Cher’s Meltdown Proves How Deep Misandry Runs in Anglo Culture


Cher’s fantasies of Anglocuck emasculation go public

No man who has experienced the special hell that Anglo culture has become should be surprised when fiery coals of misandrist hate spew forth from the furnace of modern feminism.

The latest display of innate, ingrained male hatred: Cher has come out in favor of all but castration for men in the declining, culturally sick American Empire. Breitbart reports:

Left-wing pop icon Cher suggested in a recent social media post that women create laws over men’s bodies like banning the use of Viagra and giving the death penalty for those men who use massage parlors.

Yes, getting a hand job as Patriots owner Robert Kraft is purported to have done in an Asian massage parlor is something modern Anglo women, “owners” of sex apparently want to kill men over. You got to pay these hos with a Land Rover or McMansion to get some lousy lovin’ from an HPV-infested orifice. A $100 bill on the nightstand will not do.

Cher also called for all men to be circumsized and to present either medical paperwork certifying the circumcision or to pull out their penises and prove it on feminist command.

How long before “circumcision” becomes “castration” in modern day Babylon?

Predictably, there was no outcry from feminist controlled mainstream media. Imagine the outcry if grooms demanded “papers” certifying an intact hymen before wifing up one of these prizes?

One wonders how much more denigration and masturbation Anglocucks will put up with before taking on the feminist movement head to head.

My prediction? They won’t be leaving their masturbatoriums and wielding pitchforks any time soon.

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  • The Divine Comedy of History

    Guessing Relampago is now on another trip again, due to the notable absence of a new article for over a week. Guess he is increasingly desperate to leave America for foreign lands and honestly, I’m not sure if it can keep him up much longer. He is starting sound much more pessimistic and hopeless about the world, and sex and the wilderness can only make you go so far. Even Furioso himself seemed to imply this: “I’ve had my fill of women, and their anatomy no longer has the same allure it once did. Somewhere between 150 and 175 women, as I was on top of one of them pumping away it finally clicked in my mind – why am I investing so much of myself and my mental energy into trying to game women and get laid?”; “The Rumors of my Demise are Exaggerated”. As for the countryside, the city dominates the current economic, political, and social world and there is nothing that will change that. It seems like a ‘paradise lost’ and while it can take a stress out of a person, its when they go back to civilization that the more darker side of effects on the mind begin to take form, knowing what is lost (or what will be lost). He even once directly said that he “is losing the will to live” when is present in the US in a recent article.


    • Sebastian Hawks

      Well considering how we have the farce of some Anglobitch allowed to “lead” New Zealand disarming the population maybe there is good reason to be pessimistic. Tragedy is the muslims are the only people left who seem to still understand how feminism and “female leadership” is ungodly, or a crime against nature from a more secular viewpoint. Any society that adopts this “feminist” crap sending their daughters off to endless college to “train” for masculine careers is doomed to collapse. Do they think men WANT to kill themselves with stressful “careers” for the sake of a career? No, this is simply a animal male role similar to a lion growing a mane or a Cardinal having the brightest red feathers. This is only done for the male role of acquiring a mate and makes absolutely no sense for a female to want to be a firefighter or astronaut. The only women who wanted “careers” back when America was great were lesbians, they changed society for the other 99% for whom it worked normally for their own perverted needs. A truly sick society we live in, worse than Sodom and Gemmorah could ever hope to be. Taking orders from some bitch, I am not religious but I fully understand how the muslims could find this ungodly because it truly is a crime against nature.


    • Many of us, feel the same way…


  • Several erotic massage parlors in Toronto have closed down for good recently. Canada will lose our tourist dollars. We only travel to Toronto for the sex.

    The feminists are definitely stopping p4p since BackPage.

    And I also think that this Kraft man is not part of the Deep State, as calls for castration didn’t happen for Trump by famous people, other than general calls to destroy the White House by Madonna.


    • They want it all managed and tightly controlled. You can go to porn and dating sites online or go to sex themed restaurants which hire under-aged girls like Twin Peaks. Or you can spend a $100 on a meal with a girl and get the privilege of being in her platonic company.

      Just don’t start approaching women because the police are on the lookout for any men “harassing” women. The U.S. is a country full of thirsty, needy, white knight beta males desperate to lock down a women. The police are the worse.


      • Good points Petra.
        I’ve always found it strange why I’m legally permitted to view porn, check out women, use on-line dating, go to strip clubs and night clubs..but the moment I slap a $20 at a asian massage parlor post rub n tug, I’m breaking the law. Makes no sense. Fuck America. I don’t blame RF for being more and more pessimestic about the West. It is trash. The only time I feel whole is when I’m in third world countries.


