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The Noble Spirit

Out of the depths of Anglo American matriarchal, materialistic hell a noble spirit can arise. But first, you’ve got to get mad. Then, you’ve got to get busy. Next, you’ve got to start taking risks.

From the Oswald Spengler channel on YouTube comes a philosophy of how to live a life worth living, not exist as a human farm animal. (Regular readers of TNMM may know Spengler’s Decline of the West is a founding philosophy of this blog and The New Modern Man movement. There will be much more coming on Spengler and the guidance his philosophy brings men, soon.)

Watch The Noble Spirit and awaken the masculinity inside you with such pearls of wisdom taken from the philosophy of Nietzsche such as:

Build your cities on the walls of Vesuvius. Send your ships out into uncharted seas. Explore new worlds!

Indeed, risk-taking and exploration allow a man to see beyond his time, his continent, his country, and the narrow circle of his own activities – to paraphrase Spengler. There is no reward without risk. But, even if you fail, know this:

A great life is a hard life. Hardship brings out the best in men. Pain and pleasure are sisters, one elevates the other.

Psychological research confirms this. There can be no pleasure without pain. The human psyche thrives on the sine wave of life’s ups and downs. Embrace your life for what it is, then aspire to make yourself more than what you are:

The purpose of life is life itself, and the purpose of living is to embrace that life, whether it be joyous or tragic.

Personally, much of my life has been tragic. From the death of my father when I was 12, to clawing my way out of poverty then ascending the ladder of the news industry only to find out what a farce it is, an industry filled with glib sociopaths, then being raked across the hot coals of bankruptcy as I was forced out of my position (fired) by social engineers and political correctness, before taking another job with the MSM and painstakingly paying my Chapter 13 off, then finally breaking with Corporate America permanently, I’ve had my share of disappointment and suffering.

There’s much more than that. Those are just Cliff’s Notes. I won’t even go into the abortions I had to endure and the pain I felt as my offspring were killed and I was helpless to do anything about it.

But all that just lit a fire inside me. I didn’t let it extinguish me as many men do and that flame burns to this day, as I let those lessons be my motivation to be daring and to design a life around my desires rather than chasing after material fantasies. I no longer want any of the chains Corporate America is selling. The “comfortable” life on the human farm.

The religion of the herd is comfort and safety. They avoid suffering, but at the loss of greater pleasure and fulfillment. It is a kind of dull, boring, “living dead” existence.

Time is of the essence.

Better a life of action, full of deeds. Raise your head above the herd, and you will find excitement in life.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

A noble spirit invites new challenges, as a way to test their own strength and character.

Indeed, these talking points are weaved into the fabric of TNMM whenever possible. A philosophy like this will take a man much farther than any of the pablum force fed to him by the edumacation system and the corrupt media.

Learn lessons like these well. Then use them to change your life.

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Coming Soon: Escape


Tentative book cover for Rel’s upcoming release

As Yours Truly returns to the tropics for winter, beginning another series of adventures abroad, I’m writing what I hope will be a game-changing book. ESCAPE will help other men do just that – escape lives in the matrix that consist of drudgery, involuntary celibacy, and conspicuous consumption.

ESCAPE will show men how to live a better life following the model of minimalism, ghosting, and world travel/expatriation I’ve created. ESCAPE will be available both for Kindle and in paperback.

This is my first original, standalone book. My first two eBooks were trial runs, and I appreciate all the support I’ve received from readers. The success of these eBooks and the growing readership of TNMM have encouraged me to write ESCAPE. Here’s the preliminary description:

Relampago Furioso tells the story of how he went from dreaming of being a TV newscaster to being repulsed by an industry built on fake news and propaganda once he arrived in the media ivory tower – and how he grew tired of life altogether on the corporate cubicle farm.

As he freed himself of the traps of consumerism, the paycheck to paycheck cycle, and debt bondage through minimalism and self-discipline, he started traveling the world looking for answers as to why life in America had become so lonesome and socially atomized – with the outlook for the future even bleaker for freedom-loving men.

He quickly discovered other “worlds” not afflicted by the myopia of consumerism and the Puritanical cultural and sexual mores of Anglo America. His instincts were right: There is indeed much more to life than shopping, eating out, and politics. Not to mention, there are women in this world that put Anglo chicks to shame. It wasn’t long before these plane trips to other worlds led him to want to abandon Corporate America altogether, escaping the human farm run by the corporate-government complex.

Come along with Relampago as he tells you of his journey from corporate media serf to devil may care, world-roaming naughty nomad. He also illustrates how other men can follow in his footsteps when 70 hour work weeks, mean-faced, clipped hair women, and a hamster wheel lifestyle of getting and spending for material things won’t do.

