MGTOW and Red Pill Bloggers and Authors Now in Censorship Crosshairs

MGTOW channels and other purveyors of Red Pill knowledge geared at saving the lives of men from the gynocentric, Anglo American meat grinder are now being censored en masse. Sandman has just had his entire YouTube channel demonetized, which is typically the first step towards overt censorship and blacklisting by the so-called “Masters of the Universe” in Silicon Valley if the usual pattern that started with Alex Jones and Infowars continues.

There’s every reason to believe the pattern will continue.

These truth tellers are but the latest victims in an all-out war that has started in The American Socialist Revolution against those who diverge from the far left narratives foisted upon the populace.

Once again the great distracter, President Trump does absolutely nothing about the silencing of conservative and libertarian voices online. No, he offers nothing but sideshows and distractions. A tribute to the absolute fraud that is American political theater.

As I recently wrote to a TNMM reader inquiring about why Trump allowed Jim Acosta’s press pass to be reinstated by an activist judge:

Where’s the orange one as his conservative base is purged, their tongues figuratively cut out by Silicon Valley?

Sitting on his fat ass doing nothing, as usual. Making sure it all goes to plan as his supporters remain in denial about his motives.

Trump is now starring in the ultimate reality show. A scripted one, of course. He’s playing the “Tough talking, ‘Murica loving President” role I wrote about (and linked up in the above article) a year and a half ago.

The fightin’ and feudin’ between Accoster and Trump is all part of the script. Because we’re talking about that sideshow and not this:

1. No Wall in sight
2. DACA: Live & kicking
3. Russia: Endless Sanctions!
4. Hillary: High on the hog
5. Social Media: Commie-curated
6. Rosenstein: Still ruling roost
7. South Africa? What a tweet!
8. Israel: Fat & Happy
9. Debt: Putting Obama to shame
10. Mueller: Still on my payroll
11. Sholom Rubashkin: Pardoned
12. White turnout: Lowest in decades
13. Iran: Sanctions by meme
14. Opioid Crisis: Ongoing
15. Felons: Free and ready to vote
16. Setting DOJ on protesters at Charlottesville & giving left a free pass
17. Sessions charging James Fields with terrorist/murder when it’s clear it wasn’t
18. Still in Syria, still sabre rattling
19. Non stop pandering to every other demos except the only one who voted for him
20. Full funding of Sanctuary Cities
21. Failure to repeal Obamacare
23. Continued orders of Refugees 45k for 2018 & 30k for 2019
24. Allowing Antifa to continue to terrorize
25. No EO to end Anchor Babies

That list just started circulating on Twitter. Let’s see the Trumpbots defend their messiah now.

Face facts guys. He fucked you just like they all do in Washington.

It appears we soon won’t be able to voice our opinions about anything from this corner of the web. TNMM has also been demonetized by WordPress. I wish there was a solution I could offer everyone, but I don’t have one and I’m a fighter. A fighter currently at a loss for coming up with a solution.

We allowed ourselves to get backed too far into a corner and made the mistake of believing political bullshit artists cared about our problems.

If TNMM disappears as a result of the purge, remember to search for Relampago Furioso as I’ll find a conduit someway, somehow to provide news and views. With that, I’ll close with George R.R. Martin’s famous quote: “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

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  • Pink Floyd used to say “ … Did they get you to change, a walk part in a war for a lead role in a cage? … How I wish you were here…”. I apologize if I misquoted them in any way. I was very young when that song came out. It seems very current and befitting our times.


  • When all white men will be wiped out, there’s going to be another group picked on and harassed. I just wonder who’s going to be next? I have a feeling the current supporters will be next target. History, is full of such examples. Use one group to eliminate the next and leave no possible witnesses…


  • “White turnout: Lowest in decades”
    Trumps fault?

    “Russia: Endless Sanctions!”
    Yeh, Trump questions the U.S. “intelligence community” while standing next to Putin. Catches living hell.

    “Still in Syria, still sabre rattling”
    WTF I could give a shit about the neocons sabre rattling. They are bullshitters. What matters to me is that Syria has deescalated and the U.S. has decided NOT to go to war with Russia in Syria. The neocons and Hillary wanted a final war with Russia. This is unlikely now even though Trump was pressured big time to continue escalation in Syria. Neocons supported ISIS as they raped, crucified and murdered many innocent people.

    This is the biggest bullshit created Psyop and misdirection list I have seen in a while. How can anyone not see it. Fucking DS puppets make me sick.


    • “Failure to repeal Obamacare”

      More bullshit. Trump was able to get rid of the most communist part of Obamacare. The penalty for not participating in the healthcare matrix. Trump was able to end the financial penalty without a vote after this year. Thank God because it was one of the most communist things that Obama did.

      As I have always said. The average person LOVES bullshit and can’t think for themselves.


    • Relampago Furioso

      Dude, you sound like a religious fanatic worshiping the cult of Trump.

