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Red Pill Men Need Our Own Educational Institution


Life is a chess game, unfortunately the vast majority of men are taught to play checkers

Here’s a novel idea.

Blogging is great, podcasts are great, books are great, and online discussion is great, but for Red Pill men to become truly successful with women and in the real world we need an educational institution to unlearn the ersatz education we receive from the edumacation system and the media. We can take the truths we elucidate in the manosphere and turn them into an “elite” form of education for men in the know.

This will be nothing short of an educational revolution.

We Red Pill men do not do well being shoehorned into the same passive grazer roles the rest of the sheeple are assimilated into by Anglo society. The truth is, the edumacation system and media are geared towards turning people into mindless, compulsive consumers who follow orders well and don’t ask inconvenient questions. It can take half a lifetime or more for men to realize they’ve been betrayed by institutions they’ve been asked to place so much trust in. By then, it’s usually to late to do anything about it beyond bowing your head and licking the boot at the office every day.

This isn’t acceptable.

For those men who have the capacity to understand and the mental fortitude to not have a breakdown when the truly evil, Machiavellian nature of this world is thus revealed, the proper instruction can prove priceless. It can truly save a man from being turned into a chump by women and a slave by the current socioeconomic paradigm. It can, borrowing a word from the feminists, “empower” men to make better decisions about women, their careers, the way they live their lives, and their future.

It ultimately can reform the world and make it a better place to live. This was the original intent of education to begin with. But it, like so many other institutions, proper education has instead been dumbed down, sold out, and corrupted by the influence of economic and political interests. It’s guiding principles abandoned, and men left to pick up the pieces of lives destroyed by a lifetime of misdirection, half-truths, and hidden agendas.

Many of us know the unexamined life, uncritical of our masters in business and government, is not worth living. Of course, there will be resistance to a “school” of this sort being formed. We can expect to be called every name under the sun, with vitriolic attacks and roadblocks all along the way. But as author Elbert Hubbard wrote, if you want to avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing. Just follow the herd into slaughter.

Living this way nearly consumed many of us before we awakened to the fact everything we had been told was a lie. We have been misdirected our entire lives. As pointed out in previous articles, we didn’t fail out of lack of talent, or intelligence, or ambition. We failed because we were given the wrong instruction book to life and placed into a system in which the only way to win is not to play by the rules, or at all. Educating men on the grim, harsh realities of a Machiavellian world is a noble aim.

Men of consciousness cannot abide as their brothers are exploited, their lives, freedom, and possibilities taken away from them by a system that hates them. Something must be done.

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Schadenfreude: Watching White Women Who Aren’t Getting Their Way


White girls still haven’t realized they lost more with feminism than they gained

Here’s a short story from the road as I suffer through my last couple of months in America before leaving to go abroad again this fall. There were two moments of schadenfreude, or pleasure derived from another person’s misfortune, I had today. Both scenarios involved white girls who didn’t get their way, and their reactions as I observed them.

It was really a delight to witness their disgust and powerlessness. There are other, more entertaining moments I witness white girls who are upset by their new roles as soulless worker drones in society, but for some reason these two stood out in my mind as they happened.

Just to let readers know, I don’t like white chicks. I haven’t liked them for a long time. My most recent experience with one was when I banged a 23-year old white girl off and on for a year or so just before I dumped her to run off to Latin America, but typically I don’t have anything to do with them. (True story: She faked a pregnancy to try and keep me from leaving. She also tried to get knocked up by secretly removing her IUD. I’m not your child support slave, bitch.) I’ve had experience sexually and otherwise with every major ethnicity of women, and trust me, white chicks are the worst of the worst. They are, after all, the progenitors of rotten Anglo culture we discuss so often here at TNMM and Anglobitch.

Anyway, neither instance of schadenfreude is anything major. They just tickled me as they happened.

In the first case, I was pulling out from a truck stop and a white girl wanted to pull into the Burger King beside me. Of course, I could have let her in as there were two trucks in front of me at the intersection, but I have such a mental block against any act of chivalry towards Anglo females since they constantly tell men how terrible we are, that they don’t need us, and that the world would be better off without us and our awful sexual needs around. I can’t play nice anymore.

She looked up at me from her little toy box SUV and put on the nice face, with the puppy dog eyes. She’s obviously a regular user of the pussy pass. So, I looked her right in the face and moved my semi into a position to block her. Emotionless. Cold. Stone faced. She immediately shifted to a posture of disgust and amazement that I wouldn’t let her in. As traffic finally started to move and I moved forward, I made note of her expression and enjoyed her look of outrage after I did the unthinkable and made her wait an extra minute to pull in for her next recreational eating session.

