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Finding Lost Humanity


A lot of life happens in the plaza by Torre de Reloj

Cartagena, Colombia | Ah, that familiar feeling. After having gone through three exciting, ready and willing women in one night, I feel that old, familiar feeling again – I’m alive inside. I guess I had a lot of pent up sexual thirst from my work sentence in Anglo America extracting the money I needed to leave again. What a contrast – leaving the cold, ineffectual, Faustian machine culture of Anglo America for a place with Old World sensuality, humanity, and charm.

But, feeling alive inside is about much more than fulfilling sexual needs prescribed by Maslow’s Hierarchy.

After having endured some hard time inside world’s largest outdoor prison, i.e. Anglo America, it’s nice to return to a culture that is brimming with humanity. And a place that actually has true freedom and personal liberty. Latin America is perhaps the most human place on earth. Everything my soul has been missing in work obsessed, machine-worshipping, sex-shamed Puritanland found on my latest sojourn to a new continent.

Even eating in fine restaurants like Cuzco Cocina Peruana and Quebracho Parilla Argentina have made me realize just how much of the human touch we’ve lost back home. Rather than processed food that contains more marketing than flavor, I’ve enjoyed some of the best meals of my entire life here in Cartagena. What a difference the human touch makes.

As I sipped Cabernet and bit into a thick steak, I remember savoring and appreciating that moment so much, perhaps because I never really got to experience anything like it back home. My trip to Quebracho eclipsed any of the corporate feedbag “steakhouse” experiences I’ve had in the States.

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I’ve enjoyed seeing the full flowering of humanity, with all its highs and lows, effetes and common people, poseurs at the top and real people at the bottom, rather than the neat and tidy, homogenized, Socialized, coerced dulling of our instincts and behavior so common in the matrix.

In the plaza by Torre de Reloj, nightly I watch high class folks (Castiza) share territory with prostitutes around the Pedro de Heredia statue. Families walk within feet of ladies of the night and neither bats an eye. Only a miniskirt and purse gives away the fact these are working girls in the plaza. This is something one would never witness in prudish Anglo America. A man is amazed a place like this even exists after having spent half a lifetime in the matrix, where sex is shamed and prostitution is the cultural equivalent of murder. Perhaps even more shamed than murder.

Each night, the clubs are full with people dancing and enjoying each other’s company rather than standing around, estranged, looking at each other. People are everywhere. You never know who you might run into. Characters abound.

I can walk around the plaza with a beer in hand without fear of reprisal by police. Recreational drugs are cheap and everywhere to be found. Women actually smile at me rather than grimacing at me like I’m a miscreant. I can talk to women and not be treated like malware by them. I can actually have a Realtalk conversation with the majority of people in the plaza rather than having to tiptoe around every word and every topic, being careful not to say the “wrong thing” as was so often the case in the world of the news media I grew to hate.

What a place. A place that lets people be. What a concept.

I’m becoming addicted to the risk that comes with traveling around the world, perhaps because it’s so rewarding. It’s exciting to step foot in a country or city I’ve never been in before, then adapt to its culture. The old addage “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” comes to mind. Rather than “When in Rome, make everyone do what Americans do.” The problem is, I realize how much Anglo culture has ripped me off.

How very few freedoms I actually have. How most of my decisions are made for me. How I almost sacrificed my whole life to the gods of consumption, materialism, celibacy, and loneliness until my awakening by writers pushing the envelope here in the new counterculture known as the manosphere.

If nothing else, trips like these will be something I look back upon fondly when I’m an old, decrepit man on his deathbed. At least I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing, that for once in my life I actually lived a little.

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If a Man Ever Claims He’s Never Paid for Sex, Here’s What to Tell Him


Self-delusion is big when it comes to men thinking they have women under control or choosing to believe women actually give a shit about their boyfriends or husbands beyond what benefits they can extract from their association with them. Female association with the male is all about the purchasing power of nature’s credit card. She holds the credit card and you hold the bag. Forget that fact at your own peril.

Some guys like to strut around bragging they’ve never paid for it…but upon further inspection that front falls apart.

Poon is never free.

Whether it’s leaving a $100 bill on the nightstand, leasing fleecing a Lexus for Christmas to shut her up, or a man losing his life savings in a frivorce with a frosty-assed Anglobitch, the bill for services rendered comes due one way or the other.

For guys who are married or in relationshits who think they don’t pay for sex, tell them to quit their job or to quit paying for things for their girlfriend or spouse and see how long princess stays around. This should illustrate the point quite well – that men are subservient to women economically in each association they have with the bearer of the fish taco. We all know it won’t be long after wealth transfers are cut off until she’s “accidentally” fucking some other dude. (Unless he’s a bad boy with frame, but even then once he becomes an economic disincentive long enough she’ll move on to more lucrative male prey.)

