Invisible Automatons


I see nothing but an automaton when I look at an Anglo female

Maybe I’ve been spoiled by women from other cultures.

Women who haven’t yet been redesigned by social engineers working on their dream of an Anglosphere that doesn’t just exist as an artificial world contemptuously foisted on top of the natural world like a denatured, silicone chipped, marble, asphalt, and glass corpse. But, an Anglosphere that proudly slits its collective wrists to divorce itself from its life-giving biology altogether.

Who needs to be “primitive” or worry about trite ideals like humanity when you’ve got so many gadgets around?

No arts. No humanity. No joy. No sorrow. No parents. No children. No family. No friends. No sex. A world unfolding that consists of human machines that still look like people, but who do nothing but gather resources to consume commodities the matrix tells them to consume.

I don’t see a woman when I look at an Anglo female, anymore. I know it’s a female but I don’t see it as I see other women when I leave the matrix. I see a creature, who while somewhat resembling myself doesn’t think like me. It only looks for things and people that it can consume. An automaton, built to exploit men and gather resources. Nothing matters to it except what it can consume.

It takes the shortest path to get what it wants. Why have a man around when you can push him out of his job and become your own resource provider? Why have a family when the state says it will take care of you?

Over there. That one. That’s not a boyfriend with her. That’s a provider module. That’s not a child with her, that’s a car payment and a future provider module once the old one has been discarded.

The other one. The older lady. She’s only holding on to her provider module because she can’t get another one at her age.

Only a truly sick culture could take a woman and turn her into this. This goddamned place has brought out the absolute worst in women. It turns out women were quite easy to turn into entities in the great machine of consumerism. Men will be harder to transform.

But the designers won’t stop until the gears are meshing properly inside the machine of the damned. Spengler knew the tragedy we are living through was coming a century ago when he wrote Man and Technics, sequel to Decline of the West.

All things organic are dying in the grip of organization. An artificial world is permeating and poisoning the natural. Civilization has itself become a machine that does, or tries to do, everything in a mechanical fashion.

I’m watching my own people die without a wit as to what’s happening to them or how they’ve poisoned themselves. Spengler knew men like me would come along who hate the machine culture.

The Faustian thought begins to be sick of machines. A weariness is spreading, a sort of pacifism in the battle with Nature. Men are returning to forms of life simpler and nearer to Nature; they are spending their time in sport instead of technical experiments. The great cities are becoming hateful to them, and they would fain get away from the pressure of soulless facts, from enslavement to the Machine, and the clear cold atmosphere of technical organization.

That’s me. The machine has stolen so much from us.

It’s such a puzzlement to wonder why people can’t see what is being stolen from them so they might live in an artificial reality. Call me romantic, but I liked the things that made us human before we started worshiping the machine.

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  • In 1909. that story predicted everything


  • The Machine Stops


  • Canada legalized pedophilia for women:

    But offend this woman, and a man gets six years in jail for “hate crimes”, such as what happened to the court case of Gregory Alan Elliott who got his freedom after half a mil in legal fees.

    1776 should commence again, but this time in Canada.

    What if she gets released for good behavior and starts licking the anuses and wee-wees of American infants and toddlers? Should we have a right to defend ourselves from this feminist pedophile?


  • Cuckservatives don’t know what measures Antifa and feminists will do to Republican men:


  • A man after my own heart!-

    Experienced Poster
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    Re: How many of you actually Cold Approach girls?
    Post by Eric » May 10th, 2016, 4:37 am

    “You guys are way overthinking this… I feel like the frame of mind of ‘You’ matters a lot. If you’re in a good frame of mind, naturally – you’ll radiate that out and attract what you give back from people. You’ll also see things as how they really ‘are’ and not how you see them if that makes sense. I dunno how it works, it’s very weird…This is a human thing, most of us get in our way. We see things as a danger onto other people and see it there on them, whether it’s there or not, it’s called projection. Both men and women do this – and it really sucks. You can also influence someone into a more natural state if you are ‘being’ natural – it lets them put their guard down and stop projecting. It works for someone most of the time, but if they are way messed up – then usually won’t, just move on.

