A Brief Description of Men and Women in Modern Anglo America

Here’s a quick definition of the Anglobitch in Current Year. I’d also like to add to the vernacular a quick definition of her hapless Beta turned Omega male, the Anglocuck.

Anglobitch: Voracious consumption machine, consummate status whore, well practiced virtue signaler, destroyer of families, and heartless predator of the hapless Anglocuck. Views herself as Venus even though she has degenerated into a plump, pierced, blue haired parody of herself. Consumed with penis envy, she insists on pushing Anglocucks out of their roles in society just to show she can be one of the boys. The Anglobitch pushed the Anglocuck along as far and as fast as she could on the Hedonic Treadmill of consumption and materialism until he fell off and was trampled underfoot. The Anglobitch then disposed of the Anglocuck, summoning the hounds of the gynocentric state to carry him out of her sight and dispose of him. She thinks sexuality is nothing more a tool to be used to extract resources from Anglocucks, whom she finds repulsive because of the weakness they display. Currently refuses to have sex with the weakened Anglocuck and dares him under threat of legal duress to even insinuate anything of a sexual nature in her presence.

Anglocuck: Totally emasculated male provider unit turned exploited serf on the tax farm. Easily deceived by women, invaders, and politicians this male pushover still believes in America even though its ruling class threw him overboard 50 years ago. The Anglocuck thinks voting will fix his problems and you’ll find him obsessing over politics on social media sites which increasingly limit what he can say to defend himself while the culture at large paints him and his vision of America farther and farther into a corner. The sad sack Anglocuck believes his innate reason and rationality will win him friends, even though to his enemies these “virtues” only demonstrate how gullible he is. Obsessively plays by the rules that have been stacked against him, happily supports his own demise by showing up to work on time, paying his taxes, and saving for “retirement” so that others can benefit from his productivity which is forcefully taken from him by a behemoth government. Remains the loyal “company man” even though the company was long ago sold to a corporate conglomerate that doesn’t care if he falls on the floor dead. Frequent masturbator and sexless wonder who begs for leftovers from well-worn carousel specimens, while the Anglobitch brazenly cucks him with other men (especially invaders and those that mock the Anglocuck) then sends him the bill for her subsequent offspring.

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  • Once again, beautifully illustrated. A minor point, and one that we all “get” already, I would alter this: ‘…whom she finds repulsive because of the weakness they display’. To this: ‘…whom she finds repulsive because of the weakness that she (plural) has foisted upon him’.


  • True definitions, sad reality. Game and all that stuff work until you get to the family court. Once you get there, your future is sealed: either work a steady low income job or have her asking for whatever amount she states that you make with your business. Of course there is the prison option if you don’t mind it. Most countries around the world have an agreement with US regarding child support and alimony. If you hide, you become a fugitive. So, totally celibate life in US. Have sex only in countries where the feminist infection is not yet developed, get ready to start a new life somewhere else. Either way, being a male will cost you dearly. Give everything up or have all taken away from you by force…


    • There are ways to minimize this. Don’t get into debt period. Don’t compromise yourself and allow a woman to manage your personal relationship. Set boundaries and leave the micromanaging to her. Have side money. It is possible. I don’t want men to be demoralized. Our great depression is not our women. Our great depression is our men who refuse to take personal responsibility and be men.

      Instead of going downstream and attacking the anglo women go upstream and start challenging men to stop with the estrogen spikes, stop putting women on a pedestal, stop putting up with bullshit and start taking personal responsibility. Women want a man who has balls and is willing to walk away. Women are not designed to lead. They are meant to follow.


      • Stop being a man victim 😀. It is a learning process. So many youg boys growing up without fathers in the home and the soy boy role models on TV does not help.


      • John Daniels you are right and that is why it is good to have Trump in office if ONLY for a model to young males. Young people nowadays just see feminine, soy, goofy, scared, women pedestlizing white males on TeeVee, social media, etc. Trump sticks out like a sore thumb compared to other white males.


      • Shut the fuck you you parasitic housewife.


  • The problem is the armed jackboots uniformed men and the biased legal system which gives Angloskanks the freedom to suck a baby’s cock (Dylan McEwen), have sex with students and only receive a warning since “muh age of consent is 16 but any man who finds a 17yo girl attractive is a pedo” [but millions of teens risk going on the Sex Offender’s registry for age differences or sexting].

    What needs to be done is to wait until the economy collapses, armed government thugs starve and we end up like Venezuela. Do you think a corrupt Judge or cop gives a fuck for some Angloskank who complains that she is offended at a blog, or that she feels this, feels that, in my feelings Drake, because students laughed at her because she is naked for class?


  • Wow, you are one hell of a word Smith!!

    “Anglocuck: Totally emasculated male provider unit turned exploited serf on the tax farm. ”

    Half there in America are child support slaves, the Money is directly taken out of their checks each week by the State. You can’t pay, you go to prison for aids blanket ass rape party. USA, home of the free……errrr……..arrrggggg


    • Typo,. I meant Half the men in America.


    • LMFAO @ “USA home of the free” is that STILL the motto?


      • It is but fading fast, more and more power being consentraited into fewer and fewer hands.

        If the Dems got in we would see half our money taken for taxes, then the other half to state sponsored child support.

        We broke free in 1776 but are going full circle again, history just keep repeating itself.

        It is a game of trying to be as free as you can but always someone wanting to make you a slave.


  • “Men’s rights activists must wake up and realize that the time for trying to counter the hypocrisy with rationality – with essentially male arguments, using facts and truth, in the hope that sense will prevail – is not going to make ANY difference to the relentless feminist long march on men” -Herbert Purdy ICMI-16 https://youtu.be/PjAnRar9p4M


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    An even briefer description …

    Feminism: the toxic masculinity weak men were looking for.


  • My dad was a straight up alpha male before I was born: he negged/teased women, was dominant with them, was a combat veteran so was a leader of men afterwards as well and he seemed to know and practice above average game. He has always been a truly good, moral man, but he plays by the old rules (i.e., serial marriage to Anglobitches, expecting women to reciprocate a modicum of honor -impossible). After my mom frivorced him 20 years ago, he promptly remarried my stepmom and has been a cucked Uber provider to my stepmom. Now, he makes pussy-pedalistizing comments whenever I see him and I don’t even bother trying to interject any red pill truths while conversing with him because it is less than pointless to do so. Is it just growing hold (dropping testosterone)? He is in his early 70s, Vietnam vet, early Boomer. My grandfather (his dad) had game until he died in his mid 80s and he fought the Nazis at DDay/Battle of the Bulge, etc. and remained a tough motherfucker until the day he died. Maybe the cuckery/dropping T levels/SJW crap really only started with the Boomers hitting middle age and the decrepitude. Man..


    • Sorry about typos/grammatical errors; must be fat-fingering the phone keypad!


    • BonkHers- The psyops and food paradigm are more subtle and powerful than most can understand.

      On a positive note I know someone who a few years ago swallowed the red pill and told his wife to submit and have sex. She casually brushed it off so he went out every night until 2 in the morning as she was left to toss and turn in their bed. The seventh day she came crawling to him as he was texting some of his new friends and said that she would submit. She asked him if he would use a rubber for their makeup sex.

      True Story. How do you think the ds feels about that?


      • Petra,

        Thanks your your reply and great story! Totally agree with you on the food paradigm and psyops as well; those have to be major factors. The DS sure hates the truth bombs we and other drops, eh?


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