Men paying for things and striving for social status to attract women is so ingrained in society it’s almost invisible. But, there lurking beneath all the sophistry are the basic biological economics that are the basis of every association women have with men. Many men will perform the most incredible mental acrobatics to try and get around this fact, but there it is – unchanged – even after they’ve tried to deny it.

Even PUAs pay for it with countless hours of “hunting” and practice and psychological manipulation that twists their own psyches as much as those of the women they’re pursuing. Not to mention the investment in clothing (peacocking) and the aggravation of constantly putting on a clown show.

Some guys say the juice is never worth the squeeze. In many ways, it isn’t. But it boggles the mind why living in a society in which paying for pussy with a rock, a McMansion and mortgage is perfectly okay, but paying for it outright and up front is shamed, ridiculed, and met with kidnapping and extortion from America’s thugs in blue.

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China Prepares to Dump Debt-Laden U.S. – Will Slow or Stop Buying Treasuries


The world’s largest holder of U.S. treasuries – China – is signaling its days of buying American debt are winding down

It doesn’t really come as a surprise to see a declining America with few friends in the world these days. For so long, it used its power to impose its will on the world. But these days, things have gotten so bad – the sociopaths who run the shadow government of the U.S. in a totalitarian mood of late – the imperial machinery has also been turned against its citizens.

Billionaires think projecting power onto the world stage as well as using it to oppress citizens and micromanage their lives is a good strategy. But, reality proves otherwise in a civilization built upon the foundations of freedom and personal liberty:

Senior government officials in Beijing reviewing the nation’s foreign-exchange holdings have recommended slowing or halting purchases of U.S. Treasuries, according to people familiar with the matter. The news comes as global debt markets were already selling off amid signs that central banks are starting to step back after years of bond-buying stimulus. Yields on 10-year Treasuries rose for a fifth day, touching the highest since March.

China is the single largest holder of U.S. debt, holding one-fifth of all foreign-held U.S. Treasury securities. Meaning, as everyone knows, the U.S. is heavily indebted to China. This move, China signaling it will soon refuse to bankroll the decadent U.S. will be the financial equivalent of the Titanic hitting an iceberg. China dumping American treasuries will only inspire other nations to do the same:

The market for U.S. government bonds is becoming less attractive relative to other assets, and trade tensions with the U.S. may provide a reason to slow or stop buying American debt.

Surely, the U.S. constantly trying to reinvent the wheel on gender and family structure while simultaneously debasing and marginalizing millions of hardworking, productive men with toxic feminism, a Leviathan government stripping away what few civil liberties and freedoms that remain, the jingoistic American MSM spreading hate whitey vitriol round the clock, and legislators creating a massive welfare state replete with increasingly polarized makers and takers in which the makers have to work like slaves and the takers get equivalent lifestyles without lifting a finger has nothing to do with this bombshell news. *sarcasm*

Memo to social engineers: You can’t turn the men who create your economic might into third-class citizens and expect to stay dominant in the world.

The truth is, many of us in this sector of the Internet saw the end of this corrupt empire coming at least a decade ago. Decay is a slow process, but the U.S. has cultural cancer. The oncologist’s prognostication isn’t good for the future.  As historian Ariel Durant put it: A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.

Liberalism and feminism destroyed the U.S. from within. It’s all over but the crying. And the dumping of U.S. debt.

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Obscenely High Sugar Taxes Hit Seattle


A refreshing Coca-Cola will now cost you big in Seattle

Sugar taxes are slowly being rolled out on the docile, sheeplike American populace. Worse, Seattle’s experiment in taxing sugar has birthed an obscene, bastard child that effectively represents a 75% tax on beverages like Dr. Pepper and Gatorade. Now, that nice, refreshing soft drink will cost you big.

How bad is it? From The Blaze:

Pricing labels at a Seattle Costco have garnered much attention because they show just how much soda and other sugary drinks now cost Seattle residents. A CBS News manager tweeted pictures showing the price increase of two drinks.

In the first case, the price of a case of Dr. Pepper (36 cans) nearly doubled. According to the picture, Costco sells the soda for $9.99. But with an added tax of $7.56, the soda now costs customers $17.55. In the second case, Costco sells a case of Gatorade for $15.99. But the tax adds $10.34 to the price, which brings the total cost to $26.33.

Think it’s just Seattle’s problem? These taxes will fizz outwards to other jurisdictions, soon. The increasingly totalitarian American government will keep going, taking everything you like away or taxing it to death until you’re eating Soylent Green. Meat taxes are next, after the shock to the system from sugar taxes wears off.

How did this latest assault on the working class wallet come about?

