Donald Trump is a Yet Another Bullsh*t Artist and Puppet President

This isn’t going to win me any friends, but I don’t give a damn. I’m sick of the same game being played all the time by power brokers who wine and dine the public during their campaigns then proceed to sophistry and betrayal during their tenures in office.

Donald Trump is another political bullshit artist and puppet president, just like Obama was, and Bush before him and Clinton before him. All baited and switched on you, sold out the nation, and advanced the objectives of The American Socialist Revolution.

Trump supporters: He promised you a wall. You aren’t getting one. He promised you Killary would be locked up. She roams free. He promised you a robust economy. There are already talks about the economic house of cards imploding soon. He promised you he’d drain the swamp. As James Corbett diligently illustrates in the above report, Trump has filled the swamp with the same old Neocons, Wall Street insiders and corporate-government complex goons all presidential puppets do. He promised you the “caravan” of invaders would be stopped. They just crossed into the U.S. from Tijuana. He promised he’d renegotiate NAFTA. He still ceded American sovereignty in the new deal. He said he got the U.S. out of the international global warming treaty. He only delayed it. The list goes on and on.

I called it a year and a half ago: Trump’s presidency is about setting an example to demoralize Heritage America by having them witness a white nationalist getting publicly crucified by the Washington establishment. I wrote:

Just as Jesus was once crucified in the Christian Bible, the elite want to crucify Trump and end the nationalist uprising.

I gave Trump the benefit of the doubt in that article. However, considering his actions since being elected I now think The Don is in on the script. American politics is little more than a Hollyweird movie that has been given the appearance of being real life. The tough talking, ‘Murica loving president is indeed the acting role of a lifetime for this character, as I previously warned the Trump True Believers.

My thinking outside the binary, left-right pseudo-paradigm, my aversion to believing anything I see in the political game always ruffles feathers. One reader let me know he didn’t like me questioning the Right’s version of Obama:

President Trump was put into office because the masks started coming off the Neocons and Americans started to see the truth. Trump at the very least gives truth seekers a second chance to prepare. The deep state hates Trump and still hopes to pull him into their lair.

Well, I don’t disagree with that statement. He was put into office, selected more than elected by the same power structure that gave you Obama. They just re-branded Hope and Change into Make America Great Again by altering the word soup. Americans did start to see the truth, so the power structure needed a bombastic bullshit artist to talk the talk about reform and abandoning globalism but not walk the walk.

That’s just what voters got with Trump.

It seems no matter how many times these characters burn you guys you never see past the shadows on the wall. Trump has done nothing of substance while in office other than sign executive orders that will be canceled by his successor, and keep you distracted while the police and surveillance states fester, invasions are organized, mass censorship is introduced, elections are stolen, and the implosion of the economy is plotted, i.e. the objectives of the aforementioned American Socialist Revolution are achieved.

But pay no attention to those men behind the curtain. Watch this scandal, then that one. Watch Trump argue with a reporter. Watch this Hollyweird entertainer insult him. Watch, and more importantly take a side as the dignity of the presidency is destroyed by both liberal and conservative mediaites.

The sad truth: All this is happening while the people running the show keep you in suspended animation waiting on a future that never arrives with endless promises and an obsession with the next election. Meanwhile, they run away with your money and your nation in the present.

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  • Hitlary(this how I call her), was pardoned by the guy who had the position, before him. Two questions follow: Why was she pardoned if she was innocent? How can the current guy prosecute her? As rhetorical as these questions are, I believe that the true leaders
    (those we don’t know yet), are very skilled at what they are doing. We have no power, regardless of who is in the office. So, blaming one man for the sins of many others is only one part of the game. The other part is this in which we argue with one another, failing to see the big picture. Unfortunately, we are all caught up in this game, more or less… The thing is: we have already lost.


