Ethnic Cleansing is Underway as The Purge Begins


“Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn human beings.” -Heinrich Heine

A Socialist revolution is happening right under the noses of clueless Americans, a once proud people reduced to consumeristic cattle on a human fiat money farm. I believe it will succeed.

A covert revolution has been underway for at least several generations. The revolution is about to become overt. Kicking off the downfall of the republic, Silicon Valley has busied itself silencing libertarian and conservative voices and even denying them banking services.

Blacklists are being created of such thought criminals. Even neutral, free speech oriented services like BitChute have been shut down by the likes of PayPal. Gab has thus far survived a character assassination attempt, but I fear the free speech platform will ultimately succumb to monopolistic thuggery from the usual suspects i.e. Zuckerface, Dorsey, Thiel, et al.

As usual, President Trump (put into office to distract Heritage Americans while their nation is stolen from them) is doing absolutely nothing about it except blowing hot air to heat up the imaginations of his base about a day of reckoning that will never come. Trump screwed Americans on his promise to Build The Wall inasmuch as his fantasy to Lock Her Up never came to pass. Even his NAFTA renegotiation (so-called) still cedes American sovereignty in its details. (Once demographics have reached a tipping point and Democrats have a lock on electoral power or supersize their election stealing schemes, expect a North American Union – one of the “kingdoms” of the unelected New World Order.) Trump is also running the national debt up at a remarkable pace, apparently unnoticed by supposed fiscal conservatives.

Trump’s coup de grace will come as the economic system is plunged into chaos in much the same manner as the engineered theft of the treasury that took place in 2008. Those destroying freedom spin many plates, and there are stories everywhere about an economic collapse on the horizon. Those stories aren’t a coincidence. Once the farce of an American economy is “collapsed” Trump will no doubt be ushered out of office in 2020.

My money is on the Verichip or so-called “Mark of the Beast” being forcibly introduced after the next financial crisis. A long-term agenda of the elite is to get every human on the planet “chipped” then tie all money, personal identity, and social scoring to microchips that will be placed in the right hand or forehead.

Trump’s betrayals are merely the beginnings of ethnic cleansing and a purge of opposition to The American Socialist Revolution currently underway. Romanticist movement poet Heinrich Heine knew the score even in the days when the American republic was a fledgling experiment:

Wherever they burn books, in the end will also burn human beings.

What are conservatives doing about digital book burning? Mewing and hemming and hawing. “They can’t do that to us. It’s illegal. It’s immoral.” In case you haven’t noticed, idiots, the left doesn’t play by the rules.

Worse, even as the Establishment forbids you from having an opinion that differs from the Marxist world view, other agents of the left are busy stealing an election in Florida with ballot boxes that pop up days after the election in Avis rental cars of all places. Alternative media is also breaking a story about ballots illegally handed out to felons by leftist lawyers working for Democrats the day after the election.

Once again, libertarians and conservatives assume submissive roles, voice their outrage like whiny bitches then bend over the barrel for the next anal assault. They seemingly never realize they’re continuously ceding ground to the left, day after day, month after month, year after year. The masses seemingly always only see the scandals placed right in front of them, and never the big picture.

Stealing the election is much more than about restoring the left’s power. Because once the left has power, the migrant “caravan” of invaders being sent north will be only the first volley in a massive wave of population replacement that’s no doubt coming when open borders are declared. Senator Charles Schumer is already setting the Democrat power base up for their next narrative, saying all votes should be counted. Of course, the implied narrative is all votes should be counted whether they were placed legally – by American citizens – or not.

Once Democrats reign supreme at the ballot box, expect the mass hysteria being whipped up by the media to be kicked into overdrive. The left has been busy for decades dehumanizing whites. The next step will be to commit genocide against them if the history of socialist revolutions is any guide. A common thread of all such revolutions is this: A group of people is scapegoated for all the ills of society and then targeted for elimination.

Unfortunately, most people are idiots and I can see how brainwashed they are by corporate media each time I step out into the American populace. The problem is the gullibility of the idiots is dragging those of us who know what’s happening into the abyss with the sheep. It’s stunning, and honestly, horrifying to me to bounce from one culture to another, witness a healthy psychology among people in far off lands then come back to this socially engineered monstrosity of a nation.

In any case, the world is about to see the true face of the left. And it will stand in stark contrast to their messages of “love” and “peace” and “tolerance” they’ve hidden behind for so long. Freud knew the true nature of all men when he wrote:

Homo homini lupus [man is wolf to man]. Who, in the face of all his experience of life and of history, will have the courage to dispute this assertion?

White guys, you’re too weak, you’re too fat, you’re too cucked and now the wolves of the left have surrounded you. They’re about to go in for the kill. Your women abandoned you long ago for a check from Aunt Sam, your posterity was stripped from you, and now you are losing your nation and your future. A predictable outcome of allowing yourself to become a target in your own land.

