The Midterm Election Proves Voting Will Not Save the Republic


Voting doesn’t matter and only a fool thinks it does in an oligarchy

I’ve come to watch American politics from afar, in defiance of the way the talking heads in cheap suits tell me I’m supposed to as a Heritage ‘Murican. I’m supposed to obsess over every machination of the puppets on the political stage.

Well, I don’t. Yesterday’s travesty of an election reminded me why.

Despite all the hullabaloo about the midterm election and the political machinations that have been going on for months now, I knew no matter who won on Election Day it wouldn’t make a damn difference in the world when it comes to changing the suicidal path the nation is on.

America is too far gone.

That said, why anyone would vote a Democrat into office even for dog catcher is beyond me – spinmeisters of race baiting, purveyors of identity politics, and cheerleaders of Socialism and other such gutter politics they are. Yet, they and the drugged Nancy Pelosi are back in control of the lower chamber of Congress.

(Republicans are shit, too. Although, not quite as putrid as the Democrat brand of excrement. That’s another reason I chose not to vote this year as was the case for me in 2016 – pressing “R” is little different than pressing “D”.  It’s like selecting a flavor of suicide capsule. Demican flavored, or Republicrat flavored?)

As always, the election broke down on racial lines. Whites have a way of life they vote for, and other peoples have ways of life they vote for. Whites are natural conservatives, and other tribes are natural liberals.

The elites knew this when they decided to change the demographics of America to turn it into a Socialist nation. The only way to get Socialism (and its wicked step sister totalitarianism) instituted was to forever alter the demographics of America, while promising all the nation’s riches would be doled out to the invaders the power structure ushered in for 30 years.

The narrative: America’s great wealth will be forcefully stripped from whites with backgrounds of “privilege” and “redistributed” to the brown, black, and yellow masses. Of course, it’s a con game, like so many things with the ruling class. The wealth will be redistributed to the elite, not the people from Latin America and other parts of the world they’re using to debase whites from their homeland.

True Believers in Trump (TNMM has repeatedly warned against making this guy into the messiah) were understandably heartbroken because the president has not only failed to deliver on promises like Build The Wall and Lock Her Up, but after last night’s selection the next two years will be spent defending his throne from raving leftist lunatics while accomplishing nothing for his base. The wall sure as hell won’t be built with Dems running the House.

More importantly, the election has confirmed that demographics is destiny and white people are being marginalized in the very country they created. Many True Believers only realized this yesterday when their agenda was once again stopped dead in its tracks post-ballot box.

Trump hasn’t changed a damn thing except the way right wingers feel, as was previously the case with Obama and sycophantic leftoids.

Heritage America’s voice already doesn’t count for much to the major political parties. Soon, it won’t count for anything at all. Looking at the numbers, it’s all over but the crying as Texas and Florida are likely to flip and stay blue in a presidential election not far off. Signaling this coming inundation of whites by foreign masses, Ted Cruz barely held on to his Senate seat, and an open Socialist almost won the governorship of Florida. Thanks to last night’s election and a little known proposition that passed, felons will now be able to vote in Florida which could have already irreparably tipped the scales in favor of blue in the next election.

These are only portents of what’s to come as whites are turned into pariahs in their own land. If the history of Bolshevism is any guide, whites will soon be targeted for much worse punishments for existing than mere displacement from jobs, demonization by the media, labeling as subhuman racists, etc. once demographics have left them hopelessly adrift in an electoral sea change.

Voting isn’t changing anything. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

The reason I don’t pay attention to politics is because I know voting is just a sideshow, that has been turned into little more than a football game with red and blue jerseys. You may root for the home team, work yourself up into a frenzy about every play your team makes, and hope their victory will rain manna of change down on you like pixie dust, but the truth is this: In an oligarchy, it matters not who wins the game. Because the money men are the only ones scoring when either side makes a touchdown.

America is over. Admit it to yourself. I did long ago, and began the process of moving on with my life. The only question to me that remains is how the genocide of whites in their own lands will play out. Will it be a long, slow fade to black? Or, will the Racial Bolshevists get even more bloodthirsty than their MSM messaging indicates they currently are once they gain a solid demographic advantage?

