Where Is Caesar?


Will a Caesar come as the American fake democracy spirals out of control?

As Western governments continue to betray their citizens, beating them down with ever increasing heights of insanity the comments sections of most any publication are alight with people calling for an end to the Fake Democracy that America, Inc. and its cohorts in Europe The Fallen are foisting onto the world.

Just one example: France, now a socialist hellhole has made the abolition of the terms “mother” and “father” in public schools official policy. There is no mother and father in the Brave New World. Only Parent 1 and Parent 2. The destruction of the family isn’t enough for those bent on reducing humanity to farm animals. No, they must totally dehumanize the population.

As repeated betrayals undermine faith in the Republican vs. Democrat, liberal vs. conservative sideshow in Western fake democracies, only one question remains: Where is our Caesar predicted in Decline Of The West? When will he come to smash the rotten edifice of democracy, seize the assets of the evil oligarchs, and at least temporarily, stop the hemorrhaging of a civilization now on its deathbed?

When the time comes, the people will welcome him.

P.S. It’s not that fake ass Trump.

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  • https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-22/new-england-patriots-owner-robert-kraft-charged-soliciting-hookers

    Guilty of consensual, hetero, sexual relations with an adult woman. He is an older white billionaire single dude with no chance of happiness unless he wakes up and gets the F out.

    He should of gone to a gay orgy, a sex themed restaurant which hires under-aged girls(Twin Peaks), a gay parade where a homo shakes his dick at families or he could of just talked his grandkid into becoming a tranny.
    He would of been safe then.

    No live sex for white males even if they are single. And definitely no cold approaching adult women. Stay chained to the online porn/dating where the nanny state wants you.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    BTW, haven’t we seen “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” before?

    The inmates run this asylum, of course.


    • The Divine Comedy of History

      And of course they have the usual blue hair…


      • “And of course they have the usual blue hair…”

        LOL….yeh I think I have the red flags down. Tramp stamp generally means that. Blue hair though should be a serious warning sign. Not necessarily a slut. I avoid all blue haired women. I will interact with a gal who has tattoos.


      • The Angry Outernationalist

        Petra: “I will interact with a gal who has tattoos.”

        Beware the blue stars …


  • The Divine Comedy of History

    Also, just in case if Relampago or anyone reads this, if you are interested in Spenglerian philosophy or at least anything similar to it, I suggest you go to this link: http://www.benespen.com/spenglers-future

    Its amazing just how detailed and confident it is in predicting the future, talking about the events in history from the French Revolution to the final dissolution of the West around 2600 AD. It can, at least to some people, provide hope with a new future where everyone in the world can enjoy peace, a Pax Romana. Oppressive governments had succeeded in conquering their worlds, such as the Qin dynasty and the Neo-Assyrian Empire, but they eventually fell into chaos with another, more stable ambitious ruling monarchy being placed into power. There may be an Antichrist figure (metaphorically or literal Antichrist, depends on your view) and he would indeed create a more intense government with a purge of the intelligentsia, but he too would eventually pass away.

    All of Western history has been leading up to this point, this is the long run which everyone has been chasing and talking about since Joachim of Fiore with his Third Kingdom. All of modernity was the dissolution of hierarchies and the barriers separating the common people from the politics of government, whether its art, science, or domestic life. This is what allowed the creation of world wars and the mass conscription of the common man to commit to the ruling classes’ needs, along with the common demand for rights and the rise of equality, a tendency we saw in late Republican Rome and the today’s West.. I’m rather skeptical about anyone who is asking for exile and the want for a Moses… the obvious problem is where is a new Canaan. Considering Spengler’s chart, I don’t think there is anywhere to hide, since the creation of a universal state demands the absolute collapse of ancient non-Western states (India, China, Indonesia, etc.) along with a final world war to accompany it until only one victor remains, leading to the deaths of millions.

    Everyone on this blog talks about how despairing the current situation is and the incompetence, corruption, and apathy of the ruling governments. But I just have one question: if a Caesar does indeed come, what do you think would be the state he would create for humanity?


    • @The Divine Comedy of History. Since you seem to be such a history buff, do you happen to know what happened to the last person who was writing posts like yours on this site?


