Photo: The Goosenecks and Utah Desert


I continue uploading pics from my spring backpacking journey across the American West. This pair is from Goosenecks State Park (not far from Monument Valley) and a free, BLM campsite not far from the Grand Canyon.

I met two Australian campers at this camp site who regaled me with stories about their adventures to Patagonia in South America. My own adventures in South America began last winter with a month long stay in the beautiful coastal city of Cartagena. Who knows where they’ll lead me next?

More to come soon. The posting pace of photo highlights from my journey has slowed a bit because I’ve been somewhat demotivated to post by censorship and by my 70 hour workweek. That said, I just finished a 10-day escape from the matrix that left me refreshed and happy again. Although, it doesn’t take long for the toxicity of this dying culture to bring me down once I return.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the photos. I enjoy posting photographs of my camp sites because some people I meet in real life don’t believe me when I tell them I took a 10,000 mile, 75 day camping adventure on a motorcycle all by myself over the spring. Showing The New Modern Man motorcycle at all these destinations never fails to illicit surprise in these acquaintances.

The past few years – that have led me to Europe, the Caribbean, South America, Asia and 48 out of the 50 states are only the beginning – I hope.

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