Anglosphere Social Engineers and Scientists Strive for Sexless Future as Part of a Suicidal Machine Culture


Don’t even think about it! Anglosphere scientists are now calling for a sexless future

Gender confusion is everywhere these days and it’s part of a calculation, not an accident. Anglo-American social engineers have carefully introduced gender fluidity, transgenderism, sex shaming, mom shaming, male shaming, and other anti-life, anti-biology, anti-human concepts into the public consciousness. They’ve also fueled an entire feminist movement by manipulating the masses of women to become wannabe men using Freud’s penis envy theory. They’re even starting to turn sexual intercourse itself and the natural male pursuit of it into taboo with ginned up social hysterias like #MeToo.

What could be the ultimate aim of those not only endeavoring to confuse the masses about their gender but to make sex itself a thing of the past?

Is it eugenics? Do the elite desire not only to control the entire world, but to control human reproduction itself?

Could this aim be the reason prostitution remains illegal in the Anglosphere’s all-out War on Sex, despite calls for its legalization and elite members of the Washington establishment including Dick Cheney, Rudy Giuliani, and John McCain reportedly, along with a host of high level government officials using the services of a suicided D.C. Madam and her call girls? Sex for hire is okay for me but not for thee, plebs. Stunning hypocrisy.

(A little background: The D.C. Madam, under investigation by the corrupt IRS was about to take her case to trial and squeal. This would have revealed her client list and their hypocrisy but the madam suddenly killed herself instead, after giving multiple interviews saying she wasn’t going to kill herself. This, after interviewers claimed her life was in danger because the D.C. Madam’s phone records list consisted of elite Washington clients. Imagine the scandals it would have provoked when the D.C. Madam fought back against IRS thievery of her livelihood, a livelihood gleaned from her escort service that Washington insiders frequented. More on this case another time.)

Could eugenics be why Anglo culture drives a wedge between men and women at every turn? Could eugenics be why there are severe financial risks for men who dare to reproduce? Could eugenics be why women are submerged in Don’t Need A Man™ propaganda their entire lives? Could eugenics be one of the motivations behind creating a #MeToo culture in which men can be brought up on witch trials with baseless claims decades after “harassment” supposedly happened? Does the Anglosphere want to ban sex altogether, as TNMM suggested in a recent article?

The answer to all those questions, it appears, is yes. The Anglosphere has long taken over the realm of eugenics, the science of controlled human breeding it once lambasted when the practice was employed in Nazi Germany. But, even after Hitler killed himself eugenics never went away.

As was the case with Nazi rocket scientists being gobbled up by the American establishment then employed to create the U.S. space program, it seems the realm of eugenics was absorbed into the world’s modern evil empire. The Anglo-American power structure seems more determined than ever to sneak the use of eugenics in on a socially atomized population in which men and women have become bitter enemies thanks to gender wars ginned up by the establishment. An obscure article in the Daily Mail may give us insight into what elites who buy legislators, scientists and social engineers alike are endeavoring to do.

Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it … The wonderful Cole Porter song, Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall In Love, lists many of the species who enjoy pairing off: ‘Even Pekineses at the Ritz do it!’

The Pekineses are not alone: 99.9 per cent of higher animal species reproduce themselves sexually. Species capable of reproducing themselves without contact between male and female are in the distinct minority.

Whiptail lizards and some hammer-head sharks apparently do it. Or rather, don’t do it. But so far no one has written a song about them and their lonely sexual endeavours.

A research geneticist from Imperial College London, Aarathi Prasad, has tried to do the next best thing. Not only has she written a celebration of those eccentric creatures who are capable of reproducing by themselves without sexual contact, she controversially claims that sexless reproduction is the way of the future for humans, too.

Yes, it seems viviparous reproduction (as Huxley called it in his novel Brave New World) will be the next causality of Anglo culture and its never-ending designs to strip humans of our biology to create a “perfect” machine-dominated culture. The Daily Mail predictably places this horrific undertaking under the banner of so-called progress early in its report:

A generation ago, test-tube babies were the stuff of science fiction: now, we accept these things as realities. In the same way, suggests Prasad, we could well be looking at a future in which human babies could be born without any sperm donors, let alone contact between the sexes. The future is sexless.

Artificial wombs, genetically engineered sperm, splicing eggs together, test tube babies and the end of sexuality are the way of the future, Prasad claims. In true Anglosphere fashion, the equation is as follows: Machines > Humans.