The smell of death surrounds you. You first lost your women in the cultural dog fight, then your families, then your pride, now your nation and quite possibly your life as you are bled out by the very system you created.

If a valid account of history survives the Orwellian memory holes now being foisted on the populace – this very moment – the beginning of mass censorship, blacklisting, and organized invasions leading up to the ethnic purge of whites from the nation they founded will mark the turning point when America, Inc. began to eclipse the evil of Nazi Germany with a covert genocide.

America began as the great hope of humanity. It ends as the scourge of humanity.

The revolution begins with telling you to shut up or be unpersoned. Then, it progresses to unpersoning you anyway. Go along with the new, totalitarian Socialist technocracy. Or die.

Or, suffer a fate worse than death.

Closing thought: I’ve put a lot of mental energy into trying to figure out if most of the voices we hear from “conservatives” are little more than controlled opposition. I’ve come to believe Alex Jones is part and parcel of a massive disinformation program sometimes referred to as COINTELPRO. He’s the tip of the spear of other disinformation agents (Limbaugh, Hannity, and even Savage) working in high levels of the media and alt-media platforms.

While Jones in particular does deliver many truth bombs, notice how he and other mouthpieces talk conservatives farther and farther into a corner. Only weeks ago Jones was talking about a Red Wave to fire up the great distractor Trump’s base. Now he’s offering vicarious and ineffectual opposition to mass censorship and voter fraud. Jones and others (perhaps even Mark Dice) are put there to make you think they’re fighting the good fight for you so you’ll sit right there and do nothing as the nation is destroyed and the culture is reformatted like a hard drive.

Yes, I believe, it’s that bad. Call this vision “black pill” or whatever the hell you want to call it. I’ll cling to the wisdom that reminds me, “Optimism is cowardice.”

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  • Trump provides the perfect leverage for a full on Socialist-Marxist President. It`s almost too perfect not to be planned that manner. “Now we tried the evil (faux) white man, and look at the how bad it all went…”

    Let`s now elect an empathic black lady that will take care of everybody instead. Don`t worry your little heads with how she will do it, just trust us this time. Next up, President Kamala Harris>citizen wage>hyperinflation>collapse of the dollar>social and economic upheaval>end of America as we know it!


  • Do you remember what your life was like before you were born? I’m guessing not. Just imagine what your life will be like when you’re gone. Probably a lot like your life was before you were born. Enjoy your time here, mates. It may be the very last thing you’ll ever have before you fall into the null.


  • That women use men for financial gain through their sexuality is one of the hardest things for men to comprehend…and yet…prostitution is the oldest profession. Go figure.


  • If it gets too bad we should all get together and start our own country like this guy did:

    We would need to setup an iron clad constitution that can never be amended, like the right to bear arms could never ever be removed 🙂

    I think the Amish have some good ideas we could draft in and also no fractional reserve banking. No corporations, you can only work for yourself no one else, you will never be refereed to as a “Human Resource”!!!


  • “President Trump (put into office to distract Heritage Americans while their nation is stolen from them)”

    President Trump was put into office because the masks started coming off the neocons and Americans started to see the truth. Trump at the very least gives truth seekers a second chance to prepare. The deep state hates Trump and still hopes to pull him into their lair.
    Fixed it for you


    • Well written.


    • Relampago Furioso

      That must be why he appointed the very swamp creatures he said he was going to get rid of.

      I appreciate the religious fervor Trump derives from his base through the focus group researched cult of personality he was able to trick you guys with. You all are becoming denial cases as bad as the Obamaites were after Mr. Hope and Change shafted them.

      It seems no matter how many times these characters burn you guys you never see past the shadows on the wall.

      But Trump has done nothing of substance while in office other than sign executive orders that will be cancelled by his successor, and keep you distracted while the police and surveillance states fester, invasions are organized, mass censorship is introduced, elections are stolen, and the implosion of the economy is plotted.

      I’m sure everything will change immediately once the Republicans are back in office. Just like they changed when Washington was totally controlled by the Repubs in 2016-2018. Oh, wait…

      Anyway, here’s how Trump filled the swamp:


      • Not going to argue that Trump has looked like a neocon at times but you have to conceptualize. He is about as hard core as we could get in. People have a hard time conceptualizing. It is either Trump is the savior or he is a neocon traitor. The truth is he is better than anything most of us could have ever hoped for when Hillary was running. Trump is not our problem, trust me on that.

        You want something closer to perfection then look at Putin.


      • He has only been in office 2 years, fighting 50 plus years of corruption! It is going to take some time, every where he turns there are swamp creatures, give the guy some credit!!! He is up there risking his life for America, what are you doing????


