Life Expectancy Drops in U.S. Due To A Joyless Anglo Culture


Life expectancy is now dropping in America thanks to a culture that has created an epidemic of suicides and overdoses

Life expectancy only rose during the 20th century in America and the rest of the world, as did the material quality of life. As Americans ushered in a new century, there was optimism that life expectancy would only continue to rise in the 21st century.

That optimism was misplaced. AP reports people are offing themselves at a record pace, driving down the life expectancy in this declining nation:

The suicide death rate last year was the highest it’s been in at least 50 years, according to U.S. government records. There were more than 47,000 suicides, up from a little under 45,000 the year before.

The AFP news agency also chimed in with their own doleful statistics:

The drug overdose rate rose 9.6 percent compared to 2016, while suicides climbed 3.7 percent, said the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics.

The drug overdose rate is so high, more Americans die every single year than died during the totality of the 20-year long Vietnam War. Much of the problem comes from prescription opioids, and not the oft-villainized street drugs America has waged an all-out (and unsuccessful) holy war against since the 1970s.

Put these two sets of statistics together, and one can glean America’s native Anglo culture is so miserable major impacts on the population are occurring. AFP fills us in on how dire the situation is:

As a result, the average life span in America dropped to “78.6 years, a decrease of 0.1 year from 2016,” said the report.

As life expectancy has now started to decline, the geniuses at the CDC and in the mainstream media are miffed. They can’t seem to figure out why people are now killing themselves in droves and overdosing on drugs trying to escape reality.

A decrease of 0.1 years in life expectancy might not seem like much. But, it usually takes plagues or wars to bring about such a dip.

“We’ve never really seen anything like this,” said Robert Anderson, who oversees CDC death statistics. Anderson said declines like this haven’t been seen since the great flu pandemic of 1918 and World War I.

Watching the carefully polished public relations imagery America broadcasts of itself to the world, one couldn’t imagine people would be desperately grasping at something – anything – to escape the reality of living in this supposed paradise on earth.

Why would people be trying to escape by taking massive quantities of drugs and/or putting their head in a noose?

I’ll tell you why. Anglo culture, quite simply is a living hell. The America the world sees on TV is nothing but a lie. The reality: People are overworked, undersexed, bombarded with divisive politics around the clock, micromanaged by not only a Nanny State but overbearing corporate policy, fed a steady diet of trashy food, brainwashed into chasing illusions they can never make into reality, buried under a mountain of debt they can never pay off, suffering a sustained decline in their standard of living, witnessing a breakdown of the family and local communities the likes of which the world has never seen, and are now being told male and female genders are a thing of the past.

This, on top of having their entertainments limited to shopping, eating out, porn, and Netflix. Oh, and living in a police state morphing into a panopticon surveillance state in which everything has been made illegal except going to work, paying taxes, and doing exactly what you’re told when you’re told to do it. A nation where Big Brother is increasingly always watching.

Like those who commit suicide or overdose on drugs, all I can think about is a way out of this place when I’m here. When I’m back in what many of us call “The Matrix” scraping out some money to leave for happier destinations abroad, I frequently find myself murmuring, “I hate this fucking place.” Perhaps because I know there are better places. Most Americans don’t. They’re brainwashed into believing this dystopia is the best the world has to offer. It ain’t, folks. You really need to fucking get out more.

Meantime, those of us who know something is very, very wrong with this culture are being proven right by such statistics. Rather than saying this nation might need to ease up on people and let them reclaim some of their lives and freedom, we instead are treated to more boilerplate from the CDC. Boilerplate that offers no viable solutions:

“We are losing too many Americans, too early and too often, to conditions that are preventable,” Dr. Robert Redfield, the CDC’s director, said in a statement.

Redfield laments the problem but points no fingers. The CDC is located at the intersection of the corporate-government complex, so don’t expect them to say slave-driving corporations and a tyrannical government are the root causes of such widespread misery.

Unfortunately, statistics painting such a grim picture aren’t blips on the radar, either. A long-term downward trend in life expectancy is beginning. Continuing from AFP:

Overall, the statistics show a “downward trend in life expectancy since 2014,” a time period in which Americans have lost 0.3 years of life, he told AFP, describing the trend as “very concerning.”

At least one so-called “expert” echoes our claims about how miserable America has become:

CDC officials did not speculate about what’s behind declining life expectancy, but Dr. William Dietz, a disease prevention expert at George Washington University, sees a sense of hopelessness.

Financial struggles, a widening income gap and divisive politics are all casting a pall over many Americans, he suggested. “I really do believe that people are increasingly hopeless, and that that leads to drug use, it leads potentially to suicide,” he said.

Did you notice Dietz equates money with happiness, like a true ‘Murican who can’t see past the economy. He, like so many lost souls equates getting and spending money on worthless junk and poorly made restaurant meals as the be all, end all of existence. Indoctrination works.

Happiness is deeper than dollars and cents, bro. And doesn’t come from voting the right candidates into office, either. But, Dietz is right about one thing. I feel hopeless when I’m here. Do you?

All it took for me to feel happy and whole again was a recent 10-day trip out of Anglo America to my oasis of humanity in the Old World culture of Latin America. The year I spent living abroad and the months I’ve spent in South America and Asia are the happiest memories of my adult life. I’ve often wondered, if I didn’t have that release in my life – the female attention in particular – would I have ended up one of the statistics in this report?

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  • I wonder where Rel is? It’s going on two months since he wrote this piece…


    • This happened before, last year. He was ok, went off grid, soul-searching. This is not making a lot of money for him, so, he is probably busy getting paid for something else. He needs to survive like the rest of the unlucky who didn’t get to inherit wealth or win the lottery, or live off the taxes paid by people who do work.


    • He must be on another hiatus. I’m sure he’ll resurface soon enough.


    • He may have got caught trying to escape the U.S. plantation so he could have normal sex with attractive adult women.

      God knows they want full submission from white males. Herding them into online porn or sex themed restaurants like Twin Peaks where they hire under-aged girls. What they don’t want white men doing is approaching women live. Touch a woman on the arm and you could end up in jail for a while. Hell just say hi to a woman live and risk the police charging you with harassment. Ironically the White Knight cops, after work, head to the sex themed restaurants which hire under-aged girls.

      See the dichotomy


  • Canadian government destabilizing Venezuela, Guyana, and soon to be Suriname? Who knows?!