It does seem the Anglo world is making life miserable for men in anticipation of something grandiose on the horizon.

Like a sexless world.

But, just because humans can do something, doesn’t mean we should. That said, prudence never stopped the world’s ultimate sellout culture – an apt description of the Anglosphere – from trying to make a buck off of a new discovery no matter the human cost.

Prasad, possessing the “superior virtue of the oppressed” by virtue of being a woman of color, doubly virtuous because she abandoned the father of her daughter in true feminist fashion, has obviously been selected to be a cheerleader of the eugenics movement.

It seems Prasad familiarized herself with the tried and true Anglosphere corruption of The Hegelian Dialectic that cleverly amoral PR flacks use to shoehorn fake problems into the public consciousness.

Fake problems are frequently introduced via the mainstream media. A fake problem this profound means those licking their chops at the prospect of seizing control of the reproductive capacity of the human species can, nay must introduce their “solutions” on a pliable public:

She warns that the Y chromosome — the strand of DNA which helps shape the male of any species — is ‘hurtling down the evolutionary road towards extinction’. Research has shown that the genetic information contained on it has been disintegrating over time.

This is the first I’ve heard of this problem. Where did it come from? What’s causing it? How could a Y chromosome be stable for millions of years then suddenly become unstable?

Could the catastrophic drop in quantity and quality of American sperm counts reported by the press in recent years be a result of intentional tampering with human biology via the food and water supply? Eugenicist Paul Ehrlich, darling of the Anglo-American establishment has long promoted his fantasy of sterilizing people by putting chemicals into the water supply.

Predictably, in comes the corporate solution from those wanting to play God. Continuing from Daily Mail:

And, if that is the case, if the Y chromosome really is dying out, then does this not mean that the human race itself is slowly dying out — unless scientists can devise artificial means for the human race to reproduce itself?

Do you realize how diabolical this is? Tell the human race it will die out unless an artificial means of reproduction is introduced, effectively ending heterosexuality, eventually making sexual reproduction illegal, and putting the genetic legacy as well as future of the human species itself in the hands of the profit-worshiping medical-pharmaceutical establishment?

What could possibly go wrong with that plan?

There are more troubling questions that arise as a result of the revelation that eugenicists are busy creating the case for a sexless future. Could this be why the HIV/AIDS narrative was introduced into the public consciousness decades ago? It’s becoming plain to see what the HIV/AIDS scare really amounted to was a form of plague terror intended to scare people away from having sex. HIV/AIDS predictably never materialized into a pandemic in the heterosexual population because it is next to impossible to transmit by penis in vagina intercourse. The CDC’s own statistics bear this out.

But, the seed was planted in the public mind. Sex was now dangerous. And having sex meant you could contract terrible diseases. The Anglo-American establishment effectively made billions of people scared of getting a deadly form of the childhood game of “cooties” with the HIV/AIDS campaign of plague terror.

Was this a social engineering scheme aimed at garnering public acceptance of a sterilizing drug when a bioweapon is eventually synthesized and introduced on the world population? Considering the astronomical level of corruption displayed by the American government and its insidious Deep State, corruption that has only started coming to light because of the Internet we should not put anything past Washington.

Towards the end of the writeup, Prasad finally gets at what she really means as she predictably mixes in Social Justice Warrior rhetoric with her desire to take away the very essence of humanity – our ability to reproduce and to enjoy our sexuality.

Like so many scientists, Aarathi Prasad believes long-held taboos and traditions should be cast aside in the name of progress.

Did you catch the code word? I did. Yes, you plebs need to stop fucking. Sex is for the ruling class to enjoy, not you. Giving up that nasty habit is “progress” towards a perfect, sterilized, mechanized world. Continuing from Daily Mail:

She wants us to drop all our prejudices about sex, sexual difference, reproduction and foetuses, and to allow science to develop in any way it chooses.

In comes the gender bending, now being taught to young girls as a way of life.

‘Why can’t a man be a mother?’ she asks. ‘Why do we care so much about what it means to be a ‘mother’ rather than to be a ‘parent’?

‘By all reasonable estimates, in the near future we will conquer the tyranny of the womb. The question remains if we can also conquer the tyranny of human prejudice, too.’

At least the author of the Daily Mail piece called this frightful plea for humanity to abandon sex, abandon family, and embrace the sterile, mechanical future the Anglosphere has designed for us what it is – evil. A product of a culture that has gone insane.