I laughed and laughed about that as I pulled onto the Interstate.

In the second instance, I don’t normally like to eat out but I was in the mood for a sloppy fast food burger this evening. I haven’t had one in weeks, and decided to stop by a national chain to pick up some trash food. As soon as I walked in, I saw one rather plump white woman weeping, another trashy one consoling her from the front of the counter, and several other white girls behind the counter toiling away. All were fast food workers who obviously hated their new roles as corporate slaves. A couple were cute, but cuteness does nothing for me. I’m still an asshole when it comes to dealing with chicks.

I thought, “Isn’t female empowerment wonderful, ladies?! Now you can slave away at menial jobs just like men rather than having a nasty family to take care of!”

All the white girls behind the counter had bleached hair, and the look of disbelief on their faces they they had to do manual labor to earn some money. They all seemed to have the attitude, “Where is my male meal ticket to exploit and berate? I’m too good to be doing a job like this. I have the precious, pink anatomy!”

So, I look one of the fake blondies in the eyes and make my order. I talk to her as though she’s my subordinate, which in this case she is, and you can tell it just kills her that a man is telling her what to do and how to make his sandwich. Ah, the sumptuous irony that even after feminism these white girls still end up making sandwiches for men. Gotta love it!

Of course, she fucks up my order.

I notice when I get to the truck the burger is plain with cheese, when all I wanted to do is add cheese to it. I plainly told her this. She undoubtedly did it as a shit test to see if I would come back. Naturally, I go back in with a mischievous spirit. This time, blondie hides from me and fatty comes up to assist me. I tell her no less than 3 times in a very polite but stern way, I wanted this normal, not plain, add cheese. She’s baffled by my request. The third time I tell her, she cops an attitude.

She takes the burger, hands it to the only guy in the place, and tells him, “I don’t know what he wants.” Dude comes up, I tell him the exact same thing I told fatty, laugh in a cocky manner about it, and he immediately fixes my order in a cool, calm, professional manner rather than the estrogen-filled flailing around I witnessed from the YouGoGrrl brigade on this visit.

Yet another irony appears. If I want something done right, I have to get a man to do it. Meantime, the blondies continued twirling their hair and complaining about their jobs in the background.

To close, I have no mercy on white girls or their fucking problems, anymore. I played nice guy for half a lifetime only to be used and abused by them. They wanted their so-called empowerment, now they have it. Enjoy those burger-flipping jobs, babies. You won’t have a man like me or millions of other once “good men” to kick around anymore. Now you can pay for your own conspicuous consumption with your meager wages.

Here’s the sad truth you girls haven’t figured out yet. Feminism burned you, it dethroned you, and it turned you into a worker bee rather than queens of the castle. Enjoy the bed you made, because a motherfucker like me is going to enjoy watching you lie in it. I’ll be doing everything I can to make life a little bit harder for you. And encouraging millions of other men to do the same.

And getting a kick out of it, too.

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This is Why I Left Corporate America


Lying, cheating, stealing – the reality of corporate America

Ah, that old familiar feeling. Like tasting raw steel with a wet tongue.

I hate corporate America. With every fiber of my soul, I hate it. I’ve already discussed in previous articles how it sold me illusions half a lifetime and only left me a used up pawn in its quarterly profit game in my mid-30s. (Bringing in the big titty bitch to replace me at my job because my meager living cost them too much money.)

When I came back to America to be a citizen turned migrant worker, I never expected my employment in the trucking industry to be anything but a means to an end. But through constant idiocy they’ve got on my last nerve. That said, when I get mad, I don’t quit or go crazy. I get even. After a series of recent events I feel even more justified for what I’m doing, playing mercenary with the current economic paradigm in America. Pumping and dumping the economy. Only coming back to the States to extract more money to take abroad with me. Avoiding getting caught up in the system by living in a truck until I can leave this country again.

I enjoy working at a job that provides some benefit in my life a great deal. But I don’t enjoy the corporate mentality at all, nor the way they constantly try to fuck their employees. Just this week, I’ve had the company I work for try to cheat me out of $1,000. Part of my signing bonus came due, and I’m getting the typical corporate runaround trying to collect on it after I noticed it was missing from my check …call this department, now call that one. Oh, she’s not in today. We’ll have to try again next week. Are you sure you need to talk to her? Oh, drivers can’t call that department, only managers can. Email this department. Sit on your hands and wait.