    Speaking of a joyless culture….
    The richest man in the world, won’t be so rich anymore after his wife takes half of that. She, will become the richest woman in the world though.
    The author mentions the possibility of a prenup. I certainly hope there’s no child somewhere or some clause that renders it worthless. Assuming, he was smart enough to get a prenup.



    Let me briefly explain what has happened. While China and others have been securing natural resources, the U.S. was going into debt to build a mighty tran/gay/fem conventional fighting force. U.S. consumers were duped into debt so they could buy shit they don’t need such as trinkets from China. Russia has been securing their resources as they have been blessed with much. The U.S. fascination with changing children’s biological sex has caused them to lose touch with reality. The U.S. is way behind the 8 ball with a lot of catching up to do. May God help Trump as he was handed a country full of perverted psychopaths which succeeded in forcing Russia into China’s arms. We are talking dumb on steroids here.

    I think you know who should be in jail.


    • Never trust the Chinese. They are invasive and will suck everything from you like a parasite does it’s host, then will discard the empty carcass. They lie.


      • Would you prefer an Angloskank Deep State where men are hauled off to jail if they aren’t effeminate or tranny, or would you support masculine countries such as Russia?
        The feminist government of Canada is going to destabilize Latin America. They sent a Canadian man to topple the Guyana government, and they aided him back to Canada when SHTF there.


      • I lived in China seven years. I enjoyed my life there a lot more than now being back in the states. The Chinese do have faults: some will lie and try to cheat you but most won’t. I always took a Chinese friend with me when conducting any important business. However marriage is much better there for a man. There is no alimony and child support isn’t really enforced. Whoever bought the house keeps it. I have a Chinese wife and am going back there in a few years when I retire. I saved more money when in China than I did the rest of my adult life. It was easy. There is a female surplus of women over 30 whom the Chinese consider too old. Great for us old guys. Actually no reason to get married. It was so easy to meet women..


    • Trump was right about China. Nothing like the U.S. They DON’T believe in diversity or racism. It is perfectly fine to fleece an American and discriminate. It is culturally acceptable to lie.



    Wait, where are all the Jewish names? Looks like ((Steve)) and his buddies can’t stand seeing all their beta boys get brought out into the light. Truth.

    I have seen enough to know that most people hate the truth. They hate it from their most inner being.

    Yeh, yeh I am sure ((they)) are just too clever to get caught as they control Trump from their synagogues. Sarcasm intended fucking nut-jobs.


  • ”Well done, Colin’ John Brennan praises Kaepernick for anthem protests, Nike campaign”

    Figure it out yet? Nike like many large U.S. corporations are CIA fronts. Why is a head of the CIA kissing Nike’s ass? Because they praise all their tools when they follow the directive…that includes Israel, international politicians, ISIS, neonazi’s, etc. They don’t fly to Israel to kiss the wall because Jews told them to. They do it to show their support for being a CIA tool.

    These Jew fetish people have the flow of the current wrong and in some case are agents of confusion.

    What scares evil the most is the truth.

    Nike is helping with the multicultural/gay/tran/white hating directive. Nike does NOT tell the CIA what to do but vice versa.

    Do not become captive to false narratives as they only help the bad side.. .

    Brennan is not Jewish, neither is Hillary, Obama, Bush, McCain, etc, etc, etc, etc


    • The true controllers are not jewish per se but like the bible stated they are not jews but are of the synagogue of satan. Or something along those lines. It is obviously a joint venture with a lot of psychopathic and sociopathic people working together.

      Everyone has a choice to make you can choose to follow evil and negative life forces or you can choose to be good and positive life forces.

      Now there is a for sure play that jews have in this system that is transforming itself but the gentiles are also playing a large role. Quite frankly the gentiles obviously operate a large network of secret societies like skull n bones where the Bushes, Kerry, Russels, etc. operate out of. Then you have the freemason network that operates throughout the Anglosphere and the Royals of England are major players there. The MIC is obviously loaded with gentile psychopaths ready to kill anyone and everyone and bring about a nuclear holocaust.

      The jews like to operate in the banking, pornography, media, and news world. The top families are obviously Rothschild, Warburg, Lazar, Schiff, Moses Sheif, etc. Jews operate with a lot of fake fiat notes and bring destruction that way and through degenerate lifestyles. So one should not discount the role they play but also understand these people.

      Then you have the Israel question which is really just a method of looting the Middle East and playing the divide and conquer game. Just look at a map at the prime real estate that divides the arab world and protects the strait where it is located. Israel is simply a British Royal, European Aristocracy, Rothschild project, and US Vassal. When Israel no longer serves its purpose it will be discarded same with the US.

      Quite frankly some great minds who contributed positive things were jewish: Estar Villar who should be an icon for men as she revealed womens nature for everyone, Eugene Sandow who is a weightlifting icon and health genius, Irwin Schiff who fought the income tax, federal reserve, and IRS, the guy was sent to prison for his views, etc.


    • Petra,
      The (((Tribe)) have their fingerprints everywhere, they run and own Hollywood, nearly all of the whole multi media in the USA is owned and ran buy (((them))) They use traitors from the Goy who sell their own race out for Shekels most of the US government are sell outs.
      All the major news networks are own and run by the (((Aliens))) they have supported every war in the Middle East since 911 (((They most probably had a hand in that as well with the military traitors who help to pull it off)))
      They are the most disgusting race left on planet earth, it took them since the end of WW2 to get them where they are now they have penetrated the whole of the USA government any Goy that are left are having their strings pulled by (((them))
      You sound like a Jew apologist. They have slaughtered millions upon millions of humans especially in RUSSAI where the real Holocaust took place all killed off by Jewish Bolsheviks anything up to 50 million white Christians they hate the white race and them themselves do not see themselves as white.


      • The Jews were dis-proportionally involved in the Russian holocaust. Putin admits that.

        THE QUESTION: Can you be as honest as Putin?


  • “The NYT article also mentioned that “In late 2012, according to two former senior American officials, David H. Petraeus, then the C.I.A. director, delivered a stern lecture to intelligence officials of several gulf nations at a meeting near the Dead Sea in Jordan. He chastised them for sending arms into Syria without coordinating with one another or with C.I.A. officers in Jordan and Turkey. Months later, Mr. Obama gave his approval for the C.I.A. to begin directly arming and training the rebels from a base in Jordan, amending the Timber Sycamore program to allow lethal assistance. Under the new arrangement, the C.I.A. took the lead in training, while Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency, the General Intelligence Directorate, provided money and weapons, including TOW anti-tank missiles,” so as to conquer Syria, for the Sauds.”