In the old myth about the Garden of Eden, God says that ‘it is not good for man to be alone’. Modern science disagrees. It thinks there is nothing wrong with this.

A generation ago, we watched families breaking up in large numbers for the first time, and the breakdown of marriages. Nearly every observer of society agrees that this was calamitous, especially in the less privileged parts of our cities, where lack of family structure is the major background and cause of crime, psychological dislocation, and anti-social behaviour.

What appears to be a scientific exploration is actually a political tract, saying that we can do without a patriarchal, male-dominated society, do without Dad, without family, without any of the structures which have hitherto shaped the human destiny.

The subtitle of Prasad’s thesis is How Science Is Redesigning The Rules Of Sex. To my mind, this book is not so much redesigning the rules of sex as suggesting sex as we know it should be abolished.

It is a good example of something purporting to be a work of science but is, in fact, as brimful of prejudice as any religious text, and as biased as any loony tract.

However, this article was published a while back and we all know how politics works. Hillary criticized gay marriage before becoming a fervent supporter of it, after all.

This is the playbook: The establishment introduces a social engineering concept, initially criticizes it, then herds the public along towards its eventual acceptance.

This single article from Daily Mail ties together so many loose threads. It explains the true intent of the Anglo-American War on Sex, it explains why children are now being confused about their gender, why heterosexuality is marginalized and alternative sexual preferences are vaunted, why men are being emasculated, ostracized and abandoned, why plague terror is a recurring agenda item in the mainstream media, why women are being told to act like men, why the family unit is being destroyed by the state, and why women are being given absolute power over men in all matters of sexuality.

It’s eugenics. The elite want to control not just your life but strip your sex life and your ability to reproduce from you. The earth will be a human farm with the 0.01% driving the rest like cattle if the elite’s plans come to fruition.

Gentlemen, the questions I have raised as a result of not only calls for a sexless world but probable plague terror and definite social engineering are why I have become deeply concerned about not only the future of free Western societies, but the fate of the human species itself. An artificial world is about to permeate and poison the natural one our species evolved in. It must be stopped.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    “How could a Y chromosome be stable for millions of years then suddenly become unstable?”

    Is this genetic climate change or genetic climate control?

    Someone wake me up when the genetic Maunder Minimum is about to kick off.


    • “How could a Y chromosome be stable for millions of years then suddenly become unstable?”

      Change the diet which had not changed for thousands of years. Introduce GMO soy and grains into the base of the food system. Cook everything in PUFA. Psyop the culture, brainwash white males to be feminine. Model white men on TeeVee as submissive, creepy goofs. In summary, weaken the previously strong white male population. Have them wear tight whites while they set a laptop on their crotch ETC, etc..all things which previous generations have NEVER been exposed to.


  • “Men’s rights activists must wake up and realize that the time for trying to counter the hypocrisy with rationality – with essentially male arguments, using facts and truth, in the hope that sense will prevail – is not going to make ANY difference to the relentless feminist long march on men”
    -Herbert Purdy ICMI-16


    • Haha…reminds me of when I finally woke up to the red pill in my relationship(s). The amount of time I spent “logically” arguing with the opposite sex was not only ridiculous but completely blue pill.

      First rule of fight club is… never argue with a woman.


      • Rel, truly thank you for another excellent article on some very terrifying developments. You do all your readers a major service. You guys who comment regularly here are excellent as well and add a lot to the discussion.


  • OK, guys, let’s try it one more time.

    Everything, and I mean everything, from an individual’s behavior to how societies organize and govern themselves, is based upon one thing and one thing only – reproduction. Anything else being argued to the contrary is mere window dressing or, more importantly, an attempt by the arguer to better position themselves for reproductive success and/or reproductive opportunity.

    As TNMM has noted, testosterone levels are dropping and the male Y chromosome is shrinking. The answer for this is simple, just as Occam’s Razor would suggest.

    Dawkins’ Selfish Gene Theory leads the thinking man to the bottom of the rabbit hole. How does Dawkins have anything to do with the shrinking Y chromosome? Again, the answer is simple.

    Genetic science has proven that in a female XX one X chromosome is dominant and the other submissive (regressive). Science also has proven that asexual reproduction, no male sperm required, from viruses to amoebas, is a perfectively natural species survival strategy. This is known as simple cell division, or mitosis.

