The U.S. Government Is Illegitimate


The American Republic morphs into The American Socialist Empire

What will be the worst tyranny in the history of the world is about to consolidate its power, crushing both its citizens and the world under its jack-booted heel. A dreadful chapter in human history is about to unfold, and the American government is at the forefront of a worldwide transition from freedom to fascism.

From light to darkness.

The U.S. government does not listen to its citizens. Its citizens are forced to listen to its dictates, no matter how unjust or unwarranted. It runs a massive police and surveillance state designed to oppress its millions of tax cattle. Its propaganda ministry uses fear and envy to manipulate the masses. It makes grandiose promises to its citizens only to betray them at every turn. It has turned its citizens against one another and even woman against man with a carefully played con game of identity politics. It is economically reducing them to serfs in a neo-feudal system.

The power of the people is long dead, and their pseudo-savior known as President Trump is nothing but a con artist put in office to subvert what was a brewing revolution in the country in 2016.

Trump will be in office putting on a helluva sideshow until heritage America’s last foothold on their nation is slipped out from under them. That is, until demographics change enough to give the Democrat Socialists a permanent lock on political power.

The illegitimate American government, built on war profiteering and bent on world domination has chosen to elect a new populace. A populace it can more easily manage with public relations, identity politics and mass psychology than those pesky folks of European descent who once fled everything this nation has now become.

Those of European descent, a tiny minority of the world’s population – only 7% and in steep decline – are being corralled, vilified, and will soon be subjected to persecution and genocide. The narratives for this crime against humanity are already being forged by the mainstream media.

America was founded on their demands of liberty, freedom and self-determination. It ends as a nation that tricks and coerces its citizens into acquiescence with the propaganda techniques pioneered by that loathsome human being Edward Bernays, and with a vast and overreaching corporatocracy.

Even though he’s a fraud, Trump was right on target when he called out fake news during the 2016 election. The ruling class had to throw you a few crumbs to distract you, after all. But, what Trump won’t tell you is that he is the head of the hydra known as Fake Democracy. If you haven’t figured it out by now, your vote and your opinion mean nothing to your overlords. They see you as nothing but subjects to oppress and exploit. Get tired of being abused by one party, and the only alternative most people see is voting for the other band of criminals. The Republicans and Democrats alike are nothing but players in a fake democracy drama that answers only to moneyed interests of the elite that have long run the country.

The America we once knew and loved is dead. She is being replaced with a Socialist government whose evil will make the crimes of Soviet Russia look like child’s play. What’s worse, in this Ultimate Revolution that Huxley warned us of, people are being made to love their slavery.

What can be done to help a people who so willingly polish the crowns of their oppressors? Rather than fighting amongst themselves, they need to be working out ways to seize the assets of those who would turn them into slaves. The plutocrats are your enemy. Not your fellow man, or woman. The government they have hijacked is illegitimate at best, and a danger to all of humanity at worst.

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  • I don’t completely agree. Trump is trying but outnumbered and we will know in the next couple of years if it is too late or not. Since your return, your posts have been very dark. I see progress and more hope than in a long time. Time will tell.


  • The Divine Comedy of History

    The thing about psychopaths is that, in the long run, their schemes for fame and power ultimately fail, whether its inner competition or the collapse of the political and social infrastructure, such is the fate of oligarchies. The only thing that could be worse (according to Aristotle) is a tyranny, because unlike an oligarch, their power is unchecked.

    Also, nice to see that you are alive, and when I mean alive, I mean coming back with an explosion of new content. 😉


  • Rel,

    Though I voted for Trump, I see what you’re saying. Laura Wood says (and I concur) that Trump’s election means that we didn’t talk about IMPORTANT issues like 9/11 or the Federal Reserve; he was a distraction to a population that was rapidly waking up. He was a safety valve for the elites, or what the late George Carlin called “the owners”; there’s a big club, and we’re NOT in it!

    This Deep State corruption goes back a LONG WAY too. I’ve been researching the attack on Pearl Harbor, and there’s NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that FDR and his administration knew about the attack, allowed it to happen, and got us into WWII. FDR had to do something drastic, because after WWI, the American people were 75%-80% opposed to entering another European war. Anyway, the corruption, the chicanery, and lying about Pearl Harbor is mind blowing. I can’t do it justice, because whole books have been written about FDR’s foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor. Anyway, the point is that this rot goes back decades, if not more than a century, and is only now coming to light.

