Letting Go


What to do when you can see the indignities, injustices, and horrors on the horizon that so many others can’t? Live for the day

What to do when slavery is upon you? When life will soon no longer be worth living as electronic micromanagement and mediation of the totality of human existence casts itself upon the land like a plague of locusts?

When everything you say and do is surveilled by a dragnet spanning the globe? When all speech is censored, when it’s a crime to pursue women, when masculinity is illegal, and when social engineers have succeeded in not only brainwashing everyone around you but have turned them against you?

What to do when you can see the indignities, injustices, and horrors on the horizon that so many others can’t?

Live for the day. It’s in Ecclesiastes:

“Then I commended mirth, because a man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry!”

Isaiah completes the thought:

“Let us eat and drink; for to morrow we shall die.”

Once again, those Bronze Age writers knocked it out of the park. The message: Enjoy life to the fullest before darkness falls on the world. In our case, before life ceases to be worth living at the hands of corporate-government complex micromanagers driving people like human cattle.

Beyond the excruciating pain of realizing there’s probably nothing that’s going to stop the world from being transformed into a grotesque parody of itself by incessant psychological reprogramming of the masses a la The Anglo American Matrix, the destruction of diverse cultures by Americanization, and the probable extinction of humanity at the hands of elite psychopaths – there’s the precious time a man has left in the interim.

Go out and live life in a hedonistic way. Throw caution to the wind, and don’t plan for a future that’s going to be so fucking miserable to live in you’ll wish you were dead anyway.

You’ve paid off that mortgage just in time for Agenda 21, South Africa style land grabs. Nice job! The matrix thanks you for your servitude. Now, sign over your house and land to the government representative, then move into the overpopulated Human Settlement Area and nobody gets hurt.

Better to live in the now.

That’s what I’ve decided to do. It’s Zero Fucks Given time. I earn just enough money to live out my wildest dreams.

After watching how fatcats not only got away with but profited from and broke the bank when they pulled of 9/11 right under a credulous public’s nose, then robbed the same flag waving ‘Muricans again in 2008, any remorse I had about not paying back the balance on my student loans disappeared. As long as I keep my income low enough, I can dodge them until the system (currently being bankrupted by a Cloward-Piven strategy anyway) writes them off.

Promise a comfortable life, and deliver debt slavery instead. It’s our responsibility to call the bluff.

Why not do lines with hot women? Why not jump out of an airplane? Why not take that camping trip to far off places? Why not have sex with any willing woman you can find? Why not become a layabout, a vagabond, a devil may care asshole?

Ironically, the scent of danger (and the hormones from the other women you’ve been in, I joke with a friend of mine) makes women want you much more than when you were a straight-laced, corporate bitch.

Keep in mind this abrupt course correction is coming from someone who carefully and painstaking planned and sacrificed during the first half of his life only to realize the sophisticated con game he had been placed into. Someone who realized the mainstream media that brainwashed him into becoming a servile man slave was the vortex of evil and not the harbinger of truth he once thought it was. Something he didn’t realize until he was on the other side of the electronic screen.

I’ve been inside the heart of the matrix in other words, what George Carlin called Bullshit Junction or the intersection of media, news, and advertising. Seeing the vapidness of that world and the designs it has to transform people into servile consumers fuels the fire in my soul to live the life that was to be denied me.

The alternative is to go hit “R” at the voting booth like a rat hitting a feeder bar to get a food pellet, then sit on my hands and wait for change that never comes, and reform that only strips what few freedoms I have left from me.

Alan Watts knew what I feel inside:

No valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now.

And he describes the realization I’ve had – the Eureka moment that propelled me across 48 states and several continents, into flings with well over 100 women, to master riding a motorcycle, to buy that Mustang GT, to jump out of an airplane from 15,000 feet, to live on an island for a year, to sleep alone in the forest with the howls of wolves echoing through the Grand Canyon, and to anticipate so many other avenues that are opening for me after what have been the 3 best years of my life.

The years since leaving my mainstream media job and winging my way through life on a nonstop adventure have been the lightest and brightest of my life. Watts’ sage wisdom has become a part of me:

My goodness don’t you remember when you went first to school and you went to kindergarten and in kindergarten, the idea was to push along so to get into first grade and then push along so that you could get into second-grade, third grade and so on, going up and up?

And then you went to high school and this was a great transition in life and now the pressure is being put on; you must get ahead, you must go up the grades and finally be good enough to get to college. And then when you get to college, you’re still going step by step, step by step, up to the great moment in which you’re ready to go out into the world.

And then when you get out into this famous world… comes… the struggle for success in profession or business and again there seems to be a ladder before you – something for which are reaching all the time.

And then… suddenly when you are about forty or forty-five years old, in the middle life, you wake up one day and say. “Huh? I’ve arrived, and by Joe, I feel pretty much the same as I’ve always felt. In fact I’m not so sure that I don’t feel a little bit cheated.” Because you see you were fooled. You were always living for somewhere where you aren’t.

