Notes from a Dystopian America, 2019


Hell couldn’t be much worse than modern America

I see a pregnant woman working the late shift in a convenience store and my first thought isn’t, “Aww, a family is forming.” No, my first thought is: Who is the poor bastard who is going to be on the hook for 18 years of debt slavery and possible imprisonment as his reward for being a dad? Yes, there are exceptions and families do rarely stay together. But, we all know this is the exception rather than the rule. All she has to do is throw “dad” under the bus. With a distant look in her eye, she overcharges me for my stuff and I bring up the fact she rang up one of my items twice. She denies it, puffs out her chest, and rather than starting a fight over 99 cents I just let it go. Normally, I’d raise hell, but it’s already been a rough day as my company’s corporate credit card was declined – yes, it was fucking declined – after I had to spend all day scamming a ride from the mechanic to the hotel room while my aging truck is worked on.

Earlier this week, I stopped for diesel fuel. Walking in, I saw a young white male dressed up in his Army uniform about to report for duty. I couldn’t resist asking, “Why would you fight for a country that hates you?” Stunned, he didn’t really have an answer. He murmured something about paying for school. I could tell by the look on his face he knew I was right. This country sees you as nothing but fresh meat for the grinder, a worker bee to exploit if you are a white male.

In my travels, I visit a lot of big corporations. You know, those corporations that broadcast their gleaming, sparking images to the world. The dirty underbelly of these manufacturers of consumer crap is stunningly different from what they want the world to believe. The dungeon-like reality is the polar opposite of the glossy image. Often, entering one of these manufacturers of say, wash powders or even candy is like entering prisons complete with facial scans and demands for ID and signing away rights before entering the compound. Seeing where the things we buy are produced vs. seeing the image presented of these products in the media can be nauseating when when compares and contrasts the two. It’s stunning to see the disconnect first hand. America’s carefully crafted image is nothing but make believe.

I’ve been noticing I’ve had the give a fuck taken right out of me in my 9 months that I’ve been ghosting/working in the matrix. My mood is bleak most of the time. The social environment here is awful, no matter which state you’re in. It has been a painful experience as I work out the money to leave again. From blue haired fatties populating the checkout lanes as I buy groceries, to the snooty looks women give me for being alive in the hotels I stay in when my truck is broken down, to the Orwellian two minutes hate I see the few times I catch a glance of the cheap, mainstream media talking heads in musty suits, America is truly one of the most miserable places I can imagine. This is why I haven’t been writing as much. This country literally sucks the will to live right out of me.

On a brighter note, Candace Owens and Roseanne Barr were giving the #MeToo movement hell on Candace’s new show this week. Owens also said the closest thing she’s seen to white supremacy is the feminist movement. Indeed, feminists walk around the U.S. as if men like me are nothing but dirt under their feet. I truly despise them.

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  • Rel, even though you haven’t posted in a year, I’m glad you left your body of work up. Thank you! I’ll just second what other commenters said. One, the feminist virus is spreading fast. Last year, I spent 3.5 months living in Peru, and I’d estimate that they’re about 25-30 years behind us culturally. For example, you see and hear domestic violence PSAs. The second point is that women are women. Yes, foreign women are better than their American sisters, but they’re still PITAs after a while; after the romance is gone, they become PITAs. I know, because I was in Peru to have a trial run with my now EX GF from there. We’re still friends; we still talk semi-regularly; but I don’t want to have a relationshit again. Thanks again for keeping your blog up…


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Here’s some survival advice then while you are in your current line of work …

    If you ever have to go do a load pick-up at an artificial sweetener plant, DO NOT GO INSIDE THE FACILITY.

    Staying outside is quite literally a matter of life and death.

    Crazy shit going on at the places where you pick up American consumer products?

    There’s no reason why I shouldn’t believe it all.


  • Im thinkin our biggest flaw is that we adhere to playing by the rules. What other demographic cares a ffukk about taxes or tickets or “rape” etc?? Yet its always us who gets steamrolled by primitive beasts?? Dafaq! We care too much. Our fundemental folley


  • Jeez, this country is splitting apart into god knows what.
    I enjoy browsing the Unz for articles discussing the state of American society. What I gather from a broad spectrum of commentators is bleak and worrisome.
    Whatever is coming is going to be here fast. Trump probably isn’t going to survive 2020s election. He’ll be relagated to the dustbin of history. The ‘coalition of the fringes’ is real and formidable. These people on the ‘left are becoming more vocal espousing their radical social engineering ideas. A contempt for white males appears to be the common denominator among these disparate groups.
    I’ve been reading a lot lately from American expats, men who have seen the writing on the wall and bailed. This is something im considering. I suspect I’m not the only guy who reads relampago harboring a desire to abandon America.
    The only problem, of course, is where to go? Ive heard a few people remark, after globalization and the mass immigration taking place place has abated, many countries aren’t going to be left standing. And those left will be stricken with terminal internal problems.
    I hear good things about Vietnam.