  • The deep state forged in secret a Master Ring to control all others…and into this Ring they poured their cruelty, their malice and their will to dominate all life. One ring to rule them all.


  • Merry Christmas to you guys out there. If you celebrate something else, Happy That!


  • I have said ad nauseam that people don’t understand how powerful the psyops are.

    Let me give you an example which should help with this concept. There are places like Oregon where large percentages of white people hate……..white people. Yes, as crazy as that sounds the DS has been able to train white people to hate themselves/their own race. I can’t make this shit up. This is why it is so important to understand who the bad guys are. You see, people know something is wrong but they get caught up yelling squirrel at everything that moves, It hurts the cause. Like scared children thinking everything is a ghost. It is so crucial to know who the bad guys are and where the dirty deeds emanate from. The good news is that the veil has been lifted, partly because of Trump. Ironically, guess who they hate for lifting the veil? Even if Trump fully capitulates they will never forgive him.

    McCain was one of the traitors who worked hard whether it was supporting Nazi’s in Ukraine or ISIS in Syria. Guess who the others are.


    • The white guilt psychosis has gone terminal. These people that believe in it cannot be helped. They will not wake up until their own brainwashed daughters who hate their race are killed by their multicultural pets. I bet her Father loved tacos.

      The decline of the United States and Europe is terminal. There is no coming back from what is happening….only the full destruction and rebuilding would rectify anything. This means physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and morally.

      I am starting to think that a place like Uruguay or Costa Rica would be an ideal place to ride out the shit storm that is coming.


      • ZMAN it seems that many people in the NE and NW have bought into their own destruction via the communist PC, race manifesto. Some of this bs has infiltrated many other countries. What country is the best backup would be a good discussion topic!


      • …gotta know Spanish for anything south of the border though.



    Commence to eatin! Beans and GMO corn, yum, yum. Cause you can trust them, they’re scientist.



    What is the lesson here? Never fuck with the DS. Oh sure Trump may have become a neocon now and maybe he does all their dirty deeds but the message is that he has to pay for challenging the establishment. Their way is to punish and show that no one challenges the establishment and gets away with it. They will not stop until their victims life is ruined.

    RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • People working jobs they hate so that they can pay debts they are enslaved to because they bought into shit they don’t need. The U.S. is obsessed with keeping their U.S. dollar debt economy going with the threat of military interventionism. Go into debt and worship a gay/feminine dominated PC culture which celebrates weird perversions with children.

    And to to ZMAN’s point Russia and China have been busy securing natural resources.


    • What kind of a country exposes kid’s to gay and transgender shit. Cheering parents and kids on for changing their biological sex. One of the creepiest things I have ever heard of. Could not even think this type of shit up when I was younger.

      The truth is people should be in jail.


      • Petra,
        I know a few gay people simply because schools are packed with these people. The truth is that of all those gay people I know, only one seemed happy, the youngest. Everyone else is really miserable. I make it a point to be open and neutral in my personal interactions with others. However, when I look at them or talk to them about personal stuff, they tell me how unhappy they are. There are a lot of documentaries about the misery in those people’s personal lives. I am a human being and I understand suffering because I have a lot of experience with that. So, I have compassion and really hope that at least others are happy. I just see less and less of that in the lives of adults. My personal observation is that gay people are even more miserable than straight people. One of the gay people I know, had a family, four children, was a leader in a major church, has a PhD and is a tenured professor at a state university. So, he was definitely not born that way… Yet, he looks so miserable. He is also one of those GPA destroyers.


      • Russia and Anglowhore America will have to fight war, and Canada will have to join because they have sanctioned Venezuela, and attempted to overthrow the neighboring country’s government.


  • BTW, Obama’s last year in office the largest employer of transgenders in the world was………..the U.S. military. They had plans to build up a tremendous transgender force. How do I know this? Because it was in Yahoo and the quotes were from generals. Trump banned transgenders from the military and the generals went ape shit crazy. These generals threatened mutiny over the transgender ban. They could of cared less that their straight soldiers were dying on the battle field.
    You know why Trump did not have congress vote on this issue? I think you know. The perverts in congress would not have banned it because they cheer kids on to change there biological sex. They also cheer parents on for encouraging their kids to change their biological sex. The TeeVee shows cheer on kid’s for changing their biological sex. They expose kid’s weird sexual shit that they have no business having to deal with. Everyone has become numb to this twisted ass shit.

    McCain was not happy…


  • Thanks for the video Petra.
    Oh Jesus help me, I’m at my wits end.
    This clown hasthe same stealy gaze of every career criminal in the armed forces.
    The greatest threat to our “way of life” is the military. Under the pretext of self defense the militarization of American society has become the norm, the federal government sticking its tentacles into our daily lives, poking around the world for a new enemy.
    We have to have enemies or the whole edifice would crumble.
    I’d like to quote the great Robert E Lee. He said, “the consolidation of these states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of all that ruin which proceeded it.”
    Wise man, I say.



      Dumb on steroids. Like a WWE big time wrestling clip. For the love of God couldn’t Trump have picked anyone else. I am at a loss. Russia has GOT TO BE laughing their ass off. Can you sound anymore insecure with all the blowhard bluster?


      • Dude I keep telling you guys Trump is a fraud….the guy is nothing more than an actor. Look at his policy advisors all NeoCon Zionists, Wall Street Insiders, Rothschild Bankruptcy Experts, etc. This fool even has his daughter and criminal son in law as advisors…..I wipe my ass with their stupidity.

        Trump is just playing his role within the “System”…..he has no agency to seriously enact any change. Those who are sovereign and controlling the “System” are the ones who are the ruling class. The US Government is not sovereign….it is controlled by the Banking/Ruling class….we do not even print our own currency LOL

        The banking/ruling class will bring down the US via a designed economic collapse within the next few years and they will shift hosts to China and SouthEast Asia where the true economic power has shifted. These dynastic families are nothing more than parasites who suck the life out of the hosts they latch onto. This game has been played for hundreds if not thousands of years.

        Why do you think the lackeys (Bushes,Clintons) were de-industrializing the US and ramping up the debt? They were setting up the New World Order. These things happen in stages all the while the moronic public watches football and gets drunk.

        The demonization of Russia is clear since they hold much of the remaining natural resources to be exploited by the “System”. Historically, Russia has successfully rebelled against the attacks on it from the West. I wouldn’t hold Putin to be a savior as it seems as though Russia is being setup to be part of the Heglian Dialectic moving forward and Putins past seems to be shady including friendship with various Jewish Oligarchs connected with the West and a relationship with Henry Kissinger. I will say this the guy knows what the deal is and could be just playing the game of keeping your friends close and enemies even closer? Who knows.


