Genocide Coming Into Focus As Ultimate Aim of Social Justice Warriors

The latest video from Paul Joseph Watson is nausea inducing, to say the least.

Demonstrating the complete inversion in reality 50 years of Deep State sponsored propaganda has been singularly successful creating, young girls are explicitly being taught to hate white people under the guise of anti-racism by a “comedian” named Kristina Wong. Gender confusion is being inculcated into children in the same video. And a generation is being taught the only solution to the world’s problems is to eliminate white men and take everything they have away from them.

It’s hard to deny those pushing this sort of propaganda want to see an entire ethnic group dead. Wong has become everything she is supposedly against. But, Wong’s web site says her video has a dual-pronged purpose:

How do we keep girls of color from internalizing the racist and misogynistic rhetoric amplified by the election of a presidential bully?

How do we empower them to embrace their identities and become allies to other social movements?

If you were ever in denial about America now being firmly in the grips of a socialist revolution that leftists are working hard to turn into a violent purge, Wong’s video series will alleviate those doubts. The far left’s irrational obsession with “equality” and “social justice” and “racism” and “misogyny” was foretold by Soviet propagandist and KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov nearly 35 years ago. Even in those days, Bezmenov said the U.S. was undergoing the early stages of a socialist revolution. Unfortunately, it appears we are about to live through the horrors Bezmenov tried to warn against. The ideological subversion Bezmenov detailed is plain to see in Wong’s video.

Of course, as one might expect YouTube, owned by far-left Google has not taken the videos down despite a massive censorship purge of supposedly “offensive” videos that’s underway. Libertarians and conservatives are being silenced, while overt racism of the kind found in Wong’s Radical Cram School is promoted by the mainstream media in glowing reviews of Wong’s series.

If you’ve read TNMM, you’ll know I’ve been warning about Racial Bolshevism and a socialist revolution that’s been on a low boil since the blog’s inception. The low boil is about to turn into a figurative explosion. Social engineers and genocidal maniacs start small, but it’s not long before labeling an entire ethnicity “racists” spirals out of control, then demonization begins, then violence targeted at that group begins.

Millions of Kulaks died in the Russian Revolution. Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” killed 45 million as they were worked, starved, or beaten to death. Millions more died when the Khmer Rouge conducted a socialist revolution in Cambodia.

Scapegoating a group of people then targeting them for elimination from a society is the signature of every Socialist revolution that has occurred, and there’s every reason to believe the elite-backed American Socialist Revolution seeks to visit death upon the European descended, founding population of the United States.

The plasticity of the human mind never ceases to amaze. What a frightful portent for the future – not just with the specter of Racial Bolshevism and genocide coming into view – but to witness the stunning power of Anglo-American mind control techniques, and consider if this is where we are at as a species in 2018 where will we be in 10, 20, or 50 years?

It’s truly amazing to witness the American power structure’s ability to foment such hatred and not only get away with it, but to convince those perpetuating actual hate crimes they possess superior virtue because of their skin color.

It only gets worse from here. The stunning evil of my species, regardless of race just stuns me. I no longer feel like I’m part of anything that’s going on here on this planet, as I just can’t fathom what makes people tick if this is what is churning just beneath the surface. I’ll just take on the role George Carlin suggested: Become a spectator, and write about it.

We are about to witness evil unleashed by American social engineers and leftists that will be one of the most frightening spectacles in the history of this tiny world, that is, unless this sort of indoctrination is stopped.

Americans, this isn’t happening by accident. Your government did this to you on purpose, at the behest of corporations aiming to gain fascistic control. I’ve said it before: America has become the most evil nation on earth because of the psychopaths that have been running it from behind the curtain for at least half a century.

What happens when censorship means propaganda like this is all we get to see, even online?

An atrocity is coming. Expect it.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    What happens when a group of people is so boring that they can’t map the territory of what’s funny?

    They look for the edges of the territory and then make fun of them so they can derive situational humour from perverting the map.

    Mizz Kristina Wong practises humour in the way of the “non-player character” or NPC looking for some way to externalise a perverted world view in order to derive humour through a kind of “weak algorithm for funny talk”.

    I do, however, have hope for the kids on the basis that most of this will eventually be seen as over-the-top stupid and absurd, much in the same way that teenagers subjected to “driver training films” sloughed off much of the same …

    As amusing as it would be to point out that Mizz Wong is ugly and her mother dressed her funny as a counterpoint, it would also be a sad reflection of the truth: this “humour” of hers is only funny because she’s making a complete arse of herself in order to attempt “humour by algorithm”.


    NPC Humour Good
    Orange Man DoublePlusUngood
    Angry Outernationalist TripleDoublePlusUngood With Double Secret Prostration And American Cheese Product

    … uh, yeah.