    • South East Asia. There is a man named Morris108 who fled the UK and currently lives in Cambodia. He even fathered some children while in his 50s.

      But many Canadian and British men become bald before they reach 21. Feminism is like anti-testosterone for men.


  • “The social environment here is awful, no matter which state you’re in.”

    Interesting. I have noticed a big decline just the past 3 years. It’s just terrible, like a prison and I live in one of the best places in the U.S.

    Things were actually rockin here until this recent decline. WTF? Is it all the scare mongering the DS has been doing in regards to any white guy having sexual feelings toward a women? Are the psyops more powerful than even I suspected? Sure i get ioi’s but frankly it has been a dry spell for me in the U.S. lately although I am extremely picky.

    I have come to the conclusion that the U.S. is a land of very thirsty white knight beta males who are desperate to lock down a woman. The U.S. is the best country in the world for women. Women have all the options in the U.S. How do you deal with that?

    Foreign women.

    The good news for you Rel is that you have a trip, which includes foreign women, to look forward to. Keep your chin up. The greater the misery the greater the joy. You cannot have one without the other.


  • “Child support does not exist and never has. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of! When was the last time you made your monthly check out in your child’s name? Let’s start calling it what it really is shall we?


    And she is legally allowed to spend it on anything she wants including alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, and her new boyfriends truck payment! This free, unearned literal-cash, is NOT even taxable income to the female, and it is NOT tax exempt for him! And the ‘anti-family’ court continues to get their cut of it each and every month.” -Clay Robertson

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    • Clay,
      I don’t know where you live, but, in California, women, don’t pay taxes on either child support or alimony. Nor do they have to report it as any form of income, so they continue to receive all other freebies on the false pretense of having no income. Furthermore, if the child is a product of the marriage, it doesn’t matter who the biological father is. The man who is married to the mother is stuck with the payments, unless the biological father wants to take responsibility. If you have a business, that is not acceptable proof of income and the judge will award the bitch whatever amount she comes up with. So, call it whatever you please,, it is bad for the poor married/divorced man…. In this country, children are simple objects, investments for the loser bitches who have them.


  • Child support slave, once you have a kid, it’s highly likely you can be a ward of the state. And if you don’t pay you will go to prison. Having a kid nowadays is a huge mistake for any nail, I tried to warn all young men do not whatever you do do not have kids are you can be a child support slave I think it’s absolutely ridiculous and it needs it reform but if the Democrats get in there will be zero reform they want more and more people as slaves


    • It’s a Catch-22.
      We are biologically wired to impregnate a woman and raise a family, but Anglo-feminist law and crusaders such as Big Red-Chanty Binx destroys this formation and puts the man worse off than he was 18 years later.

      But if men don’t marry and create families, their countries will import foreign nationals who may or may not ascribe to the values of the country, leading to ethnic ghettoes as prevalent in Canada.

      This isn’t a race issue, but a society issue. Canada claims that it’s multi-cultural, but brown Asians live in Brampton, Chinese live in Markham, etc.


  • I feel you RF.
    I loathe America with a passion. Even worse, I live in Cali.
    Happy to currently be in none other than Pattaya. It was your article on Pattaya you penned on ROK a few years ago that opened my eyes to this place. I don’t want to leave, I love it here.
    Pattaya = amazing $20 a night room, hot slim Thai girls, cheap and tasty food, cheap massages and beach life.
    The matrix couldn’t be any further for me right now. I’ll have to re-enter it in a month or so, but I’m enjoying life right now.

    Don’t fret too much over the state of Murica, it’s done with and only going to worsen. Just focus on that date you’ll be relaxing on a beach aborad and enjoying life.

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    • “Happy to currently be in none other than Pattaya. It was your article on Pattaya you penned on ROK a few years ago that opened my eyes to this place. I don’t want to leave, I love it here.
      Pattaya = amazing $20 a night room, hot slim Thai girls, cheap and tasty food, cheap massages and beach life.
      The matrix couldn’t be any further for me right now. I’ll have to re-enter it in a month or so, but I’m enjoying life right now.”