Either way, I feel bad for my people. They are about to be not only deprived of their nation and their pride, but I fear one day soon they may be deprived of their very existence on this planet. No people deserve such a fate.

Are you ready for Socialism yet? And an endless sea of blue on the electoral map as The American Socialist Revolution proceeds? You’d better be. Because the 2016 election was the last gasp of a dying breed of men and with them, their ideas on how to run a nation. Once Democrats/Socialists have control of the nation, overtly open borders and total demographic transformation will only be the beginning.

P.S. I’m convinced now more than ever Trump is little more than a distraction intended to keep whites from rioting while their country is sold out from under them. By the time they realize he was just another distraction in a long line of distractions, it will be too late to do anything about it. I do think a few were rudely awakened to this reality last night but at this point in the game it makes no difference.

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  • They say that there are three boxes for solving problems: the soap box, the ballot box, and the ammo box. If the first two don’t work, that only leaves us with two options: either break out the ammo box, or leave the US…


  • Rel, I don’t know if you’ve been following the news this week, but in FL and AZ, there’s SERIOUS vote and election fraud going on! The Socialists, aka Democratic party, are trying to steal a couple of Senate seats to weaken the majority the Repubs won. I can’t believe it! If something isn’t DONE about this, then I’ll have to admit I’m wrong and agree with you: voting will NOT save the country here.


  • In the advertisement on the left side there is a link to “Divorce Corp”, great documentary! and sooo true.


  • After we won the 2016 Election I was so happy but at the same time sooo sad on how close it was. The left, the elite the globalist, want open borders, and a one world government and that is what coming, slowly but surely. The majority of women vote democrat, the majority of immigrants vote democrat and they are flooding into the country, this country is screwed. Trump is in the ring fighting for the Republic but I agree with the author that it was lost long ago.


  • This blog talks about “White America” being invaded and how the end is coming for whites due to minorities and foreigners claiming a bigger piece of the pie. Yet, alot of the comments and articles themselves talk about leaving the U.S and going to live in another country. (Leaving the Matrix)

    So which is it? Do you or don’t you like foreign people?


    • Relampago Furioso

      It’s simple. Going somewhere there’s not a target on my back for existing.

      Where politics isn’t the center of existence.

      Where there’s an established culture and not different groups vying for dominance.

      My writings are as much about a rejection of Anglo culture as they are a rejection of American style identity politics and the failure that will be the multicultural experiment.


      • Having lived in Bogota (5 Years) I can tell you from experience. You will always be a target no matter where you go abroad.

        I did the whole move to South America and find a non-white American woman.

        For the first 3 years it was great. In the end, all women turn out to be the same.

        As one of your readers posted. Once you are the “Gringo” in the neighborhood you will be overcharged and will always be a target to the locals.

        I understand “White America” is scared.

        But as the old adage states. You reap what you sow.


      • Relampago Furioso

        Fear has nothing to do with it. For me, it’s a search for harmonious living and inner peace.


    • Al C,

      I didn’t have problems in the neighborhood where I was; in fact, they treated me very well. The problems arose when I LEFT the neighborhood. In the tourist areas, they see thousands of foreigners; you won’t raise any eyebrows. Once you get away from the tourist areas, even in the nice neighborhoods, you’ll stand out and EVERYONE will know who you are. If you’re in a neighborhood like where I was, bordered on three sides by major thoroughfares and the other side by commercial buildings, it was like a small town. Everyone knows everyone else; everyone knows everyone else’s business-ESPECIALLY if you’re the foreigner…


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        The solution was simple enough: I’m a tourist even in my own country.

        It’s not really what I want, which is why I’m an Angry Outernationalist.

        But it does provide yet another layer of defence in depth.


  • I hate reading your articles because it confirms the terrible truth that is happening in America. The 1965 Immigration policy is what sealed America’s fate. While growing up I worked in construction and over the course of 5 years it changed to all Hispanic. really nice good people but I knew what would happen in the future, what is happening now.