There’s no doubt they owe it to me, I have it in writing. But that matters little to the cheats in cheap suits.

But don’t you dare question us or make us wait when we need to use you as a bank to pay for miscellaneous items that should be included with the cost of business, like weighing our trailer to make sure it’s street legal.

There’s more. They won’t reimburse me for an $11 scale ticket I had to pay out of pocket because their corporate credit card maxes out at one scale ticket pet day. I filled out the usual expense reports, and of course, didn’t get reimbursed for hauling their freight with their equipment. They’re also trying to cheat me out of another $150 they owe me for being held up for 12 hours at a shipper. The company also requests 5 days notice in order to get “home” time. I gave them 7 days notice, and won’t be getting home on time.

How tragically familiar all this is. Before you tell me to change companies, they’re all liars and cheats. Trust me, I know, I’ve been working most of my life, even as a teenager.

This isn’t a complaint as much as it is a statement of how ridiculous dealing with corporate greed and sloth has become. Who wants to deal with incompetence like this on a daily basis in addition to dealing with an already demanding job, with government regulations and revenue seeking law enforcement ready to rob you at every turn. I’ve been putting in 70 hour weeks and staying out on the road for nearly a month a time with no time off, and how do they repay me? With repeated kicks in the shins. Hence, my mercenary attitude.

But, why would I have expected anything different. I’ve dealt with corporations for over 20 years. In the food industry. In the retail industry. In the entertainment industry. In the broadcasting industry. And now, the trucking industry. The one common thread between all the jobs I’ve had is as follows: The bigger the corporation, the more they don’t give a fuck about you as a human being.

I’ve already contacted a lawyer, and will sue for unpaid wages, but I’ll make sure I continue to extract what I need from their payroll by working my ass off for a couple more months before I drop the lawsuit bomb. Then I’ll go after what they owe me and then some, because I am documenting everything I mentioned above. If there’s anything I learned, it’s how to play the corporate game.

Is it any wonder that after half a lifetime of dealing with lying, cheating, and stealing in the business world I formulated a plan to fuck this system – although doing everything legally – as hard as I can? I’m not your pawn, I’m not your slave, I’m not your profit machine. You can’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

After being caught up in the all-too-familiar cogs of corporate America for this tour of duty, my hatred for this system is rising again. I remember why I was so desperate to get out of this system in the first place. Luckily, I’ve reduced my dealings with it to nothing but mercenary labor to get the cash I need to lube the gears of my life.

It doesn’t have to be this way. But, it is.

Corporate America needs to realize the corporate mentality is suicidal for the economy. Their idea is: Sell everything at sky high prices, but pay people slave wages, and turn every job into a revolving door meat grinder. Then expect people to consume more and more of your product at ever-increasing prices and frequency. Am I the only one who realizes the math eventually doesn’t work out on that?

In any case, I feel totally vindicated for working only enough to take what I need out of the hell for the average worker they’ve created, then spending the rest of my time doing whatever I want. That’s exactly the way corporations deal with their employees. Use us for what they need, then discard us like used husks of humanity. I’m just evening the score when I skip out on my student loans (i.e. debt slavery and indentured servitude agreement) and figure out how to live a great life on only $20,000 a year.

And I’m going to show more men how to do the same, bitches.

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Eye Candy of the Week | July 9, 2017

This series reminds me of my trip to the Bunny Ranch earlier this year. I think it’s when the model bends over in the little chair. In any case, this chick isn’t the average fatty that grazes on the American landscape. If the average woman returns to a form like this, a great victory will have been won. Enjoy our Eye Candy of the Week for July 9, 2017 as we admire the female form while remembering the truth about women.



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Real World Examples from the Dating Jungle


Analyzing the shallow American dating pool from a male perspective

It’s a jungle out there.

If you doubt the sexual devolution has seriously damaged male-female relations, femininity, civility, and society itself, log on to any dating app and be treated to profiles like these. These aren’t the worst examples one can find, and some profiles don’t seem that bad on the surface, until you drill down and use real-world, real-life experience with women to infer what they really mean behind the sugar-coated language. This is the mess men have to deal with post-feminism.

God help us.

Here are some excerpts from real world profiles inside the Anglo-American dating jungle. We’ll help interpret what each profile means. Here goes…let’s wade out into the murky waters of a mainstream dating app.

