Due to Sloppy Work by America’s “Gotcha” Police State, Robert Kraft Could Win Prostitution Case

There could be a “happy ending” to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s bullsh!st prostitution case in Florida after all.

The New York Post is reporting the case against him is full of holes and shoddy police work, a testament to the “gotcha” nature of America’s metastasizing police and surveillance states. Each has a bulging erection brought on by a tyrannical desire to ladle out injustices to undeserving people – all in the name of strong arming the populace into unquestioning submission of unjust authority.

Being a billionaire means you can buy the best lawyers money can buy, so why not fight back tooth and nail against a shithole backwater like the United States is turning into? Kraft’s lawyer told the press:

A number of things jump out for me after reading the affidavit. When the police allege that vulnerable women are effectively being held as sex slaves, I would ask why the police didn’t move faster to get these women out of danger?

Indeed, why did they let these supposed damsels in distress languish in sex slavery for months on end if they were in such danger? Probably because they knew there was no human trafficking going on. (Police have since reversed their original narrative on this, but once again offer up p!ss poor evidence on the matter.)

Any man who has lived in Anglo America knows this matriarchal society hates straight men with a passion and loves to embarrass them any way it can, which brings us to our next statement from Kraft’s attorney Eric Snyder:

The investigators seemed more concerned about obtaining highly embarrassing video footage to shame the customers, rather than acting faster to stop an illegal operation keeping vulnerable women in ‘sexual servitude.’

As TNMM has been reporting for years, this sex-hating culture loves to sex shame heterosexual men. Pride can march down the street swinging their twig and berries at your son on Main Street, but if you so much as leave a $100 bill on the nightstand after getting a hand job for some sexual relief America’s thugs in blue will throw you onto the pavement in a fashion befitting serial killers – not the professors, blue collar workers and other productive men these silly sex stings routinely catch in their fishnets.

Snyder continues torpedoing the state’s case against Kraft:

There’s also no proof in the affidavit that he solicited anything from the women. It is possible that this could have been a legal and consensual act between adults and there does not seem to be evidence to prove otherwise. So the facts supporting a misdemeanor charge of solicitation really don’t jump out at you.

There’s little doubt the lady who serviced Kraft did it of her own volition. As George Carlin famously observed, “Selling is legal, f*cking is legal, so why isn’t it legal to sell f*cking? That question does pose quite the legal contradiction. However, anyone who has lived in this declining empire knows that in America, “My body, my choice” only applies to killing the unborn. Not to fulfilling a human being’s innate sexual desires.

Snyder also calls into question America’s growing – and unconstitutional – surveillance state. Apparently, low wage, low education, Napoleon complex cops think they can just set up a camera inside a business without anyone’s permission.

Second, the video was not legally obtained, the police seemed to ignore the necessity requirement for such an intrusive measure like planting a camera in the premises.

The law stipulates police should only seek warrants for surveillance cameras if no other evidence is available to support their case, so Kraft’s lawyers could argue the video footage is not legal and an invasion of privacy.

Police State USA’s cops love to charge citizens with technicalities, so it’s all the more delicious when their underhanded tactics backfire on them:

And third, I doubt the traffic stop was legal either. So the evidence will likely be suppressed [by Kraft’s legal team] if there is ever a trial.

Yeah, the cops pulled him over on a fake traffic violation to top off this travesty of injustice.

Hopefully, this case gets thrown out before it ever makes it to court, and America’s voyeuristic police get exposed for the bottom-feeding, sex-hating oppressors they truly are.

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  • Hey Johnnyvee. The cops and the DA both know that men getting handies, BJs or even fucking in these parlors is trivial and a waste of resources. That is why they are quick to bring out the “sex slaves” and “sex traffic-ing” arguments. They know that it’s bullshit. These are minority, unskilled women making good money providing a very in demand service. It is all about social control and no different than the war on alcohol, the war on drugs, etc. Bureaucratic empires must be built, budgets must be spent, police forces must be expanded and men must be charged, convicted and jailed for trivial offenses.


  • Maybe it is me, but it seems like the crash of the American Republic seems to have sped up over the last decade; but with exceeding speed over the last 3 years as the Gender War and globalist scheme has gone mainstream in plain sight.


