Why Big John’s Interview with CNN Was a Public Relations Fail for MGTOW

When the mainstream media comes around knocking on your door with olive branches in hand, wanting to poke around and ask a few questions you’d better watch out because a knife will soon be in your back. That’s just what happened to the men’s movement when the American propaganda network CNN sent Lisa Ling to do interviews with MGTOWs, namely Big John.

As someone who has over a decade experience in the bowels of the mainstream media working as one of their smiling faces/talking heads before becoming disgusted with the entire facade and bailing on this shameless industry a few years back, I must say Big John’s interview represented a massive public relations fail for MGTOW.

Big John should have put Ling on the defense when she bragged she was a feminist. Of course, CNN frames MGTOW as a “controversial” movement, a label they assign to thought criminals who don’t go along with the decapitation of Western civilization by corporate thugs endeavoring to create a permanent underclass by using the government white men created to destroy them, other ethnicities of men, and their roles in society.

If I had been interviewed by this lightweight “reporter” I would have fired back:

  • You say you are a feminist who supports women’s rights so why does it bother you Lisa, that men are sticking up for their own rights in a court system and a society that has turned against them?
  • Do you see men as little more than disposable utility objects?
  • Why do you support the breakup of the family, an institution that has sustained the human species since it evolved by supporting feminism which has broken up families and turned men and women into mortal enemies fighting for corporate favors?
  • What do you want society to do about the coming spinster bubble created by feminism, which has left millions of women childless and alone as they advance towards old age? Do you expect the state – supported mostly by male tax dollars – to pick up the tab of this social experiment gone wrong?
  • Do you think one of the end results of feminism – the demographic genocide of Caucasians – is a good outcome?
  • Do you support the environmental destruction caused by women and their spendthrift lifestyles which result in 80% of the earth-destroying consumerism waste machine being fueled by female purchasing decisions?
  • Do you think poor relations between the sexes is a desirable outcome of feminism?
  • What did women gain from feminism other than corporate wage slave jobs which dominate their lives?
  • Why do feminists revile having and raising children? Why is wage slavery and a precarious job with corporations that hire and fire preferable to being a mom?
  • Why did women want to enter and dominate the political and business worlds since those worlds were built by men so that they might serve the interests of women?
  • Why do you think abortion, which has been far bloodier than all the wars America has fought combined since its founding (and in only 45 years since Roe v. Wade became the law of the land) is a moral choice?
  • Do you think feminism will lead to the destruction of Western civilization? Do you care?
  • If you think Western civilization needs to be reformed because the patriarchy that built the land of milk and honey is evil, why did your ancestors come here and why are you choosing to stay?
  • Why are men choosing to live for themselves rather than women who obviously don’t care about them a threat to you and CNN?
  • Do you believe it’s fair for women to have the power to turn men into debt slaves via the child support system rather than sharing custody 50/50 with fathers?
  • How can you believe in equality and diversity at the same time? Since each concept is diametrically opposed to the other. How can everyone be equal and different at the same time?
  • Do feminists’ maternal instincts ever cry out or are they happy becoming genetic dead ends?
  • Is a job as a propagandist at CNN the be all, end all of existence? What are your plans after they replace you with another microphone holder?
  • Do you know what hypergamy is? Do you practice it? If so, why do you discriminate against men of lower socioeconomic status?

These are but a sampling of the questions I’d fire back at this vapid mouthpiece promulgating misandry on a disgraced network. You can’t be nice to the media, as they’re well versed in sophistry and psychological manipulation.

I have nothing for them.

Instead, Big John while making a few valid points let Ling set the tone of the discussion. He answered her questions without making valid counterpoints such as these and firing back.

I felt bad for him because he seems like yet another nice guy completely screwed over by an Anglobitch in frivorce court. Lisa, if women truly don’t need a man, why do women everywhere want us back on the plantation?

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  • I watched the whole interview. I think Big John came off as he did in large part because he didn’t appear to believe what he was saying. He wouldn’t stand behind his videos. His nervous laughter, his tentative manner of speaking, both made it look as if he was trying to softpedal things. It looks like he doesn’t want Lisa Ling’s disapproval. He couldn’t or didn’t control the back and forth, or even engage in a back and forth in any meaningful way. I think this is because he had to interact with a real live human and not a camera.

    Either way, it appeared he lacked the courage of his convictions.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “If I had been interviewed by this lightweight ‘reporter’ I would have fired back …”

    And it would not have mattered one bit at all.

    When you’re talking with the media, it’s similar to playing a football game in their stadium, with the best team they can put on the field, with covertly armed ringers who are there just to make you hurt, with referees and other officials who are friendly only to the home team.

    This is all meant to enforce “house rules” that say They Win and You Lose, every single time.

    Those rules include “selective inclusion”, where the home team of the media outlet edits the raw footage to present you in the worst light possible.