  • Funksoulbrother

    Yeah, you gotta wonder how her ‘son’ Chaz feels about all of this. He was born a she. I bet there is some deep-seated issues for Cher. Having her daughter defect to the dark side. (giggle)

    By the way, Chaz Bono did an interview with New York Times magazine, this might be it, describing the physical and mental changes that come with testosterone therapy.

    If it weren’t for men, there would be no civilization.

    By the way, for all the brain-dead, knee-jerk feminists…the future is masculine. If it wasn’t, women would not be trying so hard to act like it.


  • Cher, that old fossil, is still alive?!


  • Don’t be fooled. It’s not the women but the beta males who have destroyed this country. They are an insidious lot.

    It would be like blaming trump for the mess we are in.


  • The Angry Outernationalist

    Is this “Cher” supposed to be some kind of famous person?

    I remember someone named Cher Bono from the 1970s who was into peace and love and that kind of thing, but I thought that person fell out of the public light …

    There’s no way this ugly, angry freak could be the same person.


  • What the hell is she looking/smiling at in the feature photo??? Dumb twit.


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I just drew a parallel between women invading male spaces and their hate for men. When women gather, a lot of communication is dedicated to trash talking men. That is where the hate comes from. They must be suspicious of male spaces because, through projection, they have to assume that men do as much.


    • Right on! I always tell people when they falsely accuse others: “You better be right, because some people are smart enough to figure out that you are actually revealing yourself and your own character.” . They never listen…. Introspection is a very bad way to judge others.

      Liked by 1 person

      • fuzziewuzziebear

        I think it was Terrence Popp who said, “Whenever you point your fing4r at someone, there are three more pointing right back at you.”


  • This old hag is doing what most old hags in entertainment do eventually. She has to stay in the news and remain relevant. Since she can’t use her looks or talent anymore, she stoops to psychotic statements to get noticed. It all goes back to women’s need for validation and attention. LOOK AT ME LOOK AT MEEEEEE!!!!


  • It will not be so easy to turn around all of these few generations of emasculated and effeminated men, raised by hateful single moms and “educated” by a misandric system that effectively brainwashed all men into submission and masochism.
    There is no quick solution to this problem. It will continue indefinitely because most men in this country are actually against masculinity. There are some exceptions, very few… It would take several generations of proper upbringing, before any tangible change would occur. This is virtually impossible.


  • Sonny Bonehead Bono must be looking down from heaven (or up from hell) and thinking to himself “was I really with that wretched pig all these years? Should’ve stayed away from the pipe!”


  • The insanity rolls on! And that is because we men allow it to…


  • I wonder who will enforce all these laws and sanctions that Feminist women propose be put upon men? Might it be these very creatures they refer to, with penises attached to their crotches, that have to do the job of enforcing all this proposed crap? I think that might just be the case! It certainly has been so far in regard to all the misandrist laws and regulations already on the books.

    I guess “women” like Cher are able to block out this simple fact, just as women in general can live in a technologically sophisticated western society, with all the comforts that come with it. All of it built, invented and maintained by the very men the set out to destroy. We need to get those realistic sex dolls into action now, and let these cunt go extinct! They deserve no less than that.


  • Based on her looks I was always wondering if she’s a tranny. But even if not, now at 72 y.o., Macron might be the only one who gets a boner. So, perhaps this is a kind of envy?


    • This creature “mothered” trannie freak “Chaz” Bono. No wonder Sonny, like Dirt Cobain and many others, killed themselves just to get away from these horrible bitches. MGTOW/Galt/Monk or bust, always!


  • fuzziewuzziebear

    I am usually shocked by the depth when women express hate for men. Hate on this level should be seen as something less than sane. As for Cher, she owes her fame to being attractive to men. Now, she is seventy two and that has to come to an end.


  • I guess it’s just a cycle we’re going through, I guess this is happening before like you said Babylon the lady of Babylon or the Charlotte of Babylon


  • It’s interesting to see how these Stars gets so much money and power they float off and live in a different world than we do.

    It must be some kind of self-hate, or hate the people who would put them on such a big pedestal they figure that people aren’t Worthy because why would anybody put them on such a high pedestal unless they were dumb or ignorant.

    There must be some kind of psychology behind it all it is interesting when people get too much power. I guess it goes back to the old saying ultimate power creates ultimate corruption, or something like that


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