    Can I get a Neapolitan?

    I heard it’s TriplePlusGood IceCreamDiversity … 🙂


  • Nietzsche’s Slave Morality


  • They are not being brainwashed to hate white people – just white MEN. And this hatred seems runs stronger among white (and especially Anglo-American) women than among any other ethno-cultural group – check this out:


    • You got a point. It’s not Inuits living in igloos north of Baffin Bay or Cherokees running casinos preaching anti-male hatred to every country in the world—It’s mostly middle and upper class white women.
      On the other hand (no pun intended), white women do not hate wealthy white men or men who are effeminate gays.
      Many of the Red Pill pussy beggars think that by being more masculine that they will attract rabid feminists….Laugh out loud.


  • You have to create a massively dumbed down populace full of jealousy, greed and people too full of their own sadness and personal confusion to be aware of what’s going on around them, to pull off this communist takeover but it looks to be well underway due to the poisoning of our food air and water, using especially flouride, soy, GMOs and the pesticide atrazine. But eventually there will be an awakening, sadly it will take 50 to 100 years for that awakening to happen, which means our lives are wasted and lost in the meantime. Large swaths of the human race are actually devolving as society becomes more chaotic, illogical and confused. For instance here in California people are running red lights everywhere, I look around a second or so before I make my way after the light turns green, it’s incredibly dangerous on the roads here, even in neighborhoods, this is a new dangerous phenomena, it’s maddeningly stupid but when the populace has a diminishing IQ I expect more stupidity and horrors to occur. I want to move out of country but I have teenagers here and I’m debating to go now or wait until graduation. If I knew then what I know now I would not of had kids, its wrong that they will not experience the promise that is the American Republic. By the way Los Angeles is in the throws of get this, a typhoid epidemic and Colorado has The Plague, look it up its not a secret, just stupidity at its finest. We cannot even control diseases we conquered generations ago because it’s not politically correct. The last laugh is going to be had by the men controlling the communist takeover behind the scenes using woman as their front “men” this time and getting all their male competition current and future out of the game, as it were.


  • Propaganda. It works for a while, until credibility is lost. Then, a new form of propaganda sneaks in. Eventually, they all fail. Unfortunately, millions of people die in between. Those in power, know that it’s expensive to have a war on our own land. So, the next best thing, divide the population in large groups, put them up against each other and let the revolution unravel. Then, you grab half of what’s left and throw them in prisons. Redistribute the wealth, let the loyal ones rest a little and then throw them in a war. Further population-control. Kind like a dog fight. It doesn’t matter who wins as long as the organizers make money. I assume that’s how our leaders see us all…


  • Racism is just a communist tool to control what people think and what people do. Communists win by framing the argument and making people defend themselves as not racist. Hats off to Paul Joseph anyway.


  • We need more men like Paul Joseph Watson. Nice post Rel. You want to know a really fucked up group….the soy boys. As Watson says these perverted communists have really messed up the kids, but that is how they start communist revolutions. As for Trump, people can make bold predictions but I will hold off piling on if just to back something the communists hate. The communists, which includes the DS, hate Trump. You know what I hate? The creepy ass soy boys and social justice warriors.

    Watson nails what I stated earlier with BOLD capital letters. THESE ARE COMMUNISTS. Not democrats, liberals or leftists. They NEED to be called what they are.


    • Yes that’s what I keep saying, they are Communists! Using the terms leftists or liberals is misleading. The Democratic party started merging with the American Communist Party in the 50s sadly most Democrats did not and do not know this secret and so they have kept supporting a party that is destroying the American Republic.
      I suspect that they are heavily infiltrating the Republican party at this time and are using human greed to work their way in through payoffs. Its big money millions and there are lessons on how to make the money grow, I’m sure as we all know life is short and greediness is rampant that little to no one is turning these offers down.
      As money flows greed and sellouts grow.


  • Canada has already figured out a way to exterminate conservative males—take away their jobs, their future livelihoods and even their welfare under feminist policies.


  • Relampago,
    You and Chateau Heartiste have been two of the ‘manospheres’ great chroniclers of the growing anti-white animus.
    Unlike Heartiste, you have been pretty consistent in your scepticism of Trump. Heartiste hopes white can rally and halt the demographic onslaught. I do not share his belief in this matter. It is simply a foregone conclusion. It isn’t now, it was now 25 years ago.
    Ron Unz over at the Unz Review is pretty optimistic regarding the future of ‘minority-majority’ America. Unz is a exceptionally bright guy. However, he and a lot of people don’t take into account the economic angle.
    A very rich and sated society is going to behave very differently than a poor and desperate one.


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