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Making Music with Life


Turning the music a man hears inside into reality – thoughts on turning one’s actions into a symphony

I couldn’t take the monotone life anymore. I also couldn’t take marching to the beat of someone else’s drummer.

I had to create my own symphony.

Music has always had a profound influence on me. And then it occurred to me that I should start making music with my life. Let it flow through me in my actions and reactions to life.

I could hear the percussion begin as I ran away from the safety of everything I ever knew. Selling everything I owned to live out of three carry-on bags. To escape the flat line of drudgery. To flee being a mechanical animal. To wake myself up inside.

Then came the synthesizer as I set sail for the unknown. Open to anything that came my way. The bass guitar came as new people and new women in my life started to make me feel alive. Then came the rhythm and lead guitars as I was emboldened to take new risks like jumping into a truck and letting it take me for a ride on the sine wave of live, experiencing all the ups and downs and different landscapes and peoplescapes of a nation I had only seen through someone’s else’s eyes in the past.

The music grew louder and more dramatic as I ventured farther and farther from my safety net. I could hear the choir as I delved into experiences that made others question my sanity. I knew I was on the right path because the music sounded so good.

And now it’s onto new challenges, places, and people – taking risks like never before to see if can can create a masterpiece. To experience the most dramatic flourishes of life for the first time. A symphony of living.

I can hear the crescendo building now. I want to refine the music. To make all the instruments sing in perfect harmony. I believe this is the most challenging endeavor a man can undertake. Making music with his life.

Fear of having the music turned off motivates me to keep going. I can’t let the music stop.

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Stripper T-Shirt Draws Ire of Public School Officials


Generation Z is set to shake up the assumption all the kids will grow up to be shitlibs

This humorous t-shirt featuring a stripper posing like the Golden Arches has drawn the ire of sexually repressed school officials and garnered national news coverage. From left-leaning Yahoo! News:

What would you do if you accidentally sent your 10-year-old son to school in a less-than-appropriate McDonald’s t-shirt? If you’re Texas mom Shelly McCullar, you own up to the mistake in a hilarious Facebook post that quickly went viral.

Yeah, can’t have a young man liking scantily clad women in modern America. (I loved women in bikinis when I was this kid’s age.) But he can certainly be encouraged to take life-altering, gender bending hormones by organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Personally, when I was in grade school I would have known the shirt featured a stripper, and would have donned it anyway just like he did. But, his mom says it was an honest mistake.

Her son’s shirt might have looked like the famous Mickey D’s golden arches, but upon closer inspection, it’s clear that they are actually a woman’s legs spread open to look like the famous M logo. The shirt also includes the famous “I’m lovin’ it” slogan. It’s an honest mistake but that doesn’t make it any less funny.

Of course, school officials went berserk when they took note of the shirt. His mom was forced to apologize, and her Facebook apology went viral.

In that post, McCullar wrote that the shirt came in a box of hand-me-downs from a friend. McCullar insisted that she hadn’t had time to properly go through the box of clothes before giving them to her son. In fact, most of the teachers at his elementary school didn’t notice either.

No doubt, the young man was busted by the more prudish set of teachers. There is a bright spot in all this mayhem. This incident gives us hope that the next generation will at least have more than its fair share of meat-eating, red-blooded, gender unambiguous young men. Indeed, polls and focus groups show Generation Z trusts the fake news media less and leans farther right than any generation in at least 50 years.

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Video: Less is More, The Philosophy of Minimalism

Colin Wright is a fellow minimalist who has been living out of three travel bags (like me) for years. In this presentation, he speaks about the freedom a minimalist lifestyle affords men and how society’s intense, laser-like focus on making more money at the cost of everything else that makes life worth living never brings lasting happiness.

As Wright showcases not only his own life but those of other minimalists, he shows us how customizable the minimalist philosophy is. I adopted minimalism so I could leave corporate America and have the freedom to roam the world where there are superior women and healthier, more libertine cultures. Others decide to move into tiny houses and spend their lives chasing their hobbies.

The important takeaway message is less can actually be more. Once purging Anglo-American cultural indoctrination from our minds – the idea that conspicuous consumption and materialism are the be all, end all of existence – we can be freed to be who we really are. To live the lives we really want to live rather than the doleful 9 to 5 existence everyone else accepts as normal.

