Trump Betrays Base, Calls for More Ethnic Cleansing of Whites

photo of family on seashore

Targeted for ethnic cleansing: The traditional American family

In case anyone is still in doubt about the motivations of the fat, orange fraud Donald Trump, the epitome of The Enemy Within who Cicero wrote about, Drumpf stopped hiding his betrayal of Heritage Americans this week. In fact, President Trump went into full ethnic cleansing mode by calling for MORE immigration in a nation in which the native population are quickly becoming strangers in their own land.

Trump says the immigrants are needed to fill jobs in a nation that already has more people than it can employ. In his typical, sixth grade manner of speaking Trump told reporters:

We want to have the companies grow and the only way they’re going to grow is if we give them the workers and the only way we’re going to have the workers is to do exactly what we’re doing.

What this is really about is allowing corporations to maximize profit by lowering wages and making themselves turnoverproof. Of course, working conditions will continue to worsen as happens when there is more labor supply than demand.

NumbersUSA, who tracks the demographic displacement of Americans from their homeland via globalist ethnic cleansing policies wasted no time issuing a statement reminding Trump of what a liar he is. Rosemary Jenks of NumbersUSA wrote:

I would certainly hope, that in order to keep his campaign promises that before even talking about expanding legal immigration, he would work with employers to recruit the 50 million working-age Americans who are outside the labor market.

Yep, 50 million Americans already can’t find work and this fat bastard wants to bring in more unskilled, low wage labor for the parasitical corporate ownership class to exploit.

Trump’s betrayal came on the heels of news that American households are slowly being sucked dry of their net worth. American households just posted the largest decline in net worth since the 2008 financial crisis. From CNBC:

Net worth dropped to $104.3 trillion as the year came to an end, a decrease of $3.73 trillion from the third quarter, according to figures released Thursday by the Federal Reserve. The fall amounted to a drop of 3.4 percent.

Still, Trump wants to bring in legions of laborers (and future Democrat Socialist voters) to compete with Americans for dwindling assets.

What a lowlife. I always felt that guy was nothing but a creation of focus groups and public relations flacks.

In winning the presidency, Trump landed the acting role of a lifetime: The tough talking, ‘Murica loving president. In reality, he’s the matador who takes this mighty bull of a nation down once and for all.

Legislators up there at Sodom on the Potomac continue the most thoroughgoing betrayal of a population by its own government ever seen in history. What a spectacle to witness.


  • Rel,

    Here’s a devastating piece by Ann Coulter; it’s called Trump By the Numbers, and it is DEVASTATING. I took a lot of heat for my support of Donald Trump too…


  • I think Pres. Trump gave away his aims WRT immigration: he’s in favor of legal immigration. What did he say in his rallies? He said that if someone was illegal, then they had to go back, get in line, then enter legally. He said it all the time during his rallies; I know, because I watched a bunch of ’em. He gave it away in his rallies-if only we were LISTENING…


  • “Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me” LOL


  • I agree with Petra. Would love to hear more travel reports, etc. Funny, I’m actually writing this from a resort in a highly traveled Mexican tourist zone.


  • In ‘Agent of Chaos’ (published 1967), Norman Spinrad postulated that the best way to defeat tyranny, restore democracy & encourage personal freedom was to do exactly nothing, at the right time, and this is exactly what Trump has done.

    Trump has done nothing, except to acknowledge our ongoing demographic replacement. He has done nothing, except to expose the deep state’s corruption of the democratic process. He has done nothing, except to affirm that the rule-of-law applies to some but not to all. And, he has done nothing, except to emphasize our enslavement to an untouchable oligarchy.

    And that, my friend, is something. It’s the red pill. It’s something that we cannot unlearn; and, it’s something that we will not forget. Stay frosty.


  • The Divine Comedy of History

    For those who now hate Trump, or are simply much more skeptical of the man, I would just say this: what did you expect? The man had ran tens of casinos, has a notable history of narcissism and lying, ran less fortunate homeowners and business to make room for his tycoons, used populism to manipulate the masses, and used rhetoric to win the election with little to show for it in the first two years of his presidency. Never trust those who come by with such grand gifts for the people and has little to prove it.

    For those who still believe in the man, but disturbed and confused of his strange roundabout, I would say that Trump isn’t the first and wouldn’t certainly be the last president in the history of the United States to commit to the strategy of zig-zagging with liberal and conservative politics and economics. Notable figures such as Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Richard Nixon had committed to this, whether its to build up support from both parties or a genuine belief for the progress of the country while conserving the nation’s values. With the Democrat’s advance in the midterm elections, Trump has to abandon the more ambitious plans of the 2016 ‘revolution’, especially concerning the building of the southern border wall, leading Trump to even declare a “national emergency” to curve around the courts and state governments.

