Back from a Week in Paradise


This humble smartphone photo was the only pic I snapped during my recent 10-day escape to paradise.

I’m currently driving again to save money for my cabin in the woods and to finance my next series of adventures. Driving a truck is the perfect way to ghost and earn money at the same time while suffering the matrix. Most days, I don’t even leave the truck except for coffee, or a humble meal once or twice a week. (I make sandwiches most days in my sleeper.)

While I was in paradise, I remembered what draws me there. It’s not only the great scenic beauty and the women – who like butterfly’s wings have not been touched by social engineers – it’s the sense that there’s a future on this island. I don’t feel there’s any future for me in America, anymore.

I’ll elaborate on it another time, but this country has taken everything from me over the course of my life. It took women away from me by poisoning them with feminism, it took my sister away from me by poisoning her mind with YouGoGrrl-ism and the Don’t Need a Man™ narrative (she soon fell into drug addiction), it took my father away from me by using him as a work horse until he died at age 39 then told me he had White Privilege because he owned a shanty house and eked out a living, it took my career from me by instituting a White Males Need Not Apply policy, it took sexuality and masculinity away from me through pervasive shaming, and it’s taking my hopes for the future away with an emerging totalitarian technocracy.

Within a day of setting foot here, getting some of the good medicine of nature, some caipirinhas + Cuban cigars, and some hot sex all was right in my world again.

Pity I had to come back to this disaster in the making. I hate Anglo America and its infernal machine culture with every fiber of my being.

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  • Surprising that trucking as a job is relatively good in the US. In Europe it`s a horrible deal at the moment! Mostly eastern Euro guys slaving away in very poor conditions, and for what amounts to measly wages. It`s probably the last business I would venture into at this point. It`s almost weird that they don`t just employ all illegal migrants and dump the wages in the US?

    It`s an extremely heavily regulated sector by the EU, and the taxes, toll fees and training courses you need etc. all cost a fortune over here. As always, when the Government tries to fix something, you will end up with the opposite results. Yet they call for more regulations.


  • True, countries like Canada has very low birth rates, even when one examines feminist strongholds like Toronto. American cities like LA might have lower birth rates than the rest of the country.

    But….The feminist government will import millions of migrants, which then become indoctrinated by social workers, teachers and media to become either manginas or feminists.

    What many international students studying in Canada don’t tell their friends and relatives back home, is that the campuses are feminist occupations where men are demonized.

    Foreigner students pay 3-4X the tuition, but have no say in stopping feminism.

    And those Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait were never authentic Islamic countries, but authoritarian states that use Islam as a Trojan Horse. Under Islamic Law, I’ve heard that women aren’t allowed to walk around in bikinis at beaches, which is the case at Dubai, UAE.

    The ANTIFEMINIST blog (which looks like it’s been hijacked or censored) have stated that countries like the UAE are pro-feminist as they enact regressive laws like drinking age, but allow Angloskanks to tan their meat flaps on the beaches of Dubai. Something to ponder….


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    No, Rel, this isn’t “a week in paradise” …

    You got a week to spend in your real home which turns out to be nowhere in your home country.

    While you are in America, despite your citizenship, you are a tourist.

    You travel abroad so you can go home.

    Once you can work out how to rearrange your life so you can stay at home, you’ll feel less of a need to be a day-tripper, a week-tripper, or a seasonal wanderer just to escape the necessity of being an tourist, even a notional or existential one …

    “Du mußt dein Leben ändern.” (“You must amend your life”)

    In the meantime, we are both Angry Outernationalists.


  • And Terri Lynne kidnapped, molested and then brutally murdered a young girl.
    If it was a boy, the manginas would defend her and say that the young boy was “lucky” and that he tried to rape her or some shit.
    Turdeau still has some explaining to do on why a Toronto woman who filmed herself giving a blowjob to a baby boy/toddler is not required to register as a offender, and why the feminist Judge ignored common sense and refused to mark Dylan McEwen as a pedophile as McEwen only did blowjobs for very young boys under a child p0rnography video.


    • It took decades to get where we are at now. I am afraid that it may take decades to get back to normal and generations to heal. Feminists have done a lot of damage.


      • America might revert the feminist onslaught, but countries like Canada, UK, Australia, NZ and Sweden are far gone and will likely become feminist authoritarian states. That is, unless the hoards of Muslims and African refugees start taking over those countries by force.


      • I don’t think that feminism can stand. To begin with, it rewards consumption and punishes men who produce beyond tolerance. They will go Galt. It also kills birth rates, making for a dying culture. This has already started to happen in some Muslim countries. While they may seem outwardly male dominant, they are not immune.
        I think that Rel has found somewhere that is not bent on destroying itself. We need to find more of these places and support them.


      • President Bolsonaro needs to declare war on Canada and use his Brazilian military and IDF connections to get rid of that red-haired virus called Chanty Binx. What Canada is doing is imposing their Chanty Binx feminism onto foreign nations. Abortions and contraceptives are healthcare issues, not feminist crusades.