      DatGuy- Congrats! The place has a way of bringing tears of joy to man’s life. Just get ready for the return trip as it is one hell of a drop.


      • Thanks Petra.
        I am loathing even thinking about home, let alone the reality of having to take that bus to BKK airport.

        I’m going to an island today with a Thai girl I’ve never met, I got acquainted with her on an on-line dating app. We are simply meeting at the Pattaya Pier and heading over to an island to enjoy the day together.Living in California, I couldn’t get a date the last two years; so this place is all too refreshing.


      • Just live every moment DatGuy. Soak it all in and pinch yourself because it is not a dream. Hell even the moto taxi’s are fun there.

        … as for when you leave, don’t be surprised if you find yourself holding back tears of sadness as the bus pulls out.


    • The Angry Outernationalist

      “… don’t be surprised if you find yourself holding back tears of sadness …”

      Most of the culture shock hits you after you’ve cleared US immigrations and customs.

      It’s only then when the enormity of what you’ve done hits you.


      Every time, I’m in shock for days, and for a few weeks after, I’m questioning my judgment about everything …

      Because obviously I’m not making good choices.


  • The problem is that the feminist agenda is spreading very quickly and widely. I have seen other places that used to be normal, turn feminist. We could still find some isolated areas where people are more traditional but with the internet, the agenda is spreading like wild fire. Pretty soon, even the most conservative countries will adopt it. There is a very simple reason: because it helps redistribute wealth and it generates huge profits for many agencies. The governments know it’s the nature of men to work hard and be generous, to gladly assume responsibilities and duties without thinking of the consequences. They gladly sacrifice their bodies and their lives. So, it’s only natural to accept the feminist agenda.
    Eventually, they realize the truth and become depressed. There is nothing wrong with being depressed by this life. It’s just natural. There are some people who were fortunate enough to inherit enormous amounts of wealth and they don’t mind losing and being financially exploited. They can afford to be happy. But, any honest man who did the right thing and got punished for doing so, should be depressed and even angry.

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    • Make no mistake it is spreading….it is having a hard time in Mexico though given the entrenched macho culture.


      • Cuckservative Angloskank Ann Coutler continues to write books that Mexican men are raping and forced marrying 12yo girls because “it’s legal” in Mexico.

        Unfortunately, Mexico was forced to implement a feminist law.


      • “Cuckservative Angloskank Ann Coutler continues to write books that Mexican men are raping and forced marrying 12yo girls because “it’s legal” in Mexico.

        Unfortunately, Mexico was forced to implement a feminist law.”

        Interesting Leeway…was not aware of the new law. From my times in Mexico my sense is that some parts of the country are more acceptable of age differences in marriage than even Thailand. I would of never thought that previously.


  • G’day, Rel. It’s stunning, the similarities you describe between the U.S. Corporation, and the Commonwealth of Australia Corporation and, as we all know, it’s the same arseholes running both corporations and for the same reasons. Geographically antipodean, socio-economically, might as well be the same country. What you describe – in this latest post of yours – resonates strongly, as your thoughts, insights, and indeed your iterations are basically an echo of mine. Even our writing style is similar, ha ha ha.

    I want nothing more than to leave, Australia (and the entire Matrix) permanently and I can’t even get work, at this time. Nothing is looking positive for me, at this time. I tried Japan. I lasted ten years, but Japan is the Matrix, also guys. Those little suckers “worship” their servitude, and although the women do give men a little more respect than we get in Westianity, and some of them even seem interested in White guys, marry one of them, and ohhh, my. That’s when you’ll find out who they really – truly – are. The realities of a relationshit, Japan style, are a lot different to what most guys think, when they think of Japan. Google “Japanese marriage” for some of the horror stories that I and almost every other guy (including Japanese guys, btw) I knew there – who was open to talk about it – experienced.

    I want out … permanently. And the only way I think I’m going to be able to do it, is by working in Saudi for a few years, minimum, to get the start up cash for a business of some kind, while living permanently in S.E Asia.

    My thoughts, iterations – even making comments to people, as you do – are very similar. And people have started suggesting that I’m suffering from depression. How Australian of them it is, to suggest that anyone capable of critical thinking and with some intelligence has some kind of mental disorder! How ironic, it is, that the very people causing my depression are the ones accusing me of being depressed.
    Welcome to Australia. True blue, no worries, mate! ….. shit!
    I want out of here.

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  • fuzziewuzziebear

    You didn’t get away this winter. I have to presume you worked through it. That can’t help your outlook. Why did you go against your basic plan of working through the spring, summer, and fall to take winter off in a man friendly location?


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