  • “Spengler’s “Decline of the West”, then you know that Russia isn’t a real Western state and it isn’t certainly going to be the ‘savior’ of the West. Putin’s global ambitions, at least on the foreign front, involves the safeguarding of Russia’s borders by, often at the expense of any neighboring countries, such as Georgia or the Ukraine, it doesn’t care what happens to Latin America, India,”

    Bullshit neocon alert!

    There is more bullshit in this one quote than I can find on Yahoo comments in an hour.

    Georgia and Ukraine? Really, do you even know what happened there?


    • The Divine Comedy of History

      Alright, I knew my Russian paragraph would definitely outrage some people… when I mean ‘some’, I actually mean many. First off, I could tell that you calling me a “neocon” is an accusation that I am a staunch Russophobe, implying that I wish to mass intervene into the Third World to expand and secure American resources in the name of democracy. I am neither anti nor pro Russian. The whole conflict between the West (more specifically NATO and the European Union) and the Russian Federation isn’t really an ideological war, at least in the cold war sense. Putin and the Russian government are pragmatists, they know that Russia isn’t a superpower anymore and their only interests is protecting it by keeping any pro-western governments out of its border states, which like I said before, include Georgia and Ukraine.

      Look, I am not going to stoop down to your level and I’ll just say that I believe that American policy needs to cooperate with the Russians. When I mean by that, its non-involvement with Russia’s borders. Ever since 1989, they have been falling back while NATO dramatically expanded into Eastern Europe. With the forceful removal of the pro-Russian president in Ukraine, and a looming civil war, Russia felt itself cornered like an animal, and so it lashed out in 2014 with the seizure of Crimea. The Americans need to abandon the Wilsonian dogma of “protecting the world of democracy”, especially in the Russian Near East.

      I don’t really believe there is any good side in the rivalry between the West and Russia. Like I said before, its like a chessgame, with sacrifices and decoys in every corner. Yes, I am very aware of what happened in Georgia (2008) and Ukraine (2014), as the Russians intervened in both countries in the name of “protecting Russian minorities”. There is definitely some truth to this, particularly in Georgia, with the Georgians ready to invade its northern minority lands who were trying to establish independence and fears of Ukrainian prejudice towards its eastern territories. Still, we may never know the truth. Don’t you think its really odd that the Russians managed to claim Crimea (an extremely important, strategic site, former home of the Soviet’s Black Sea fleet) while it left Donbass, which is still fighting to this very day to unite with Russia. Many leaders have invaded their neighbors with moral slogans, such as Wilson of America, Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, Hitler of Germany, and perhaps, Russia with Russia. I don’t think Putin is a bad man; he is rather brave, strong, and he really (at least in my view) does care about his home.

      However, the reason why he plays dirty is exactly that. He loves his home. You need to remember he was a former KGB agent and he rose to power with controversial means. He knows the meaning of pragmatism. While the liberals say that he and his peers brought forth the Trump presidency and the rise of the European nationalists, Putin is actually too smart to do that. He knows that it would cause an international crisis, and the foreign policy he is interested in is the maintenance of Russia’s status quo borders.


      • “Still, we may never know the truth.”

        No, you may never know the truth. What happened in Georgia and Ukraine is crystal clear. Make no mistake about it. Refugees don’t flee into a country which is attacking them.


    • The Divine Comedy of History

      The reason why Russia was the first topic in my essay was exactly because people like you. Your description of Putin being the white race’s Caesar is your unreasonable high expectations of the man. Yes, he is powerful and indeed, ambitious. But not ambitious enough to invade Europe, overthrow its governments, and annihilate the American Empire. The problem with most Americans today is they seem to have no value on patience. They always think the decisive moment is now, the infidels will take the holy city, and the end of the world order is nigh. Many people thought that the world would end with the election of Trump, many thought a nuclear war would begin 2018 with North Korea, and you think that Putin would liberate the world from the “Deep State” or whatever they are. Putin, Trump, or whomever, are just politicians, while important for their age, would pass on, and none of them would certainly conquer the entire world to establish an universal state.