    but I swear half the (most of the time) it’s the negative/clouded state of mind we are in that gets in our way. Not other people. Of course if all you’re thinking about all day is hating females, feminism and all this other bullsh*t then that’s all you’re gonna see.
    The trick is getting yourself, freeing yourself from your habitual chains, whatever they are. That’s really a challenge for most people.
    It doesn’t come easily, there are tricks. Like doing things differently during the day, I read Solomon’s proverbs, that seems to help me to shut up and listen… and see things as they really are, which is a requisite for what I’m talking about really.

    That could just be me though, I dunno and can’t speak for everybody. Just myself.
    Misery and happiness are only states of mind.”


    • It gets MUCH better-

      “My advice is to ignore the contemporary cultural more(s) of male sexuality is bad….it’s aggressive, predatory, the male stare is oppressive, etc. Stop being a f*cking p***y. Yes, you have to decide if you want to follow some misguided cultural thing – which will harm you, or orient yourself to the basic reality; ….of being a man; do you want to be a part of God’s awesome natural creation & continue on the species and enjoy yourself as you were designed to – or cave, because some man-made illuminati wants to impose their plans.
      Being true; being a man sounds healthier. The feminist stuff can’t get you if you don’t let it into your heart. I’ll say it again. It can’t hurt you if you don’t let it into your heart, so don’t let it in. The deep real & true things override any fake, ignore the propaganda.

      So many women are wanting for fun, wanting for a good man, so many men are p***y and scared/beta because they hold their male sexuality in and are afraid; don’t be afraid, even the women in feminist countries so many of them are not wanting this bullshit, either, you can see it – you think women are enjoying this bullshit – do you know how many women’s forums complain about guys doing nothing, not approaching? They’re waiting…
      don’t blame the girls, I know you associate it with these girls, but its not their fault. Its the ***social engineers***.

      Talk to a beautiful woman if you see her – if you think she is game, if she gives you a signal. be ready to deal with rejection, it happens, move on, such is life.

      I did tonight; she smiled. Read also the signals to let it go, and follow.
      Re orient yourself to the truth, all the rest of the bullshit will fall away; an uncertainty never can overpower a truth.
      Re orient yourself to the basic reality of being a man, don’t let any other harmful thing into your heart.”


      • Unfortunately he regresses-

        “One of the main reasons I don’t approach women is not the women; it’s men around me, who aren’t men, but spiteful spineless simpering cowards who are backstabbing and passive aggressive (the younger they are the worse it gets/ I’ve resigned myself to only associating with my generation or older); they’ll take notice and become hateful/envious & hostile – which is a powerful force to contend with; the presence of overt threat overpowers the will to flirt; which is something you do because you can. It can make me so mad. These men aren’t real men, they’ve lost the ability; and therefor revert to only thing they can do – immature attack from a point of being hurt – at a guy who did nothing to them; only out of their own insecurities & dysfunctions. Like I said, I think a lot of these guys have sex with each other, but I can’t prove it. This blunting of masculine traits is truly a toxic force, it creates dead, damaged guys which exerts a downward peer- pressure on the rest. It’s a shame because it creates competition between men – there will always be competition, but the competition now doesn’t need to exist. I’ve seen outright hostility. It IS harder to hit on girls now…
        I try not to give any attention whatsoever to these guys around me.
        I can literally feel myself become center-stage as I go into flirt with a girl; I instinctively sense hostility around me from the beta guys (it’s always only the beta guys), real men wouldn’t mind and would even congratulate me. It’s like their ears perk up and they watch every move I make. It’s definitely a hate. It’s very ugly and pathetic, worst part is that this is like the standard norm now. It’s scary and unnerving; and you start to feel like the weird one.
        This toxic environment can deter the staunchest of men; which is why I feel you see less & less men approaching women. It’s not the women themselves, it’s guys incapability…and their own collective hostility at ones who are strong. It’s probably one of the ugliest parts of being a guy. It’s painful to see human males suffering so much in a state of dysfunction; but you’ve got to ignore them. You’ve got no choice, you don’t want to be part of something sick; you’ve got to live life.
        I try to just ignore them I try not to even look at them, I know nothing but negativity will be waiting for me. I try not to even go around where beta males sit, if there are women around.