    So all of those parts of the interview where you look agitated and disturbed by the questions?

    All of that’s going into the broadcast footage reel, completely out of context, and all of the parts where you actually have your shit together won’t.

    Count on it, because that kind of visceral crap keeps people glued to the news.

    It worked for the old nasty tabloids of London back in the 19th century, it worked for the Hearst empire, and it works for CNN today.


    There, I wrote the title for you for a hypothetical anti-MGTOW tabloid covering that CNN interview.

    Oh, there isn’t one yet? You don’t rate as “official opposition” then, so suck it up, buttercup!

    Remember back in the day when Jello Biafra said “don’t hate the media, become the media”?

    That’s because Jello Biafra wasn’t a fucking dumbass.

    So how are the MGTOWs going to choke CNN on its Big Swinging Journalistic Dick?

    Tick tock! TICK TOCK! This game show’s a timed event, and there are no steak knives for second place!


    • Relampago Furioso

      Believe me, I know how their editing tricks work.

      Which is why I would have recorded the interview in full, posted it to the web and shown the world how full of sh!t CNN is.


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        I know there’d have to be some kind of organisation behind the kind of “new journalism” outlet I’d have in mind with deep pockets to fuck with all of the inevitable attempts to win lotto prizes in the Public Law Lotto Courts, but …

        Wouldn’t it be capital to have a more Gonzo version of Drudge’s media outlet that specialises in ambush interviews?

        Candid Camera for Crooked Journos … and for people who used to be in the biz, it’d be hotter than sex.


  • Shauna Hunt is feminist poison. This is how a man can lose his job:


  • For those of you who may be interested, there is a new article over at the Unz Review titled ‘The Criminalization of Masculinity.’
    It discusses the fallout of the sexual revolution and its consequences for me.
    I encourage a reading.


    • AKA male-bashing classes. When I demanded in the name of equality to have mandatory female-bashing classes in university, I was applauded by a few guys but ignored by the staff who just argued that what they did was not bashing.


  • This interview won’t have any impact on men prone to go follow MGTOW. I don’t know any who watch CNN. I missed the entire Obama presidency working in Asia and have returned for a few years before retirement. The shock at how far the US has deteriorated is palpable. It’s over here as far as anyplace I’d ever want to live. It’s just save your ass time. These horrific bitches who live here won’t ever be happy even after they’ve ruined Western Civilization. Best to watch the downfall from a safe distance.


    • But what happens when these Angloskanks start to fly into Asia/LatinAm/Caribbean/Africa to corrupt the femininity of the local women?
      And if any government disagrees, they end up getting bombed into oblivion thanks to armed White Knights wearing camo uniform?
      These Angloskanks aim to transform the entire planet into an Angloskank Globalist Feminist Plantation. Canada has been threatening foreign countries indirectly if they refuse to let free Canadian criminals who commit crimes abroad, only if they are female.


  • I don’t think that blaming Big John for what CNN did is very constructive. What would be constructive is that we learn from this and not talk to biased press. About a year and a half ago, Roosh had similar trouble with someone from the BBC.

    I would give Ted Turner the two dollars he would need to buy back CNN


    • One of Roosh’s supporters was trolling that vindictive cunt Shana Hunt of CTV news (the feminist who got a man fired because he laughed at a man saying FRTIP), and she sent Toronto police on him covertly that he didn’t know that he was marked for future instances of “criminal harassment”. Shana Hunt was reporting on some Roosh V protest that took place on the day of his World Tour, and while she and her news cameramen were filming the young man, Shana publicly stated that she was offended that he was filming her.

      He has said on a forum that he fled to Suriname, and joined the military there. He doesn’t have any nice words for Toronto. Wouldn’t blame him because he was vilified by the media and they tried to portray him as Roosh V.

      Femcunts living in Canada were smearing that man’s name online and spreading false news to his female Brazilian and Colombian friends so it isn’t surprising that he has fled Canada.

      Liked by 1 person

      • A year before Roosh did his infamous World Tour, he flew into Toronto quietly to check out the night life. What prodded him was that, in his forum, complaints about Toronto and its women ran fourteen pages. What I remember most about the post was that women hung together in the clubs and went to greasy spoons after closing. They wouldn’t talk to men. Going halfway around the world to get away from Toronto women seems like an indicator of sanity.


      • Toronto womyn are trained to hate and hold every man as a suspect, even if it’s a firefighter rescuing them from a burning building…but Toronto doesn’t have the crime rates like the favelas in Rio or ghettos of St.Louis.

        One theory is that empowered Toronto skanks use an Apex Fallacy (to quote from Misandry Bubble) and view all men as if they were the wealthy scammers, pimps and gangbangers who abuse women and rape them to settle drug debts.


  • Relampago Furioso

    This hit piece masquerading as journalism is an example of why I’ve come to hate Anglo culture.