  • Glad I’m towards the end of my life and not towards the beginning. Just need another twenty or thirty years and I’m out for the duration. It’s the youngins that’ll do most of the suffer-ring. From here on out, I’m going to become an expert socialist and learn to live off the taxpayer’s dime. Already found ways to save yuge $$$ off of low income programs. I’m going to step away from my high pressure, high stress, top tier income job and go full loser. When education becomes free, I’m going right back to college. People won’t be able to help but feel sorry for me. I don’t intend to vote any longer either. I knew Trump was a mere speed bump when he got elected and was stunned that he made it into office. It was clear even to Trump that the jig was up if conservatives lost the house and they lost bigly. You know what they say. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Did I mention how much I plan to devote myself to the joys of socialism?


    • Have some respect for yourself


      • I served my country in the military. I graduated #1 in my uni class. I went on to make top $$$ in my wisely chosen industry. I get what, maybe 60 or 70 years on this flying hunk of molten rock, even though the multiverses have been here for countless billions of years? I’m flipping the bird at civilization. I’m doing it my way. I always win.


  • MarkyMark brings up a good point. The notion that demographics will change is based on the presumption that birth rates will remain as they are. I don’t think that will hold. While Latinas in Peru are adopting “bitchy resting face”, there have been reports out of Muslim countries about birth rates crashing. Feminism is everywhere and it is destructive in all cultures. I don’t know how this will turn out, but, increasingly, it looks as if finding a resolution is going to being bloodier that World War Two,


    • Fuzzie, I’d estimate the Peru is about 25-30 years behind us with the feminist virus. I think it is worse in the English speaking countries, but it is EVERYWHERE. The New World Order or whatever you call it is everywhere too. How can it not be, when its aim is to take over the world? How can it not be when its mission is to institute a world government?

      Liked by 1 person

      • MarkyMark,
        I don’t know. I can remember when Lorena Bobbit did her thing in 1993, Ecuadorian feminists threatened to kill an American man for every day she spent in jail. She was from Ecuador originally and was deported there. Curiously, she never did spend a day in jail, but has returned to visit the US on occasion. It appears that South American radical feminists are particularly vicious.


      • Yeah, I remember Lorena Bobbit; yeah, I’m that old. I seem to remember her living here and working in real estate a few years ago. Of course, she didn’t look the same…

        Liked by 1 person

      • It is pretty amazing that they would let her back in after what she did. It is a statement as to how much regard government has for men.


    • WRONG- Putin instituted polices for his country which were intended to offset the deep state agenda. Russia has effectively stopped the decline of birth rates. Also the Russian population is fully aware of the deep state plot to feminize everyone. The percentage of Russians who are against the homosexual lifestyle is increasing. Putin believes that it is normal for men to want to reproduce with women.


  • Rel, I hear what you’re saying, and the evidence is compelling me to agree with you. That said, at the risk of sounding like a smart ass, where can we go? Where can we run? Over the last year, I spent almost 3.5 months in Peru. I was thinking of moving there, but it didn’t work out; that’s another story for another day. Anyway, they too have been infected with the feminist virus Down there, you see the domestic violence PSAs you used to see here during the late 1980s to mid 1990s. Women are increasingly being given the better jobs, adopting the perma scowl (at least in the cities), getting tattoos, etc. This crap is ALL OVER! Where does one go to simply live his life in peace and be left alone? Where does one go to ESCAPE this?


  • So what is your game plan to help America out of this mess?


    • There isn’t a way out as far as I can tell. The masses would have to spontaneously become smarter and less gullible than they are now.

      It’s much too easy for the ruling classes to continue to fool them.

      That’s why I quoted Spengler: “Optimism is cowardice.”


      • I know, I still feel like the open border immigration act of 1965 was the end of the USA as we know it. I went to Mesquite Texas a few months ago, I have not been in years and it looks like a 3rd world country, it use to be cowboys and cowgirls. The vast majority of immigrants I talked to do not like Trump, they said they want open borders, who are they going to vote for?

        Certainly not conservative. I am not saying all immigrants vote democrat or for open borders, I am saying the Majority I have talk to personally told me this.

        CNN was cheering that white Americas will be a minority, you see what is coming.


  • “Homo homini lupus”, isn’t that what you are doing when you say Trump, Dice and Alex Jones are opposition. I am not saying any of them are perfect but aren’t they talking about the same things you are. Conservatives should be uniting not tearning each other down, the last remaining conservatives did unite behind Trump and Alex Jones and other did help to get the message out just like you are doing. So please try and be kind to yourself fellow brothers who are working hard to get the word out.


    • Conservative media sells the illusion of reforming the system by pressing “R” at the voting booth.

      Of course, those who listen get burned every time because the system is corrupt to the Nth degree.

      Voters never seem to learn and exhibit binary thinking. They can’t see outside the left-right paradigm.

      The power structure feeds both sides of the binary narrative, and conservatives never realize the trap they’re being placed into by the very propagandists who purport to be their voice.

      This is known in media circles as the bounding of debate. Most people are parrots who parrot what they hear from these media mouthpieces and exhibit very little capability to think for themselves. This is how these hosts keep their audiences locked into the paradigm.

      I call them as I see them. There’s no hope unless the public breaks out of this false left-right paradigm.


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