    Anyway, it’s good to see you back! You know, you could do a whole SERIES of posts based on this one; you raised a lot of good points that could and should be discussed in further detail, e.g. how the propaganda is used against us.


  • The really scary part is: In a democratic republic, they is us. The government is elected. I know there are exceptions and nuances and on and on and on…. Make any claim you want. It’s true all or in part. The problem is how much the government reflects ‘us’. That is a sorry sorry state of affairs.


    • @funksoulbrother
      Yes. I agree with you about 99.9%. The only problem with our government is that only the president is limited to two terms. Others, have many years of “service”, even multiple jobs at different levels. It’s those “they” who select “our” candidates. We should have the legal power to take them all down in one swift sweep. We should all get together and change the rules in our collective favor. Good luck to us, convincing the people who refuse to work and speak English, the professional profiteers of the status quo, to join us in changing the current laws. This is how “they” are unlike us.


  • I am watching all of these manipulative moves from those in charge of us. I was watching the State of the Union, knowing that it would be a marketing campaign. What I didn’t expect, was our president promoting women like they are somehow at a disadvantage and need special measures and incentives. I was thinking to myself: “There goes my job…”. I will be a slave to the system for the rest of my sorry life. All of my minimum wages will go to pay for programs meant to create well-paying jobs for others who despise me and my fellow men. Thank you, Mr. President! A job well done. Just like your predecessors, only on a global scale.


  • The reality of ‘minority-majority’ America stares me in the face everyday where I live. The United States is not a country, it is a collection of different races, ethnicities, religions, cultures, lifestyles and sexual orientations with little uniting them.
    The mainstream media’s hatred of whites was on display again with the Covington boys hoax.
    Darkness covers the land. As one astute person has stated “we are ruled by ideologists..and they will not stop chasing paradise on earth as they create hell.”
    This is true. Feminism, diversity, multiculturalism, it was all forced on this country by a cultural, economic and political elite.


  • All those things that Thomas Jefferson said that sound extreme don’t sound that extreme anymore.


  • I wonder what will happen to the vast arsenal of the US, as things progress in the manner Rel described here? Some of it might be sold to China (or other US creditor nations) as collateral on debt payments.

    But what really frightens me is that such weaponry that the US army currently wields, could fall into the hands of a Socialist-Fascist dictator one day! Also the possibility of nuclear weapon systems not being properly managed and maintained, as we saw with the fall of the Soviet Union, is an issue. If things really progress as described in this article, the future US regime will become a problem not only unto it`s on citizens, but for the whole worlds as well.


  • Does it really matter what my name is?

    Leaving for a 3rd world country is not the solution. Been there done that only to come back.
    Unless you have economic powe,r you are pretty much screwed. This has been going on much longer than 2016.

    I would say the true beginning was somewhere around the time tv became mainstream in American homes.


  • Spot on succint article on where this country currently is. And glad to have you back RF.

    I’m a week away from leaving the U.S. and the West for a couple months. I can’t wait. This place is rubbish. It’s a breath of fresh air when you reach the third world. I just wish I could leave this place permanently.


  • It is truly good to see you back my friend, I feared we had seen the last of you
    I’m kryptonian51 but WordPress deleted my account because of some bullshit trumped up violations of their service agreement
    So all my posts will be done with necron48


  • Good article


  • Wecome back brother Missed your commentaryt


  • Extremely complicated topics within the realm of the essay above.

    I address a minute portion of ongoing affairs with this:

    A tyrannical few are waging class war against We, the People. One tyrannical tactic is “divide and conquer.” The forcing of diversity and multiculturalism upon We, the People creates a mass of contentious, bickering people at each other’s throats instead of uniting to fight the tyrants lording over us.

    One of many facets of the class war is the unholy alliance between big government and big business that creates wealth distribution channels that funnels a large percentage of the national wealth ever upwards to the top of the pyramid-shaped socioeconomic hierarchy. That wealth is created by the masses of common folks who are spit upon by the tyrannical overlords.

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  • I think we all were wondering were you went! Good to see you back and posting new content!

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