    What if the original human genes on the original chromosomes in the primordial ooze reproduced themselves via mitosis? Meaning there was no need for a Y, just the XX. Asexual reproducing species have a very hard time of survival if not in an ideal environment (i.e., a host for viruses, a pond for amoebas). Does evolution tell us that genetic adaptation is the norm, just as Dawkins and Darwin suggest?

    What if, in the harsh environment of the primordial ooze, the original human genes on the regressive X chromosome mutated, voluntarily or more probably by force, into a Y chromosome designed to be willing to fight, kill, and die in service to the dominant X chromosome genes?

    As a reminder, the X chromosome contains roughly 1200 genes while the Y chromosome contains only roughly 120, a ten to one differential. The male has an X and a Y. Which chromosome do think rules? Why the fuck does a male even have an X? Again, the answer is simple. Just as nature intended.

    In a reproductive mating dance, the female XX chromosomes has roughly 2400 genes on her side plus the 1200 genes from the male resulting in a power differential of 3600/120, or 30 to 1. Ever felt like a woman was making a complete fool of you and you were clueless? The answer is easy. Her army vastly outnumbers yours plus you have an army of traitors in your own camp. Genetically, your Y doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell, exactly as designed when the original Y chromosome was mutated into being.

    Back to why the regressive X was mutated into a service provider Y for the dominant X. Times were hard in the ooze and the X needed the Y for survival. When ties are hard the X will placate the Y for provisioning, protection, etc. Think of the Stone Age or the Dark Ages or the Ice Age or even as recent as the Great Depression and WWII. BTW, you didn’t hear any feminist howling during the 1930s and 1940s did you? Why? Times were hard.

    When times are easy, think Babylon or Greece or Rome or the Industrial Revolution coming up to speed in 1850. Times get very easy. Then, and only then, when the X doesn’t need the Y for survival does feminism rear its ugly head. When the X doesn’t need the Y it will selective breed it out as the Y is seen as the completion for resources that it is. Just that simple.

    In very recent terms, ever notice that third wave feminism did not rear its own ugly head until the 1990s. What happened in 1989? The Soviet Union collapsed and the X therefore needed the Y even less. Ever notice that third wave feminism really took off in the early 2000s? What occurred at that time? The electronics revolution that made times not only easy but extremely easy. Just that simple.

    So, to wrap it up. The reason the modern Y is shrinking is because the X doesn’t need it. Again, just that simple. Think about it. Think about your own behavior and interactions with modern females and the policies of your government. Not only does the X not need the Y, your government doesn’t need it either!

    Let’s close with r/K selection in terms of an X chromosome dominated culture (gynocentrism) and mass third world immigration. What could they possibly have to do with each other. Again, as Occam tells us, the answer is simple.

    The X chromosome cares about one thing and one thing only – its survival and reproduction. It does not care about quality. Now that times are extremely easy and the X is breeding its native supply of resource competing Y’s out of existence, the X at the genetic level (which is all that matters) knows it needs a strong yet also subservient Y.

    The X can now easily provide for itself. The pool of native strong yet subservient Y’s is shrinking so the X seeks foreign strong Y’s as replacements. The X has spread its legs willingly for conquerors throughout history. No conquerors, no problem. Let’s import them.

    The X chromosome has an r reproductive strategy. The Y chromosome, while compelled to spread its seed to the wind, has a K reproductive strategy. Ever notice that a mother will not rush into a burning house to save her children but a father, and even unknown males, will rush in? The genetic answer is easy. As long as a female has eggs, r strategy, the X can reproduce. The Y can only reproduce when he knows the offspring are his, and his fellow Y will help in the endeavor known as K reproductive strategy.

    And the cycle continues. The Great Wheel in the Sky Keeps Turning. There is nothing new under the sun. Are you starting to get it? Nothing else matters except her X chromosome and, unfortunately for you, your X chromosome. The only way out of this biological and social trap is not to play. Hence, the great men of the past and the MGTOW of the present.

    The choice is clear. Fulfill your biological destiny of death for the X chromosome or choose life via your Y chromosome. There is nothing more to say.


    • “As TNMM has noted, testosterone levels are dropping and the male Y chromosome is shrinking. The answer for this is simple, just as Occam’s Razor would suggest.”