Find your own financial and lifestyle freedom in Escape: Why and How I Abandoned Corporate America – And How You Can Too.

There will be information on how to escape student loan payments and other forms of debt bondage, as well information on using the power of minimalism and self-discipline to enjoy – at the minimum – a part-time expat lifestyle. Or, if one prefers, a MGTOW lifestyle right here at home.

The book is also intended to detail my personal journey – sharing the anger, frustration, sadness, and tragedy I encountered along the way since beginning my Red Pill journey and mission to enlighten other men. These negative emotions were followed by some of the happiest, most memorable moments of my life once I started leaving the matrix on a regular basis.

It is a book about enjoying the world as it is, as it was before humanity was assimilated into the “Borg” collective. (If Anglo-American globalism succeeds.) Release date is set for January 1, 2018 but I hope to begin taking pre-orders on Amazon as soon as Thanksgiving. Stay tuned.

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Thoughts on The Sex Drought


Important corollaries when discussing the intensifying Anglo American sex drought

Previously, TNMM reported on data now coming onto the radar of the lamestream press showing that Americans are having less sex. Specifically, millennials are bearing the brunt of a sex drought that is spreading across Anglo America. While most adults born in that generation (early 1980s to 2000) are having sex, the sex isn’t as frequent and the number of incels is up. And, in other age groups sex frequency and number of partners is also trending down. Multiple studies bear this out.

We touched on the “why” this is happening in the article. But, there are other considerations when analyzing this data. Fuzziewuzziebear posted this important corollary:

If this is male led, this is big news. That boys and men are avoiding women to the extent that overall numbers are being affected has to be a first in human history. Women are going to go crazy when the significance of this hits. Sex was the last card they had to play.

Who’s avoiding who is indeed important. My suspicion is both sexes are increasingly avoiding each other. But, the fact men are avoiding women is indeed huge. We already know men are avoiding women in increasing numbers because of one important movement. MGTOWs and men who don’t yet know they’re MGTOWs are having an effect on the sexual market as they decide loud, fat, arrogant Anglobitches just aren’t worth wasting the time or energy.

If this trend of men avoiding romantic/sexual (and therefore, financial) entanglements with women continues, gynocentric governments could be forced into passing punitive taxes directly aimed at men since wealth transfers via frivorce theft and child support slavery will decline with the end result being Anglo women rendered even more broke than they already are. (Since women spend more than they earn, the retail collapse is the first sign of this coming tsunami of female insolvency. We have also touched on the coming Spinster Bubble.)

Think a “dick tax” or something like it. Feminists will spin up a narrative creating a twisted version of reparations to make up for all the “evil” men have done to women. You know, typical leftist malarkey.

Women increasingly avoiding men is easier to explain. With the advent of Big Daddy Government and his cucking of Betas, Omegas, and Gammas with endless “programs” (i.e. free resources) for women while he simultaneously debases male roles in society with hiring quotas and the like, hypergamy has been rendered moot.

Since women only want to fuck and marry upward in social status, state-enforced “equality” which is created by pushing men out of jobs and putting women in them (stripping male social status) destroys the chances good men with a solid work ethic once had with women. It also destroys the need for women to have stable men in their lives, as the state assumes the role of provider by robbing Betas to pay Susies. The result? Women jump on the Don’t Need a Man™ bandwagon.

Additionally, Sebastian Hawks reveals an important bias the MSM constantly insert into the data:

When the idiots (both social conservatives and liberals) doing all these statistical analysis talk about people not having sex, they make the wrong assumption that this is the result of some moral choice. That these young guys are “choosing” to be celibate rather than angry sexually frustrated dudes just like the guys in “Revenge of the Nerds” who don’t get the happy ending the guys in the movie got.

Indeed, data are always manipulated to suit the biases of Puritanical Anglo culture and narratives the matrix prefers. The narrative is people aren’t lonely and sexless because of social engineering. Oh no, they’re making “moral choices” not to have sex. See how that works?

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Limp Sex Lives for Millennials: Least Sexed Generation in 60 Years

Millennials are in a sex drought not seen in 60 years

Social engineering, as evil as it is, unfortunately works. And driving the sexes apart has been one of the chief goals of Anglo American social engineers since the Pandora’s Box of feminism was opened in the 1960s. It seems they’ve hit another milestone of diabolical success, as millennials are the least sexed generation in 60 years. As reported by the Amazon Post Washington Post:

Recent research also shows that, overall, millennials — people born between the early 1980s and 2000 — have fewer sexual partners than baby boomers and those in Generation X, the group immediately preceding them.