      • ZMAN I think you bring up fair points. I think we all agree that Trump has gone neocon. None of us are happy about it.

        Some of the most intellectually honest people are entrepreneurs. This country was built with entrepreneurs. Trump was someone who always ran his own show and made his own decisions which is what scared the DS. Large corporations nowadays have to conform to the DS agenda and thus be rewarded. Small business and real entrepreneurs have been basically run out of town by big corp gov. We had an economic collapse in 2008 but the congress, via the DS, bailed out the banking system. We could have another collapse..

        I think we agree on most of this stuff. Is Trump a conman? Well again things are relative. If you get right down to it most people are cons. I would ask you to think about a few things though. Very few people can stand up against the consensus the way Trump did a few years ago. We are creatures of consensus. Trump was basically not allowed to go to McCain’s memorial service. Now if that is con then so be it but he stood up to McCain to the end. McCain was a fucking icon to the DS neocons. Trump also attacked the Bush family for the Iraq war. That was sacrilegious to DS America. On and on. Con men generally pretend to be your friend and then stab you in the back. But maybe we are just getting into semantics. Regardless no one can deny the fact that he pissed off the DS and swamp, AT LEAST for a while. After the McCain memorial service things have seemed to change for the worse.

        As for Putin I think it should be clear as crystal. You are not aware of all the innocent people Putin has saved/protected. This is where you are completely wrong. The west has a weird obsession with Tranny/gay/feminine acting males along with making women masculine. When Putin publicly stated to Obama and the rest of America that Russia would NOT embrace the gay/tranny/homo agenda it was at that point the U.S, went bat shit crazy at Putin. Putin said those perversions would destroy their culture and that he would not allow it to happen. You see it is not just about resources but about evil and unnatural perversions. Truth.


  • “Trump Reportedly Unaware Of Huawei Extradition Request Before Xi Dinner While Trudeau Knew”

    “Bolton Was Aware Huawei CFO Was Arrested While Having Dinner With Xi”

    WTH! Enough said. Has anyone bothered to look at Trump lately? Let’s be completely honest. It is not the same man who ran for president. Has he just given up or is it worse? Drugged? Unfortunately it just allows the conspiracy theories to run wild.

    Deep State ain’t no conspiracy though. At least that veil has been lifted. The irony is the veil was lifted partly because of Trump.


    • Petra,
      In this country of bullies, even the president is bullied. He’s damned by any action or lack of. Just look at the comments about not reciting a religious text at the funeral. He can’t trust even one person around him. So, yes, he probably realized how little power a president does have in this mockery of democracy. All of these lafge and ultra-sensitive groups that identify themselves by a bunch of acronyms and euphemisms are creating a highly hostile environment for all of us. We are next, somebody is going to come after us for making all of these comments. Make no mistake, the united communist states of america (intentionally misspelled) are in full swing. Darker days are ahead of us.


      • “He can’t trust even one person around him.”

        Astute comments A. Stay strong and hold true. As I have stated ad nauseam, the DS is more systemic than most can understand. Trump has had to come to terms with this. He committed many sins against the DS. His campaign was built on sacrilegious attacks against the Bushes, Clinton’s, McCain while he stated a desire to normalized relations with Russia and Putin. Now he is getting swallowed up by the swamp.

        Don’t lose heart.


    • Petra,

      Dude check this out as to what the future is…..

      It does not matter who the President is as there is a much larger agenda at play by the dynastic families who are leading us to global governance.

      Trump is a Fraud and conman.


      • ZMAN-

        “by the dynastic families who are leading us to global governance”

        That is wrong and a misnomer. The financial system is being driven by the DS/neocons in the U.S. The U.S wants total dominance based on their dollar. This includes corporate dominance which is thus called “global”. They have been able to succeed with this scheme because countries have been pressured to pay tribute to it. Look what happens when a country or leader threatens to use an alternate currency!!!!!!! Qaddafi, Saddam, Putin, Assad, etc, etc. The financial system in the U.S. is a debt based system. When borrowing stops it ends. Yes most Americans are dependent on the system which is why it is good to break free. Websites like Rel’s can help people. Countries like Russia have to live within their means which is why Russia has very little debt.

        It is a massive ponzi scheme being driven BY THE U.S. and enabled by a U.S. dollar which countries are forced to pay homage to. This is why the DS is so desperate to maintain control and micro manage every country with threat of military force. Once there is a mass exodus from the dollar, it is over. Leverage/Debt collapsed the system in 2008 but they went back to the same playbook and re-inflated the system. Congress used the citizens tax dollars to bail out the banks and on it went. The big threat to the system is countries saying “NO MAS” and walking away from it. Thus the crazed actions of the U.S. It SEEMS the U.S. is into kidnapping now. Nothing would surprise me. Russia’s superior military technology may be the biggest threat to the U.S, financial ponzi scheme and U.S. trans/gay/feminist dominance fetish. This may be why they are willing to go to war with Russia. Desperate people do desperate things. So if there is a savior to be found it would be Putin as he has called out their bullshit and helped bring to light there evil.

        “Trump is a Fraud and conman”

        Wish it was that simple but it is not. Things are relative. Peer pressure and group think are powerful. I can assure you that when Trump became president and went into his security briefings there was a full court press to make him feel isolated and question himself. Funny how much the DS hates Trump even though he is a conman. Does the DS think Trump is a conman? Remember when Trump invited B Clinton’s rape victims on TV to talk about how Hillary threatened them? This was the Trump who everyone claims was friends with the Clinton’s. Interesting the bs people will push for their agenda.


  • I am so sick of the low IQ morons who muddy the waters by saying the Jews secretly control everything. Zero conceptional thinking. Not that there are the evil jews but damn the bs has gotten bad. Like Trump is secretly going into the synagogue to kiss jews hands every couple hours. How does the good side win when they sow the good side with nut-jobs. Then there is the bs theory that the DS planned a Trump win in the election against Hillary.. Can it get any more stupid?

    Tell me Trump has gone neocon. Tell me he has hired neocons. Tell me he is acting or even become a neocon. I can handle and understand those sentiments. But please everyone stay away from the heroine based theories.

