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Desexualizing Humans Will Lead to Extinction


Sex is what makes the world go around

The elite are making every effort to desexualize human beings. TNMM has reported extensively on the ongoing androgyny agenda in Anglo America, an agenda that has already destroyed its host culture and now is going global. It is an agenda that will put the very survival of human species in some doubt.

Here’s how humans are being de-sexualized with social engineering schemes. Blurring the lines between male and female with feminism. Confusing the elites’ imperial subjects about which bathroom to use. Encouraging children to become cross dressers and transgenders. Putting male lives and livelihoods on the line for pursuing women or having sex with them. (Draconian sexual “harassment” and rape laws such as the “Josie was drunk, Jake was drunk” campaign.) Literally making it illegal for men to flirt with women in some jurisdictions in England and Wales. Promoting homosexuality and casting down heterosexuals in media narratives.

Why? So so the corporate-government complex can use the energy of human sexuality without letting human beings actually get off with each other. That’s where we are today. However, it’s never enough for the psychopaths who run the world. They want to totally dominate human sexuality to the point humans are bred only under their supervision.

This will destroy the human species.

Sex is the granddaddy of all human markets, economic and otherwise. Human beings do what they do so they can be attractive to the opposite sex. (Except in the 1-3% of our species that represents the statistical aberrance of homosexuality, bisexuality, etc.) Men want to spread their genes around with feminine, nurturing women and women want males to compete with each other so she can select the top dog.

In short, people do everything they do in service of a sexual agenda.

Take this life force out of human beings and it’s not long before the species goes extinct, because the shepherds will only be able to manage reproduction of their human livestock for so long. It will be the blunder of all time. Continuing with the current agenda of desexualizing humans will be the beginning of the end of the species. Meddling with primal, biological forces that drive every species for the benefit of the self-appointed masters of mankind is begging for disaster.

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Motive Emerges for Clinton Crime Syndicate to Whack Seth Rich

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton

Just how many people have been Arkancided?

Remember Seth Rich? He was the DNC staffer who the media say was “robbed” and then shot twice in the back, execution style. The robbery story never made any sense, especially when none of his valuables (including his wallet) were taken from the scene. In fact, Rich’s death was only one of a trio of mysterious deaths that happened during the Hillary campaign.


Seth Rich was about to leak sensitive information on Hillary, then wound up dead of a mysterious robbery that didn’t take his money

The incident reeks of Arkancide. His parents, no doubt fearing for their own lives have urged stories about the incident to stop.

But something stinks about the whole story and real journalists should be digging deeper. Unfortunately, journalism has been dead in America for a long time. The media continue to focus on the laughable “Russia meddling in our election” narrative and ignoring this bombshell about the Seth Rich case that dropped this week.

It was revealed Rich was about to bust Hillary Rotten Clinton by leaking more of her rotten emails to Wikileaks detailing how the wannabe Madame President illegally shafted Comrade Bernie during the primaries. Then he just up and died one night in the middle of the vortex of evil, Washington, D.C.

That’s a motive in any court of law.

Expect absolutely nothing to happen as the Clinton Crime Syndicate has the blessing of the globalists who really run the world. In the opinions of millions, the Clintons have had carte blanche to rape, rob, and kill during the entire arc of their rise and fall from political grace.

Of course, one has to have an understanding of Realpolitik and not be deceived by the baby talk in the mainstream media to understand how far things have gone. How many other people have the Clintons whacked? How many other politicians deal with meddlers this way? How corrupt is this entire system?

My guess is, most people don’t want to know just how rotten the political parasites that rob them then shit in their face really are.

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The Crucifixion of a White Nationalist

Just as Jesus was once crucified in the Christian Bible, the elite want to crucify Trump and end the nationalist uprising

How do the elite disperse what they see as nationalist sheeple? By striking at the shepherd.

What is happening to Donald Trump with nonstop Russia and impeachment talk on the media’s 24/7 news cycle isn’t by mistake. You are witnessing the purposeful crucifixion of a white nationalist happening before your very eyes at the diabolical hands of the Deep State. These are the devils who really run the world and control the political whores most people know as Senators and Representatives and Governors.

The media have become blatant propagandists in a manner that would rival Pravda since Trump’s ascension to the Oval Office, and more strident in their New World Order narratives than ever before.

Totally ignoring a bombshell story that just dropped about the mysterious “robbery” and death of DNC staffer Seth Rich – the fact Rich was about to spill the beans to Wikileaks about Hillary’s misdeeds then just up and died, which would be a solid motive in any court of law – the media sound like Jan from The Brady Bunch. Except, instead of yelling Marsha, Marsha, Marsha, they’re screaming, flopping on the floor and foaming at the mouth over a hill of beans about Russia, Russia, Russia.

