Dominate Your Women, Or They’ll Destroy You


Some painful lessons are about to be learned the hard way in the West

Sometimes a picture is truly worth a thousand words. Or 10,000 words. Or even a library filled with Red Pill knowledge. You know the end is near when women are ready to throw over a cliff their own fathers, sons, male relatives, and the very men who made their cushy lives possible.

Subversive forces in the West have succeeded in lobotomizing from the public consciousness the old lessons about the sexes known since time immemorial, many of which were written down during the Bronze Age. Near the top of the list any wise man should hold this wisdom in high regard: Dominate your women, or they will destroy you.

The Holy Bible portrays women the way it does for a reason. Additionally, countless cautionary tales across diverse cultures have been written about men who assume submissive roles in society, including an ancient tale about the Kukeri told in Eastern Europe that was recently made into a very Red Pill music video by Till Lindemann of Rammstein. The video’s plot? Dominate your women. Figuratively crack the whip on them. Or they’ll cut your fucking head off.

Anglobitches are about to cut the men of their tribe’s heads off as they not only refuse to bear their children in numbers sufficient to maintain the culture, but insist on their nations opening the customs floodgates to let patriarchal invaders assume the reigns of control.

Stupid, fat, sports worshiping, pickup driving, masturbating white guys have brought about their own demise by absconding to the Anglobitch. As someone who has had experience with women around the nation and around the world, I can assure you white women have ice running through their veins. Eons of evolution in cold climates in which having less than the best mate meant starvation or conquest from marauding neighbors turned her into a superpredator amongst already predatory females.

It’s natural that when her men allowed themselves to become pariahs, rejects, and disrespected, financially exploited losers in their own lands she not only would abandon them, she would demand they be destroyed by other wolves. (The reference comes from the Father of Psychology himself. Freud knew well man hunts man, just like a pack of wolves.)

Failing a 180-degree turn in the course of events now underway, I expect white women will destroy white men within the century if not the next few decades.

Here are the Cliff’s Notes on how it all fell apart. Social engineers were amazingly successful in inverting reality as they took down the pillars that supported the foundation of the West. They convinced Anglo women to become paper pushers and corporate kitchen slaves in pointless jobs – thereby abandoning the most important job of the human species – fostering the next generation. Women entering male work spaces en masse rendered men useless from a provisioning and protecting standpoint. Worse, the Anglobitch’s maternal instincts were denied because the men of her tribe refused to tell social engineers working for fatass corporate CEOs to stick it, you’re not taking our women away.

Cultural shit test result: Epic fail.

The result? Feminism obliterated one of the most crucial load-bearing walls of Western culture. And the Anglobitch’s rage came to bear as her men became weaker and weaker as a result. Feminism kicked off a cascading loss in power for men that became worse with each generation.

Resources and power are all any man represents in a woman’s eyes, and that’s even more true in the eyes of a superpredator like the Anglobitch.

The force that shaped white men into entities that would come to dominate the entire world – namely the ruthless Anglobitch and her lofty demands combined with her innate distaste for sexuality she begrudgingly doled out in pink, labia minora postules only after men proved themselves to be the fittest in a Darwinian world – will now pulverize Anglo men into dust unless they gain the upper hand on this situation, and quickly.

But, I don’t think this generation has it in them. The men now currently inhabiting America and Europe have been carefully stripped of their survival instincts. Namely, by aptly named media programming along with edumacation system tampering and incessant inversions of cultural norms. The West dies with limp-wristed, spaghetti noodle soy boys, not the brawny Vikings of its origins. It goes out with a whimper, and not a bang.

The catastrophe theory of evolution first introduced by none other than Oswald Spengler looks more than just plausible, I can see it happening before our eyes. It took little more than a century for women to call for the extermination of men who lost the upper hand after women’s suffrage was granted.

May future civilizations learn from our devastating mistakes. I sincerely hope I will be proven wrong, but I just feel it in my bones that the time has come for an extinction-level event, and that feminism will have played a crucial role in assisting a ruthless and maniacal elite to bring about a genocide to tighten their grasp over this world.

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  • Fuck manning up for Anglo women! I`m moving out of Western Europe permanently instead. Let the Mussies deal with these bitches.

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    • Amen. I owe nothing to a society that thoroughly stacks the deck against men and women who treat them with malice. I wouldn’t spit on Anglo women of they were on fire. I do loves me some Asian women however!

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  • @The New Modern Man
    I used to be Kryptonian51 but some libtard, feminist piece of shit got my account banned, so this is my new account guys

    By the way, once again your perceptive analysis of what’s really happening in the world is 100% spot on as usual
    When I see what’s happening in the west I wish Thanos would come here for real and snap his fingers and wipe out half the population. ….except I would use magic on him to trick Thanos into wiping out Anglo Bitches instead, and the elite bastards who have destroyed this world

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  • The current generation of western males may indeed be soy boys. But there is one undeniable truth that makes their soy boy ways understandable.