    The deep state is fully staffed with male betas. Many non jews. Period. BTW the DS foreign diplomacy model has a long track record of failure but they just keep hoping for different results. They have achieved the great accomplishment of pushing Russia into China’s arms. Russia and China used to hate each other. But after years of hard work the dumb and dumber policy has screwed the U.S. Then Trump sees the obvious, our foreign policy is run by morons, and somehow gets convinced that he needs to keep pushing the same stupid button. &^%*^#%$)*^)(*^!!!! Those neocons probably wore him the fuck out with how important it is to keep being stupid. One thing for sure, Trump is too trusting. I can relate. He needs to put the brakes on, if he is still cognitively able, before the car goes over the cliff.


    • Trump

      History is full of situations like this. Trust me. It even happens in corporations and family’s. That’s a fact.



        “But now Trump’s in a trap.

        He was foolish enough to believe that Beltway foreign policy “experts” have a clue about what really is American national interest. Just this week he told the Washington Post, in response to three US soldiers being killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, that he has to keep US troops fighting in the longest war in US history because the “experts” tell him there is no alternative.

        He said, “virtually every expert that I have and speak to say if we don’t go there, they’re going to be fighting over here. And I’ve heard it over and over again.”

        That is the same bunkum the neocons sold us as they lied us into Iraq! We’ve got to fight Saddam over there or he’d soon be in our streets. These “experts” are worthless, yet for some reason President Trump cannot break free of them.

        Well here’s some unsolicited advice to the president: Listen to the people who elected you, who are tired of the US as the world’s police force. Let Ukraine and Russia work out their own problems. Give all your “experts” a pink slip and start over with a real pro-American foreign policy: non-interventionism.”- Ron Paul

        SO FUCKING SICK OF BEING RIGHT! Sorry but when I am wrong will admit it.

        God bless Ron Paul


  • Canada has a lugenpresse like Wiemar Germany. $600 million for feminist bias media, but not a penny to help Canadians.


  • Leeway MGTOW,
    “Feminists have not concluded their war on men, they have just started this war.”
    I agree. However, I would say all women, not just feminists. Female politicians know they can use the government to further female based policies. they know they can transfer resources (money) to female programs and cucks will support it.. We really are only seeing the beginning of god knows what.
    You should read the bio of Krysten Semena. This fruity cunt was just elected to serve Arizona in the Senate. The fucking United States senate!


    • I was suspicious of her name that awfully sounds like those SJW monkers, like Chanty Binx.

      Did a Google Image search, and she looks like the blonde version of Chanty Binx, a lesbian, and a feminist who was on the death penalty panel? (merging of feminists and extreme right wingism)?

      As a Latino, I wouldn’t have voted for a feminist cunt. Beats me why millions of my people are voting for race-baiters, feminists and homos when most of us don’t like any of those things.


    • It’s a shame that a growing number of women are supporting the feminist agenda.
      Back in the day, it was only a fringe movement and the women were mainly outed as batshit crazy.

      Feminists have demonized men that even pre-puberty boys aren’t spared from the wrath of the anti-male hatred, some young boys are forced by their mothers and female teachers to become trannies. How isn’t that child abuse?

      This world is going to shit, and seriously, I’ve seen on Facebook and Twitter how many old stock American men whose ancestors were living in America for centuries, pray that Russia or China does something in retaliation against America (or Canada/Europe), solely because of feminism.

      Those Alt-Right buffoons who are busy burning down refugee centers are only doing the dirty work for feminists—Feminists and Muslims are going to end up in a might of a bloodshed in the bear future, and feminists know it as their refugee plan has failed to destroy white men and only created resentment among young Muslim men who have to conform to Slut walk feminist garbage.

      Let the feminists and independent wamminz fight the Muslims, I’m not a part of that.


  • Current young men will likely die homeless while Angloskanks get hefty salaries for coming to class nude or sucking baby boys at their genitals.
    Men will end up with HIV after being thrown in prison, and then raped, for the “crime” such as “harassment” of women. Feminists have not concluded their war on men, they have just started this war.


    • “harassment”

      You can get arrested now for harassment if you cold approach a woman. Isn’t that special.


      • In Toronto, Canada, a woman only has to complain that she is harassed, and Toronto Police will arrest a man, no need for any investigations, immediate arrest.

        Makes one wonder if the incels there will join the enemies of Canada because the femoids have alienated lots of men there.
        In the USA, feminism is being challenged, bot not in Toronto where police arrest men for “hate speech”.

        Dr. James Sears and an elderly Metis (French Native Indian) man have been hauled into court for “hate speech”.

        That environmental activist Steve Katsikaris (ironically a lefty cause) had York Regional Police victimizing him because a female doctor, Dr. Brooke Hogarth sent YRP Homicide detective Jim Killby on him.

        In Texas, a female pediatrician, who should be investigated for pedophilia, forced her son to become a tranny at age 3, and the father has lost his job, because Antifa called his workplace and said that he was homophobic for refusing his son to be sexually interfered by his mother.


  • Rel,

    I’d include Obamacare as another reason for the drop in life expectancy. The premiums, deductibles, and co-insurances are so high as to render the health ‘coverage’ useless! One literally cannot AFFORD to pay for his health care when all that is taken into consideration. What are you going to pick, a doctor’s visit or food on the table and roof over your head? So, people neglect their healthcare, which impacts life expectancy.


    • THIS!!!

      The elephant in the kitchen. Talk about breaking people financially. This was was a communist health manifesto, casting a net over every single citizen and entrapping them into a healthcare nightmare. Thank God Trump has been able to drop the mandatory compliance after this year. He has vowed to continue fighting it although he can’t do it alone as he needs some votes from congress.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Not helping the situation is the fact that the medical insurance Americans are paying for actually does support “death panels” …

    Anyone else here remember “The Private Man”?

    His doctors and the insurance companies in America ran him through “the process” in which what could have been an operable cancer case, possibly involving the removal of the affected eye, wound up costing him his life.

    What he should have done was to board a plane to Thailand to have the eye operated on at a hospital there, at his own expense, as early as would have been possible, because he’d probably still be with us.

    I came back to the States having experienced the reality of the NHS rather than the one that all of the Vichy American Leftists talk about: the NHS that won’t cover certain treatments, the NHS that bolloxes up diagnoses even for relatively mundane things, the NHS that increasingly has to rely on medical contractors and massive budget excesses caused thereby because nobody wants to work for it anymore, the NHS that has to decrease operating hours for already failing NHS trusts.

    What I thought was that being able to pay for insurance cover and most treatments in America through private doctors would somehow make this better, and so because I could afford it, I signed up for “gold level” coverage …

    But in America, you are not the boss of your own treatment, the insurance company is, followed by the administrators of whatever hospital or clinic you’re checked into, with the doctors generally following orders and diktats issued by both.