      No wonder these puppet presidents and fake ass “representatives” get away with murder.

      You make it so easy for them to burn you again and again.


      • Sorry for sounding that way. I guess I just have a penchant for truth. I don’t brush Trumps neocon actions under the rug BUT people underestimate the neocons and how systemic they are.

        Interesting how Trump couldn’t make McCain’s memorial service,


  • You would think that trying to censor after the midterms and well before the next Presidential election would be poor timing. Still, it is censorship. While I have been watching this little corner of the internet for years, it does seem to be a tradition that a lot of bloggers close up shop before year’s end. To that, I can’t answer.
    RL, whatever you do, you have very loyal reader base. You earned that.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “… I wish there was a solution I could offer everyone, but I don’t have one and I’m a fighter … a fighter currently at a loss for coming up with a solution …”

    So here’s where the story ends indeed …

    Very well, let’s speak knowledge to power, speaking as someone knowledgeable about power, but let’s first start with where you’ve actually been wrong because it’ll help you with formulating a worthwhile plan.

    The present-day dysfunctional American culture is not actually a descendant of so-called “Puritanism”, but is in fact the result of several movements hitching a ride on the Second Great Awakening of the 1790s through the early 1830s.

    The Second Great Awakening was an evangelical revival movement that spread across the US as a kind of informational viral vector, spreading with it several emergent phenomena and movements, including “abolitionism” as well as small-f “feminism”. In many ways, these were essentially the same movements with different ends, but they spread an informational virus that proposed that the equality of people before the law inevitably led to the equality of people before each other, despite obvious evidence to the contrary.

    Because America did not yet have a mass communications infrastructure (or even the technology for one until the late 1830s), there wasn’t a way to roll out “populism” to the masses except as an evangelical movement.

    When Andrew Jackson became president as the result of being swept to power on a “populist” platform, one of his fights involved the Second Bank of the United States, an entity which he opposed for what seemed like reasonable ends at the time.

    However, the real fight was between an emergent Anglo-American financial structure that was free of European influence, located in Philadelphia, and a well-funded powerhouse with European money that had come into existence in New York.

    New York won the fight, won the war, and that’s how it’s been since the 1830s.

    Andrew Jackson’s “specie circular” helped create a financial panic in 1837 which virtually guaranteed the shift of power: UK credit dried up, Western US banks felt the pinch, and the financial infrastructure that survived was obeisant to New York’s moods.

    What does all of this mean?

    America never really had a chance to imagine itself as a nation of its own wants, but instead pursued a “permanent now” that was based on evangelical desires for A Better Tomorrow whilst being manipulated by foreign powers.

    The evangelical wackiness is “baked into the cake” and may not be separable from the culture.

    In fact, it is entirely possible that American culture actually is an ever-pressing need to carry out evangelical works at home and abroad, and this may be why America has been in too many skirmishes, battles, and wars to count on one’s fingers and toes.

    What we are seeing that makes this different is the emergence of a Second Socialist Revolution in conjunction with this “embedded evangelicalism”, a revolution that appears to be the result of imagined utopias being thought as obtainable in some immediately available future.

    The petit bourgeoisie wants to amplify all of the petit bourgeois concerns into Matters of Meaning and Importance, despite the fact that the things being desired are simply items on a shopping list of absurd demands.

    So you’re right to fear the current populist in power: there’s plenty of historical precedent for rightly-placed fear.

    You’re also right to fear the craziness that appears to be amplifying: only for a brief time after American independence was there anything resembling a respite from it.

    This has nothing to do with politics in an ordinary sense and everything to do with “politics of the very worst” …

    But being political wasn’t ever your problem — you got to see the “mirror phase” of America’s ontological chaos up close and personal through a somewhat different kind of lens.


  • I could of predicted this 12 months ago their are now so many MGTOW, REDPILL, sites out there as well as some decent twitter accounts by the same people I kept thinking to myself there is no way the MATRIX is going to let them carry on. I don’t have twitter account myself but I bookmarked them in my favourite lists now when I click on them it says account suspended. I use to follow Sandman he had good advice on women and their true nature.
    I live in England but the Orange Man (TRUMP) is doing nothing about this even Conservatives who have had there Faceborg/Twitters accounts suspender he has done nothing.
    I think the Orange Man is a fake just reading from a Teleprompter and the real power are the Shadow men behind the curtains.


  • Rel,

    Fellowship of the Minds was booted off WordPress back in August. It took him over a week to get his site back up. Unfortunately, he lost a LOT of his previous posts. The moral of the story is this: be prepared, and have your stuff BACKED UP somewhere! We’ll come looking for you; I only hope your content survives your eventual censorship…

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  • A society that burns books, and this YouTube purge is merely the modern electronic equivalent, will eventually burn people. As bad as it is in America the First Amendment will keep us out of prison, at least for a while. Don’t ever forget what the British, the nation most historically like America, did to Tommy Robinson and Count Dankula.

