The Beta Male Powder Keg


What will be the fate of millions of disinherited men?

Duncan stops by to drop a succinct comment regarding the ongoing suicide of Western civilization led by armies of Anglocucks letting themselves be domineered by legions of slattern Anglobitches + the degenerate freak mafia. Let’s analyze:

Beta males are going to explode one day. Let’s put things down for a glance at modern America.

  1. Broken families
  2. Rampant drug use
  3. Dead end jobs
  4. Debt
  5. Broken women

As I mentioned before, a very rich and sated society can mask many problems. A poor and desperate society can’t. That day of reckoning is coming, ain’t nobody gonna like it.

Yes, the masses of unwanted, emasculated, sexually disenfranchised men (80/20 rule in today’s Law of the Jungle sexual marketplace) in the evermore punishing, misandrist social landscape of Anglo America are like a powder keg waiting to blow. The mystery is why it hasn’t already. Why hasn’t there been a vociferous pushback?

Have ample bread and circuses (and porn + Jergens) averted such a day of reckoning? But, what happens when this rich country makes everybody poor with socialism?

In the past, masses of men who not only had their families stripped from them, but their roles in society forcibly handed over to women as well as hordes of invading “migrants” and who were forced into dark, masturbatory shadows of society would have been a worry to any government. But, America seems to think it has emasculated its sons to the point that legions of bitter men thrown to the wolves are’t a cause for concern to those running the oligarchical charade posing as democracy.

MGTOW at least directs those men to focus their negative energy in a positive way. To go their own way, and live productive, happy lives for themselves.

However, in a system in which Beta male labor (slave labor by any other name since these men produce far more than they consume and women consume far more than they produce) is necessary to feed the monster bureaucrats and corporate fat cats have created, the powers that shouldn’t be can’t allow male freedom and are beginning to mow MGTOW authors down along with other thought criminals as part of their censorship agenda.

How much can men take? Duncan touches on so many important points. The following are the constituent grains inside the powder keg. Let’s expand Duncan’s list.

Broken families are the norm these days, as women only stay with disposable dads until such point as any foolhardy SOB that fathers a kid with a ruthless Anglobitch becomes “boring” to her, or isn’t able to keep up with the rampant and ever-increasing demands of conspicuous consumption that is her main obsession in life. The Anglobitch then disposes of him to a round of applause from a society brainwashed to believe in the sainthood of the Single Mom™. In his disposal, “fathers” become little more than afterthoughts in their own children’s lives, with occasional, and appropriately named “visitation” rights in true debt prisoner fashion.

This abandonment by society results in high levels of drug use, and indeed more Americans now die from drug overdoses annually than died during the entirety of the Vietnam War. TNMM has pointed this terrible statistic out in the past.

But, the shin kicks to the masses of Beta males don’t stop there. Even college graduates now face the prospect of dead end jobs in a “hire ’em and fire ’em” style, high turnover, corporate economy.  Of course, even men that aren’t saddled with child support debt slavery quickly become trapped in a viscous cycle of debt usually brought on by their college loans.

Lastly, Duncan points out the sucker punch to the Beta male that is a society of broken women, illustrated by the first few results that came up in a major American city when I used a dating app recently. It’s bad enough that this is all Americucks have to choose from, but it’s even worse when all consider themselves “too good for you” and typically won’t even respond.

Even if they bother to reply, it’s only to amuse themselves for a few minutes then disappear into the ether when the Beta male asks for her number.

Behold the modern dating cesspool.

In the past, the leadership of any nation would have expected a revolt for treating its men this way.

But, America’s sons seem to be settling for the new social arrangement that has left them involuntarily celibate, debauched, and disinherited. Not to mention saddled with women who have astronomical expectations even though they bring nothing to the table themselves.

Is the emasculated Anglocuck the way of the future? Or, is this situation as Duncan suggests, merely a powder keg social engineers have unwittingly created? One that awaits the lighting of the fuse?

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  • “U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he may cancel his scheduled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Argentina because of Russia’s maritime clash with Ukraine.

    “Maybe I won’t have the meeting. Maybe I won’t even have the meeting . . . I don’t like that aggression. I don’t want that aggression at all,” Trump told the Washington Post in an interview.”

    So let me try to make this as simple as possible. The U.S. supported Muslim rebels gassed some innocent people in Syria last week but the DS media will not cover it.
    Then Ukraine orders some of their navy ships into Russian territorial waters to create mischief. Russia responds by taking them captive while giving medical care to the injured. The DS media wants war. BTW Ukraine has a neo-nazi puppet government which the U.S. put in power when they overthrew the democratically elected government. The psyops are off the charts on all this stuff.

    So to sum it up the neo-commie U.S. government has a penchant for helping groups like ISIS and neo-nazi’s.