    The truth is this: No matter how alpha you are, how much pimp hand you have, how you keep her filled with your cum and her own cum, or how much money you let her have access to, when she decides to blow you up for any or no reason she can and will do so with with impunity.

    How, you ask? By summoning the biggest alpha of them all, the state, to do her bidding. Once in the clutches of the state it is not a matter of guilt, innocence, or due process. It is a matter of just how much punishment they will inflict and how much of your wealth they (she and the state) extract from you before they decide they are done with you. They usually won’t stop until you are broken, in every sense of the word. Been there, done that.

    The modern soy boys have seen first hand what their mothers, aunts, and sisters did to their fathers, uncles, and friends. They have lived the nightmare of their single mothers parading a never ending string of Chads and Tyrones through their childhood homes, listening to their mother getting pounded through thin apartment walls.

    So, a logical questions beckons. Their own first hand experience proves they know they can’t win or even fight. So why even try? Perhaps, the soy boys are the Beautiful Ones from the Mouse Utopia Experiment. It makes sense to me if they are.

    I’m a 63 year old MGTOW ghost monk. A veteran of the war of the sexes, two marriages, one bankruptcy, and one trip through the gynocentric legal sausage grinder that I will never allow to happen again. So, are we veteran MGTOW examples for the soy boys to emulate? But they can’t have our sexual experiences in this Pound MeToo dystopia. So, what do they do?

    They become the Beautiful Ones. The harbingers of the final collapse. I used to think the collapse would not happen in my life time, but not any more. Shit will hit the fan before 2030. Prepare thyself and prepare well. The storm is not gathering on the horizon, it has crossed it and is heading straight for you.

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    • “Stupid, fat, sports worshiping, pickup driving, masturbating white guys have brought about their own demise by absconding to the Anglobitch.”


  • I agree 100%. You know what hardly anyone understands? Gynocentrism and feminism have been able to flourish because of the replacement of mens inherent energy derived from testosterone with the energy derived from oil/coal/natgas and the machines that utilize those energy sources. Females don’t realize that those energy sources are finite and cannot power the economy forever….you know the whole false infinite growth on a finite planet mantra that economists espouse. Essentially women no longer need men to provide them anything and men actually created this paradigm that is literally killing them. This also goes into the immigration equation and why so many govts started ramping it up because they had to keep growing and why the debt has to keep on growing……but they also bring about their own demise by doing this.

    There is an extinction level event approaching that will be brought on by the collapse of the worlds financial system which is being brought about by the end of the Oil Age. Look around the world and what do you see other nations doing?
    They are getting far away from the Petro-Dollar and bringing home their gold reserves….now one must wonder why? Oil is no longer providing the energy to the economy that it used to and it has to support almost 8 billion people. To elaborate create a world population chart going back to 1700 and move towards today. Since the coupling of oil to the world economy we have seen an explosion in world population….what happens when oil decouples from the world economy? Most certainly an implosion in world population.

    Has anyone been paying attention to Saudi Arabia? Their fields are in massive decline…..they are pumping billions of gallons of water into their fields to extract oil…..they tried to take Aramco public and that turned out to be a flop because investors know it is game over for them. They resorted to jailing and torturing their own criminal nobility class to extort money. Now they are killing journalists. This is our Petro-client state that is flailing around like fools.

    Now lets look at debt levels. Approaching 22 Trillion in National Debt and over 200 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. Obviously that is never going to be paid back except with a hyperinflated dollar that you wouldn’t even wipe your ass with. The Federal Reserve is doing an excellent job in setting the stage for this upcoming financial collapse since the owners of the FED are the true runners of the show since 1913.

    The best thing for one to do is get out of debt and owe nothing to anyone. Try to find a comfortable location away from the masses of Matrix Slaves that are continually getting fleeced. There are plenty of 1-3 acre plots of land throughout the US that you can purchase between 10-20 thousand dollars. If you can get a spot with some woods and perhaps a half acre or full acre of arable land you can have a nice spot for a homestead. Put in a manual well for water and plant some fruit trees and berries that will recur yearly. Wood stove for heating/cooking and your energy needs are taken care of. I’d advise putting some funds into silver or gold coins and keep as much federal reserve notes to pay monthly bills. Store some freeze dried food for a year or so and have a means of defending oneself. Lastly, I’d advise one to have a permanent exit strategy from this life….I do not mean that in the self deprecating way but in a way that one can go out on their own terms and in a humane manner. I expect that events coming will be biblical in scale and if one gets pinned down in a bad spot then it may be better just to take things into your own hands.

    I enjoy your site keep up the good work.

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