And while, as I said, it is of tremendous use for us, to be able look ahead in this way and to plan. There is no use planning for a future which when you get to it and it becomes a present, you won’t be there. You’ll be living in some other future which hasn’t yet arrived. And so in this way, one is never able actually to inherit and enjoy the fruits of ones actions.

You can’t live at all… unless you can live fully, now.

This is something I never realized buried in the myopia of Anglo culture. But some exposure to Latin culture and what Watts so brilliantly stated about living now has clicked inside of me.

And I hope you’ll take away the same message as I write like a sine wave about both the dizzying highs and terrifying lows of life as a Red Pilled, MGTOW Ghost on a quest to live a life worth remembering as prospects for the future become dim.

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  • Relampago did you know they showed your site on a CNN video about MGTOW ?


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “… the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe …”


  • Ha ha. Fat girl passed through.


  • Very nice. I look at the rest of my life as myself just enjoying the world as it’s naturally made. Mountains, oceans, forests, female bodies, food, healthy, physicality, my body in motion through the natural world, senses. It will be a physical celebration from here on out. I’ve committed cultural-socio suicide if you will. The culture betrayed me 100% so…best to call off that union. Fair play. The cultural machine recognized white males as not only by far the most productive, but also the only demographic that has even an ounce of self-sacrifice. We actually have an often fatal level of self-sacrifice in our character. NO OTHER DEMOGRAPHIC displays self-sacrifice as a regular trait. Spare me the exceptions. Put the two things together and we were easy pickings for exploitation. Fair play. Life is a brutal competition and they were shrewd. Well, we caught on. My only remaining ire would be for white male trad-cons who simply refuse to see how they’ve been duped; by feminism, leftism, militarism etc. Too bad for them. They’re not my kind anymore, anyway. This is now between me and how God made the earth. A young Indonesian girl hiking in her daisy dukes in front of me on our way to the top of a mountain in SEA. That’s life now. Physical wonder. No more socio-cultural sacrifice at all. It’s over.


    • Going analog, eh? Minimilist.

      Lots of men are doing the same.

      I’m stuck in corporate-land for a pension, but am doing as much as i can in that context.

      What’s your rough age and child situation that you can roam around like that? How do you make money?


    • Relampago Furioso

      I feel you Westray.

      While on one hand I have sympathy for the plight of my people, on the other I have nothing for them because they discarded me socially and used and abused me financially.

      The Anglobitch has treated me worse than any other woman.

      I want nothing else to do with the artificial world man has created and woman has manipulated to her sole advantage. I’m finished chasing illusions.

      Like you said, just me, nature, and a hot piece of natural ass once in a while in a more traditional place.

      Fuck notions of “progress” which only further strip us of our biology, and our sanity.


    • Hard-core minimalism is an absolute must. It’s actually far more satisfying too. You feel like the merchants of the world have no further grip on your mind.and their maggot-like role in life is just something that no longer involves you. Move away from it. You realize how much you’d been manipulated and it’s frustrating to look back. Right now, outside of a leather brief-bag coming to me on Christmas, and a 60$ replacement of my stolen kindle, I will be done for good with material possessions, especially desiring them. There will be no more coveting, for life. There is no object that I will want/need outside of clear necessities. I’m also working on (85% there) on becoming a minimalist in terms of daily ingestion. Less food and much cheaper/more filling options. 5-10$ a day all-in, in terms of ingestion. I drink very little and don’t care about it at all. Sugar is my next obstacle. I have to get to where I don’t spend a penny on it. I’m close. Other than that, I will be willing to work until very late in life, 85 years old if need be. I will be slinging grilled cheese sandwiches in Phuket in my eighties if need be. I’m not on a pension track at all but I also won’t live in the states. My investment is in my strength and health and it always will be. The money thing is troubling though. No kids. 47 but willing (and wanting) to be a very hard-core minimalist for the next 30 years. I teach English overseas and enjoy the lifestyle a lot. When an hour with a mediocre escort would cost many American men about ALL of their monthly discretionary income (400-500$) then it’s time to leave. I can spend an hour with a friendly, feminine, nude, Korean college girl in exchange for two-three hours of my own wages in Seoul, so, yeah…Guess where I’ll be soon (again).


  • So, the elites have taken away all the incentive in life for men? There is a silver lining. They have made themselves that much poorer.


  • About the (self-imposed) treadmill of life, Jesus said:

    “And so I tell you don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

    “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else …. and he will give you everything you need.”

    Matthew 6, if you want the whole context. ..a great read when life is shitting on you hard.


  • Black pill territory there…

    I think it’s emotional suicide to hold yourself helpless when you’re really not.

    We all can make decisions about our lives – large and small. If we work. Where we work. Where we live. If we date. Who we date. Who we associate with. Who we worship.

    If you believe the bible, you will know that a global tyranny does indeed get set up, but only for a while.

    It does not last long and justice is meted out bigly by The Man Himself. You can read about it if you want.

    So just be a happy warrior. The people who throw their lot in with the dark side are the one who will suffer the long term consequences.


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