        I’ve made the mistake of trying to be nice to these guys because I’ve felt sorry for them; but what a mistake. You become weaker yourself. You can’t come near a tree on fire unless you want to catch fire. … You’ll become a victim of their rage; these people only feel good when you suck just as much as they do… codependent.”


      • What our friend Eric misses is the opportunity to inflict a strong push back by cold approaching while the white beta millennial’s gnash their teeth in anger. Double points if he secures a number. Let me tell you something, nothing shuts these lackeys up faster than a successful approach. The deep states worst nightmare.

        I know several attractive, white 20 something women and they tell me things. Things like brown and black guys see what they want and go for it while white guys apologize for being near them. White guys have taken the DS bait from TV, commercials, movies, corporations, etc. Then they gather in their little group therapy sessions and commiserate.

        Homey don’t play their game. I have had black millineials challenge me several times. Not because I am white but because I am a white man with high SMV and bigger balls than them. They can’t stand even seeing it and their reactions are an epic angry outburst. But homey don’t move out of their way.

        On the subject of cold approach: Even if I get rejected on a cold approach I am happy because I don’t have to live with the regret of “what if”. That is the difference. So called rejection does not phase me. Why should it? It is all inner game.


      • You have to remember that young white males have been indoctrinated from birth with the Anglo cult of female superiority. Many of them seriously think that women are more intelligent or even better at STEM subjects than males. They have also been indoctrinated with guilt for historic crimes committed by white men on various groups (especially women), not realising that conditions were far harsher for everyone in those times. Above all, many young men have been raised by misandrist single mothers. These are not fertile conditions for normal maturation.


      • “You have to remember that young white males have been indoctrinated from birth with the Anglo cult of female superiority. Many of them seriously think that women are more intelligent or even better at STEM subjects than males. They have also been indoctrinated with guilt for historic crimes committed by white men on various groups (especially women), not realising that conditions were far harsher for everyone in those times. Above all, many young men have been raised by misandrist single mothers. These are not fertile conditions for normal maturation.”

        True. The consumption of GMO and soy infiltrated food does not help either.


  • Another day of mudslinging from younger Toronto cunts…How the hell can a man “sexually assault” a teenage girl in a bus and flee the scene after she screamed? The bus driver has the doors closed, or do they drive with the doors open like a Jeepney? The story doesn’t make any sense.

    The girl probably screamed rape or later complained to police and stated that she screamed rape. Pathetic. An innocent man’s name is smeared and a teen girl will later grow up to become a feminist teacher pedophile and actually, realistically “sexually assault” young students…Feminists project their madness by these accusations.


  • What I’ve learned from the recent outburst of indignation here in America is small numbers of people can inflict great damage.
    The Occupy Wall Street Movement, Slutwalk, the anti-Trump demonstration…
    This is of capital importance, that damage doesn’t have to be physical, it can be psychological.
    It’s demoralizing to to live under a steady barrage of anti-whatever.
    On a different note, the great historian Hilaire Belloc once mentioned people, both men and women are inclined to follow whatever empty fashionable philosophy reigns at the moment.


  • October 16, 2018 9:39 pm

    “The fundamental defect of the female character is a lack of a sense of justice. This originates first and foremost in their want of rationality and capacity for reflexion but it is strengthened by the fact that, as the weaker sex, they are driven to rely not on force but on cunning: hence their instinctive subtlety and their ineradicable tendency to tell lies.”

    Although most humans seek consensus it is the women who need it’s validation the most. Tulsi Gabbard is an aberration even among men these days. Trump is an aberration especially among male politicians. Women by design are made to follow the tribe/culture. They must use their innate ability to socially maneuver as they do not have the strength or courage men of old have. When all else fails then women have the sex card. This is why dread is so effective although less so with women today in America.