    Mesquite Texas used to be be cowboys and cowgirls and Bulls and now it is a 3rd world country. We are living in the last stages of the cycle of democracy, which always happen to every country. I do not know why i get so angry, it is as normal as watch a tree grow and bloom and then slowly die.

    Good luck out there my fellow travelers……………..



  • The Angry Outernationalist

    The recent US election is interesting mostly in terms of effects: both of the major antagonists believe they’ve actually won something.

    Team Red’s win is of greater tactical importance than Team Blue’s win, but it was necessary for Team Blue to win in order to prevent urban unrest which would have led eventually to invoking the posse comitatus provisions of American law earlier than otherwise desired.

    But as you are looking at the system from the outside as another Outernationalist, perhaps you’ll find the view from France interesting.

    The media view in France being sold to the public presently is that this was the result of “the American women turning out in force”.

    Le Monde: “… le succès du Parti démocrate à la Chambre des représentants … est dû à la forte mobilisation des femmes …”

    Le Figaro: “Midterms: un record historique de femmes élues”

    TV5 Monde: “Elections de Midterms aux Etats-Unis: les femmes font la différence”

    France 24: “… de nouveaux visages ont fait leur entrée dans le paysage politique américain … parmi eux, des femmes, des musulmanes, des amérindiennes, des homosexuels … qui sont-ils?”

    North of the presently longest undefended international border, the Canadian press has been more concerned about economics than whether Certain Favoured People managed to slip into office: NAFTA, not the “plight of the American woman”, has been the focus.

    This particular Anglo-American has received and understood the message, but this happened well in advance of this election: stop trusting these goddamned American women, because they continue to sell out any capable and competent man within their reach, but most especially do not trust the words emanating from the mouths of white American women.

    Pedestalise all of the Pretty Pink Cream-Coloured American Princesses at your peril.


    • GhostofSteveMcQueen

      The Guess Who, a Canadian band, had American women figured out in 1970 when they wrote “American Woman”.

      Sadly, it looks like that which afflicts American women is spreading north of the border.


      • I believe that song is a metaphor for the USA in general, not women.

        “I don’t need your war machines, I don’t need your ghetto scenes”

        Not sure how that would describe women?

        Then again, musical interpretation is up to the individual.


  • White American ‘liberal progressives’ are a hopeless bunch. They cheer the demographic dissolution of America with empty headed glee.
    I made my peace with the realization America died a long time ago. You take away the economy, your not left with much.
    Future historians are going to be baffled. As Paul Craig Roberts has remarked ‘a country this stupid won’t continue to exist.’


  • Look, both parties are disgustingly corrupt, and both are decadent in their own ways. Democrats vouch for the social decadence of our society while taking corporate money behind closed doors. But Republicans only PRETEND to be for traditional values, they’re hypocrites. R politicians are surrounded in dozens of disgusting scandals, while they preach family values. But when one of their own has breached those family values its ignore, defend, deflect, and pretend like they’re being “targeted” or are victims (Trump, Roy Moore, Pat Meehan, Newt Gingrich, Bush senior, maybe Kavanaugh, and so on). Not only are they hypocrites on traditional values, the “party of small government” supports NSA spying, Guantanamo, warrantless search and seizure, stupid large military, etc. The party of white workers screws workers at the behest of their donors anytime they can. So one party is openly decadent, while the other one is so tribalistic that they can’t see their own hypocrisy and don’t really care about the values they preach. Which side is worse I don’t know, but they are both rotten to the core when it comes to the elites who own them. And American Democracy is slowly collapsing into autocracy. Like the late Roman Republic during the times of Gracchus, the beginning of the end, a prelude to the Social War (an echo of a possible civil war to come). . .


    • And Trump is only a natural predictable stage of that decline… A court clown Caesar. He is no savior. Only a desperate attempt at a gasp of air in the drowning of Western Civilization.


    • Trump never claimed to be for family values. Trump is taking on those who have no moral compass.


  • Are you a demoralization agent? What the hell?!

