 comments with a 1-hour time span?
        Are feminists using bot flooding to flood the comments in an attempt to scare away users?


      • I am glad you dealt with it. I didn’t want to comment until you had.

        You are onto something with getting housing and seeing it paid off. I went a different way. In 2009, I bought a house in the Rust Belt.


      • The forums at have been flooded with no value comments and random spammy comments that relate nothing to the manosphere.

        Some have said that co-intel agents use comment flooding to attack manosphere websites as the comments take very long to load on the user’s computer and causes one to keep away from the website.

        Last week, my 2018 model Lenovo computer with 32GB memory, Corei7 8th generation and 4GB hard drive space suddenly started roaring like a race car’s engine when I logged onto forums.

        When I checked my computer specs, 100% of the processors were used, and 100% of the hard disk were used, and 100% memory were used, just to load the website. I had to force shut down as the computer froze just loading
        Feminists have been working on creating problems for manosphere websites such as those scripts and bots.

        However, some poo in the loo street shitter using a Pentium 1 computer made in 1994 can easily watch nude pictures of feminists and watch videos without any problem! But my 2018 model Lenovo freezes when feminists attack magnetosphere websites!

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      • Leeway, thank you. That is good information. I wonder if they realize that two can play at that game?


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