    The rabid and deranged Left are the useful idiot puppets of the special people globalists bent on the total destruction of their only viable competitor, white Anglo-Saxon males. They have already succeeded in driving our birth rates below replacement levels with the victory of feminism.

    The question now becomes; Will they wait for us to demographically die out due to sub-replacement birth rates or will they accelerate the process beforehand? When the Left takes total power, as they will very shortly, expect those who consider themselves historically oppressed to demand vengeance and the government they control will give it to them. Current South Africa is the future. Nazi Germany is the template.

    It will start economically. White men will be legally barred from certain professions. Then will come the criminalization of anything a white man does that offends a woman or a POC in any way. Next will be the government acceptance of the murder of white men (exactly like South Africa today). Then the gulag slave labor concentration camps will appear as the typical modern prisons will not be large enough to handle the numbers and there won’t be money for them. Just like the Nazis, the guards will be low IQ sociopathic sadistic thugs (much like your local police, did you know SCOTUS has ruled that you can be too smart to be cop?).

    And then, the final solution. The lunatics and the special people will determine the gulags are not cost effective and the labor inside them will be deemed surplus (just like the Nazis). The gas chambers may be employed or more likely the Communist method of a single pistol shot to the back of the head to deal with the surplus.

    Then the special people will have achieved the goal of their race going all the way back to Abraham. Unchallenged world domination. Their main competitor will have been killed off and its gene pool diluted and polluted through miscreation, never to rise again. All the while they keep their gene pool pure. They will prove that Lenin was wrong in that the West would sell the Communist the rope with which to hang them. The special people will have accomplished Lenin’s dream with money, or more accurately, meaningless pieces of paper currency the idiots of the West would sell their soul for, all created out of thin air through the magic of central banking.

    But what about the Chinese, you ask (the Russians will be toast also and have no future)? The Chinese Communist Party has less respect for human life than the special people do (remember that their term for a non-special person is goy, short for goyim, which in special person language means “cattle”). Cutting a deal with the Chi-Coms will be prudent and child’s play. As savvy as they are, the Chi-Coms will be putty in the hands of the special people.

    But what about Islam? Once in power, the special people will have no problem doing what the USA should have done to Islam in the wake of 9/11 – bomb them back into the Stone Age, nuclear if necessary.

    So, what can a white man alive in the West today do? (1) Stay off the radar of the government. Pay your taxes and obey the traffic laws. (2) Go MGTOW ghost monk. Any interaction with a female other than a public business transaction is simply too risky. (3) Hide your internet footprint as much as possible. I use a second hand computer untraceable to me. Sure, they can use my service provider, but if necessary I can destroy this computer at a moments notice. (4) Save money like a madman while it is still worth something. (5) Buy as many acres as possible in a rural area far from the major cities populated by like minded heavily armed rednecks. (6) Learn how to be self-sufficient on your acreage.

    The above advise will, hopefully, carry you through the remainder of your life and you will die of natural causes. Sure, it paints a bleak picture. But, the choice is this or the feminist, POC, special person gulag that you will not survive. As a white man, your days are numbered. Only a fool can’t see it coming. Prepare thyself and prepare well for the time is nigh. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

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    • The Angry Outernationalist

      MGTOW is the real grass-roots for men: give me your tired, fucked-with masses of men, yearning to be free from Socialism, Evangelicalism, and the never-ending demands that Something Must Be Done …

      Что делать? (“What is to be done?”)

      Forget Lenin, forget Chernyshevsky, forget absurd Five Year Plans for Perfect Utopias.

      So we can continue your list then.

      (7) Stop trying to save people who can’t be saved.
      (8) Stop trying to help people who can’t be helped.
      (9) Stop trying to convince people who can’t be convinced.
      (10) Just stop trying and actually do some things to help yourself, and maybe they’ll help others.

      What is to be done?

      Mind your business, mind your environment, mind your life, and mind what is in your control.

      One point you made bears correction, however.

      “Just like the Nazis, the guards will be low IQ sociopathic sadistic thugs …”

      Ernst Kaltenbrunner, the head of the police in Nazi Germany, had an IQ just a bit under +1 SD above average.

      Don’t assume it’ll be stupid people who will wish for your containment, control, and eventual demise.

      There are plenty of not-quite-bright but not-quite-stupid people available for the jobs.


  • I guess you guys have caught this already, but it was nice to finally see RF featured on CNN. (0:52)


    • Relampago Furioso

      That would explain the demonetization, once you’re on the SOBs at CNN’s radar. I remember when the Washington Compost did their hit piece on Roosh. It wasn’t long before he was blacklisted.

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  • Don’t let other people think for you.


  • 26. More big-food and big-pharma subsidies resulting in poor health and huge corporate profits, via stolen tax money.


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