    So what about Trump? Trump deep down wanted peace with Russia and Putin. This really should be no secret which is one of the reasons the deep state hates him. The U.S. neocon-commies want a final war with Russia. Again, the neocon-commies want a final war with Russia. Why? Well one reason is they know Putin’s Russia is standing in the way of total gay/feminine/transgender mayhem..

    Trump is faced with a monumental task which very few understand. The times when he showed his true colors the DS media flipped. He is still not living down his last meeting with Putin. Trump has to tread carefully or risk being labeled a Russian traitor as insane as that is.

    The deep state is holding Trump hostage to some extent and Trump is trying to navigate it. Will he end up sucked in their coven? Maybe, but understand the monumental task Trump is faced with.


  • There is a retired British psychiatrist writing under the name Theodore Dalrymple who I enjoy reading. His observations on the state of modern Britain offer a glimpse at what America may look like in the near future.
    For those interested you can his writings in various publications, including Takimag. He had also published a few dozen books.


    • Duncan,
      modern Britain is very far off from what used to be a great power. They were strong and respected for their values. Modern Britain is literally in bed with America,. Just look at who their two most important people have married. Of all the women in the whole wide world, they picked those two… Britain, is facing the same problem as US: it’s collapsing from within. There is a a realignment of power and influence, very similar to what happened in Europe 100 years ago.


  • Dude there are still too many simps and manginas out here wifing up these women. I know guys who have married single mothers and think it is the right thing to do LOL! The cuckery is off the charts!

    I am 100% convinced white women are a majority lost cause. Like Ted stated the ice queen treatment and just terrible attitudes are so off the charts.

    I really enjoyed my time in Costa Rica a few years ago and am thinking about expatriating out of the US for good….just need to do more research on where to go…..


    • Relampago Furioso

      I agree that white women are a lost cause. In fact, I’m working on an article summing up how the Anglobitch killed Western civilization and it’s no wonder that leaving her to her own devices led to the genocide of her people.

      They’re truly the worst of the worst women, and I’ve had experience with just about all of them. White chicks are so bad that even foreign women who assimilate to the toxic Anglo culture that white women have created are destroyed. Poison, through and through.

      It’s something I think about often when I’m in the matrix. How did those of European descent even survive as long as they have with such cold and calculating and sexually inaccessible women?

      I’ll try to puzzle out those questions, and others soon.


      • @RF
        You know the subversive elements within the Anglo societies have come full circle in how to completely destroy women. Bravo on their part. Not so much on the continuance of the country or peoples. We are living through a social cataclysm.

        You know before the industrial civilization things were much different for the Europeans…..although since then I think they have created much of their own demise.

        It won’t be until the collapse of the techno-industrial-banking systems that things can be worked out. Fortunately there does not look to be a lot of time left for this system to continue on….unfortunately this thing is going to take a shit load of people with it.


    • Zman, as you just stated the beta soy boys are stepping up to the plate when it comes to enabling/supporting the anglo bitch in America. They are taught that is what a man does. I am almost convinced that the married/divorced women are easier and crazier than the single women, which is hard to believe. .Btw it is not just white women anymore. The feminist disease has spread to brown and black also.

      But again, look at the president of France and Canada!!!!! Look at Bill Clinton. How could anyone disrespect himself more than Bill Clinton by staying with such a nasty woman.!!!!!!!

      At least Trump is with a high caliber women who catches hell daily from all the beta boyz and anglo bitches.


      • @Petra

        Dude the cuckage and faggotry amongst the American male population is off the charts. I work related to the MIC and truth be told most of these military guys are huge cucks and faggots. I cannot tell you how many of these guys get cheated on and just live with it as cucks. I know an infantrymen that admitted to me his former wife had a child that wasn’t his and he wants to be there for the kid. This dumbass is paying child support for a kid that isn’t his and is cool with it. WTF!!!

        I have literally had male commanders field grade level that admit they are male feminists…..I lose all hope right there.

        I also know of another officer that sucked off a dude because he wanted to find out if he was gay or not. Not to mention the high number of simps that marry single mothers who get banged out by Jody while their husbands are gone. This is the kind of shit that just makes you go what the F***! This kind of shit is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay away from the American military seriously.

        Yeah I agree…it is not just white women…all women within the US have succumbed….except for maybe the Amish and Mennonites LOL.

        You know the Clintons are just very sick people….Bill is most likely a pedo with underage girls due to all his trips on Jeff Epsteins Lolita Express and stays at the Pedo island. Hillary is most likely a lesbian and involved with some very Satanic people like Soros, Rothschild, etc.

        Trump is the only one who has a decent woman obviously and the “beta boyz”/”anglobitches” are simply jealous.


      • Thanks for the intel ZMAN! It is what I suspected. I am so sick of being right. I truly wish I wasn’t.


      • “Trump is the only one who has a decent woman obviously and the “beta boyz”/”anglobitches” are simply jealous.”

        Jealous and bitter


  • “…illustrated by the first few results that came up in a major American city when I used a dating app recently. It’s bad enough that this is all Americucks have to choose from, but it’s even worse when all consider themselves “too good for you” and typically won’t even respond.