        Roosh hinted that poor, starving and malnourished girls living in mud huts and relieving themselves on the streets, will be as bitchy as their Angloskank counterparts.

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      • For those who don’t know who Chanty Binx is, she is also known as Big Red and she has made only one public appearance with MRAs, but it was a doozy. Runs less than two minutes.

        I don’t think that anyone wants to see Big Red exported. Sorry, Canada.


      • @Fuzzy Bear,
        Trump did the right thing to cease all abortion funding for foreign countries, but Billionaires like Buffet, Shapiro, Thompson, Desmarais and Bronfmans are funding feminist psy-ops in place.

        There are magazine articles where these billionaires fund for “girl power” projects in Africa.

        No wonder Roosh V was lamenting that dirt-stained and starving females living in mud huts will have bitch shields like the Angloskanks…Makes one wonder if Africa will end up with sexually frustrated men who will resort to joining CIA-backed militias…oh wait!

        Gerald Celente said it right: No foreign entanglements! America wasn’t built on this globalist shit, but it will soon fall because of it.


  • “While I was in paradise, I remembered what draws me there. It’s not only the great scenic beauty and the women – who like butterfly’s wings have not been touched by social engineers – it’s the sense that there’s a future on this island. I don’t feel there’s any future for me in America, anymore…

    “Within a day of setting foot here, getting some of the good medicine of nature, some caipirinhas + Cuban cigars, and some hot sex all was right in my world again.”

    OK, somebody explain this to me please:

    Why would anybody want to trade this for a poky little cabin in the woods, horrid Southern weather included, in an America where there’s no future for you any more? If you sense “that there’s a future on this island,” then why not focus instead on getting a nice little minimalist bungalow by the beach (or whatever) in a place where you’re happy? (Hell, by experience I know that you can at least garden year round in the tropics, something that can’t be said about the Mid-Atlantic States)

    Am I alone is thinking that there’s a disconnect here? Is there some self-flagellation going on?

    Just a thought.


    P.S. Write a damned book already! Here’s a title to get you started: ‘Cascadia – Tales from the Coast to Coast.’


  • “until he died at age 39 then told me he had White Privilege because he owned a shanty house and eked out a living”

    Yes, well I did say DS psyops are extremely powerful. Most don’t even know they are being programmed. First recommendation for anyone is to get rid of the TeeVee.


  • You understand a lot about someone when they reveal some of their painful past. Imo a cabin in the woods of America is not going to solve someones issues. There are better ways.

    Not sure if that pic is DR but my sense is that DR has it’s own set of problems such as crime, hating Gringos, language, etc. What is wrong with some areas of SEA?


    • Where ever you go, there are always pluses and minuses to living there. No place is perfect. (Though some places are far worse than others.) The trick is to realize and accept that, then focus on developing your own self worth, sense of satisfaction and independence.

      Just a thought.



  • Rel,

    When is your autobiography coming out? Even if you just want to play publish what you have already written, will buy it first day here. Thanks.


  • It takes a really rich economy to support feminism. There is your testimony added to that of Captain Capitalism from a few years ago. He saw that men’s hope was torn from them. The good jobs are gone. Family courts have killed marriage and made children the property of the mother. Women hate men. There is no incentive left.
    Glad that you were able to find solace overseas.
    I have to wonder where we would be if this society did not hate men?


    • Femons are on step ahead of us as they have influenced corporations to give the best jobs to upper-middle class Angloskanks.
      Honestly, if Anglocucks aren’t going to challenge the globo-homo-feminist tyranny, the non-white men shall unite to get rid of this femonist grip that has destabilized Western society.

      Incels are growing because Anglo feminists and their busybody behavior has corrupted even the non-white females who migrate to Canada, USA, UK and Western Europe.

      What the femonists are doing is creating a recipe for disaster when an economic collapse happens (and it will happen as interest rates rise and debt becomes more costly to service).

      Cuckservatives need to go with the femonists as they hate us non-white men and side with the Angloskank.

      Listen cuckservatives! You’re a bunch of lunatics if you would actually “forgive” an Angloskank for creating this mess in the first place! Why write alt-right drivel to attack your fellow non-white Red Piller while giving Angloskanks a free pass?

      And as for Roosh V…he’s not white, yet panders to the cuckservative base!

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      • Leeway,
        I saw this today and thought of you. There is some hope.

        It only runs three minutes but the short version is, this woman was released to an Indian reservation after serving a brief time in prison for the murder and torture of a young girl. She is back in prison now.


      • Regardless, she will live a way better life than 99% of men living in a feminist shithole like Toronto.
        Female prisons are like daycare centers for women. Free meals, free therapy, free safe spaces, and no threats of rape or beatings in prison.


  • Be vigilant against the scourge of globalist-backed feminist hysterical cries of “rape” as Toronto feminists are moving in droves to the DR to change legislation there to attack males.


  • Views of the beach never get old!

    From what I read, truck driver salaries in the US are going up because of a strong economy. Can you confirm this or add other details about the current status of the market?


  • Agree with the sentiment 100% have to ask where is this paradise?
    Columbia again?


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