Make Me a Sammich


Tell her “Make me a sammich” then stand back and be amused

I’ve previously written about how corporate America and social engineers in the corrupt American government have tricked white girls into exchanging one kitchen for another. You see them populating corporate feedbag restaurants around the nation, thinking they’re “empowered” after they abandoned potential husbands and children for minimum wage, thereby breaking the back of Western civilization.

While this is aggravating, one can have fun with the situation as I decided to do at a restaurant in Ohio recently.

“Can I take your order?”

“Yes, I’m going to need you to make me a sammich. A Reuben with a side of fries, and a Coke Zero. Oh, and make it this way…”

Heh. You should have seen the look in that twenty-something’s eyes when I told her to make me a sammich. It was priceless. And, there was nothing she could do about it because that’s her job.

She at first looked peeved, then as her limbic system released a shot of endorphins she actually became flirtatious. Perhaps because so few men dare to call a spade a spade. A kitchen slave is a kitchen slave.

We need an army of men belittling such women for destroying not only their families but their culture in pursuit of corporate bait and switch McJobs, chasing CareerGirl™ and HaveItAll™ fantasies.

Women are sheepish followers, but maybe if enough men remind them they’ve merely switched cushy societal roles as housewives and mothers for shitty GloboWorldCorp jobs, we can effect societal change that flies in the face of the programming of the evil overlords currently running the U.S.

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  • What must hurt the most is that it was their choice.


  • I wish I could have been there, but, I think I would not be able to keep a straight face. So, I am enjoying it vicariously like so many other things in my life.


  • Add to this; nurses, hospice workers, orderlies. A lot of college grad females who now make beds, wash, and nurture after paying for nursing school AFTER paying for the four year.

    I thank them for their overwork and for giving up their lives to take on the tax burden that was my birthright. Not anymore. I’m actually living.


    • Westray,
      I am sorry to say this, but, the nurse thing in this country is rigged and overrated to the extreme. First of all, it’s a female-dominated field. Second, they are in general the most dishonest and money-hungry women in the world. They are way overpaid and most of them got their degrees and licenses by fraud, institutionalized fraud. I am very much aware of this field since I know people who got into it by virtue of lacking any virtue whatsoever. The first one of them, a female, can’t really speak much English at all. She got paid to go to school. To give you an idea how non-intelligent she is, she never finished high school. It took her about 3-4 years to get her GED. Her very young sons, 3rd-7th grade were doing her homework. She never had a student loan. A couple of years out of school, 10 years ago, she was making over 120,000 a year. Meanwhile, she got her BS bridge, a few years ago. That incompetent and dishonest woman, gets paid to lie, cheat and steal. And, the sad part about it, she is not alone. Yes, there are some smart and hard working nurses out there but nowhere else in the civilized world you get such poor medical service for such huge price. Another fact, this country spends a lot more on health care than for the military. Yet, we are the number one, most sick and obese nation on earth. I am aware that some statistic shows us as second most obese but that statistic does not include millions of “undocumented” people. And, don’t even get me started with DACA-people…


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