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The Deep State Runs the American Government


An argument can be made the people haven’t been running the show for a long time

The U.S. may soon be at war with Syria over false pretenses. President Trump just pledged a “forceful” response to a (more than likely false flag) chemical attack supposedly orchestrated by the Syrian government that killed dozens. Of course, the public relations line is the saintly American government (self-appointed moral authority of the world) is so outraged by this tragedy it’s going to go kill some more people so this will “never happen again.”

The truth is the matrix has long been searching for a way to start another war in the Middle East, and a supposed chemical weapons attack has given them a pretext to bring “freedom” (which is really slavery) to Syria. When Trump brought in Neocon John Bolton to serve as his national security advisor, it was obvious the D.C. swamp had manipulated Don into acquiescing to the desires of the shadow government. A hawkish prick like Bolton (who served under Bush II) is the personification of a hammer always searching for a nail.

But, the swamp isn’t done tightening its thumbscrew around the president’s finger. The vortex of evil that is Washington, D.C. continued turning this vice grip with FIB’s (the FBI’s) recent search and seizure of Trump banking and campaign finance documents. FIB recently raided the offices of longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen fishing for legal albatrosses to hang around the president’s neck.

Reading between the lines, the calculation is obviously: “You either play along with what we in the Deep State want, Mr. President or we’ll have you impeached over ‘trumped up’ charges.” Why? The military-industrial complex needs to maintain a constant state of war to be profitable, and the matrix wants to expand its influence in the patriarchal Middle East.

It’s actually stunning how quickly Trump has been neutralized by the shadow government. That is, if he isn’t a knowing accomplice and a willing fall guy meant to weaken the authority of the office to begin with. His presidency is turning out to be virtually indistinguishable from what Hillary’s would have been. The gun confiscation agenda is still proceeding full steam ahead, as is an Orwellian censorship agenda. Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer just got the Omnibus spending nightmare signed, Planned Parenthood is fully funded, the wall is unfunded, and Trump has broken just about every campaign promise he made.

What amazes me is how the masses don’t see through the smoke and mirrors. It doesn’t matter who is in office. The results are still the same because the government is answering to elites, not the people. To me, the only question that remains is this. When did the U.S. stop being a democratic republic and morph into an oligarchy? An argument can be made that the people haven’t been running the show for a good while. America’s first Socialist president FDR wrote this chilling paragraph way back in 1933:

The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.

Future historians might argue the American republic never really escaped the control of bankers, as FDR alluded to. Those who make laws matter much less than those who control the money supply.

While it’s true that even in the days of FDR banking cartels held unwarranted influence in Washington, the moment moneyed powers delivered the final coup to democratic political forms and authorities (to use Spengler’s terms – who predicted democracy would end as the money men took over) was in 1963. I now believe Kennedy was the last president to resist the growing influence of the Deep State, and he lost his life for doing so. Since then, we’ve been living in a sort of psuedo-democracy managed by money men. Voting is worthless, as the election of Trump has proven.

Until the masses realize how compromised their government is, things will never change. Going to the voting booth like a rat pressing a feeder bar to get a food pellet is tantamount to filling out a comment card for a slave’s suggestion box. Nothing will change until the money men are eliminated. As Spengler knew, the only force that can conquer money is blood.

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The Curse of the Cat Lady: SMV Tables Turn as Women Age


The number of cat ladies will increase sharply in the coming years

Women are dealt all the best cards in the poker game when they’re young. They have an enormous amount of power over the lives of men, and since feminism appeared on the landscape like a plague our supposed social betters have used it use it to walk all over us. But, take note ladies. Nothing lasts forever. The shins you kick on your way up may be attached to the ass you have to kiss on your way back down.

The tables turn. SMV (Sexual Market Value) flips as people age: Men’s increases and women’s decreases. As women age and their power over men evaporates because nobody wants old, decrepit ass with cobwebs and HPV inside, men have the chance to even the score.

The coming spinster bubble has been highlighted before, as the average age of white women nationwide is now 43 and rising. (White women abandoning family to become job slaves means they literally are killing the entire race – white population decline is only accelerating.) They shafted men when we were young by refusing to reproduce in numbers sufficient to sustain the population, tormented us with their newfound right to be hyper-hypergamous, and decimated the nation by voting for far left wingers.