Granted, the vast majority of young adults are still having sex, but an increasing number of them appear to be standing on the sidelines.

The guys standing on the sidelines with chafed hands are primarily the Beta “good guys” women shun. Of course, Gammas and Omegas are also left on the sidelines. It’s a bumper crop for Alphas, Sigmas, “bad boys” and PUAs with tight game, though. The Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) definitely applies.

But why are so many being denied such an important part of their lives? From the Los Angeles Times:

The proffered reasons for millennial abstinence? [Ed: The term incel or involuntary celibacy is a better term than abstinence.] A culture of overwork and an obsession with career status, a fear of becoming emotionally involved and losing control, an online-dating milieu that privileges physical appearance above all, anxieties surrounding consent, and an uptick in the use of libido-busting antidepressants.

A culture of overwork (latent Puritanism) certainly contributes to this problem. As do the matrix’s YouGoGrrl careerism, “men are icky” and “your job defines who you are as a person” narratives.

Let’s translate the rest of the liberal media speak in that snippet for you. “Privileges physical appearance above all” means guys don’t want to screw pasty land whales with purple hair, thick glasses, and bad attitudes. “Anxieties surrounding consent” means the elite-controlled American government has been successful at scaring men off from women with increasingly ambiguous legislation that turns sex itself into a potential crime. (Case in point: California legislation that says a man has to get permission every 10 minutes during intercourse to continue fucking a woman, or it’s rape. Yes, California is that insane.) And of course, “an uptick in the use of libido-busting antidepressants” means the medical-pharmaceutical establishment has been successful in drugging the populace in the very ways Aldous Huxley warned us about.

Not to mention, if a guy slips one past the goalie and knocks up an Anglobitch in this day and age, he could find himself financially enslaved a la child support. Making matters worse, the brainwashed women of today are unapproachable with bitch shields set to maximum and glibness set to stun. Americhicks are quite frankly libido-killing.

It seems millennials have become such putty in the hands of Marxist social engineers they aren’t even interested in rubbing one out on their own. Vice explains:

While this decline in sexual activity was linked to porn use, the results probably weren’t what you were expecting. Specifically, rather than being linked to less sex, watching porn was actually linked to having more sex.

Unfortunately, millennials are just the harbingers of a major cultural trend spanning multiple demographic cohorts:

It turns out that Americans across the board—not just millennials—were having less sex today than they were in the past.

This is one important reason, TNMM postulates, why people are unhappy in America. Sex is an important part of adult lives, and American social engineers are trying to take it away bit by bit, piece by piece. (Pun intended.) People are increasingly going without thanks to Cultural Marxism, the Androgyny Agenda, and Police State USA. The driving force behind human sexuality, female hypergamy, has also been severely diminished by the welfare state and the debasement of traditional male roles in Anglo society.

Columbia University did a study on happiness and found these results:

America’s happiness dropped from number three in 2007 to number 19 in 2016. That’s a pretty big drop. Overall, the report explains that though there’s a big focus on boosting economic growth in the U.S., the data collected reveals the real problem lies in social issues.

I would imagine America is actually much lower in overall happiness than that report – no doubt carefully manicured and biased – indicates. In my travels to all 48 contiguous states, the mood is bleak wherever I go.

The Columbia University report is right that America is definitely a screwed up country socially. Community relationships is an interesting topic, because there are no community relationships in America anymore. By design, people are becoming nameless and faceless automatons.

And sexless automatons, to boot.

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The Proliferation of Sex Scandals: A Product of a Bipolar Culture


Anglo culture has a bipolar view of sexuality

There’s nothing that’s quite as taboo in sickly, prudish, demographically moribund Anglo culture as sex. It is a culture that  seems to think there’s nothing so outrageous as people fucking and wanting to fuck, even though that’s what everybody secretly wants to do. The Anglosphere truly has a love/hate, good/evil, bipolar relationship with sexuality. The reality is, women are just as horny as men. But, culturally sex is only good and to be loved when women have absolute control it. Otherwise, it is as evil as the disposable men inhabiting this crumbling kingdom.

Enforcers of this strange mileau, the corrupt media (run by a plurality or even majority of homosexuals – take it from someone who was on the inside) and Anglo women love to assume the role of cockblockers, siccing their police state on amorous men. They are so rabid about their anti-sex views they have figuratively (and literally with prostitution stings) barged into people’s bedrooms and started knocking men and women off each other in recent years. When it comes to sexuality, Anglo culture is voyeuristic and nothing excites it more than acting on its innate sexual jealousy.