    This aging, flat chested, flat bottomed chick would be a $30 ho at most in the streets of Asia. She steps foot in America and thanks to the totally cucked culture that balless Anglo men have created, she’s a goddess lecturing inferior males from her pedestal. Castigating men for daring to stop women from pilfering their wallets and treating them like subjects to be ruled over.

    A situation like this is untenable, and I root for the collapse of such a rotten culture.

    Now you know why I’m only here for the money, and ghost while I’m here. All American women have the same holier than thou attitudes. Those that immigrate here develop Anglobitch syndrome almost as soon as they step foot off the plane.


    • She is 41 and all you say about her appearance is true. I have to wonder if her employers have thought in those terms?


    • Ling is also a self admitted sugar baby in her early 30’s and a cock rider in her 20’s (there’s an article she wrote about all the random and often unprotected sex she had). Then she hit the wall and found her doctor husband to give her babies. She was never that cute, and I like asian women, but now is looking real long in the tooth.

      But then this broad will sit there an lecture men about MGTOW and feign this sadness over the divorced dad who hasn’t seen his kids in months. I will admit, a woman’s ability to rationalize every shit decision they make is pretty astounding. I’d be impressed with this ability if it wasn’t so sick.


  • Lisa Ling;

    “Women should be able to make decisions on their own.”

    (In the midst of her expose’ on how wrong it is when a group of men (finally) starts making decisions on their own.


  • MRAs and MGTOW act on the side of caution, but behind the closed doors, the elites and feminists they all aim to shut down manosphere content and have all straight men jailed.

    It’s like the story of the Male gym teacher who was fired because he refused to monitor a naked 9 year girl who identifies as a boy.
    If he did watch “him” in the locker room, a decade later, the “boy” will identify as a girl or pizza sandwich and claim that the gym teacher raped “her”.


  • Fuck CNN, they are just an evil appendage of the DS.

    Some people here need to buy themselves some Parasite killing supplements so as to not always be living in fear.

    You can find them at Pureformulas.com.


  • The storm clouds are surely coalescing into a mighty, torrential shit downpour.
    One has to ponder where this is going.
    I’ve said before, liberal progressivism is a sort of quasi-religion.
    It fills a void in the warped, distorted character of its adherents.
    It’s built on hatred.


    • “I’ve said before, liberal progressivism is a sort of quasi-religion”

      This is true mate, liberal progressivism is a way of life for these folks. They see and interpret everything through the lens of it, unable to cogitate and think for themselves.


  • Can we expect anything other than this from the MSM?
    Big John made a mistake by agreeing to this interview. I mean it’s common sense that the company doing the interview is going to interview you for lets say an hour, but only actually show a few mins of the actual interview, contorted and cropped to their advantage. Big John must not have any common sense. He came off as the typical goofy, fat, soy boy looking white dude that RF rails about.
    The interview is a slap in the face to Mgtow and red pilled men.
    Never trust what the MSM feeds you, never trust Anglo women and go your own fucking way and do what is best for you as a man.
    Remember, this country forgot about you long ago. The women of this country forgot about you from the time you were an adolesent through your current existence. You owe these people nothing.
    You’re rights were usurped by these people all because you have an appendage instead of a hole between your legs.
    So fuck em.
    Monk mode
    Move abroad to a non western country as soon as you are finacially able to. The elites are catching onto mgtow and mens attempts to extricate themseves from the plantation.
    Walk away from this BS.


  • Big John and Jerry Liu are forever on my shit list for throwing all MGTOW and similar content creators under the bus for their 15 minutes of fame. They should have goddamn known better than to have anything to do with MSM. That interview should have never taken place.

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    • Craig,

      Well said the lesson to learn here is if you run a Red Pill site or MGTOW blog do not get involved with the MSM remember they hate your guts, they are or nearly all anti white male too.
      Big John came over as a overweight butt hurt divorcee.

      Liked by 1 person

  • https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2771379/I-sugar-baby-Lisa-Ling-reveals-dated-wealthy-older-man-seduced-luxury-lifestyle.html

    She can chase her feminist imperatives unimpeded by anything cultural or legal. She’s proven that. Going from sugar baby flings to having children with a decent husband. Fair play to her. Go get what you want.

    But when men express the desire to determine and pursue their own imperatives, she’s right there to scold and criticize, albeit in a “What? Me? I’m just saying…” tone.

    “We recognize that there are always two sides to every story…”

    You sure Lisa? You sure that you do that?


  • First,

    “I wanted to know more about this controversial movement.”


    “What is MGTOW?”

    How did she already have it branded as controversial before she knew about it?

    MGTOW threatens female social primacy and it threatens the extractive matriarchy that we live under. It’s not going to be respected. I’d have preferred that these guys ghosted.

    Going on CNN to put yourself in the crosshairs like this is not smart. It’s not ghosting.

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