3 Ways Trump’s Presidency Has Been a Gift to Globalists


Three ways Trump has helped bring down America

There’s no doubt the presidency of Donald Trump has accomplished very little of what he promised a moribund, disinherited Heritage America. While his binary thinking, i.e. Coke vs. Pepsi, Republicrat vs. Demican, myopically minded supporters retreat into total denial about the intentions of the Trump and more importantly his men behind the curtain (namely Goldman Sachs, purveyors of the 2008 financial crisis who gave us not only Steve Bannon but many of Trump’s high level officials) there are those of us who dare to question what the presidency of the orange one really accomplished.

Step back from the disinformation you’re fed by both left and right leaning media. (And remember, Andrew Breitbart’s organization could have been co-opted when he was taken out… er… died of a heart attack back in 2012 while walking around after midnight.) Stop letting those with agendas manipulate you for just a second, and think for yourself.

While America dies a slow, painful death were those patriots that endeavored to save her by pressing “R” at the voting booth subverted by the all too convenient rise of Donald Trump? Their fervor used against them by a Trojan Horse candidate? Here are three major victories handed to the globalist Establishment by Trump’s ascendance to the Oval Office.

1. Intelligence gathering. By marketing himself as the most outspoken candidate on the trail in 2016, Trump kicked off a wave of righteous indignation across the land. Those Heritage Americans (especially white men) who had so long been marginalized in their own nation felt free to voice their views out in the open, however controversial and politically incorrect they might be. This provided a treasure trove of information to the intelligence and surveillance wings of the Deep State, namely via social media sites like Facecuck and Twatter, allowing them to design a freedom of speech-killing censorship net now being deployed on a wide scale basis. In effect, Trump’s brandish outspokenness and the wave of Realtalk it provoked online allowed the communist NWO to truly hang the capitalists with the very rope (in this case speech) they sell. Predictably, as a member of the elite billionares’ club himself, Trump is doing absolutely nothing about mass censorship of the very people who got him elected.

2. Demoralization. Trump’s presidency, and its ultimate failure to accomplish any of his lofty campaign promises beyond signing executive orders (as worthless as the paper they’re written on as soon as his successor is selected) is a demonstration to the world that white male, nationalist leadership is no longer viable in America. Roger Stone, closely associated with the Trump campaign has already signaled Trump will not run for re-election in 2020. Why? Because the objectives of his presidency have been accomplished. He successfully deflated a rising tide of nationalist sentiment in the U.S. signaled by the Republican’t party’s mounting losses in the 2018 midterm election. Even if Trump does run, chances are he will not win because the blatant election fraud that began in swing states this year (ballot boxes popping up in Avis rental cars days after the election, etc.) will get even ballsier in 2020. The message to would be patriots? Don’t even bother. You had your chance with Trump, and you failed.

3. Distraction. Just as Reagan was known as The Great Communicator, Trump should forever be known as The Great Distractor. It’s astonishing how effective a cult of personality is at fooling people. While barbarians of mostly male invaders (or as the mainstream media puts it “caravans” of saintly migrant workers) were bursting through the gate in San Diego, Trump was holding campaign rallies in Mississippi for a faux conservative Anglobitch while making more empty promises and bombastic boasts. Sure, the hordes were (barely) stopped this time. But they probably won’t be as soon as he leaves office. The narrative is already set – Do America’s borders mean nothing? By starting a debate over it, conservatives have already been put on the defensive again, a posture that has netted them a rout in the culture wars of the past 50 years. This is one of many ways Trump has been super successful in keeping his most ardent supporters – those who want to see the impaled bull known as America survive its elite matadors – distracted while the chains of totalitarianism are placed around their ankles. While conservatives fight a border battle they can’t win, the police state continues to spiral out of control, as does the surveillance state. Both flagrantly violate the Fourth Amendment on a regular basis. By placing their trust in Trump, a true Trojan Horse if there ever was one, his supporters are wasting precious time as the remnants of the American republic are hollowed out and women are placed in positions of power to rule over de-balled masses of men. A record number of female candidates ran in 2018. Expect this number to increase as men are removed from the levers of control in politics and business, and schoolmarm Anglobitches take over the reigns of power to soon rule over the masses of Beta male slaves with an iron fist.