    This makes the American system at least as bad as the NHS, and in many scenarios actually quite a lot worse.

    Having “gold level” coverage simply means you can be fucked with for cash while the “medical system” plays you like a fiddle.

    The astounding incompetence of this “medical system” trying to play “diagnostics by algorithm” and “treatments by checklist” games was enough to bring me very close to death, and I’m still recovering from some of the medical chicanery they pulled even if I’ve managed to self-treat the worst to the point that my new doctors have ruled most of the former diagnoses “incorrect” and “unsupported by recent testing”.

    That’s because now I pay for all of my doctors with cash, and I want certain results now, not when my insurance company deems it to be convenient, including my American medical record being expunged of all of this crap that was put on it years ago for the benefit of making me a “lifetime needs patient”.

    This is not “a country for old men” — there are plenty of de facto “death panels” in the American health care system to ensure that you’ll be pushed off this mortal coil as fast as bureaucratically possible …

    I’ve since dropped my American health coverage to the minimum necessary to be guaranteed that I’m not completely bankrupted if I am unlucky enough to be carted off unconscious in an ambulance.



    One of the creepiest things I have seen in a while. But hey they are scientist so you can trust them!!!!!!

    Let me help everyone out with trying to understand your situation…… Almost everything you have been taught is bad.


    • You are better off with the George Costanza rule. Do the opposite.


    • Petra,
      That’s awesome! The problem with the laws is that they tend to change and things that are perfectly legal and normal today may become illegal tomorrow and they do go back in time as the new legislators see fit. The nazis and the communists have changed laws and turned millions of people into criminals by a simple stroke of a pen. So, having a business, being Jewish, having gold or livestock, owning a property, a gun, certain books or art objects, were all deemed illegal for the owners, their families, their neighbors and their friends. Guilty or not, by association or by law, people were punished, imprisoned, exiled or murdered…


  • Not mentioned at all in the above comments and the article is the effect of something called “The Behavioural Sink” aka “The Mouse Crowding Experiment.” Thumbnail: Despite abundant resources, crowding lead to stress and aberrant behaviours,

    Please take the time to look it up and read about it:

    One can’t help but to ask if the increased Suicide Rate is a part of the larger and increasing range of, well, let’s call it Fringe Behaviours that are increasingly evident, esp. in the cities and their suburban areas. Could it be that all the deviant behaviours we see – and that would include the MGTOW movement that mirrors the “Beautiful Ones” in the experiment – are the result/artifacts, at least in part, of the stress of overcrowding?

    Just a thought.



  • For those of you who haven’t yet, look up the list of minimum annual leave by country. Many countries, even some we would consider inferior to America, give employees a gracious minimum paid leave every year.
    Talk about a nation of suckers!


  • GhostofSteveMcQueen

    Rel, you’ve been on fire lately. I appreciate the thought and work you’ve put into sharing your insight & perspectives.


  • There is nothing more unattractive than women climbing over each other trying to get to the top of the corporate ladder.


  • The writing is on the wall and these often ignored stories tell you all you need to know. There’s absolutely no reason in the world today with all our advancements in technology and medicine that this decrease should be happening. This is all due to mental problems as stated in the article, not a plague, not wars. It goes to show how powerful and pervasive all this cultural diarrhea is today with the MSM, social media, gynocentric indoctrination, etc… Living the old “American dream” is like trying to catch the wind nowadays.

    And all these feminist women who thought they’d be happy with all this bullshit??? Damn near every one of them I know are on psych drugs and go to therapy on the regular. Does it feel like a big win yet ladies????


    • Compounded by the new food paradigm supported by the FDA. Truth. Even if a male wanted to push back they are too weak and filled with feelings of doom. This is why the demoralizing psyops work so well. If you can demoralize then you win. Men are too weak and despondent to fight. Demoralizing is one of their key psyop weapons. GET THEM TO JUST GIVE UP. The ds used this heavily when trying to throw the election for Hillary. Hillary was the DS’s candidate.

      Health is wealth. Get off the food/FDA matrix.. #1 rule or you don’t stand a chance.


    • 21st century healthcare is only for the feminists living in Ivory towers and working in make-work government jobs; we male peasants will not have any healthcare insurance because of crony capitalism.
      How can it be “capitalism” when a few companies own the major industries and they support feminism and the rainbow agenda?


  • Government has an interest in seeing lifetimes shortened. When Social Security first came into being, people were only expected to live to age seventy. That men are the ones who suffer the most is a bonus. That is how cruel, uncaring, and vicious the bureaucracy is.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Canadian leaf PM Turdeau will always send convicted child killers and baby molesters into Indigenous (Native Indian) healing lodges, as long as the victim is a female Angloskank.
      Honestly, not even the 99% Native Indians get such treatment for misdemeanor crimes, much less crimes of infamous child killers and baby fuckers.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I heard that someone saw the insanity of all this and she got sent back to prison. Still, the pass is all too real and it even gives them a break in traffic court.


      • Those Angloskanks are going to live longer than everyone else on this planet.

        Meanwhile, thousands of men die prematurely because of the feminist empire.

        Almost like Russia back in the day where men died in their late 40s and early 50s, because of Soviet-wave feminism.

        Angloskank feminism is WORSE than any form of European communist-feminist revolution, because corrupt crony capitalism thrives on feminism.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Leeway, If it is any consolation, I have seen where they end up. Have you ever been to an old folks home? It’s not pretty and it’s ninety percent women. At least, men are spared that.


    • Fuzziewuzziebear,
      also add that after a lifetime of work, men, get a meager pension. Then, the spouses who never ever worked one day in their entire lives, get a higher amount than the men who generated the money.
      Why is our government funding parasites and promoting parasitism? That, should be a crime…

      Liked by 1 person

      • A,
        That was all right when marriage was presumed to be lifetime. Now, women are looking forward to splitting the 401k and getting lifetime alimony after ten years. They could marry two men successively for ten years each and retire on full pay while their husbands have to live on half retirement.


  • Yahoo has about 5 articles on Trump and Russia.

    Anyone see the big picture yet?


    • BTW, saw a reply from ZMAN on an older thread which confirms my feeling on the neocons, especially military. I would throw in police also. These people are the biggest women cheerleaders and white knight faggots I have ever seen. I have said for years that the Eye of Sauron is over the Pentagon.