  • REL! You want to check this article out if you haven’t yet; maybe you want to do an update on how dystopian America’s citizens giving up hope and offing themselves continues to accelerate @ breakneck pace!



  • Funksoulbrother

    There’s a corollary to the phony traffic stop angle. The cops are allowed to lie to you. They’re not allowed to lie to the court. But they are allowed to talk every kind of crap to you if you find yourself on the business end of an interrogation. The Supreme Court has made it so. In addition, if you plead the Fifth before you get to court, prosecution can use that against you, too. There are some good books on how to arrest-proof yourself. (“arrest proof” may be overstating the protection you will acquire by reading some books, but you will go a long way toward keeping out of reach of the overreaching legal system)


  • The longer the repressing of healthy normal heterosexual male desires go on, the bigger the explosion is going to be. Bwah ha ha.


    • Are these Angloskanks not afraid of the consequences of using police to demonize men?

      What if this billionaire could afford to hire mercenaries and create mayhem?

      Police protection ends where organized crime flourishes.

      An Angloskank feminazi falsely accusing numerous men of rape or sexual harassment will eventually meet someone who isn’t afraid to hire an assassin to take her out.


  • Sebastian Hawks

    They pissed off some really rich guys this time, maybe time to start to get a countering message out about the “human trafficking” hoax that is on par with the 80’s “Satanic Panic” that was all based on crackpot delusions. Time to pull the plug on all these crooked anglobitch NGOs that are money raising scams lying to get across their puritanical agenda.


  • Rookh Kshatriya

    Fantastic couple of posts. I am always baffled by the mysterious point where ‘dating’ ends and prostitution begins in the demented Anglosphere. As if the average Anglofoid went on ‘dates’ without expecting food, drink and ‘quality experiences’ in return for the promise of sexual favours. What is that but prostitution, except with expensive goods and experiences replacing folding green (and the mere promise of sex replacing its certain acquisition)?


    • From what I’ve read, this billionaire was “arrested” for receiving a hand-job at an Asian erotic massage parlor. He could have received that for free for all we know!

      Angloskanks are set against this as 1) Asian women are competition and 2) Angloskanks fear that their white men flee to Asia or for Asian women, which they are currently doing.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    So, once again, it’s mood music time, but …

    It was this or Antibalas “Who Is This America”, and this has a catchier beat.

    “I love America
    Her secret’s safe with me
    I know her wicked ways
    The parts you never see …”

    “I kissed America
    When she was fleecing me
    And she know I understand
    That she needs to be free …”

    “I miss America
    And sometimes she does too
    And sometimes I think of her
    When she is fucking you …”


  • Fuck America.
    I’m glad to be leaving this shit hole for a while and going to Thailand and Vietnam tomorrow where I can fulfill my biological urge and need for female companionship and not have to worry about going to jail and being shamed for it. It’s been a year and half since I’ve been to SEA, far too long. It’s a breeze of fresh satisfaction to exit the matrix and feel whole again, even for just a limited time.
    If you can’t move out of Amurica for good, at least do yourself a favor in leave every so often for the well deserved break real men deserve.


    • Amen to that, brother! Paradoxically, it might end up being a lot cheaper than going on 20-30 dates with 5-6 fat slobs and get some nasty filthy worn out hole, and several diseases as a bonus. I would say “fuck them” but I would be a liar. No, I would never fuck these nasty, dirty and mentally ill creatures. Not in a million years…


  • Feminism is Cancer. MGTOW is the surgeon.


    • Many men from Canada are complaining that single men are being indirectly chastised in society. They are being subtly discriminated against jobs, rentals and social service.

      Lots of Toronto men are complaining that it’s getting costlier by the year, and going a NEET lifestyle or “working the minimum” is pushing more men into homelessness.

      Canadian feminist politicians enact laws which make it a crime to be accused of leering at a nude feminist while she is teaching her students, but also ignore foreign money laundering which turns $100,000 shacks into multi-million dollar flips.


  • There are some good cops but unfortunately many are dishonest white knight neocons.

    Wasting the peoples tax dollars creating stings to stop heterosexual behavior. Pathetic low life’s.