However, sex is everywhere in film, advertising, and episodic TV. What seems to be the forbidden fruit is actually doing it. The totally insane injustice system has put the onus on men to prove they aren’t rapists and miscreants in a culture in which guilty until proven innocent is the modus operandi. Sex scandals have proliferated the Anglo-American media over the last couple of generations and predictably, it’s always MEN who are to blame. As if women are innately sexless, perfect creatures.

Conservative media are just as guilty as liberal media (if not more so) when it comes to giving women carte blanche to make whatever accusations they want against heterosexual men with impunity. It’s a cultural bias. In fact, conservative media have been running the equivalent of digital witch trials as a flurry of sex abuse accusations have followed the breaking story of Harvey Weinstein. (We are not defending Weinstein. In fact, that scandal is good for one reason only – it’s great to see Hollyweird’s hypocrisy exposed.) But, high profile sex scandals have been going on for well over 20 years, as many can remember how a blowjob in the Oval Office nearly brought down Bill Clinton.

Having witch trials of rich, powerful Anglo-American men seems to be the latest cottage industry. Sometimes, the claims have foundations. Often, they do not. Frequently, they’re just cockblocks for normal human sexuality activity, with Anglo culture figuratively screaming at men: “You have sinned, evil man! And you will atone!”

They’re an easy way for Predatory Females to “cash in” with out of court settlements. Almost always, scandals are based on castigating men who did little more than have sex with another willing adult.


Women are subconsciously viewed as perfect, sexless goddesses in this culture

The Goddess Cult

As we mentioned, Anglo culture is obsessed with sex…and more importantly, the fact it doesn’t want men to actually have any sex. Sex is for the plump and pasty Anglo American goddesses to control from their lofty perches up in heaven. This bipolar culture especially doesn’t want men to ask for sex or make advances on “perfect” Anglo angels. This passage from Rookh Kshatriya’s erudite article on “The Goddess Cult” rings particularly true in the strange times we find ourselves in.

Anglo culture not only loathes and despises men, it sets women atop pedestals and deifies them. While men are the perpetual target of the trash media, vilified as animals, rapists and morons, women’s travails are the subject of a near continual violin concerto from all Anglo media outlets.

What’s to blame?

Above all, the latent homosexual Anglo culture deifies women in a cloud of candy-floss. In recent years, this deranged tendency has reached psychotic proportions.

Indeed, as Kshatriya points out in his article we saw the full flowering of this psychotic, bipolar tendency of Anglo culture with the goddess cult surrounding Lady Di. Could it be this culture is, at its core, latently homosexual? Does this not describe perfectly what is happening before our very eyes? Every time one turns around there’s another sex scandal. And the aim is always the same – knocking men off their lofty social perches, and putting women atop them. This is a dangerous place for society to be.

It’s easy to find religious terms being used in a secular context when discussing sex scandals. Time magazine even ran a recent series on Sinful Statesmen, listing the Top 10 sex scandals of modern times. The wording of that headline – “Sinful Statesmen” – screams latent Puritanism, which has morphed into modern feminism. The hidden cultural message? You keep your pants zipped, buster. That sex is the devil! Don’t you dare act sinful with one of our precious goddesses!

In supreme irony and proving American politicians play this bipolar sexual game from both sides of the fence, New York governor Eliot Spitzer made his name enforcing “morality” by busting Johns in prostitution rings as attorney general. Hilariously, Spitzer was then was caught up in a prostitution ring himself after taking office as governor! The screaming hypocrisy of a man passing moral judgment on men for renting a wet hole for an hour or two, then doing the same thing was of course, lost on the mainstream media who only focused on the fact he got caught having sex. This case is yet another example of why prostitution needs to be legalized and destigmatized.

Then, there’s John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, Barney Frank, Mark Sanford, and of course, Bill Clinton. Plus David Letterman, Ben Affleck, Bill O’Reilly, and countless other celebs. All Anglo-American men accused of “defiling” perfect American women by either copping a feel, having side chicks, sexting, or hiring a pro. (Or in the case of Frank, hiring a male prostitute.)

The rational mind must take a step back from all the hysteria about sex, and ask – what is so scandalous about people fucking? Why is this culture so anti-pleasure? Why is this culture so prudish? Why is it so anti-sex? Why does it believe women to be “above” men in all matters regarding sex?  Where are social engineers taking us with the ever-increasing frequency of sex scandals aimed at destroying men?

What’s so bad about sex?

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Michelle Obama Projects Feminism onto Men: Calls Us “Entitled” and “Self-Righteous”


Former First Lady Mooch Obama says men are “self-righteous” and “entitled” in a stunning display of psychological projection

The Femocrat party just can’t help itself. It’s hatred of all things male continues to seep out at every public relations event it schedules.

