JFK to 9/11: An Alternative News Source Explains

I was blown away when I found The Corbett Report.

As a freelance writer, I’ve long felt I was in the wilderness alone when it came to my ideas about the American power structure and the fictional reality it has been spinning for half a century, i.e. the matrix that this outpost lambasts on a regular basis.

Imagine my astonishment when I find a very talented independent journalist who I am in almost in total philosophical agreement with when it comes to subjects like the JFK  and MLK assassinations being conducted by CIA covert ops and 9/11 being the work of those working for that same agency now bent on world domination.

Not ranting and raving, wild-eyed conspiracy theories. Documentaries loaded with facts and truth bombs.

James Corbett is an independent journalist and American expat living in Japan, much as I am an aspiring American expat who has repeatedly tried to leave the matrix for good. Corbett actually deserves the title “journalist” unlike the mindless mouthpieces working for mainstream media. Long story short, you need to subscribe to his channel on YouTube and bookmark his web page when the day comes Google purges his video archives for telling too much truth.

I’ll link five The Corbett Report videos which are “Must Watch” videos for any regular reader of TNMM:

  1. 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory (this one actually went viral because it thoroughly yet succinctly destroys the American government’s outrageous account of events that fateful day)
  2. 9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money
  3. 9/11 War Games (also backed up by Dr. Webster Tarpley’s research, which has been covered before at TNMM)
  4. Meet Lee Harvey Oswald: Sheep Dipped Patsy
  5. The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh

These videos show us the dark and frightening underbelly of a rogue American government using any dirty trick it can to ride roughshod over its populace and to extend its tentacles across the entire world.

The Corbett Report is some of the best alternative media you’ll find out there. Even more damning an indictment of the American fake news media is the fact a guy using his laptop was able to uncover such mind-blowing truths, while “professional” journalists have been able to do little more than parrot narratives fed to them by the corrupt power structure.

These five videos help explain the how and the why we arrived in today’s dystopia so quickly. A world in which a millenia of struggle and Western cultural evolution from the Magna Carta to the Bill of Rights has been effectively purged from the culture at large in only 20 years.

Other Corbett Report videos are also eye opening, and TNMM wholeheartedly endorses this channel as a viable source of Red Pill information.

There’s little doubt America has devolved from the light of the world into one of the worst plagues on humanity in the history of mankind at the hands of a maniacal oligarchy working behind the scenes since its takeover of the American government in 1963.

TNMM provides the big picture of this dystopian world in which we find ourselves. Channels like The Corbett Report provide the details.

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  • Regarding Timothy McVeigh, there’s a theory rattling around that his execution death was faked and that he is now part of something called the “Valhalla Compound” or “Valhalla Program.” Part of that process involves heavy cosmetic surgery. That in turn would explain his significant weight loss whilst in prison (as well as his totally relaxed demeanor) inasmuch as cosmetic surgery patients are advised to lose as much weight as possible prior to going under the knife.

    Anyway, it’s an interesting theory, in keeping with the notion that he was really a government agent. Search “Timothy McVeigh Valhalla Compound” to see what I mean.

    Also in that same line of reasoning about his involvement with the various agencies, I recall seeing a long shot of one of the FBI/Government Agents around the Waco Compound. It was pointed out that one of them absolutely looked like Timothy McVeigh – same height, build, face shape, haircut, you name it. Curious, I compared as best I could the shape of the agent’s ears with a photo of McVeigh’s face – ear shapes can be like fingerprints – and they appeared identical.

    Maybe true, maybe B.S., but all interesting just the same.

    Just a thought.



  • JFK To 9/11- Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick (video on Youtube)


  • I totally agree that Corbett is one of the best, because he is able to boil down complex and seemingly unconnected events and circumstances and coincidences and systems and connect the dots and explain these things in an easily understandable language (even for non native listeners like me).

    But I think you are at least fifty years off regarding the takeover of the USA: In 1913 the unconstitutional Central Bank of America was founded – called Federal Reserve.
    I’ve written “at least”, because that might have happened just in the middle of it. The takeover is in my opinion more a process than a single event (The Corbett Report: How Big Oil Conquered the World: https://youtu.be/ySnk-f2ThpE ).

    And I think the big picture people like to refer to is also a multidimensional one with the most important and hidden dimension being time (the frog and the boiling water…).


  • In the wake of what happened on September 11, 2001, I saw a round table discussion on television. The consensus was, if we gave up any rights in the wake of this, we had lost the war on terror. We have given up a lot and it is going to be painful to get them back.


  • MARCEL ENLIGHTENED on YouTube is also a good Red-Pill source.


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