      Thanks for example ZMAN


      • Dude if you want to end up dead….join the military and fight in our cucked out army. Full of cucks, fags, feminists (both male and female), and total degenerates.

        I personally know several guys in various combat outfits that have told me point blank….the females the Army say are passing Ranger School are not passing but being allowed to pass with lowered standards while men are still having to hold up to all of the original standards.

        To be honest the females are just there to get fucked and live off the government. How do I know? Well from experience LOL


  • Combine that with feminist discrimination against men, which lessens the income and jobs for men, the future for men is bleak.

    Men struggle to obtain general labor jobs in Toronto, while a Toronto harpie like Dylan McEwen will live up to 100 years, get released from jail early, become a feminist hero and get approved for teaching jobs, because she sucked a baby’s pee-pee on camera, and also doing some sick stuff that shouldn’t have warranted a lenient six-year prison sentence.

    Feminism and crony capitalism will make men suffer in poverty, loneliness and dying early because of poor health, poor jobs and no healthcare as this will only be reserved for those in gold-plated pensions, feminist make-work jobs.


  • Thank you, guys! Great insights. As I have lived overseas and have traveled quite a bit, there was one thing in particular that always bothered me upon my return to US: the total lack of respect. I am not going to explain the obvious, just comment on yet another reason for major depression. People can’t possibly be happy when it seems like everything is designed to smash and dehumanize them. We are nothing but simple statistics to the elites. Of course, they are very concerned when we, their slaves, are going extinct. God forbid, they will have to actually work. That is why the borders stay wide open, hopefully, some of those “migrants” will actually work hard for a system that will eventually smash them at a later time…


    • “ return to US: the total lack of respect.”

      Interesting, it seems Thailand is the opposite. How long would an anglo bitch with an attitude last in Thailand? Didn’t Rel have an article related to this?


      • In China I knew several guys who would cross the street to dodge them when they saw an Anglo woman coming their way. They are generally miserable as they are not catered to and men avoid them. I remember one hot white chick in a Starbucks in Shanghai sitting alone and putting out an ice queen vibe, all while the Asian women were talking, laughing and having a good time. Most guys attitude towards them is like “What the hell are you doing here? Go home.” Only long term female expats I met either were married or were (very rare) decent human beings.


  • Two academics, I forget who, have coined a term for this growing epidemic, destined to soon be a pandemic – deaths of despair. I could not agree more with their conclusion.

    I’m a 63 year old former dyed in the wool blue pill patriotic hard working believer. I now do not give a tinker’s damn about my country of birth or the society I live in. I feel myself a stranger in a strange land. How did I get to this state? I didn’t seek it on my own. It was rammed down my throat with a gavel. My forced education in how our so-called justice system and our society actually work, and why they work the way they do, was, and remains, gut wrenching to point of nausea.

    In 2011, my money laundering, lying, adulterous wife decided it was time to destroy me for cash and prizes. Her female cop friends provided the plan and the muscle. It was an 18 month nightmare of lies and greed by all involved. The outcome of the passion play was preordained. It was not a question of guilt or innocence. It wasn’t even a question. It was a system designed to break me in every sense of the word. And they did.

    Three years later I was broke and unemployable. I couldn’t even get an interview to be a bartender. Without my family and my one true friend, I would have been on the streets. I was living in an ancient motorhome – a far cry from the golf course in the neighborhood I used to call home. I seriously considered offing myself but considering my sister had recently died from pancreatic cancer, I did not want to put my mother through losing both of her children. I was in great danger of becoming one of the “deaths of despair”. Then a miracle happened, MGTOW found me and saved my life.

    My story, and how I arrived at my complete apathy for my country and society, is not unusual. I am merely one of tens of millions of American men force fed through the legal sausage to transfer my wealth to a woman and then through her profligate spending to the corporations that really run the world. Just a meaningless cog in the machine to be used, abused, and then discarded like soiled toilet paper. And the CDC can’t seem to figure out where the despair comes from?

    I must admit that I am one of the more fortunate survivors of the gynocentric wealth transfer machine. My mother passed two years ago and now I am a millionaire. But the money is largely meaningless. My years in the motorhome taught me the gift of minimalism. I can buy anything I want, but you guessed it, there is nothing material I want.

    I do find myself rudderless, adrift upon a sea of insanity with no need of a compass or charts as there is no port I want to sail towards. Could I, as the TNMM has done, exit this dying matrix for foreign shores? Absolutely. But I will not for my studies have convinced me that AWALT is true the world over, I don’t speak Spanish, and I don’t want to be just another mark for the scammers and police in a 2nd world shithole.

    But I am blessed with schizoid personality disorder (SPD). Read up on it. It may well be a “disorder” you want to adopt. In short, it is introverts who don’t get lonely. It has been described as a personality disorder without a personality. I consider it being so comfortable in your own skin that you don’t need or want to interact with the insanity of the “normies”. I also believe it brings order to the disorder. A perfect survival strategy in a sea of chaos populated by soulless predators.

    This is my story of the pit of despair, surviving it, and how I learned to live in a world that considers me to be nothing more than a prey animal to be harvested for my wallet. Every story is different but the root causes are the same. Hello, CDC.

    I will close by saying that every time I hear of a man committing suicide I weep a little inside. For I know that if we had found him or he had found us, he would still be alive. MGTOW philosophy saves lives, just that simple. And content providers like our erudite host here are the ones responsible for saving those lives. Thank you, TNMM.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It is said that people with depression can see the world as it is and most people view the world through Rose colored glasses.


      • John Daniels – When the rose colored glasses are ripped from your face and ground to dust under a jack boot and a stiletto high heel, one’s outlook on the world changes rapidly.

        As mentioned above, I was living an upper middle class life- the American dream. A high paying job, nice house, nice cars, a beautiful wife, and a great dog. Until my life was blown up by the system I really didn’t know how fortunate I was. Everything was “rosy”.

        My years in the motorhome were spent in a circuit of two cheap municipal RV parks, a free national forest primitive camp site, and seeing my mother once a month. As bad as I thought I had it, my situation was Nirvana compared to many of the people I met.

        I met people living in tents or out of their cars. Many were hungry. They had no jobs or prospects or hope. Many of them had the look of zombies, sleep walking through life if only because the will to live still sparked.

        My mother lived in the Ritz-Carlton of retirement homes. Everyone there was a millionaire. When I would eat dinner with her and her friends, I would try to tell them just how bad it was out there. They didn’t get it at all. I don’t think they could get it because the concept was so foreign to them, just as it had once been for me. Rose colored glasses indeed.