    Nevertheless, I still think Trump is going to fail, or rather never accomplish the goals he and his supporters wanted to set out back in 2016. He still accomplished some noteworthy tasks, such as his nuclear deal with the North Koreans and the rapid collapse of ISIS in the Middle East, and even uniting all the factions of the Republican party by appealing to their tasks in hand. I’ve always rather had a neutral view on Trump and I didn’t really believe that he would destroy the “globalist, liberal” governments in the west as was hoped; its just another hysterical symptom of the democratic process of another populist such as Reagan and Obama.


    • Before the 2016 election, I wrote in several places that if Hillary got in then you’d have a Civil War. I also maintained that if Trump got in and if, for whatever reason, he didn’t deliver, then you’d have a Civil War as well. (Dig around Disqus for VicB3 and you’ll see what I said.)

      In either case, it would be a war between Big Government Federalism/Corporatism/Socialism vs Small Government Constitutionalism, and with significant sidebars on “Diversity” – read non-assimilationist immigration and Cultural Marxism in its various forms – as well a the role of religion in politics – here read abortion and dispensationalist/reference bible nutjobs. The latter group leads us directly to the wild cards and third-rails of Zionism and the disproportionate and apparent influences of Israel and Jews in general.

      (I’m sure the reader can think of other potential conflict points between the various “Isms” out there as well.)

      So far, overall Trump is a failure.

      You can take it from there.

      Just a thought.


      P.S. It occurred to me lately that all the various gyrations of the Democratic Party/Socialists/LGBT/Climate-Changers and what have you are in many ways similar to the disruptions of the Millenarists of the ~1840s. To save the reader the trouble of looking it up, per Wikipedia:

      “Millenarianism (also millenarism), from Latin mīllēnārius ‘containing a thousand’, is the belief by a religious, social, or political group or movement in a coming fundamental transformation of society, after which ‘all things will be changed”.

      Sound familiar? It does to me too.

      These primarily New England Yankee NutJobs were, along with what would now be termed the Corporatism of high tariffs to the determent of the Southern State, were, it’s fair to say, the instigators of the American Civil War/War of Succession.

      Anyway, the parallels leave you with something to think about.

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    • The Divine Comedy of History

      Those were all rather interesting and valid points you made in a short essay. America is a country with an immense will-to-power, which was realized by Manifest Destiny and sought from its very beginning to takes it place in the world. Since the Great Awakenings, American theologians and philosophers believed that the country was destined by God to be the birthplace of the New Millennium and its goals was to spread the Kingdom throughout the world. The United States has a certain… ‘Roman’-like character to it, founded by mythical Founding Fathers, having a Cincinnati who willingly gave up the power of kingship, and established a gradually growing Republic, and committed genocide on the native populations (Italian Celts, Etruscans, Samnites), and some of the most ambitious and decisive presidents in the nation’s history were rather evangelical or at least spiritual, whether its Lincoln, Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Washington, leading the country to its greatest accomplishments and failures. The US in its present state as a global superpower has been the finish line it has been racing towards since 1776 and Manifest Destiny was the vehicle of that said race, which lead to the Civil War, the conquest of the continent, and its entry into the World Wars in the name of “protecting Democracy”.

      As for Millenarianism, it has been actualized many times in history in the West and in other civilizations, whether it was economic, political, social, and/or religious nature, such as the Industrial, French, Abbasid, and the Protestant Revolutions, changing everything that previous culture stood for; it has happened before, no matter if its secular or not. Relampago Furioso and many others in the blog seem to believe that another great reformation of human life is coming with a catastrophe incoming and the establishment of a new global order, not too different from the latter years of the Roman Republic and the Aztec Empire, and a sense of eschatological dread. The political affinity in America for Israel has its origins in the American character, it isn’t just something that arose by random conspiracy and its never really going to go away; after all, this country was founded by Puritans, the same people who believed they were the Chosen Ones and the Exiled Diaspora of the Israelites, sacked by Babylon. Such is the personality of Puritan movements, such as the Old Testament Jews, Islam, and the Pythagoreans. Read The Decline of the West for more details about it.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I shudder to think where we would be had Hillary won. Still, the Donald is turning out to be a disappointment.


    • fuzziewuzziebear

      While it disgusted me that he played to the Democrat harpies dressed in white at the State of the Union address, gleefully saying that fifty eight percent of new hires were women, I do keep hoping that he will take out his political enemies in the same manner that Al Pacino’s character did in The Godfather, all at once with indictments leading to slam dunk prosecutions.


  • FWIW would like to see updated field reports from you Rel. I thought the one about Pattaya regarding the anglo women clinging to their western man was good. Also the one regarding Mexico in which you bailed on the tourist section and went into the non tourist zone to connect with a gal. Would be curious on your take for Mexico regarding men that are not fluent in Spanish.


  • The Angry Outernationalist regarding your comment on “beware of the blue stars”…please elaborate..


  • Betrayal is probably a fair way to put it. I always hold out hope but as of now Trump looks to be getting fully immersed in the swamp. As I have stated, ad nauseam, never underestimate the power of the deep state. Think DS not Trump.

    Interesting how Putin has not betrayed those who stand for truth.


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