      Russia always had an unusual relationship with the West ever since Peter the Great, and since his rule, it started the clouding of Russia’s world culture, distorting beyond recognition. Oswald Spengler described Russia as a pseudomorphisis, a state which also befell the Magian world by its subjugation by Rome and it almost happened to the West if Charles Martel didn’t stop the Umayyad invasion at the Battle of Tours. Because of the psuedomorphisis, Russia’s youth seemed to disappear. Their world wasn’t supposed to have a history yet, and time and time again, Russian rulers interfered into European affairs, such as the Alexanders in the Napoleonic Wars and the Revolutions of 1848. Russian society was deeply divided into two economic castes, as the nobility dressed, acted, and spoke in a more Western fashion while the other side consisted of landless peasants, serfs, and vagabonds. This is what caused the Kerensky and Bolshevik revolutions of 1917. The Russian people, being primitive as they are, are naturally religious and they often look towards Constantinople as their salvation.

      We need to treat Russia like China and India. We shouldn’t provoke them, because besides the obvious fact that all three are nuclear armed states, it would be unnecessary and there would be no winners. We need to weigh our judgment of the Russians by a careful manner, not ideological or militant; instead by choosing whether the Russians would either benefit or harm the West in the long-run. Yockey, himself a fan of Spengler, was actively called pro-Russian by the media and yet in his book Imperium, he takes a more anti-Russian route. In fact, he was neither. We can’t make the same mistake as Roosevelt did with Stalin and if Russia does indeed successfully establish itself as the dominant power in the world, then we can only be expected to pay our debts, just like Eastern Europe did so long ago.


  • The Divine Comedy of History

    1. Does anyone know what a ‘Caesar’ even is. Some people in this blog seem to think that anyone, who just so happens to oppose the current world order or who happens to follow some certain anti-liberal ideals is a Caesar, the most infamous of these predictions is with Putin. First off, if anyone actually read Spengler’s “Decline of the West”, then you know that Russia isn’t a real Western state and it isn’t certainly going to be the ‘savior’ of the West. Putin’s global ambitions, at least on the foreign front, involves the safeguarding of Russia’s borders by, often at the expense of any neighboring countries, such as Georgia or the Ukraine, it doesn’t care what happens to Latin America, India, or the Philippines; as long as it doesn’t concern the Russians then they would be fine. Its Hadrian’s strategy, the Russian Federation is still suffering from the post-Soviet collapse and its military, while one of the largest and most powerful in the world, still can’t compete with NATO. Putin has been in office for around two decades and he hasn’t actually endangered the West’s liberal democracies in a significant way, its just a game of chess as neither side can win an outright conflict. It isn’t exactly a “cold war”, but its the result of imperial populism of the United States which is not too dissimilar of the late Roman Republic in the eastern Mediterranean, subjugating the Pontic and Seleucid states while competing with Egypt and Parthia who tried desperately to stall the coming Empire. Furthermore, Russia isn’t exactly the white race’s “safe haven”, as due to the plummeting birth rates among ethnic Russians after the fall of the Soviet Union, and the rise of peoples who were also once in the USSR, such as Tartars, Chechens, and Azerbaijanis, with Russia seemingly going to the same ethnic setting similar to that of before the rise of Muscovy. A primitive people on the edge of civilization.

    2. Am I the only one who didn’t expect Trump to really do much while in office? What did you really expect? If you want to see today’s state of affairs to disappear, then it has to corrode from the inside and face humiliation from without. While there is certainly still problems in the United States and Europe such as the migration crisis or the Iraq War, while they may spill future consequences in the West which we can’t imagine, they still haven’t actually completely discredited the governments involved and most people in the West still believe that the current state of affairs is the best option of the state. I have a rather neutral view on Trump, and with a bit of a tragic view on the man. Maybe he really did once believe what he said back in 2016, but then he may had to concede, compromise, and worm his way through the Constitution. He was, after all, the master of a transnational corporation, and he used the same tactics he learned since his days as a young adult with the North Korean crisis, the Syrian Civil War, and his conflict with the other Republican candidates in 2016. He is tragic because he is, in a way, someone who is trying to further Reagan’s goals and dreams, the slogans of the two are even similar. But this isn’t the 1980s; at this point, Trumps election exposed so much of what is wrong with American politics and the willingness of Republicans to go the other side and how the Democrats would do literally anything to frame the man. As the years pass, Trump’s ambition conflicted with the lower government over the border crisis, sanctuary cities, and the free market. He is like another Gracchi; both of whom saw the corruption within their governments, but eventually stooped down to their level, and both sides eventually disrespected their own Constitutions to pass their own laws and bills, deadlocking both sides in a stalemate. The Gracchi were assassinated, and I wonder if Trump’s attempts to save the country would only result in the beginning of the end, or even in his own death.