  • Guys, I’m concerned about the neocons in Trump’s cabinet. As for the wall, the Honduran invasion would give him provocation to ignore Congress; he could simply cite national security (and if an invasion of your border doesn’t constitute national security, what does?), then tell the Army Corps of Engineers to design and build the thing post haste. Because it’s a national security issue, he doesn’t really need Congress; he only need use discretionary DoD funds to pay for the wall’s design and construction.

    Another thing that bothered me is how Trump followed the judge’s ruling and reinstated Jim Acosta’s press pass. Uh, hello! The White House is TRUMP’S house for now, so he has the right to decide who will and will not come in! Since Jim Acosta is an obnoxious asshole, POTUS had every right to yank his pass and tell him to GTFO! Where’s that judge get off telling Trump he has to let this a-hole back in? Moreover, why did Trump acquiesce to the ruling? Why didn’t he tell the judge where he could get off?


    • Relampago Furioso

      Short answer: Because Trump is now starring in the ultimate reality show. A scripted one, of course.

      He’s playing the “Tough talking, ‘Murica Loving President” role I wrote about (and linked up in the above article) a year and a half ago.

      The fightin’ and feudin’ between Accoster and Trump is all part of the script. Because we’re talking about that sideshow and not this:

      1. No Wall in sight
      2. DACA: Live & kicking
      3. Russia: Endless Sanctions!
      4. Hillary: High on the hog
      5. Social Media: Commie-curated
      6. Rosenstein: Still ruling roost
      7. South Africa? What a tweet!
      8. Israel: Fat & Happy
      9. Debt: Putting Obama to shame
      10. Mueller: Still on my payroll.
      11. Sholom Rubashkin: Pardoned
      12. White turnout: Lowest in decades.
      13. Iran: Sanctions by meme.
      14. Opioid Crisis: Ongoing.
      15. Felons: Free and ready to vote.
      16. Setting DOJ on protesters at Charlottesville & giving left a free pass
      17. Sessions charging James Fields with terrorist/murder when it’s clear it wasn’t
      18. Still in Syria, still sabre rattling
      19. Non stop pandering to every other demos except the only one who voted for him
      20. Full funding of Sanctuary Cities
      21. Failure to repeal Obamacare
      23. Continued orders of Refugees 45k for 2018 & 30k for 2019.
      24. Allowing Antifa to continue to terrorize
      25. No EO to end Anchor Babies

      That list just started circulating on Twitter. Let’s see the Trumpbots defend their messiah now.

      Face facts guys. He fucked you just like they all do in Washington.


      • You know, it’s sad. I’d stopped voting, because I saw NO DIFFERENCE between Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43. The last election I took part in was 2000 or 2004. I moved and never registered to vote again. When Trump threw his hat in the ring, I renewed my voter registration, and I renewed as a Republican so I could vote in the primary. I sure as hell didn’t like the GOPe guys, especially Jeb! If Jeb! had been nominated, I would have stayed home; Why vote when there’s no difference between him and Hillary?

        The ONLY reason I registered Republican was so I could vote for Trump. When I stopped voting, I’d vowed to myself that, if I ever registered again, I’d do so as an independent. I mean, why be loyal to a party that screwed me? Why be loyal to a party that gave Obama everything he wanted? John Boehner and Paul Ryan MADE ME SICK!

        As for the failed Obamacare repeal, I blame that more on the GOPe Congress critters, particularly Juan McCain. They voted to repeal Obamacare like 60 times when Obama was in the White House, because they knew he’d veto it. They knew it didn’t matter; it was just for show, so they could tell their voters that they’d tried to repeal Obamacare. However, when they had a Republican in the White House, they didn’t get the job done. They didn’t get the job done because their corporate donors LIKE Obamacare; they like it because it offloads healthcare from them.

        As for the wall, I put some of the blame on Congress; until recently, I put most of it there. The Democrat side of The DC Uniparty wants illegals because they vote overwhelmingly Democrat. The Republicans allow illegals because their donors want cheap labor. Ergo, the wall hasn’t been approved in its entirety; no serious border security has been approved for that reason. Even though the border has been a joke for decades, nothing is done about it. Now however, we have the invasion; we have a bona fide national security issue that would allow Trump to use DoD funds to build the wall anyway. My question is why hasn’t he?

