CNBC Reveals Predatory Student Loan Process America, Inc. Uses to Exploit Its Youth


A pirate plundering ships on the high seas is to be more respected than today’s American robber baron elite, who cloak their evil deeds with fake virtue

Imagine my shock when mainstream media propaganda outlet CNBC penned an article describing the predatory student loan practices that have turned a generation of college students into debt slaves after graduation.

The astute gentleman, reading between the lines can easily see the American public has been taken advantage of yet again by an evil corporate-government complex, a.k.a. fascists posing as guardians of the public interest and saints fluttering about Capitol Hill.

These are the same bastards who imploded the middle class with a carefully schemed mortgage crisis, designed by Wall Street and Washington power brokers (especially that toothless wonder Barney Frank). It seems they have also designed a student loan bubble that’s been simmering for decades, and is now about ready to boil over, singeing the remnants of the dying middle class.

On to the CNBC report.

Barmak Nassirian, director of federal relations at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities peels back the curtain a bit to let us get a glimpse of the men behind it:

“Cost escalation, which would normally be met with consumer resistance, is being facilitated by the easy availability of credit.”

His key observation:

“It’s disturbingly similar to what happened to tank the mortgage market.”

Basically, predatory lending practices of the type that triggered the mortgage crisis have also created a burgeoning student loan crisis. All under the guise of offering easy credit to lower income families with college dreams.

What we are witnessing with numerous bubbles being created then burst is the culmination of the Cloward-Piven strategy, which was designed to implode the American and world economies so that worldwide Communism could someday be implemented. It’s as simple as that.

TNMM has discussed the student loan bubble in the past, a massive problem that mainstream media outlets have been in denial about until recently as they continue to sell the masses on gilded college dreams and “little house in the suburbs” middle class fantasies. Of course, while telling them to take the “easy credit” offered to them by Big Daddy Government and his cacophony of predatory lenders.

Few realize it’s money that comes with the price tag of lifelong bondage.

Reality paints quite a different story from the fantasy America sells its youth about going to college to live a decent life. As is usually the case when one dares to peek outside into the Real World beyond the lies, lies, lies of The Anglo-American Matrix, horrors await those with eyes to see beyond the shadows on the wall. CNBC reports:

Ten years after the 2008 financial crisis, there are headlines of record low unemployment and a booming economy. Yet one area has only worsened over the decade and threatens that recovery: student debt. Average debt at graduation is currently around $30,000, up from $10,000 in the early 1990s.

Those who made these loans possible knew an undermined middle class could never repay them. Continuing from CNBC:

The country’s outstanding student loan balance is projected to swell to $2 trillion by 2022, and experts say a large portion of it is unlikely to ever be repaid; nearly a quarter of student loan borrowers are currently in a state of delinquency or default.

Yeah, they sold us a false bill of goods. From elementary school through high school graduation. Here’s what we get for “studyin’ hard” and “playing by the rules” and “staying away from those girls” and “getting an education”:

Because of these loans, many Americans are unable to buy houses and cars, start businesses  and families, save or invest.

I was one of those who did what the system told me to do and was unable to buy a house, pay a car off, save or invest. Low wages, high student loan payments, and “life debt” i.e. food, shelter, and clothing meant I barely scraped by.

This, even though I was a local newscaster for over a decade. I only made survival wages the entire time I dressed up in a suit and tie to help sell the myth of America. I was at what George Carlin called Bullshit Junction, the intersection of news, entertainment, and advertising.

Here’s the truth about those news anchors reading scripts telling young Americans to go to college and sign up for loans that became non-bankruptable in 2005.

Your local newscaster who puts on heirs that they’re God Almighty speaking to you in HD from their Duratran-lined studio is usually little more than a low paid, boilerplate writing, corporate-muzzled mouthpiece in a musty suit. Usually in debt up to his (or her) eyeballs and scared to death he’ll lose his job once his indentured servitude, i.e. employment contract comes up for renewal in a couple of years. Believe these vacuous big mouths at your own peril.

I believed them my entire life before realizing those touting the system screwed me, and I rebelled. After realizing I had been carefully placed into a trap by rent seekers who wanted to keep me spinning round and round in a cycle of debt slavery, I bailed on the farce to start doing whatever the fuck I want to do while a man still can.

I have been dealing with my student loans – that I paid on for 10 years only to watch the balance never go down and which were not dismissed by my Chapter 13 bankruptcy as they would have been before Congress changed bankruptcy laws to trap brrowers in a vicious cycle of debt servitude – by slashing my expectations, adopting minimalism and MGTOW to keep Anglobitches from stealing what little money I’m able to work out, and keeping my income low enough to qualify for IBR deferment.

(Background: My bankruptcy wasn’t a result of laziness or financial frivolousness. I was forced into bankruptcy following rampant cost cutting in the wake of the manufactured 2008 financial crisis, and for voicing libertarian and conservative opinions at my mainstream media job. There’s no quicker way to get kicked to the curb.)