As the left has gone completely off the deep end of late, their permanent victim status in jeopardy thanks to the light of day shining upon the false narratives Progressives and Cultural Marxists once thrived upon, it is struggling to find narratives that appeal to those outside its oversized, retro glasses-wearing base. Since Crooked Hillary is going down in flames, what little credibility she had left destroyed with everyone from Jimmy Carter to Pocahontas to Donna Brazile throwing lighter fluid onto the Clinton bonfire, Dems need to a new spokeswoman to stay relevant.

So, they wheel out former First Lady Michelle Obama, who immediately sticks her foot in her mouth shoveling out anti-male narratives like so much manure, a story that has received a lot of press coverage – and the response has been universally negative. From Daily Mail:

Former First Lady Michelle Obama said men feel they are entitled and women protect them too much. She told the first Obama Foundation international summit men are raised to be babies while women are brought up to be strong.

What the fuck? A woman who lived like an empress on the public dime for eight years, whose husband pals around with billionaires isn’t acting entitled when she attacks working class men? Aging, barren feminists wearing pussyhats, throwing temper tantrums, and marching on Washington because The Cunt lost aren’t acting like babies? Feminists blaming their miserable lives on men aren’t acting like babies? Leftists demanding “safe spaces” aren’t acting like babies? This is Ms. Obama’s definition of strong?

Mooch’s narrative sounds like another yet another case of psychological projection. Oh, by the way, Rule One in the political playbook of underhanded, dirty tricks is to blame your own problems on the other side. Here’s the truth of the matter.

Women wouldn’t be “strong” if they weren’t propped up with tax dollars robbed from millions of hardworking Beta males “redistributed” to them by their virtual husband, Big Daddy Government. No, without the “babies” you just mentioned slaving away, showing up at those J-O-Bs every day the U.S. would be even more bankrupt than it already is post-feminism, since women spend more than they earn.

How do Mooch and other feminists she represents thank the millions of men they’ve left sexless, lonely, and in many cases, financially enslaved who get up and go to work at jobs they hate only to have half their income taken away by a gynocentric welfare state? Why, they stomp their feet demanding more, more, more!

The Anglo-American political power structure loves to serve men shit sandwiches just like the one Ms. Obama handed out, then expect our full support and cooperation with their kooky social engineering schemes. But wait, there’s more backstabbing of the legions of men who made Michelle’s lavish lifestyle as First Lady possible:

Are we protecting our men too much so they feel a little entitled and self-righteous sometimes? But, that’s kind of on us too as women and mothers, as we nurture men and push girls to be perfect.

Slut moms with five baby daddies, women who cock carousel until they’re 35, and career girls that burn out after a quick turn on the corporate merry-go-round are perfect? Women who expect to run the whole of society – a society that men created – while reducing us to second-class citizen status while offering endless proclamations on how to “fix” men aren’t entitled and self-righteous? Hmm.

I don’t know about you, but I never felt too nurtured by Anglo American culture. I’ve felt like a pariah my entire life. I spent the best years of my life pulling myself out of abject poverty, staying out of trouble, and earning a college degree only to see it rendered worthless by the corporate-government complex Mooch helps spearhead. Then, I got forced out of my seat at the table because they wanted to get rid of me and hire women in my place. All along the way, I got told how evil I am for having a penis and wanting to use it once in a while.

This story is confirmation that once again, we see the Anglo-American Matrix taking male labor for granted, then snubbing us when we ask for a decent wife, an intact family, and a wholesome culture in return.

So, how do we fix “broken” men? Here’s Mooch’s solution.

The former First Lady told men “y’all should get you some friends” to develop a support network in the same way women do. “Talk to each other, because that’s the other thing [women] do – we straighten each other out on some things, our girlfriends,” she said.

Yeah, we’ve seen women straightening each other out, Michelle. Like that time I saw two Anglobitches straightening each other out laughing all the way to the bank about two guys they had just frivorce raped. This literally happened in Latin America, as they cackled on, thinking nobody in the bank understood English.

Is it any wonder men don’t want to do the work anymore? We are getting nothing out of our cooperation beyond being vilified, disenfranchised, and asked to give up even more of our lives and labor for the great feminist machine. Then you call us “entitled” when we expect a little humanity in return for our support of your empire? Maybe it’s time to withdraw our support and see how well you do without us.

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Eye Candy of the Week | November 4, 2017

Asian beauty never fails to disappoint. Especially Asian cuties with taut figures like Jariah Mariano, Victoria’s Secret model. Enjoy our Eye Candy of the Week for November 4, 2017.



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