    3. As for the Caesar himself, it is most likely he will show up in the mid to late 21st century but his rise to power may even begin before that. Most Caesars in other High Cultures were relatively young, such as in China, Egypt, Magian, and especially India, with the exceptions of Caesar of the Apollonian and Moctezuma I of Mexico who were middle aged. One huge mistake, in my view, is Relampago Furioso’s view on socialism. By definition, socialism is simply, in theory, the very opposite of liberalism; it advocates not for the individual but for the community as a whole, one for all, where all resources are distributed to support anyone of use. The Caesar, or at least the system that he creates, would indeed be socialist. It doesn’t matter whether he says it or not, no matter whether he is willingly or not, he would be socialist. In fact Oswald Spengler himself said that all Westerners are in reality socialists in his famous book. The system that the Caesar would created would be a form of a ‘universal empire’, including Western and Central Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and East Asia, along with the rest of the world, whether directly or through unequal treaties. In turn, he would most likely emerge proclaiming a new Christian Millennium after decades of a seemingly apocalyptic war across the world, which most people in this blog seem to believe would happen.

    4. There is no such thing as a Caesar for an individual nation. No American, German, or Russian. Although he may originate from any of these nations, he follows the West as a single whole. This Caesar will most likely see himself as the successor Charlemagne and the legendary Hohenstaufen Emperors of the 12th century, just like Qin Shi Yuang with the Sovereigns and Emperors of Ancient China. I suggest to anyone reading this to go to the website called the Long View, or Benespen, which talks about Dante’s World Government. The Caesar, in a post-modern way, would bring forth the reincarnation of the medieval Holy Roman Empire with its power situated mostly in America. The Caesar in question, just like all other great men in history would be rather obsessed not only in history itself, but the culture which gave birth to him. The Western Caesar would fall in love with, say, The Divine Comedy, The Canterbury Tales, and Shakespeare. Furthermore, the Caesar would perhaps be the most tragic figure in history, at least in the West. The more powerful a culture is, the more difficult it is for a Caesar to actually succeed with a bigger variety of obstacles and puzzles to solve. Also, a Caesar is a bridge between to eras, between the world of Autumn or the 20th century and the Future, or Winter, of the 21st century, thus resulting in a mind, like Napoleon, polarized between two sides of two eras.


  • If you don’t like what you see, and believe me when I say I am disheartened, disgruntled, dissatisfied, and deeply discouraged by the decrepit state of our national character, as if there was any left…you have to take action. Pick a party and do politics. Speak up even if they all disagree with you. Write letters. Talk to your representatives. Start a PAC and ferret out the Deep State with FOIA. Push. Shout. Get some or make some timely and relevant bumper stickers and give them away. Do something besides bitch about it all on this blog.


    Go offline. Go off grid. Go get a little piece of something you can call your own. Hunker down and wait it out. Good luck.

    The Baby Boomers, the most idealistic generation ever, figured out that you have to work from the inside to make a change. Their big mistake was allowing the system to co-opt them thinking they were making a deal when all along it was a double-cross.

    You’re gonna have to be smarter than that.


  • As for Caesar, he was a product of his time, the first century BC. Could we need a Moses?

    In mentioning France, what brought out the guys in the yellow vests was the prospect of an imposed carbon tax. That is more than working people there can stand. While government is very good at making things more expensive, none of them seem to know how to make things more affordable. What set off the French Revolution was the price of bread rising to an average man’s daily pay. That did not end too well for the Deep State then.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      “Could we need a Moses?”