Last June, the Seattle city council passed a 1.75 cents per ounce tax on sugary drinks. The tax affects sodas, energy drinks, sports drinks, juice and other non-milk based products. Non-milk based drinks include many of those sold at Starbucks and other coffee shops. Diet drinks and those from small distributors are exempt from the tax.

Boom. Just like that another freedom lost – the freedom to enjoy a Coca-Cola. Well, maybe not lost but negatively sanctioned.

The purpose of the tax, Seattle’s progressive leaders allege, is to help thwart people from purchasing the drinks. Much of the tax will be used to fund programs designed to educate young people on making healthy choices.

Bullshit. That money will be used as a slush fund, as is the case with so many other government revenue streams.

You’re now living in ‘Murica, Land of the Fee. It’s amazing to me how the nation has become everything the founders ran away from during colonial times, while people still (laughably) talk about their freedumbs in that police state. In America, you have the freedom to work and consume, and that’s about it. But now, even the freedom to consume is being curtailed as the nanny state decides what’s “appropriate” for you to consume and what isn’t.

Never thought I’d live to see the day there was a black market for Dr. Pepper and Gatorade, but that’s what’s happened in Seattle. Craigslist ads have popped up selling sugar tax-free beverages from other localities. Now, to save $10 a man has to resort to buying sodas out of the trunk of a dealer’s car.

It seems the purveyors of Puritan prohibitions will never learn.

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The Sexual Market is an Economic Market

Attractive passionate couple is having sex on kitchen.

The laws of economics are intimately linked with the human sexual market

The mysteries of the sexual market aren’t mysteries at all once logic is applied and a few lessons from economics gleaned. The sexual market, as with all markets of man is an economic one. It’s just that the sexual market is the supreme economic market of mankind, reigning over all the others. Get left out, i.e. live life as a “broke” low-SMV male and become a masturbating incel and/or genetic dead end.

On the topic of sexual and economic markets, Days of Game typed up this succinct description of how the human sexual market operates, and how it conforms to the rules of other economic markets:

I don’t understand the manosphere’s interest in “hypergamy.” It’s the most obvious thing… girls are looking for the best opportunity. That’s not girls… that’s everyone.

And then: Eggs are expensive, sperm are cheap. Got it.

So… girls have more bargaining power, and thus… a lot of guys lose (due to low SMV)… and girls hop around (because they can)… as that egg is in demand (until it isn’t).

Why does this need a billion hours of analysis?

This particular research continues the pattern of underwhelm: A seller with a high-demand product (her pussy), that can find more and more markets (online)… can charge a higher price, and/or burn more potential buyers (for fun or profit).

Econ 101.

Indeed, there’s a lot of overlap between financial and sexual economics. And it is simpler than most men realize.

Women are “sellers” of sex and men are “buyers” of sex. Men pay for it whether or not they realize it. Some guys leave a $100 on the nightstand after a ONS with a pro with a mouth like cocaine. Others have their entire life savings siphoned off and end up living under a bridge for a frigid piece of Anglo ass. The price of entry into the tunnel of love is dependent on numerous factors: supply and demand of sex. Supply = Number of women willing to spread her legs for the average guy. Demand = Male thirst.

There’s one looming conclusion that the awakened man must come to when he realizes the sexual market is an economic one. As TNMM has revealed countless times in the past: Marriage (and relationshits) become sophisticated forms of prostitution when seen through this new set of glasses. Every woman has her price. And sex is never free. Even in the animal kingdom, females trade sexual favors for resources and/or good (bad boy) genes. Even if you think you’re getting it for free, you’re paying in ways you haven’t yet realized.

About the only quibble with the above statement from Days of Game one can find is his diminishing the importance of hypergamy. Hypergamy is an important concept to know because many men are oblivious to the fact women are keenly aware of socioeconomic status while to men such status in a potential poon conquest is largely unimportant. In layman’s terms, men will fuck a hot bitch regardless of if she comes from a poor background or not. How often do we see men marrying hotties who happen be broke, and how often do we see women marrying broke guys? Answer that question and you’ll have an idea of how things work with hypergamy.

That said, we must not always conflate sexual economics with money. In sexual economics, social dominance is more important than economic dominance because social dominance often leads to economic dominance, while idiots with more money than brains end up getting used by women and the world. (The reptilian brains lurking inside all women subconsciously know this, which is why you want to be Alpha Fucks guy and not Beta Bucks guy.)

The takeaway lesson is, study economics and you will understand the human sexual market far better than those who cling to notions of love.