    For the first time in my life the nation is pushing back against the Left. And making progress. (Muslim ‘ban’, two supreme court appointments, renegotiated and nationalist trade deals., pushback against feminism vis a vis Kavanaugh, spawning of nationalists in Italy, Brazil, Hungary, Poland)

    For those who don’t just want to lie down and die, you have to ignore this type of negativism.


    • Hear, hear! Prior to Trump running, I’d stopped voting; prior to 2016, I hadn’t voted since 2004, and wasn’t planning to do so ever again. Then, Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring. I come from NJ, south of NYC, so I feel like I grew up with POTUS. He was all over the news back then. I heard more than I care to about his divorce with Ivana; I heard about Marla Maples; I heard about how he rebuilt the Wollman Rink. When I took my flight lessons, I’d sometimes see his helicopters flying to and from Atlantic City. So, when he threw his hat in the ring, I was curious.

      At first, I was a supporter of Scott Walker, because he did a good job in WI. After he failed to gain traction, I followed Donald Trump out of curiosity. Then, I started watching his rallies; then, I was hooked! I thought then, and I think now, that he was and is the real deal. I think he loves the country and wants what’s best for it and her people-what a REFRESHING change from Obama! It’s a refreshing change from Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama-man, what a difference…

      Before you start playing John Phillip Souza, let me say something. I spent two months in South America this past summer. I had a GF down there, and was seriously considering expatting; before pulling the trigger, I thought a trial run was in order. Long ago, I learned the hard way that it’s best to look BEFORE you leap…

      While I understand, and to a degree still share, the desire of those who expat (including the writer of this unique and excellent blog!), I realized a few things after my extended stay down south. One, many foreign cities, especially in South America, are DIRTY. Two, many of the roads and streets suck. Three, people drive BADLY down there; shoot, where I was makes NYC look civilized! I’m serious! Since one of my passions is motorcycling, I couldn’t ride down there; hell, I’m not even sure I want to drive a CAR down there! Four, I realized that, though my Spanish isn’t too shabby; though I saw my Spanish improve measurably during my stay; I like hearing ENGLISH; I like being able to understand the radio and TV-what little I watch, anyway. Five, because you’re the foreigner, folks outside of your regular neighborhood will ALWAYS try to overcharge you for everything; they’ll always try to take advantage of you, because to them, you’re rich. Six I like milk, and the milk down there sucks; I thought powdered milk was bad! Seven, though there are many Latin dishes I like and enjoy; though I go to Mexican, Peruvian, and Colombian restaurants in my area; there are times I just want a good, old fashioned steak and potato drowned in butter, baby! There are other times I want a good, old fashioned Jersey Mike’s sub-que rico! Where can I get those but here?

      There’s another facet to expatriation that cannot be ignored: no matter where you go, you’ll ALWAYS be the foreigner; you’ll always be the gringo. No matter how many friends you have; no matter how well liked you are; you’ll always be the foreigner. You’ll never, ever totally fit in. If you’re living outside of a tourist area that sees a lot of foreigners, you’ll probably be the ONLY foreigner in the neighborhood; your neighbors WILL know who you are; I can guarantee it! For example, even if I was doing routine stuff like buying food or something, my GF would often tell me that so ‘n’ so had seen me out and about…

      Having said that, there are facets of life down there that are better than here. One, there’s a lot more PERSONAL FREEDOM down in South America vs. The States. For example, many medications requiring a prescription here don’t require one down there. That is to say if you know what medicine you need, you can simply walk into any pharmacy and buy it. I stocked up on a medication I use but requires a prescription here; plus it was cheaper. Two, the officials down there treated me better than here. For example, the immigration officials treated me with respect when I entered their country, while the American officials treated me like a criminal every time I come back; that is to say that I have an EASIER time getting into the country down there than I do RETURNING HERE! Also, the police down there will leave you alone unless you do something MAJOR like rape or kill someone; otherwise, they don’t jam you up about every little thing like they do here. If they do jam you up, I hear that, for enough grease on their palms, can be persuaded to forget your transgression. I’ve never tested that out personally, so YMMV…