But, they’re getting old. They’re childless like never before. There won’t be anyone to care for them in their old age. While they love to chant the Don’t Need a Man™ mantra when they’re young, Anglobitches will be needing a utility object (i.e. a man) to come save the day as a bankrupt U.S. government is forced to reduce retirement bennies. Especially after their spendthrift lives have led them to insolvency in their old age. (Women spend $100,000 more than they earn over the course of their lives. In the past, men have made up the deficit.)

Will you be ready to sacrifice your quality of life so that an Anglobitch might have it easier during her golden years? Or, will you relegate her to the same lonely existence she sentenced you to when she had power over you?

To me, it’s time to exact vengeance as the women who rejected good, decent men when we were young are will soon be rejected in their own time of need. Personally, there’s nothing I’ll enjoy more than watching the YouGoGrrl, career girl lifestyle go down in flames as huge swaths of women end up poor and lonely in their old age while I’m banging women half my age abroad.

What will you do when aging women start crying out for men to help them in the near future? Or, cry out for government overlords to forcibly take money from men to pay for the short sightedness of women?

Third wave feminism now ushers in the age of the cat ladies. Coming soon to a dystopia near you.

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There are Four Lights But the Matrix Says There are Five

YouTube and Facebook are now trying to censor Diamond and Silk, the Trump supporting, middle-aged black women whose videos often go viral. It’s amazing how badly the establishment wants to shut up those who don’t spew media “approved” narratives from their lips. It also illustrates how the establishment doesn’t want to hear from black people unless they’re saying what they’re told to say by leftists.

Silicon Valley overlords told Diamond and Silk their views were unsafe, and the duo have had their traffic throttled as a result. But I’ll tell you what’s really unsafe – adherence to one narrative and making everything else a thought crime. As Paul Joseph Watson puts it: If two jovial, humorous middle-aged Trump supporting black women are “unsafe” for the Facebook community, who isn’t?

As the specter of Soviet-style censorship looms, I keep thinking of this scene from TNG. It’s a good dramatization of an attempt to mentally break a man who’s resisting a false reality. I apply this scene featuring two fine Shakespearean actors to resisting the narratives the matrix is now trying to shove down our throats by censoring us and burying us in fake news. Trying to break those of us who are exposing the lies of the matrix, so we will start saying we see five lights when there are only four.

P.S. As we warned you was about to happen, the American police state recently made another bold move against free speech by taking Backpage, Craigslist and a number of other web sites featuring legit personals as well as escorts and other adult sexual providers offline. As TNMM reader DatGuy put it: Now, everyday men can’t get female companionship the regular way or the paying way. 

I don’t know what America is, anymore. But it’s not my home. I only come here for money. For now.

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Top 5 Reasons I Became a Nomad


I’m riding off into the sunset, leaving a decrepit and unsatisfying culture behind

I know I did the right thing. I did as Nietzsche suggested and embraced a fate of tragedy rather than trying to escape it. My life was indeed a tragedy until I took control of it back from the bean counters and the rule makers to live it my way.

Life as a rootless nomad, a neo-cowboy riding a two-wheeled steel horse and flying all over the world (living abroad part-time) is proving to be more intrinsically fulfilling than my old plantation life of conspicuous consumption and careerism ever was. In the past two years since leaving my corporate media job I’ve already been to 47 states and 4 continents. I’ve had incredible experiences. Had incredible women. And hopefully, the adventures are just beginning. Best of all, I’m doing it all on a shoestring budget.

Why did I become a nomad in my late 30s? At the nucleus of it all, I’m living for the day, because tomorrow looks so dark. Life on the human farm was making me miserable and it wasn’t advancing any of my life goals. I felt like I was trapped in a cycle, a hamster wheel running as fast as I could to make money flow into and through my hands but never reaching any goals I had set for myself.

Here are five reasons I developed a life as a world roaming nomad to escape the cloistered, ersatz existence the corporate-government complex had planned for me.

5. Anglo-American culture makes me miserable. I’ve said it before that the more I’m away the more I don’t want to come back to the matrix. I’m now experiencing spiritual and psychological withdrawal symptoms from having been ensconced in a culture that makes me feel alive for the past few months (Latin America) vs. now being inside a culture that makes me want to ghost. I’m also experiencing withdrawals from having friendly and pretty women all around to now having mean-faced, clipped hair Anglobitches everywhere. All I want to do is work, get my money and leave again. Anglo culture has made life a living hell for a straight man from any background, but especially the straight white males it hates so much. I don’t consider normal a world in which men and women can’t stand each other and people are fat as pigs and don’t now how to talk about anything except their jobs.