        Then, speaking of Rod Rosenstein, why didn’t Trump declassify the FISA warrant application? I think if he had done so, that they GOP could have retained the House. Why did he listen to his advisors? Why did he listen to RR? That’s the part I don’t get. RR strikes me as a coward and a weasel of the first order. He’s scum!

        I’m reminded of what Mark Twain is reputed to have said: if voting mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it! They say that there are three boxes for solving problems: the soap box, ballot box, and ammo box. We’ve tried the first two to no avail; that leaves only the ammo box. I hope we don’t go there, but I’m afraid it can’t be avoided. The first Civil War was bad enough; I don’t want to see the second…


  • Trump is the least of our worries. He is one person and the fact that some conservatives set him up as the savior who will clean the whole swamp is just not being in touch with reality. I have stated Ad nauseam that we will see if Trump gets pulled into the swamp. I have said over and over again that the deep state is more systemic than most people realize. But Trump has been more friend than foe so far. Period. The communists have already destroyed America. Trump is not Jesus but he has tried to salvage it to some extent.. Comprende.


  • I voted for Trump simply because I didn’t want a corrupt Hillary to start World War II with Russia. (He was real popular with the rank and file of the Military for that reason alone.) Now it looks like the same old same old*. (Bonkers Bolton and the rest of the Troskyist Neocons? Whaa?? Again??!)

    During the election, I used to tell people/write in comments** that if Hillary got in, then you’d have a civil war. And if Trump got and then didn’t deliver, then you’d have a civil war. It would be a civil war about big-government Federalism vs. small government Constitutionalism, with significant sidebars on Multiculturalism – read immigration and LGTBQ – and the role of religion in government – read abortion and Dispensationalist Nutjobs influencing foreign policy.

    Before the election you had by my reckoning a 75% of a civil war. Now with Trump in office it’s 50% and rising. What will kick it over the edge? Who knows, but probably something involving Israel – that “shitty little country” – and our continuing “Adventures” in the Middle East.

    The Fourth Turning will tell you that we’re about due for an upheaval. I’ll tell you that it feel a lot like just before 1914. My mom, who lived through it all, will tell you that if feels a lot like the late 1930s.

    So who knows. Maybe it will work out after all. Depends on who you talk to.

    Regardless, I do know this: I like reading History, but I don’t want to live it.

    Just a thought.


    *But at least in the Inauguration we didn’t have to suffer through some overwrought poem read out by some obese and pompous. And thank God Almighty for a First Lady who keeps her mouth shut and stays out of politics for a change.

    **Go to Disqus and look up VicB3 if you don’t believe me


  • I would feel much better if Hillary had been prosecuted and the Wall had been built. While both are symbolic, it would have set the tone.


  • I don’t know what to make of the Donald.
    Nobody goes into politics for virtuous reasons. Nobody.
    ‘Cautious optimism’ isn’t an option
    The dismemberment of America is complete. It’s not a country anymore. It’s a government. And under that government you have a bunch of different:
    Special interest groups
    Trans national corporations
    Sexual orientations
    Classes, etc…
    There is nothing holding the place together other than a government standing on top of the people living there and keeping them in line.
    For the time being. We’ll see how long it lasts.
    For me, it’s a matter of saving all that can be saved, chiefly myself.


  • Sorry dude, he is not my savior.


  • “Trump’s presidency is about setting an example to demoralize Heritage America by having them witness a white nationalist getting publicly crucified by the Washington establishment.”

    Wow. You want to know what demoralized looks like? Hark back to Obama’s last year in office, You could not find a white guy with any balls and every one was looking down at the ground stepping on egg shells. White cops were rifled down and people were cheering it on.
    The Deep State was on the cusp of total control and demoralization of white men. Hillary would of finished it.
    Did you do a line before this article?