      Having said all that, I’m not quite ready to totally write off America just yet. I’m not under any illusions ore delusions about our future; we could still meet a bad end here. Ergo, I’m keeping expatriation open as an option. My two month sojourn to South America showed me that, while it would be a challenge, I CAN MAKE IT there; I could survive in a foreign land if I have to; I have an option to leave, something most of our countrymen don’t have. Before I take that drastic step though, I’m going to try doing my part to make thigns better here. I’ll hope for the best, but prepare for the worst…


      • MarkyMark-

        Thanks for the post. Some good stuff. Kind of what I thought. I have come to the conclusion that a lot of those issues are going to be there with SA. What I am wondering is if it’s better in a place like Thailand? I hear good things about SEA.

        I still believe it is good for a man to find an international place as a back-up just in case. If the shit hits the fan it will be the men with passports who survive, not the ones that try to hunker down in some desolate murica wilderness. History proves this out.


      • MarkuMark,
        You are right, 100%. I do have some experience with that, as I have travelled quite a lot. In a poor country, you are not welcome. Only your perceived socioeconomic status is and the prospect of a better life for those women who sleep with you and their families. Once they figure out that you are not the answer to their problems, they will not be so nice to you at all. They are as xenophobic as any other people and they will only try to get your money. That is a sad reality and sooner or later you will realize it. The only viable option is to roam around and seek new areas, constantly. That, gets old after a wile…


      • Sorry for misspelling your name, MarkyMark.


      • A,

        I misspelled “things” in my comment, so no big deal with my name. As I thought about things and did some reading this morning, there are events that give one pause WRT America’s future. I’m talking about the Senate race in TX and the gubernatorial race in FL. Both of them were close-much closer than they should have been. This should give one pause because both Robert “Beto” O’Rourke and Andrew Gillum were running in what are SUPPOSED to be safe Republican states. Neither of them were shy about their socialist view, either, especially Gillum. If those states go Democrat, we’ll be a ONE PARTY country; we’ll never win a presidential election again.

        The Socialists (aka Democrats) already have CA and its electoral votes; if they get TX and FL, they’ll have an AUTOMATIC 120 electoral vote lead in presidential races! Do you know what that means? Combine that with gerrymandering the congressional districts and overall demographic changes, we’ll be a one party, socialist ‘paradise’ a la CA. I’m thankful for Pres. Trump, but he’s a stopgap, at best. History and the odds say that we’ll go down the dumper, and I’m under no delusions about America being saved. Trump has only bought some time; we’re not at all out of the woods-not by a long shot…



  • “Trump hasn’t changed a damn thing except the way right wingers feel…”

    Disagree. He was or is a HUGE stop gap. I saw almost all white males stepping on egg shells before he was elected. They were shooting white cops and a material percentage of people were lifting it up after the fact.
    Trump gave all those who were not prepared a second chance to deal with a communist takeover which still may come our way. Things would of unwound rather quickly had Hillary got into office.
    Trump has the balls to stand up to the bullshit which is more than I can say for almost all our politicians. Not saying he will magically change everything because guess what? He is human.

    Let me spell this out for everyone. This has all played out before. History is LITTERED with Communist takeovers and the death of millions followed. This emanates from the idea that their moral compass can right all inequality , So anything that causes this so called inequality must be purged. RACISM IS JUST ANOTHER COMMUNIST TOOL. The masks are already off. Complete control is what they want. The core of Communism is control what people think and what people say. This is why the Democrats hate free speech so much. Calling them liberals is just giving them more cover. These people are not liberals at all. The DS and Democrats want total control.

    AT THE CORE OF COMMUNISM IS THE CRITICAL NEED TO CONTROL WHAT PEOPLE THINK AND SAY. It is the naive younger people who generally buy into the communist manifestos.

    Hillary, Obama, Brennan, etc =Communists

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  • I would like to propose a solution, but what can one do against many? However, it seems as if the oligarchy has goals that can be best described as insane. Perhaps they will bring about their own downfall?


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