4. I did everything the system told me to do and ended up bankrupt at age 30 and practically homeless at age 35. This story of “taken for a ride” will all be detailed in my forthcoming book Escape. Suffice it to say, I lived to see every illusion I was chasing was a lie in my journey from poverty to the crumbling media ivory tower. I got kicked to the curb once I had gone in debt for all the material accoutrement the system told me would make me happy, forcing me into bankruptcy. I also couldn’t buy a house or find a woman with which to start a family because I had been priced out of both. In the end, I gave away my youth so I could keep my nose clean, stay away from “bad” influences that would divert me away from the path educators lay in front of me, bet the farm on a college education and even landed the job to find out my carrot wasn’t there anymore when I went to collect my reward. Now it’s ME time, bitches.

3. The system is corrupt and the American government is filled with shameless liars. As men we are told to behave a certain way by those who practice an extreme form of sophistry – the political and ruling classes. They don’t apply the same standards to themselves that they apply to us. In my time walking amongst politicians and so-called pillars of the community, I can never let certain experiences escape my mind. Like how flippant a mayoral candidate was as he acted like a pompous dick behind the stage then, like flipping a switch turned on the Everybody’s Best Friend act as he went to give a speech before a crowd. It was quite a display. But what do you expect from the political class? The American government proves how criminal it really is every single day if you develop the talent of reading between the lines to see through its lies.  Trump has turned out to be a turncoat. The Democrats and Republicans are slightly different flavored versions of the same uniparty. Courts don’t defend the individual anymore. Believe they’re going to do anything but subjugate me further? Never.

2. Being an office drone emasculates a man. Submission is the keyword. Learn that word well, because that’s what’s you’re going to be doing in the corporate world. You will also have scorn heaped upon you for being a straight male. From being on edge at work because of the potential “sin” of saying the wrong thing to a female coworker, to being forced to adhere to extreme political correctness, to being forced to submit to unreasonable authority, being an office drone just isn’t for me. I now know that’s why I went from being fit in high school to becoming obese when I reached the “peak” of my corporate career. My belly was full but my spirit was empty. I lost all the weight once I started venturing out of the artificial, mechanical world of the matrix. I now see obesity (and drug addiction) as a sign of living inside a sexually and spiritually repressive culture.

1. Liberty is dying in America. There are now so many laws nothing is legal in the matrix other than doing what we’re told. Most people have just accepted life on the human farm rather than challenging the farmers. If the government doesn’t kill a man’s liberty, corporate policy will. And make no mistake the two work together to restrict the radius of “acceptable” behavior as much as possible. Unfortunately for them, this cow has discovered all he has to do is leave the farm for a more fulfilling, intrinsically happy life. To move from town to town, state to state, and nation to nation to experience a life beyond trying to consume as much as possible while being repressed and oppressed by senseless rules only because he’s on the wrong side of an imaginary line Human behavior is now so micromanaged police could indict a ham sandwich if they want to. Combined with a burgeoning surveillance state, we are now transitioning to the world George Orwell warned of: If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

I don’t know where my journey is taking me but I’ve discovered I have an innate talent to effortlessly walk amongst so many different cultures and peoples. It’s beginning to take on a life of its own in my writing and behavior as I become more and more estranged from the work-sleep-spend cycle the machine culture accepts as reality.

Moreover, the cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had. Working too much and missing out on life experiences are also among the top regrets of the dying.

When men like Jordan Peterson or even Mike Rowe try to corral men back onto the plantation as they have in recent times, they’re helping reinforce the myth that giving a man’s life over to consumerism will make him happy. It won’t. I appreciate the value of work as much as anyone, but having 2 weeks off out of 52 weeks annually, working 50-70 hours a week in the “new” economy just to keep up the pace of rampant consumption when I’m designing a better, freer, happier life on much less isn’t really advice I want to follow.

I cherish the experiences I have off the plantation more than anything I could ever own, I’m willing to work hard for them, and know I don’t have to accept the ersatz “reality” Anglo culture and its police state tries to foist upon me. If it’s wrong to want a life off the corporate plantation, why does it make me feel so good inside?

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