    Even if they bother to reply, it’s only to amuse themselves for a few minutes then disappear into the ether when the Beta male asks for her number.”

    To each his own but I have stated ad nauseam to friends that they should NOT use online digital services to connect with women. The reasons are twofold. #1 it KILLS your self esteem regardless. Even if you have success there are certain attributes to digital game which kill your live game. Men are at a disadvantage from the start once they go digital with women. #2 most of the women are on there for validation and the rest are desperate flakes.

    Last week I saw a pretty hot older(low 30’s) woman looking at her phone while I was visiting a business. She kind of looked at me and then looked down. I thought wth I will approach. So coming out I went up to her and asked her name as I put out my hand to create some kino and she said her name was Mary and asked if she knew me. I said no but I thought you were cute and wanted to get your #. She said I don’t give out my # that way then she looked down at her phone and cocked her head and said “but I’m impressed”. I calmly and confidently said “ok your loss” and walked off holding my head high. What is the point of telling this story?

    1. It rocked her world because she probably had not had a bold man with balls approach her in ages. I am sure that tingles ensued and that she was thinking about that approach while laying in her bed that night.
    2. Don’t kid yourself It is a reminder to her of what she really desires. A man with balls.
    3. A confidence builder for me as well as a good rush of positive chemicals. Ironically many men would apologize for “bothering” her or feel rejected because they did not get a #. I do admit that it is always a risk given that some bat shit crazy women in America will call the police.


  • American “socialism” is far obscure than the Latin American socialism.

    At least, one can get laid in Cuba or Colombia.

    European communism, though more brutal, was not anti-sex and women couldn’t fuck with the ruling male elite.

    American socialism uses capitalist elements and corporate fascism.

    Maduro can’t stop me from having sex or desiring women, but Trudeau & Chanty Binx can, and they rely on crony capitalism to fund their pet projects.


    • Leeway,
      you seem to know this stuff. Absolutely correct, 100%. Most countries care about their national identity and don’t have programs to invite the worst people in the world to their countries. Also, in most countries, there’s social stratification and monkey branching rarely works. People are smarter, they don’t just offer everything they have to women because they seem “hot”.


      • I wish to further add that only the top 10% of women will become weather, the residual 70-80% will become the middle class and the remaining 10%-20% will be the marginalized women, retirees and disabled women, but they still support Anglofeminism to the death.

        Men are losing their jobs.

        Men who have decades of truck driving experience, driving trucks within Canada and even doing routes in the USA, are denied employment for unionized Toronto TTC bus driver jobs, for some dumb bimbo blonde who sucked cock to get her Mercedes and now has to get a job because she’s in her late 20s/early 30s.

        Unionized jobs in Canada pay 3-5x the minimum wage/average wage for job.


  • A picture is reported to be worth a thousand words. Yours spoke volumes. The dating pool is that bad.
    As for the eventual explosion, it must and will happen. What worries me is that, the longer it is put off, the worse it will be. Interest is accruing and compounding.

    I wish I could find the source, but I read once about someone’s observations in traveling across the Ohio River in the 1850s from Covington to Cincinnati, Kentucky was a slave state while Ohio was free. The visible difference in community was obvious.


  • Those immigrant women will have their goals as well: either a permanent resident status, an anker baby or several; if the husband is well off, even 10 years together with one last well-timed pregnancy and a lifetime of alimony. Do not underestimate women or think they are different simply because they are new in this country. Once they set foot on this soil they become very much aware of the crooked laws, assuming they had no prior knowledge. Any marriage in this country turns into a complete disaster unless it’s a lgbtq union in which case it will be difficult to determine who is the woman…

    Liked by 1 person

  • Child support is modern day slavery.

    80 percent of women who divorce are more than glad to use this unjust system to exploit the man by taking his children, money and his freedom if he does not pay.

    When I was younger I thought this world was so wonderful and good but the older I get I can see all the wrong that is happening and it is sad.

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    • The worse part is that feminists are spreading this to foreign countries.
      Canada has been actively funding for pro-abortion and pro-gay projects in many poorer countries who can’t defend themselves or have more to lose from sanctions.


    • Women nowadays have a very short expiration date. I feel sorry for them as the wall comes fast for MOST. It is the beta men who enable their delusional reality brought to them by the DS via TeeVee, media, etc..


      • The undefeated Wall at this point is 27ish, I feel I’m being generous with that number. In a past era the Wall was likely in the 30s. Modern women are simply screwing themselves with their lifestyle choices.


  • Before I moved overseas I started dating foreign women in the USA. Not too many but enough to know that I liked them better. White women usually were ice queens or told me basically to fuck off but Latina and Asian women were much more approachable and normal. Most guys are Beta, hard working and under appreciated by white women (and western society). The best thing is to get out of the USA but if you can’t look for women in an immigrant culture. They will treat you better.


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