You should be worried if you’re paying attention to what’s happening. And pissed off.

The ongoing impeachment talk from treasonous RINOs, the Democrat Socialists, and the empty heads in the media is nothing more than the orchestrated crucifixion of a white man, a white nationalist as an added bonus, meant to demoralize all those who are anti-globalist and those whites who don’t want to drink the hemlock of feminism, liberalism, and globalism.

Breitbart reports how the political machinations are already in motion to shaft Trump.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein installed George W. Bush-appointed ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel Wednesday to oversee the FBI’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The corrupt Bush family hates Trump. After all, he knocked heir apparent “Jeb!” out of contention during the campaign.

The entire Russia meddling in the election narrative is an utter farce. Trump was not elected because of the Russians. He was elected because The Silent Majority are tired of being sold out and silenced.

Continuing from Breitbart:

Because Attorney General Jeff Sessions previously recused himself from the investigation, Rosenstein is acting Attorney General, with all the powers that entails, for purposes of the Russia probe. As such, Rosenstein has full authority to unilaterally pass responsibility off to Mueller, who will continue the already months-long investigation without reporting through the normal FBI and DOJ chain-of-command.

This is all political rhetoric meant to cloud your judgment and fog the mind. Make no mistake, a witch trial is being organized.

Rosenstein’s decision came after Washington exploded into speculation Tuesday over the New York Times report that a “Comey Memo” showed that President Donald Trump had suggested in a private conversation that now-ex-FBI Director James Comey “let it go” with regard to now-fired National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Long story short, this witch trial is being concocted so Trump can eventually be removed “for the good of the country” and RINO team player Mike Pence can be installed in his place. It seems Trump really pissed off the globalists with his campaign rhetoric, and even though he’s been either playing along with them or coerced into going along with their plans in recent weeks, such as the passing of Obamacare Lite, the vanishing of the border wall from the dialogue, and a Democrat-approved $1 trillion spending bill, they still want him out of office.

This is meant to teach a lesson to those of you who voted for him. It is a display that your voice means nothing, and we who own your government lock, stock, and barrel will not tolerate dissent.

The globalists are going to do what they want, and we nationalists are nothing but a goddamned inconvenience for them, at least in their minds.

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Your Options as a Man in Anglo America


It’s a woman’s world, not a man’s world in contrast to every cultural message you’ve been given

Driving around the decadent and decaying USA gives me a lot of time to think. This is yet another reason I enjoy being a truck driver, beyond not having a boss and being able to stash all my cash into savings. (As my best friend says, being a trucker is as close to a pirate you can legally be in today’s world.)

Here’s my latest idea. This came across my mind yesterday as I made my way out of a black strip club and into my truck to head west again. Male options are very limited in modern day Anglo America. Here’s a brief synopsis of the options each boy has as he grows into a man.

1. Follow the system and wife up an Anglobitch. If you’re a top earner or have 1% game, you have slightly better than even odds of keeping your woman and not getting frivorce raped. However, slip up on your earning potential or game or both, and there’s a high risk you’ll lose everything you ever worked for. This option amounts to becoming a total slave to both the system and your wife. It is literally selling yourself out.

2. Follow the system and become a despised Beta male. The sad truth is, most men who follow today’s system will become nothing more than disposable utility objects in today’s sexual jungle unleashed by feminism. There is nothing that makes women more frigid than a man who has his shit together, shows up at work on time every day, and pulls down a decent living. Especially since male the provisioning strategy has been cucked by the welfare state. You’ll get a steady income, food on the table, and a fairly nice McMansion or McApartment to live in, but you’ll be totally beholden to your employer and chasing a mirage of “someday” retiring and enjoying the good life just as you’re ready to kick into the grave. Expect to masturbate a lot.

3. Drop out and go MGTOW. Some men decide to swear off women and drop out once they learn about the realities of women and the world and not the cotton candy fantasies shoved into their brains from childhood. This is another option for today’s man. Going MGTOW is much easier in societies that have legalized prostitution, since men can get their sexual needs fulfilled without taking on all the risk and baggage that comes with having a female in their lives.

4. Drop out and Go Galt. I’d also like to add going rogue to this option, since I’d say this option is closest to what I’m doing. I designed my life so that I can do pretty much whatever I want. I participate in the grotesque, materialistic economy and society in a mercenary manner – only so I can extract a living from it. The trick was finding the right balance between making my cash and not paying what I earn back into the system. Hence, trucking was the perfect option. Live in the truck, save everything I earn, and live abroad half of each year. I’m also a ruthless player of women since learning about their natures and what really makes them tick. And I feel absolutely no remorse for playing the game. As the old maxim goes: Don’t hate the player, hate the game. This option eqates to doing whatever the fuck you want.