I wish I could buy into the Trump fantasy like so many men do, but my years in the mainstream media gave me insights into the political game most people never witness. My years at Bullshit Junction (the intersection of entertainment, fake news, and politics) made me very cynical and I refuse to believe Trump was a successful, last minute, Hail Mary touchdown leveled against the globalists. It is far more likely he is on their team, helping bring down the nation from within.

Savior of the American republic, Trump is not. He is the embodiment of Cicero’s warning:

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.

You didn’t really think one narrow election victory was going to undo generations of scheming by those aiming to dominate the world, did you?

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  • Toronto teachers have been testing the waters in California, to make it legal to spy on internet users without those internet users having any legal rights to counter-sue or deny subpoenas:


  • All the World is a stage and there are plenty of actors on that stage. Trump is simply another actor.

    Not too many can comprehend the “System” and all that it requires. Presidents really do not have much power anymore.

    The true power at this point is with the Banks, Intelligence Agencies, Corporations, Big Oil, etc.

    The US system was fully subverted long ago.


  • I can buy most of what Rel is saying in this article, especially with his insight while working in the media so long. The one thing that is nare indisputable is that Trump has railed against the civilation killing “free trade” and globalization agenda since at least the early ’80s and this is documented in numerous interviews going all the way back to then. Is he an autocrat and a carnival Barker and a naricissist? Certainly. Is he expanding America’s surviellance state beyond even the dreadful Dubya and Obama regimes? Without a doubt. However, since neoliberal administration’s have been annihilating the remnants of all that is good in America and it’s increasing number of client regimes around the world, at least Trump has made a show of opposing NAFTA, the TTP, supporting American manucacturing, etc. First major mainstream politician as far as I recall in my adult life time who had a realistic chance of attaining the presidency.


    • *correction: TTP =TPP


    • Relampago Furioso

      Thoughtful commentary. But you do know Trump still ceded American sovereignty in his so-called trade renegotiations?


      • How so, Rel? You’ve said that before, and your faithful readers would like to know…


      • Relampago Furioso

        I personally saw it on Infowars. But other sources also reported on it. David Knight had a long discussion about Trump still leaving in the clauses that cede American sovereignty to an international union in the making.


      • Rel, thanks for reminding me about David Knight’s discussion on this; I forgot about it! Before I started working again, I caught the tail end of that program months ago. I think he’s one of the best hosts out there…


      • Rel,

        Thank you. No, didn’t realize that, but that is disturbing. Will have to check out Infowars and the other source you pointed out; it seems that there is always a clause (or 10!) in these trade agreements circumventing American sovereignity.


  • Trust what I am about to say. The neo-commies want a final war with Russia. Very few understand the evil of the neo-commies. Trump was not a neo-commie as he took on the Bushes, Clinton’s, Obama’s, McCain, etc They HATE him The deep state hates him. The deep states psyops are so powerful that they are able to get Trump supporters to turn on him. True story.

    The deep state is holding Trump hostage. It is WELL documented that sometimes hostages bond or fall in love with their captors.

    The deep state media has been pushing the evil Russian/Putin mantra 24/7, non stop. Trump has been accused of being a traitor and lover of Russia. This is all set up using sophisticated psyops. The deep state is forcing him to submit to their demands. Most people can’t see it because they are too susceptible to the psyops. The psyops the deep state uses are 40-50 times more powerful than what the old commies used.

    Don’t lose focus through all the bullshit. This is about the neo-commies forcing total feminist/gay/trans control over the world. They know Putin is standing in the way. Look what Putin has said about the neo-commies agenda!!!! THINK!

    Trump is being held hostage and if he says one thing positive about Russia or Putin the neo-commie media will go ape shit. Trust me on this. The way to confuse people is to overload them with information and misinformation. I can’t explain everything on the psyops right now as it would take a long class. Just think about why the neo-commies are so desperate to go to war with Russia. Think about how this has been all set up.


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