  • Cops tend to be corrupt in virtually all countries. In fact, police corruption actually helps normalize the life in a severely oppressive system. I know, some disagree, due to lack of knowledge. I am not condoning police corruption. I am simply stating that our retarded and corrupt cops are simply serving the person who pays better. In this case, the bigger thugs and enablers who hired them.
    We are stuck here at the bottom of the society where “they” like everyone else to be. The bigger problem is with us, the honest people, who continue to put up with and encourage this sort of activity, day after day, like sheep. We are where they want us to be and we gladly say: “Thank you! May I have another?”. Every day we silently participate in our own genocide, “they” get stronger. And, we will continue to behave the same way, indefinitely. The other countries that revolted, did so after generations of continuous oppression and only when the money ran out completely for the masses. Then, the new owners of the old plantation, set themselves in, changed their clothing and the color of the house, gave the people only one or two small benefits and continued to govern pretty much in the same way as the previous owners.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I don’t think police are motivated to seek convictions. It’s counterproductive, but it seems the incentive for them is to seek the arrest, and they don’t care if the step all over the Constitution to get it. Something is very wrong with law enforcement in this country at the most basic level.


    • fuzziewuzziebear

      There is more. This happened in Toronto during the G20 meeting in 2010. This has to take the cake for the most chickenshit charge I have ever seen. Officer “Bubbles” still works for the department. Runs less than two and a half minutes.

      Cops are out of control, have no respect for the rule of law, and less regard for the US Constitution or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


      • @Thefuzzywuzziebear The cop was actually honest and did the right thing by stopping the disrespectful bitch who was getting on his nerves. She was bullying the cop and assaulting him. Just because the US and Canadian men think a bitch like that is “cute” everyone jumps to defend her. In this pussified culture, people seem to think that every bitch is “cute” and entitled to disrespect everyone around them.
        Yes, there are some honest cops out there. This video proves it. But, the coward, bitch-thug in uniform next to him, did nothing. That, is a corrupt bitch.


      • fuzziewuzziebear

        I am sorry. I can’t see how a police officer can be threatened by soap bubbles. This is a blatant abuse of his authority. It is not that she is cute. I do have to wonder what a judge would think about this, having seen the video.


      • fuzziewuzziebear

        Another thought. It seems that feminism and government tyranny feed off each other.


      • No need to be sorry… Just, ask a doctor how many diseases can be spread through saliva. This is the reason it’s considered assault to spit at someone, intentionally. “Blowing bubbles” does in fact blow saliva as well. And, don’t say that she seemed healthy. Many times, carriers don’t have visible symptoms. The judge was most likely a pussified person who let her get away woth “sorry, I was just playing “. My guess. I could be wrong about this judgement as I don’t care enough to look it up…


      • fuzziewuzziebear

        Here is another for you. Cops are bullies and bullies are cowards.


      • Yes, they are bullies and thugs, they are major cowards. I am just honest and call it out when I see it. That woman and her kind harass men all day long, for fun. I was glad to see one honest cop, doing the right thing and forcing that woman to comply with a very reasonable request. There are some good cops too. Very few and far in between and their departments will probably fire them or worse for doing the right thing. Thank you for your post and for a civilized exchange of opinions. You are a gentleman.


  • Yet the Antifa thugs and those of that ilk can pummel a conservative engaged in free-speech in a public venue such as a university campus leaving him bleeding and requiring many stitches to close the wound then the campus cops and local town cops either ignore that crime or, after immense public outrage, take weeks to finally track down the culprit and turn over to the liberal leftist prosecutor to press charges then the leftist Marxist judge gives the attacker probation and no fine!!!

    A day of reckoning awaits. Prepare for Revolutionary War Two, patriots.


  • The irony is that if he beat the case, the “Fain Stream Media” won’t cover it or produce a retraction!!!!


  • I hope it get`s thrown out. But unless you can afford a good attorney, you are basically stuck with taking a plea bargain in the US, or face ridiculous sentences/penalties. They scare you into submission in other words!

    Also, with all the serious real crimes you find most places, it`s incredible that the police would prioritize something as trivial as a handjob administered to “an old white man.” But it might just be for that exact reason that the police see it as so important. Can`t have sexually satisfied men walking around, who are not desperately seeking for sex and love from spoiled Anglo-sluts. That would risk shutting down the money supply for both women and the corporate State.


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