Harvard Law School’s Toby Merrill explains my plight and the plight of millions who got the Great American Bait and Switch Job. Merrill said:

Predatory colleges target the same low-income populations that the subprime mortgage boom targeted by offering a similar promise of white picket fences and higher education as part of the American middle class dream.

As was the case with mortgage borrowers who got taken on a ride by the corporate-government complex, so have student borrowers been taken on a ride. Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of Saving For College told interviewers:

“Family income has been flat, so their ability to pay for college has not changed even as college costs have increased.”

What happens is newly minted, college educated, Marxist indoctrinated corporate serfs become trapped a self-perpetuating cycle of debt that aims to milk them for the rest of their lives.

Collette Simone took on $200,000 of debt to get her doctorate in psychology. At least she caught onto the game. Sadly, only after the fact, like me.

“If you want to get ahead, you have to go into debt,” Simone said. “And then the whole debt structure is rigged to make sure you’re never going to get out of it.”

Indeed. That’s how the game is played at America, Inc. Simone’s $200k has ballooned to $400k even though she has paid $90k to the banking cartels. Einstein, like the banksters knew compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe, something the famed physicist once stated in a tongue in cheek manner.

Simone, nearing retirement but heavily indebted now fears her Social Security check will be seized by edumacation system loan sharks.

Some college grads still haven’t caught on to how badly they’ve been screwed. But, in this Realtalk era more wake up each day to the extreme corruption of the predatory American power structure. CNBC writes:

Many student loan borrowers today express resentment and distrust toward their lenders and the companies that administer federal loan programs.

Even so, banksters and legislative prostitutes designing the trap still feign sainthood even as the results of their actions reveal them to be devils, damning an entire generation to financial hell.

A growing body of research examines how student debt hinders people financially. A recent analysis by the Urban Institute found that a 1 percent increase in student debt decreases the likelihood of owning a house by 15 percentage points.

As student debt rises, young entrepreneurship is also falling. By the time college graduates reach age 30, the ones without student loans are predicted to have double the amount saved for retirement as those with them, according to a study by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.

As always, your trusty public servants, respected banking cartels and upstanding corporate CEOs have shafted you with a smile. These modern thieves in business suits knew exactly what they were doing with their shuck and jive act, and a credulous American public believed them. The underclasses took on trillions in debt gambling on a middle class future intentionally denied them after graduation by corporate robber barons, and now can’t repay the loan sharks.

It’s too late to reverse course, and the vultures are coming in for the kill as they implode another sector of the economy then profit from handing Americans the bill just as they did in 2008 when they said their banks were Too Big to Fail™.

My take: Predatory federal student loans were designed to be written off someday. I’m not paying mine back. Only a fool would put himself in a bind to pay for his own demise.

The system was rigged to make losers out of nearly everyone who played the game. As the default rate approaches 40% with even more college grads on various low income deferment programs, and others slaving away yet only treading water paying interest on their indentured servitude, er, education an embittering realization becomes clear.

You’ve been had, once again America.

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  • The Angry Outernationalist

    What I don’t understand is how the all-too-typical American university stays in existence …

    The entire programme is absurd: entice young people to “bastions of liberalism” so they may engage in protracted studies (of indoctrination, regardless of what the putative degree programme actually is), all so at the end of several years they may receive a certification from the gatekeepers of these “bastions of liberalism” that essentially amount to them being liked a little bit by these people.

    Ultimately, the ivory towers of Castalia must fall.

    But let’s look at the core of this: young people wanting to be liked by people they shouldn’t give a toss about one way or another.

    Do you really need these people to vouch for you and to be your friends?

    Do you expect that they’re not really stealing from you because you’re in a position where you can’t defend against it, and that might be deemed morally corrupt?

    Do you think that liberals want you as genuine friends and not as pets in some sort of twisted menagerie of people in their zoo?

    What is that strange stuff, dear brother, that you have been smoking, because I want to avoid it.

    As for those who have already been through Hogarth Incorporated’s patented “Dark Satanic Noo Mo-duhrn Degree Mill” process …

    The IRS doesn’t want to make it easy for you to figure out how to use non-reportable assets, but …

    There are still a few left, including the most important one: foreign real estate.

    Also, keeping less than the FATCA declaration limit in foreign bank accounts lets you use their safe deposit boxes, with the limitation being that since you’ll be a small depositor that you’ll have to pay for monthly safe deposit box use.

    So you want a small house on a small hunk of land … why can’t that be in the Dominican Republic?

    41 troy ounces of gold, that’s all it takes to store fifty grand US right now at current spot prices.

    It’s super-easy to move around if you collect it as fractional ounce coins that are tiny and easily hidden, and the lower value coins are easier to offload on a broader range of purchasers than Ye Olde Local Bullion Merchant.