    If a man really understands women then he is less exposed to disappointment and more able to enjoy them. A man’s DNA desires attractive women.

    But to be fair, for a man to manage women in America today is fraught with danger and sometimes vanity given the cultural directives. America is the land of lies not freedom.

    One thing I do know is very few people love truth. Most hate it.

    October 22, 2018

    “Recently, tens of thousands staged an “anti-racism” march in Berlin. Take a look at the photos of the march. Young, fertile White women, everywhere.”

    *FYI- This is not about invasion as much as it is about following the cultural directive. With that said their dread can turn on a dime toward invading males.


    • The anti-racism march Heartiste alludes to probably contained about five thousand people out of a population of 80 million – a drop in the ocean. The European left are adept at inflating their marginal obsessions into national causes. Because North Americans have little experience of bourgeois-left protest (until Trump, basically), they struggle to grasp the marginalised nature of these activities. Note the gap between the self-reported numbers (250, 000) and the police-report numbers (several tens of thousands) at the march.


  • I’m not altogether sure about an elite conspiracy. If there is, it necessarily surfs existing social, economic and cultural currents to achive its ends. Northern European tendencies to puritanism (and its associated pedestalization of women) date back to the 16th century, at least. There are many Indo-Europeans in Iran and India but they lack the specific puritanical altruism of white north Europeans in general (and Anglo-Saxons in particular). I’m convinced there is something about living conditions in North Europe that has selected for these tendencies in caucasian males – something RF discussed a few years ago. When these values are isolated in a patriarchal milieu, they can be effective life-strategems; in a post-feminist multicultural society, they are objectively suicidal.

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  • Nice post at the Chateau about women´s betrayal!!

    “Our women are throwing themselves, sometimes literally, into the arms of invading hordes. When a single White woman votes for an open borders operative, she has just as well jumped happily into the lap of an invader male, with a taunting smile on her face as her betrayal rips the soul from the losing tribe’s men.”


    “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f$*k with me, I’ll kill you all.”


  • John Smith,
    I tend to agree with you to some extent. I am not 100% celibate yet because my body has a way of asking for certain things. I had good times in my life, up until I fell in love. Whenever I was able to only care a little, everything went smoothly and trouble-free. The second I suspended logic and believed in fairytales, such as love, family, better half and all the garbage that this society prescribed for me, I was doomed. I am yet to recover from the severe consequences of being fair, loyal, honest, etc. This society, used and abused me and then discarded me, once I lost my utility value. I was warned but I was so brainwashed that I paid no attention to the good advice. You could say that I have learned the hard way. I do know one thing for sure: I am not willing to put myself in a position to give another woman power over me, ever again. I avoid women in this country like the plague. Even foreign women, once they touch this country, turn bad, instantly.


    • GhostofSteveMcQueen

      Women were meant by evolution to be enjoyed physically by men, and to be cared for by the man so long as she met the needs of man. Man was made by evolution to fight for survival in a brutal world and protect the women who carry and nurture his offspring.

      Everything else beyond that is social engineering.

      Today, we live in an age where one side of the equation, women, have been set free from their evolved role, while men are expected to be both traditional AND supportive of whatever the modern female chooses to do, depending on how the herd of women feel at a particular point in time. Subject to change.

      Women were never meant by nature to have power over men. It is the collective laziness of men, seeking comfort and peace and believing the social engineering lies, that have given women the power they now have.


  • So, there is hope once men leave the Anglosphere? Your not my only source, but I have heard from another that women elsewhere find men valuable and useful. And, they even like sex!


    • I had another thought to put out there. If all we are are mules to the elites and monthly checks to women, there is not much incentive to produce more than the minimum. Wouldn’t this impoverish the elites?


      • Women will pick up the slack, as the case of Toronto where men are purposely being forced out of the labor market, even in temporary factory and warehouse jobs.

        This “incel” from a Latin American country emailed me that when he went into an office to apply for factory work, the staff looked at him as if he was committing a robbery. He was smart and he would ask other men, who said the same thing; and many have noticed that when women apply to work in a factory, they get through.