      Central Casting didn’t have anyone who could do Moses, and they were fresh out of John Wayne …

      But that oddball Frankenstein combination of Ronald Reagan and Andrew Jackson?

      They just so happened to have one of those.

      Liked by 1 person

      • While Charlton Heston has passed on, Ben Kingsley is still around. Seriously, we need to fight gynocentrism and that will take new tactics.


  • “Where is our Caesar”

    In Russia. Putin has single handily put a hold on the DS west. Fact. Let me count the ways. He may not be America’s Caesar but the worlds. As of now white people are still surviving. Countries such as Hungaria are resisting the genocide.

    As for your personal situation I recommend being pragmatic. Get your passports in order and be ready. When and if the SHTF then be prepared to flee. Get out of debt and save as Rel has recommended. Start making trips on the cheap to explore potential safe havens. Enjoy the wpmen because life is short. Eat healthy clean food. Just like Rel, make your money in the U.S. and make trips to your potential safe haven. If the SHTF it is NEVER wise to stay as history is batting a thousand to confirm that.

    Yes the push to hate white men has gone global but there is still better respect for them in some countries.


  • Hunchback of Norte Dame

    There is going to be no Caesar. No reprieve. No saving what can be saved. It’s done. George carlin was quit perceptive about many things. He said, “this country is finished. It was done a long time ago and we’re just playing end games.” Indeed, it appears we are playing ‘end games.’
    Most people familiar with the decline and fall of the Roman Empire think it ended from barbarian invasions. Actually, as historian hilaire Belloc pointed out, it died of dispair. The old pagan society of Rome went as high as its pagan context would allow, then fatalism set in.
    I see this in modern America with the rampant drug use. People are living in hell and using nightmares to wake themselves up.
    One way to enjoy the psychic decomposition of society is to mock it.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      “… as high as its pagan context would allow, then fatalism set in.”

      Spot on, but there’s always a bit more to it than that.

      Was debauched Rome intelligent enough to solve its own problems, and was it inventive enough to be able to apply that intelligence in an effective way?

      Fatalism is an easy out when you’re surrounded by idiots who quite literally cannot think themselves out of a wet paper bag.

      “One way to enjoy the psychic decomposition of society is to mock it.”

      Another way is to imagine the great inventions of people who will need to achieve escape velocity for an inevitable American Diaspora.

      Besides, once you’ve committed yourself to the Post-Modernist path in which everything serves to debase itself through ironic application of its own foundational principles, you’ve also essentially committed to the pathway of believing in nothing.

      And so I am not here to mock this broken society, but instead to bury it …


  • The Divine Comedy of History

    I’ve noticed that you haven’t finished your trilogy of a series, “Why Western Civilization is in Chaos”, more specifically, the artistic phase of Spengler’s chart. I know it has been a while, but I’m just curious for the reason of lack of completion.


  • A few minutes things are absolutely Crystal clear:

    1). Our Caesar must be a man (obvious, one would think, but…)
    2). He must be white
    3). He must be steeped in Western Civilization – the history and a broad understanding of it’s fundamental tenets
    4). He must be a leader of MEN, the braying of females is beneath his contempt
    5). He must be absolutely fucking utterly ruthless in every respect
    – Salvation for us may just follow –


    • The Divine Comedy of History

      I would mostly agree with most of these, except, maybe, for number five. While for most other civilizations, such as India for Chandragupta and China for Qin Shi Huang, you would be correct as these men where rather ruthless and the latter later descended into madness for immortality. For ruthlessness, I think you mean somebody who lacks remorse or has psychopathic traits; willing to accomplish anything for power. Julius Caesar of the Classical was an oddball considering his peers’ (of the other civilizations) behaviors, who just wanted to bring together the classes of Roman society and he spared the ruling classes from any harm, which he also would have done to Pompey. In fact, the reason why he was assassinated was because he allowed himself to mingle with the senate to try to bring peace. My point is that a man doesn’t have to merciless to bring victory, and usually, those who indeed were willing to do anything found themselves locked in bunkers, slowly losing themselves to insanity as no power in the world could challenge them with a reality check.


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