1. First example is a black girl with a cherry red weave. She’s obese, with a messy apartment behind her as the backdrop. She’s full of…attitude. She starts off by talking about how sweet she is, only to destroy her own façade in the very next sentence. This profile helps illustrate most women are emotionally unstable and their thought processes turn on a dime. Her grammatical skills are low, but her expectations are high. This is becoming the norm in a thirsty, r-selected culture. Best advice: Avoid.


2. Second example is a 30-something white girl who appears to have been around the block a few times. She’s about a SMV 6 or 7, which means in her mind she’s a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10. Like Capital One, she wants what’s in your wallet, and makes no bones about hiding that fact. Chivalry (which she, of course, misspells) may not be dead in her mind, but femininity certainly is, and has been buried for a long time. She proves that fact with her profile. Best advice: Make her laugh with a come-on, hope for a pump and dump, and drop her before she can get her tentacles into you.


3. Next example is a somewhat attractive black girl, who has several tattoos and uninteresting profile pics. One seriously wants to ask her what she brings to the table, since she makes about a half dozen demands in the profile but doesn’t bring up anything of value about herself other than the same cliches men see on all dating profiles. Of course, all American women are obsessed with food, since 2/3 of them are fatties. This one isn’t fat, however, she’s just working on getting fat. Apparently, she’s of the mentality that men are her court jesters, entertainers, and walking wallets, like so many females. There’s also an air of superiority in her tone, typical of Anglo America. Best advice: Message her with a role reversal and imbibe lots of alcohol if you meet her so it will dull your perception of her arrogance. Proceed to pump and dump.


4. Fourth example is a Latina (Spanish women turn rotten once they’ve been assimilated into Anglo culture) who paradoxically is “sweet” and has a “terrible attitude” at the same time. Women are famous for mixed messages, and this chick doesn’t disappoint. Typical of Anglo culture, she speaks as if sex is something to be loathed rather than enjoyed. This “no sex” demand of hers also speaks to the fact women in this culture get on dating apps looking for Beta chumps with more money than brains they can exploit to fuel their addiction to materialism and recreational eating. They aren’t looking for love. She also appears to have her bitch shield set at maximum, a female trait that appears when the sexual market has shifted from K-selected to r-selected. (An r-selected market is bad as it means manly, hateful women and weak White Knight Beta bitches come to dominate.) Best advice: Avoid. Dis bitch crazy.


5. “Expendable Beta provider module wanted” should be the title of our last foray into the tragicomedy that is the American dating scene. White women aren’t ashamed anymore to have fatherless children in a society that hates men and family. After all, it’s always his fault, right? Brave single mom battles on after she dumps heartless creature with a dick. She might instead say in her profile, “I got my Alpha Fucks and child support annuity, already, all that’s missing are your Beta Bucks and investment of time in another man’s seed and I can live the life of my dreams. You get occasional sex until you’re broke or I get tired of you.”

It’s also interesting how she expects to eat at novel restaurants on your dime, and goes through a laundry list of demands about what she expects from you, and of course, offers little in return other than supposed low-maintenance. (Don’t you believe it.) All in all, this is sadly about as good as it gets with modern Anglo women. Best advice: You’re playing with fire, here. Unscrupulous guys can play the Beta provider act for a while, but be advised she’s looking for a commitment and has a history of popping out kids at some poor bastard’s expense.


So, what do we find by perusing some examples from the land of “empowered” women who want to emotionally and financially exploit men without being held accountable? A big ole pile of shit, that’s what we find. We are waist deep in it. Hip boots aren’t enough to wade through this mess.

A man can waste a lot of time and find nothing of substance on today’s dating apps. The dating pool is very shallow, about half an inch deep in Anglo America. It’s no wonder Beta thirst is rampant, MGTOWs are running away from bitches like these, and others are expatriating to greener pastures.

Sadly, it appears men are continuing to feed female egos, clamoring for attention, and willing to put up with a lot of crap from women in order for these “ladies” to be able to behave this way. Male thirst also makes women think they can get by with such arrogant demands, expecting nothing short of prince charming with the financial resources of a $100,000 salary to waltz into her life when she offers virtually nothing in return except the miracle of possessing a wet hole.

Ya ain’t worth it, honey. This is why men learning to play the game better than women is essential in today’s dating market.

These are some mild examples for our first foray into the dating jungle. Things do get much, much worse at times, as we will see in coming installments. What are some of your own examples and stories from dating in America?

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