        The women aren’t lifting 50lbs though; machines and muscular beta men have resorted to doing the hard work.

        Canada has gotten so expensive, that the bloody Boomers have started to flee to the Niagara region of Canada, which eventually spreads to my home area of Buffalo-Rochester, NY.

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      • What’s next? They are going to push men out of trashman jobs? At some point, Canada is going to have a real problem with men leaving.


      • @Fuzziewuzziebear,

        The Canadian femoids are one step ahead of that…Notice the growing number of Toronto feminists flying to poosy paradises to set a false feminist flag operation (false complaints of rape/sexual harassment to change laws).

        Canadian women are worse than the mafia…They seek to make their feminist hellhole called Toronto into one global prison state for men…However, Turdeau can’t pay 500 million women in severe poverty to become men-haters, but he can brainwash them until they end up in a ditch or stoned in public.

        BTW…Toronto men…. where did all of the Venezuelan, Mexican and Colombian escorts go to? Some of the Asian brothels have shut down, but this hasn’t made news…..Was it quietly done to stop men from standing up? The sex doll brothel was shut down by feminists before it even opened!

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      • Leeway,
        They can’t go everywhere, but everywhere they do go, in time, they will be hated. They are not good company or customers. I am smiling now. It is ironic.


      • Some of these third world countries believe that #MeToo is some sort of human rights for women, albeit that many who live in these countries would NEVER complain if their corrupt politician or mob leader rapes them. Feminism and their foot soldiers pick on the law-abiding guys, but contrary to what these PUAs claim; FEMINISM IS NOT A SHIT TEST.

        Who the fuck in their right minds would tolerate someone using the extension of the armed police state to go against them? That ain’t no shit test, so many RSD followers should give up on ever thinking that women care for any man who isn’t the top 1% elite.

        #MeToo has been gaining traction in conservative countries, which is strange, because these same Anglocunts would be arrested for indecent exposure or bestiality if they did what they did here in those countries, especially coming to swimming classes in a bare-butt one-piece or stripping naked for acting class.

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      • Ya but it seems that feminists are doubling down on their shit….

        I remembered a story back in 2012 where a West Indian Guyanese woman from Toronto, ON, Canada travelled to Guyana to have sex with a black army ranger at a hotel, and she cried rape because she alleged that he forced anal sex on her, but the hospital did an X-ray and found only a hemorrhoid in her ass and no sign of forced entry.

        Trinidad also faced onslaught, but they are more feminist pushers of changing law than doing false flags.
        Canadian women who adopt Angloskank values, locally or foreign-born, are Cancer.

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      • Leeway, the more outrageous their behavior, the less influence they will have. They have been outrageous for a while. If they think they can level false allegations like they do in North America, more than a few will see the inside of a third world prison. I can almost hear the screaming in Ottawa now.


      • Let’s hope that the screeching harpies from Toronto and Ottawa end up worse in a third world prison because they can always tweet or take a photo of themselves naked inside the prison and beg the military might of the Anglosphere to invade foreign countries.
        The sad thing is that no one gives a fuck if a man suffers a similar fate.
        The Anglosphere media is fixated on the “Angloskank” issues.

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    • Leeway,
      They are going to get law enforcement in these countries mad at them for imposing feminist values. Also, everyone who deals with tourists relies on tips and I don’t think that feminists are very generous. Finally, it is men who spend money, so the merchants will have little trouble choosing sides. Oh, I just remembered that Hillary is not Secretary of State anymore.


  • Mr. Furioso, this is a nice read from MGTOW reddit about the “Societal Entropic Death Spiral”.

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    • Mr. Roboto – I have two replies for your excellent post. First,our species will not go extinct. There are far too may low IQ people breeding like rabbits for that to occur. What you are lamenting is the extinction of the high IQ white race, which is an inevitability. All of your well developed arguments apply only to the best and the brightest of the species.