      Testosterone levels have dropped precipitously over the past 20 years. From everything I have seen and heard there has not been a drop in male testosterone levels for thousands of years that compares to what we have seen the last 20. Not sure what your theory is? Our genes are generally finite. In other words if you eat a lot of toxic food and drink lot of alcohol it has a good chance of shortening your life span as well as limiting your physical characteristics. On the other hand you can eat well by eliminating PUFA, GMO grains, etc along with doing things to repair DNA damage and have a good chance of living to your full potential. The DNA is pre-coded to give you a certain amount of years. As of now it is just not possible to change that coding. You can extend your life span within that code frame but generally not beyond. There is a lot of talk about manipulating the code but as of now it has not happened. Why hasn’t it happened? Because even in a controlled environment it is a very complex endeavor which has to be done by very intelligent agents.

      My eyes have seen men from the 1950’s versus now and let me tell you the physical changes are material. Not only have men become more feminized but they are losing their hair and going gray much sooner. Graying hair can be synonymous with thyroid issues. The number of people with thyroid issues nowadays is off the charts. The thyroid is extremely important to overall health. For reasons I won’t get into I saw a soap.opera the other day and what stuck out to me was that all the young male actors had graying hair. This was never something that occurred in the 1970″s. The male actors were also more feminine focused which should not surprise. .

      The bottom line is that the effect of diet, big pharma drugs, media psyops as well as environmental factors tend to be WAY underrated.


    • BTW, life spans in the U.S. have fallen for 2 straight years. When I predicted that they would peak and fall people thought I was crazy. it was assumed that “science” proved we are just going to live longer. Let me tell you about “science”. Unfortunately a lot of it is bullshit theory with embellished evidence emanating from political directives.

      The quality of life has become absolutely wretched all the while we are being told that our quality of life is the best it has ever been. A lie from the pit of hell. The stress put on our bodies from the new food paradigm along with the environmental factors have wreaked havoc on people in the U.S. An example would be males of nordic descent who consistently have digestive issues related to gluten intolerance. Changing their diet to GMO grains is just one factor involved in seriously undermining their vitality. For thousands of years the peoples of northern Europe ate animal flesh which was not restricted to just muscle meat. Milk and cheese were also a staple.

      Caesar’s Commentary on the Gallic Wars regarding the nation of the Suevi = “..They do not pay much attention to agriculture, and a large portion of their food consists in milk, cheese, and flesh.”

      Unfortunately a lot of milk, cheese and animal protein has been undermined with chemicals ect. nowadays


      • Richard Dawkins is a quake with a lot of unproven theories.

        We are consumers. Historically a big part of man’s energy/finances was spent on food. The DS decided that if they could lower food costs the consumers discretionary income could go to other areas of the corporate economy like debt, technology, healthcare, retail, etc. Feeding the corporate economy. Thus SOYlent green. GMO soy/grains, PUFA, etc. Demonize fresh milk, meat, cheese while altering their original form. The cost of today’s food has been lowered materially by reducing the quality materially.

        Did you know that a McDonald’s meal today is completely different food than it was in the early 1970’s? Everything is cooked in PUFA these days. PUFA is so damaging that even a little can cause premature hair loss.


    • John,
      nice effort to explain and compare biology and sociology. The point is that if your theory is correct, then, somehow there was a straight line of evolution for millions of years, going strictly in one direction. Then, starting a couple of thousand years ago, it started going backward and then forward and then backward again… Not very likely. So, while evolution sounds very logical in some areas, it makes no sense at a large scale. You can’t just switch it on and off and change directions as it fits other theories. Sorry, it’s the extreme cunning and predatory nature of females that was perfected in this country by a few spineless men who were so pussy-whipped that they sold us all for a moment of attention from some fat and nasty local women. What you call “y chromosome “ is just plain stupidity that is currently taught in virtually all other nations that the internet can reach.


  • I’m not sure whether it is eugenics rather than an insane puritanical desire to eradicate all normal human interaction as ‘dirty’ or unprofitable. Eugenics is specifically about trying to improve people via selective breeding – yet I see very little human improvement arising from the Anglosphere’s demented policies.


    • Relampago Furioso

      An astute observation. While the Anglo elite label it eugenics amongst themselves, the true aims are profit, control, and demoralization of the populace.

      As I alluded to in the article, all this is a product of a profoundly sick culture.


    • Good point…well it’s making homosexuality and transgenderism more popular with males these days.

      What if becoming a homo or tranny is the only way for men to get jobs and have a chance to speak with women without being labelled as a sexual predator?