Of course, if I knew this at the start I could have lived a much better life from the beginning, as I’m sure thousands if not millions of other men could have if only we had known these were our options. But we all had to be deceived so we could sacrifice our lives for someone else’s benefit.

I had half my life robbed by the system. How much of yours was taken away?

That said, those of us who were initially taken in by the ruse can say this: We didn’t fail at life. We got deceived by being given the wrong instruction booklet and being told big lies our entire lives. And now, there are those of us who figuratively burned that motherfucking booklet and are writing our own.

It is essential we educate the younger generations of men about their options. I know I’ll be educating my sons and purging as much of the socialist indoctrination as I can from their minds.

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Stories from the Road: Back from Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Another escape from hell to paradise

After taking a week long sojourn in Mexico to cleanse myself of the cultural toxicity of America, I’m back.

Luckily, I can request time off anywhere in the U.S. my trucking company does business, so naturally I request time off on the border every 3 weeks to escape the mean-faced, Cloroxed hair women and the spiritual emptiness of a nation that worships the shopping mall and the slow death of bad, ersatz food.

Here’s how it went.

I arrived at the international bridge around 10:00 p.m. after dropping my last load. I decided to walk across into a border city tormented by ongoing battles between Prohibitionist Mexican police and drug cartels. (Prohibition never works, it just leads to violence.) After having my sanity questioned by everyone who knew I was a white boy walking alone into Mexico, I can tell you I had absolutely no problems other than having to dick around with cab drivers who wanted to rip me off. You gotta be a man in Mexico. You can’t be a bitch. Weakness will be pounced on. Just so you know.

I immediately made my way down to the zona de tolerancia to search out some $40-$50 legal whores. Oh yes, renting sex isn’t illegal in Mexico.

The brothel inside the zona was dead, no chicas in sight, but there were still a few working girls in the cuartos or rooms around the compound. I ended up banging a 30ish chick from the capital of Mexico City and remember thinking as we finished up, “Holy fuck, this $40 prostitute just treated me better and made me feel like more of a man than any of the American women I spent large sums of money on dating when I still tried to be the Beta nice guy.”

She was light skinned, could have passed for white, and treated me with utmost respect. I remember thinking as we put our clothes back on that I come here to the zonas from time to time to experience women treating me like a human being and not a utility object, not just for the sex. (Which is hit and miss in terms of quality.)

Anyway, after that it was on to coastal Mexico.

Wisely avoiding the tourist areas, I ended up in Playa del Carmen. Initially disappointed by the Eurotrash and Americanized clubs and shops, I decided to take a walk to the bad part of town. Ended up having an awesome time with a couple of chicas.

And then, it happened.

I met a Mexican girl, about my age, who pressed all the right buttons. She reminded me of the first Latina I ever dated way back at the tender age of 24. The rest of my trip was magical. Transcendent, even. I remember why having the Latina experience changed the course of my entire life and I’m still chasing adventures in Latin America over a decade later.


Latinas are the antithesis of manly Anglo women, but only in their home culture

This chick was hot. I mean really hot. Beautiful face, flowing dark hair, sumptuous curves, full booty, perky tits, luscious lips, and haunting eyes. She was so charming and treated me so well I was in a trance. I spent maybe $100 on the both of us for food and dancing the ENTIRE WEEK. Obviously, she was not after my money. Nor a green card. No, this was a real woman. She was everything I ran away from Anglo America to find.

A couple of times I fought back tears at the rush of emotion and happiness, having been starved of tender, female affection like this back home.

She would nibble on my ear and we would make out in public like teenagers. She would lay in my lap at the park. She would grab my hand as we walked around town and focus her attention on me. She cooked for me. She talked to me like she was interested in what I had to say.

Of course, the sex was incredible. It was real. More than just physical, it was emotional. There’s just nothing like the experience of a real, Old World woman. It can be a life changing experience, realizing there are places where women treat you like a man and not a dog. This is a big reason I travel.

But, my Savage Pilgrimages are about much more than empty sex and good times. I travel to have beautiful experiences like these in my life, in which I get to feel what it’s like to be with a woman who knows how to treat me like a man, rather than biding my time with a chick trying to be a man herself, like Anglobitches.

I am still high on this experience, walking around with a spring in my step and stars in my eyes as I wander back in to a nation of hateful, spiritually dead materialists. The memories and the happy daze make the transition back to living the life of a monk easier while I work and save for 6 months of living abroad. Memories like these motivate me. There are places where women aren’t taught to hate men.

While everyone else snarls their nose when someone mentions Mexico, I know the truth. This is a place where a man can still be a man and live a full life, one denied him by a gynocentric death cult.

All you gotta do is speak the language.

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