      Whites, 7% of the world population, civilized the planet. Our own females, vis-à-vis the mouse utopia, have turned against the civilizing influence for their own short sighted sexual innate traits. Black, brown, and yellow are the colors of the future. What that future will be is anyone’s guess. But, one thing is certain. It will not be the civilized planet created by high IQ whites.

      My second post follows.


      • Relampago Furioso

        Thanks for the insightful comment John Smith. I disagree. I think the elite will destroy the species in ways I’m about to reveal in an upcoming article. Namely, they’re moving to ban sex (at least, male-female procreative sex – other degenerate forms of sex will be allowed) by slowly making it illegal. Huxley knew this when he wrote of “viviparous reproduction” being a thing of the past in his novel. Stephen Hawking, before he died also warned of the coming world of test tube humans leading to extinction in some very pessimistic writings.

        I agree whites will soon be off the earth. But the future will not bode well for the other races who no doubt will be treated in ways that will make the African slave trade look like a cake walk. I’m talking a world of forced sterilizations, illegal everything including sex, and 24/7 monitoring of all human speech, activity, and interaction. Not to mention forced labor, debt peonage, etc.

        As the elite are already destroying civilization and genociding a race thanks to their psychopathy, I think their next move will be to destroy the species itself with their greed and lust for totalitarian control. (This fits with Spengler’s ideas about evolutionary catastrophes for a species puncturing periods of stability. Usually ending in extinction.)

        In mathematics, a tangential rise is almost always followed by a comparable collapse. European culture facilitated a J-curve rise in world population.

        I believe we will see a similar die-off in world population as the elite move to realize their Georgia Guidestones depopulation plan. The remaining humans will be subjected to genetic engineering, brainwashing, and electronic dog collaring that is truly the stuff of nightmares.

        Just one thoughtful man’s opinion.


      • “I agree whites will soon be off the earth.”

        Maybe but Putin and Russia may have something to say about it. Just don’t count your chickens yet. We will see. Trump is a side show but he still may help Putin’s cause. With all due respect you may not be fully aware of what is going on with Putin. He will die before giving over Russia to the elites/neocons.


    • My second post is of a personal nature. I haven’t had sex with a woman in almost eight years and I have stopped jacking off. Why, is the pertinent question. What I came to realize is that I didn’t want to merely fuck a woman for the sexual release, I wanted to make love to a woman, in the manner God intended. For I have done that before and deep inside desired to do that again, even though while I was standing upon an Everest of human fulfillment while she was downstairs rifling through my checkbook. Experience versus hope?

      The point being is that the only constant in life is change, except for females. My decades of fucking and jacking off have achieved nothing but heartache and poverty. And this heartache and poverty is what makes the species continue on. For females are the crucible of the species regardless of all other concerns. I am, as a man, extraneous. Just that simple

      I have come to know that, as a male, I a doomed to always seeking a carrot that does not exist. With that knowledge also comes a deep melancholy. But sadness in truth trumps illusion in myth.

      I hope this post makes some sense to somebody out there. Cheers.


      • John,

        Let me just say that I have lost count the number of men I have come across who are trying to pick up the pieces of their life after allowing a woman to destroy them. It is shocking. Fuck college degrees, good corporate jobs, obeying the culture, TV..etc. What a father should teach their son is how to manage a woman, ESPECIALLY nowadays when a relationship is fraught with all kinds of danger. Let me make this simple: What I have noticed is that a man’s ability to manage a woman may be the difference between success and failure in life. The culture does not teach you that. Women follow the culture and U.S. culture tells women to disrespect men. Go where you are treated best.

        There are resources such as red pill related sites like Red Pill Marriage. SMV, health, and financial freedom create inner confidence. It is trench warfare in the U.S. and Canada. If you are not up to it then move to where you are treated best.

        NEVER put limits on yourself. You would be surprised what you can do, even in this sick culture.

        My life cannot even be stated here because it would not be believed.

        You can also live, it just may not be in the U.S. unless you find a model to show you how.


  • It started with Eve in the Garden of Eden.
    Anglobitchez are the wor$t representation and foot soldiers for Satan.


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