      Hey, even gays who molest their adopted “sons” don’t receive the brunt of mainstream smear campaigns or angry mobs a la Roosh V.

      Have you read the court decision by a feminist Judge who proclaimed that (Canadian) women can’t be pedophiles, when referring to an accused who took part in child p0rnography rings and was making videos of herself performing oral on a baby boy and also forcing a male toddler to lick her smelly pussy?


      • Leeway,
        this lgbt preference in hiring is already in full effect. In US, only DACA people surpass the lgbt in benefits. If you are lgbt you are absolutely guaranteed any school and any job you want. Many university professors are lgbt and push their group’s agenda to everyone.


    • I have to agree with Rookh that this is borne of an “insane puritanical desire”. There are a lot of people out there that hate sex and I do wish they had less influence. As for technology replacing it, it will be expensive and consumptive of resources. Still, very few cows meet bulls in the present age.


      • fuzziewuzziebear Its not so much that “there are a lot of people out there that hate sex” its just that those bastards don’t want ANYONE ELSE getting access to it. As always, its about control and money. Think if you could CONTROL sex just how much MONEY that would bring in! Men must learn to control giving their sexual-access to females after all, HE is the prize!

        “Men would do well to remember that the vast majority of life and liberty can be preserved by the choice to Go Your Own Way. Reject marriage. Reject the military. Reject corporate slavery. Reject chivalry. Reject group consensus on who and what you should be as a man. And reject ANYONE, including your family, who tries to coerce you out of those choices. Do all that, and you have a reasonable shot at a free, happy life. Never forget it is your choice and your responsibility.

        There are no victims, just volunteers”. –Paul Elam AVFM

        Liked by 1 person

  • What a dystopian world we live in. The Elites are most certainly psychotic and sociopathic to the core. It most be from all of the inbreeding and ritual sacrifices over the years.

    What is worse though are the regular average people who are totally blind to what is going on…..just like slaves as they type away on their dumb phones.


  • To be fair, we do need to drastically reduce the global population. So I`m all for lower fertility rates. The problem is really the attempted white genocide by Zionists. (Not all Jews mind you.)

    It`s not really a problem for say Japan that they have low birth rates, as long as they maintain racially “pure.” To a certain point that is. But they could easily cut the pop. in half and see only benefits as a result. Also, it`s very important to reduce the fertility rates in Africa. Nigeria is a humanitarian disaster waiting to happen for example, with it`s explosive pop. growth. And India is a huge mess of horny fucks.

    But we all know what is happening in Europe and the US. And that is a different issue entirely. We are going extinct due to the Marxist-Feminist brainwashing, and the source of all this is Zionism. It`s simply tribal warfare on a sophisticated level.


    • Relampago Furioso

      “To be fair, we do need to drastically reduce the global population.”

      No, we don’t. Not in the West. Our demographics are now suicidal. That overpopulation narrative is more globalist pseudoscience from the likes of eugenicist Paul Ehrlich. Here’s a Red Pill on that, and how horribly wrong the establishment has been about overpopulation.


      • Can`t really see where we disagree there Rel. The global pop. is not just the Western pop after all. (Actually a relatively small part now.) And as for Euro and US whites, we would be fine…with no immigration.

        But as I also said, eventually we would need to produce more babies again. But the real issue is replacement of whites. The birth rates are not a pressing issue until many centuries in the future, as far as the indigenous population of Europe and Japan goes.



    Conservative ‘Proud Boys’ Labeled “Extremist Group” By FBI


  • I’m just waiting for the feds to make sex outside of marriage illegal and lump it right in with prostitution. They need men to marry and spend, well more accurately, their wives to spend. By making sex outside of marriage illegal, it’ll force more men back to the plantation. Men can get sex pretty easily these days in the West without ever marrying, a side effect to the sex revolution and feminism of course, and I’m sure it scares the hell out of the elites in power. They need good little obedient boys to just work themselves to death so their families can spend to keep the consumer/debt driven economy chugging along.


  • Sexless future for straight men, and sexless hell for white men unless they are homos.

    The female Angloskank teacher will be allowed to dress just like that stripper in the pic for sexual education classes while playing the victim when sucking a baby’s rooster for pedophiles.

    Canada has already used British case law framework that sets a precedent- It took a feminist Judge named Kathleen Caldwell to legalize pedophilia for women, by stating that women can’t be pedophiles, even when the accused was sucking infant dick and masturbating herself for young boys.

    Liked by 1 person

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