        The answer to this mess is the restoration of human dignity. But that won’t happen. The system is designed to destroy the human dignity of anyone and everyone unfortunate enough to fall into its clutches or if not in its clutches to not be a member of a protected class. This is the stuff revolutions are made of. But that won’t happen either. Any challenge to the status quo is met with crushing force.

        So, what is the only sane thing to do? Make a drink, kick back, and enjoy the show. Keep you wallet in your pocket, your dick in your pants, and your mouth shut. Obey traffic laws, only drink at home, and pay your taxes. Stay off their radar screens. Or you too may find yourself living in tent. Sage advice from a battle scarred veteran. Cheers.


    • Hi John, as a man half your age I completely see what is coming down the pike for guys my age and younger, I found MGTOW approx 4 years ago after some really nasty encounters with women that woke me up to female nature. First it was the sexodus that Breitbart reported on that struck so many chords with me. MGTOW does save lives, it frees men from the shame of living for ones own self instead of deriving meaning by being disposable to somebody else. I can relate to being comfortable alone with introverted tendencies. Right now i’m reaching for the exit, which as you put would be a 2nd world country but with greater freedoms, the option of a 2nd passport.. search for Finca Bayano and tell me the idea of living in the middle of nowhere in P-anama doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Land can be bought for under $20k and a basic house built for another $20-40k, or however much you wish to spend.


      • Anon – I’m glad that you have awakened as a young man. I wish I had known at your age, but … that is water under the bridge for me.

        Others may, and probably will, disagree with me about leaving the matrix for a 2nd world country such as Panama of the DR as our host TNMM has done part time. However, I stand by my position for two specific reasons. First, I am a white male and hence the only class of person on the planet it is politically correct and often legally sanctioned to use, abuse, and victimize with impunity. Second, in a 2nd world country I would be considered extremely wealthy and as stated before, a mark for the scammers and the local police.

        If you think scammers (all females and blue pill white knights) and police (female’s enforcers) in your home country (America for me) are bad, just imagine a poor 2nd world country where they all consider you fair game. Can it be pulled off? Sure it can. But just like the legendary NAWALT, what are the odds?

        My advice to a young man today is the same advice I wish I had been given, and listened to, 30 years ago. Listen up. It takes very little money for a man to live on. We blow our money chasing pussy and the American dream myth it entails. We end up broke, discarded, and living in ancient motorhomes. Been there, done that. Minimalism is the key.

        Save money like a madman. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. My motto is if Wal-Mart doesn’t sell it I don’t need it. Drive a cheap old beater vehicle. There are two reasons for a vehicle – first, to get you and your stuff from point A to point B in relative comfort and safety, second, to attract chicks. I am a millionaire and drive a 2004 Lincoln I inherited. I could write a check for any vehicle I want, but I won’t, because it gets me from point a to point B just fine and is anything but a chick magnet. New cars keep poor people broke. Old cars keep rich people rich.

        Rural land in America can be had on the cheap. Work in the cities until you have money saved up. Then buy rural land that you can improve on the weekends. Learn how to grow crops and livestock and how to slaughter it. You will only need 600 SF of house to be comfortable. I get by comfortably on 400 SF of RV right now.

        Stay out of the stock market for right now – a bear market and recession is on the horizon. Buy 3-month CD’s at a small community bank that has no derivative exposure. The list is on the net. That is exactly what I have done. Never forget – pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.

        Lastly, buy the land as soon as possible preferably in a southern climate. The sun is coming to the end of its 400 year cycle of sunspot activity and the coming decades will be very cold due to zero sun spot activity. We are heading for a mini ice age very soon.

        This is my broad advice for a young man. I cannot give detailed advice other than prepare thyself and prepare well for the storm is not on the horizon, it has crossed it. Ask not for whom the bell tolls (if you are a white man), it tolls for thee.


    • Excellent post but I disagree with this:
      “AWALT is true the world over, I don’t speak Spanish, and I don’t want to be just another mark for the scammers and police in a 2nd world shithole.”
      I have been better treated by women and the police overseas. The police don’t bother you unless you do something really stupid. And the women are usually like the ones you remember in pre 1970 USA. But I know nothing of Latin America, mostly Asia. You can’t read about travel in a book and come to an accurate conclusion. The information you get here is not reality. Going overseas saved my life. I was recently divorced and worked as an English teacher for 8 years in China and Ukraine. My depression quickly vanished and has yet to return. I have had the time of my life and only regret not doing this when I was 25.


  • Correction, the article is titled‘ Allegiance and Why One Might Withold It’
    Worth a read.


  • Back in the 1990s Pope John Paul II called the West a ‘culture of death.’
    He was wrong in that assessment. The West died a long time ago.
    America died a long time ago. What’s left is a soul crushing juggernaut called the economy.
    You guys should read ‘A Salubrious Anarchy’ by Fred Reed over at his website Fredoneverything.
    He bailed on America 15 years ago and doesn’t regret it.


  • I’ve known two guys already kill themselves one was a teenager and another early 20’s. Both decent, smart, but very BETA white guys. Unfortunately, both of them came from broken homes and raised by single mothers. So one can just imagine the programming that they received from them. Then take into the account the societal programming that men are being force fed….on one hand you have the loser tradcons telling men to MAN UP and become a 1950s beta provider and on the other hand you have the libtards telling men they should be allies and male feminists. Oddly enough neither one makes a pussy wet and is a losing proposition in todays world unless you are a willing cuck.

    Take into account what men are seeing today….the former girl next door type is actually a slut that gets pounded out on the regular by some moronic thug type who doesn’t give a shit about anything while your typical beta male is out becoming an engineer, doctor, etc. and these are the women that these guys are supposed to marry? Better yet they could marry their career equivalent doctor, lawyer, etc….but expect to be divorce raped when it is convenient for her to jump back on the carousel and take you for everything you have.

    On another note, have you seen how fucked up most people are in this country? Hugely obese has to be somewhere near 40% and overweight atleast 60%. That alone writes off a huge amount of women that any sane man would think about having sex with and just being around in general.

    What about the degenerate tattoos on women….that should be prime spotting of serious issues for any man with his wits about him. That screams stay away in my book.

    Appearances aside check out the attitudes of modern women….tell me the last time you saw a feminine American woman…..I’ll tell you that it is when I see the Amish or Mennonite women who live traditional lives and accept themselves as women. Unfortunately, for most American women they have simply elected to become men with vaginas.

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