    • Relampago Furioso

      I really don’t feel like arguing or dispensing insults like you just did. You can keep licking his boots waiting for a someday that never comes. I’ll keep detailing the ways he is betraying you.


      • He’s spawned nationalists copycats in Italy, Hungary, Poland, Brazil.

        He vanquished feminists in 2016, and with Kavanaugh’s nomination.

        He got rid of the college kangaroo courts rape acusations.

        He severely curtailed Muslim immigration.

        He got in two mostly conservative supreme court judges and hordes of others on lesser courts.

        He defeated and humiliated Neocons in his own party and has not launched any new wars.

        He killed Nafta and the TPP global Big Business giveaways.

        He utterly destroyed speech codes the Left has put in place to shut us up.

        But, yeah. I guess he’s a fraud.


      • Trump is entertaining and fun. We don’t elect serious men anymore to the presidency anymore and haven’t for a long time and the whole thing is mostly bad theater anyway. With all that in mind, watching the “crazy antics” of this guy and the whole thing being perfect for our Clown World society just feels right, you know? Peurile and infantile or not, having the Donald brag about his dick size at one of the GOP primary debates was as much good dumb fun as any man should be allowed to see.


      • Jonathan, did that make a difference in the end? Democrats are busy setting the agenda again and as usual, Trump and the Repulican’ts are playing bad defense.

        MGTOW is now being demonetized on YouTube following a CNN hit piece. That’s the latest mass censorship shoe to drop. All MGTOW channels, not just one.

        Where’s the orange one as his conservative base is purged, their tongues figuratively cut out by Silicon Valley?

        Sitting on his fat ass doing nothing, as usual. Making sure it all goes to plan as his supporters remain in denial about his motives.


      • “He defeated and humiliated Neocons in his own party”



      • Relampago Furioso

        John Bolton, a Neocon, the walrus looking putz who got us into Iraq and Afghanistan under Bush is Trump’s national security advisor. He is but one Neocon in Trump’s swamp. You didn’t watch the video did you? Just Fox talking points.


      • “John Bolton, a Neocon, the walrus looking putz who got us into Iraq and Afghanistan under Bush is Trump’s national security advisor. He is but one Neocon in Trump’s swamp. You didn’t watch the video did you? Just Fox talking points.”

        Trust me I am aware of this and it pains me. You must understand that I am not trying to ignore or brush this type of thing under the rug. I was pulling off the veil on the neocons before anyone. People kept saying Democrats, liberals and I kept saying you are missing the Trojan Horse(neocons). Bolton is a fucking neocon mouth breather. If anyone gets it is is me.

        Why is he in there? I don’t know but I have noticed that he appoints these neocons and then fires them almost as if to be using them as scapegoats. But I don’t know. It is important to see all this conceptually instead of screaming witch every time he associates himself with neocon scum.. Attacking Trump right now because he let us down in the some areas is not the answer. He may have to play the game to get what he wants. Time will tell though. Trump spoke up against the neocons in the presidential election and they did not like it one bit.


      • BTW if you want to know who the bad guys are then just look to McCain’s memorial service and who was lifting him up the most.. The neocons are a special kind of evil and are committed to the cause. Guess who was not invited and did not show? Trump. You know why? Well I do. It was a bigger statement than anyone realizes.

        Also have you notice how Lindsay Graham has been warming up to Trump since his father/boy friend died? Yes like a lot of men they need a male role model and now it seems Trump has been LG’s mentor lately.


      • I’d say, besides fending off Mueller and those trying to impeach him, Trump’s highest priority should be trust-busting google, amazon and facebook. And any payment processors that discriminate against conservatives.

        Sustaines censorship via Big Corp will finish us off.

        But sure, Trump doesn’t have a magic wand, but he’s done so much without a compliant congress that’s it’s pretty amazing.

        And yes, he has some Neocons around him (keep your enemies close?) But he hasn’t started any new wars or destroyed any more countries beyond what Obama and Clinton launched.


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