    British gold sovereigns and French “angels” are nearly perfect for this, especially since they predate the 1933 Emergency Stored Wealth Confiscation Acts of FDR, but Chinese Pandas and coins below 1/4 troy ounce are also a good option.

    As for what to do with this stuff …

    What if the house you’re buying is held by an SA or limited company and you shift the gold into another one so you can make the purchase by swapping corporations with minimal paperwork?

    Think about it.


  • “Men would do well to remember that the vast majority of life and liberty can be preserved by the choice to Go Your Own Way. Reject marriage. Reject the military. Reject corporate slavery. Reject chivalry. Reject group consensus on who and what you should be as a man. And reject ANYONE, including your family, who tries to coerce you out of those choices. Do all that, and you have a reasonable shot at a free, happy life. Never forget it is your choice and your responsibility. There are no victims, just volunteers”. –Paul Elam AVFM


  • Went into debt here for grad school after getting a STEM degree in a shitty economy/Bush Recession #1 about 15 years ago. Worked full time through 4 years of undergrad + 2 more for a supposedly marketable Master’s degree and I still graduated $50,000 in debt. My parents were ultimately successful with loads of higher education, so my siblings and I heard the whole spiel about “you have to go to college to get a good job and have a happy life, blah blah blah. They graduated debt free, back in the Golden Era for America’s middle class, so they were clueless and just going by their experience and with the best intentions for their kids offering their badly outdated advice.

    Like Rel, after paying all I could on my student loans for years,the principal wasn’t dented one iota and in fact had ballooned to $75,000+ despite my always paying on time and working a gazillion hours a week at jobs that didn’t even require a college degree. “Underemployment” is rampant in this country, where most new jobby-jobs not even requiring a degree. In my case, after paying Sallie Mae and then the Department of Education for years, I had an Anglobitch demolish the rest of my dicked-uo financial situation after blowing through money as fast as I could make it and so I just ended up defaulting on the whole thing, which became literally impossible. After a while, I just quit worrying about it and I think my defaulted student loan balance is well over $110,000 now; the dollar figure is so far above mind-bogglingly unrepayable the it is simply totally irrelevant anymore. So, like hopefully an increasing number of guys in this country, I have thrown up my hands and said pretty much fuck it, have jumped off the debt peonage hedonic treadmill Anglobitch-slave serfdom track and am living minimalist MGTOW as we speak. Really, a lot of inspiration comes from reading NMM and trying to work toward opting out of the Matrix more and more every day.


  • One thing not mentioned in your post is that women hold the greater portion of student debt. While they are sixty percent of undergraduates, they also tend to borrow more. I wonder how much of the 2008 financial crisis can be attributed to women? Housewives did count on property always appreciating faster than inflation and in volume enough to be greater than household income. Am I detecting a pattern here?


    • Fuzzy,

      As you know, women are particularly prone to magical thinking and they are definitely the most likely of the 99% to get some form of bailout for their financial (or other catastrophic) situations. Whether it is big biological daddy, big daddy gubmt., big sugar daddy soft prostitution patron or big beta orbiter provider, their daddy will come through for them. Truly, though, just the flooding into the system of the more gullible sex getting completely worthless degrees must have something to do with the bonkers price inflation of getting a degree nowadays, eh? Sure, a whole generation or two of Americans of both sexes have been getting duped and screwed over by the higher education scam, but at least statistics seem to show that young men are opting out in increasing numbers from the college/indentured servitude scam and leaving the “ladies” to increasingly have American universities to themselves.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t think feminists want to have the universities to themselves. Where would they be without men to torment? The same holds true for women in general. A lot of them look forward to college to meet men their age. The few women only colleges left are reputed to be full of lesbians.
        Oh well, they are making their own beds. Let them lie in them.


      • @FuzzieBear,
        Roosh V has warned that feminists are taking over universities by design; his latest video explains some Red Pill truths.


  • Universities are also feminist thought-police camps, where men who consult with the campus doctor end up being taken away in handcuffs, forcibly medicated, have blood samples taken from them &/or kept for 72 hours at a mental asylum.

    The worse part, which even Soviet Russia would not have considered, was using feminist tactics such as a female doc sending external police forces to arrest the student as if he was criminally and mentally sane.

    Ryerson University has been known to be a feminist shithole where many women who attend campus HATE men, unless they are cucks and sugar daddies who pamper them with six-figure salaries for “companionship”. War against the cuck Boomers and Generation Y&Z men?


  • Universities are feminist incubators and hostile against men.
    But the Catch-22 is that employers who hire women require that applicants graduate from college or university.
    And HR is feminist dominated, so men LOSE either way.

    I know of some Canadian men who suffered psychological erectile dysfunction at age 20 because of the hostile and anti-sex climate on Toronto campuses. Condition a man that everything is harassment and rape, and he loses his erections and mood for life, unless he lives in a city or country where male sexuality is not demonized.


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