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Eye Candy of the Week | January 7, 2017

Sexy and beautiful woman is lying in wet sand on the beach

Sexy and beautiful woman is lying in wet sand on the beach

It’s been a pleasure being surrounded by exotic South American women for the past couple of weeks. Makes a man appreciate beautiful, feminine women even more when they’ve become a vanishing commodity back home. This hottie is representative of the Eye Candy I enjoy in reality every day walking around the streets of Colombia. Enjoy our Eye Candy of the Week for January 7, 2018 as we admire the female form while remembering the truth about women.

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Two Ways the Welfare State Screws the Dating and Mating Market

Couple having sex

Why don’t more men enjoy moments like these? The welfare state is one of the biggest cockblocks in the history of humanity

The advent of the welfare state has assaulted the sex lives and personal lives of Beta male laborers like few forces in the history of humanity. It has skewed the dating and mating markets so severely that millions of men have been rendered lonely and involuntarily celibate due to its existence. MGTOW is at least in part, a revolt against the exploitation of men brought on by the welfare state.

Comparing societies that do and don’t have behemoth welfare states, two inescapable conclusions arise to the keen social observer.

1. The welfare state renders most males worthless to women because of Briffault’s Law. Briffault’s Law is actually a very nice way of saying all women are hoes, and additionally, every woman has her price. But, it’s worded more tactfully in the official definition: The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

Here’s what that means. Women don’t associate (i.e. date and mate) with men who can’t provide material and/or resource benefits at a higher level than they’re already accustomed to. (Reading between the lines, one can glean hypergamy is the most powerful sexual force in the universe.) In a society where men do not have higher status than women socially and economically, legs close and figurative chastity belts cockblock Betas, Gammas, and Omegas from sexual access.

When women are taken care of by the state with money stolen from Beta males, and there’s a government “safety net” that keeps chicks from facing the realities of making bad decisions and consequences of mistreating of men who come into their lives, you end up with a society full of fat, sassy, land whales who think their wet spot is worth more than Gold Pressed Latinum. This is the clusterfuck we currently witness every day in Anglo America.

What will make this already dire situation even worse are Socialist “equal pay” schemes now appearing in Anglo societies, which actually seek to give women pay advantages over men in every industry. (Always remember: Equality is code language for female superiority.) This will render men even more worthless in the eyes of women. Call it a Draconian method of birth control and of atomizing the social environment so men and women become enemies and competitors for corporate crumbs rather than cooperating friends. (A society of socially isolated competitors is also more susceptible to outside control and manipulation.)

Take away the welfare state, and suddenly millions of men will become visible in the eyes of women again. Not because women see them as human beings, but because they will see men as a resource to exploit in the absence of Big Daddy Government and his magic Treasury pen.

2. The welfare state drains the market of low women. When women don’t get free access to the fruits of Beta male labor stolen for them by a welfare state, economic and social reality sets in. Women have to find a way to earn money rather than waiting for a welfare check to direct deposit on the 3rd of the month and the food stamp card to be reloaded a week later. They have two basic choices: Take the high road and become loyal wives and loving mothers, or to take the low road and rent sexual favors by the hour.

Since many women have nothing to offer men other than sex, this is naturally what they revert to using to make money in the absence of a Beta-cuckolding welfare state. However, this class of women is actually important in a functioning society.

TNMM posits “low women” or prostitutes, sluts, etc. actually act as a social safety valve in human societies. Good men who aren’t “good enough” for whatever reason to most women (too nice, too hardworking, too smart, too boring, etc.) are still able to find basic human companionship and importantly – a Maslow’s Hierarchy mandated sexual release with low women. Men are happy because they get laid and get a dopamine high via some basic female affection, and women are happy because they get paid a decent sum of money for an easy line of work. Contrary to Anglo media bias and cultural brainwashing, prostitutes often enjoy their work and often make better wages than they would have slaving away at mindless GloboWorldCorp jobs.

The welfare state destroys this social safety valve. Women who would have been making money by keeping Beta males emotionally and sexually gratified are now inaccessible to needy guys.

Important conclusions can be drawn from this duality. Two roads lie before us. The welfare state can either become even more exploitative of men or it can be destroyed. We advocate for it to be destroyed. It is an unnatural creation imposed on our species and it creates permanent classes of makers and takers, with Beta males being the makers and fat, idle women being the takers. (In addition to other making and taking classes.)

In societies that don’t have welfare states, people are forced to earn a living rather than waiting on free checks funded with money stolen from contributing members of society. Women are forced from their pedestals, and into participating in society with men rather than “snatching” a free and/or subsidized living because of the benefits of possessing certain anatomy while spitting vitriol at the very men who enable their privileged existence.

Importantly, MGTOWs and minimalists can “starve the beast” of its lifeblood by downsizing their lives and refusing to participate in career and tax schemes that exploit male labor. As the amount of money going into the mouth of the beast decreases, the amount it gives to idle women will also have to decrease.

The welfare state must die. Siphoning its lifeblood is a start.

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