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Why Fathers Are Enemies of the State


Men having roles as stewards of women and family lead to stable societies, but stable societies are not as profitable as broken down ones

As a man, and particularly a father, you are an enemy of the forming world state. Why is that? Because your loving guidance of a wife and children stand as barriers to the state indoctrinating them to become gender confused, materialistic pods ripe for the picking by the corporate-government complex.

In other words, the state says: Fuck your masculine common sense and responsible stewardship of women and children. I’ll do what I want with the next generation and make you pay for it. And I’ll even make you look like the cuck I’ve turned you into on TV and in the newspapers.

Under the Old World Order, men were charged with the responsibility of loving, supporting, and raising responsible members of society. They were also charged with directing the lives of their often overly emotional (and illogical, short-sighted and fickle) wives in a positive direction.

The institution of the welfare state and child support indentured servitude changed all that as the state cucked men and fathers by using the force of their own tax dollars against them.

Not surprisingly, the state is proving to be an inept leader of human families because the concept and importance of fatherly love and guidance means much more than simply a bureaucracy providing Government Check Dads via the Draconian child support system. Since feminism, women have proven they are not capable of leading responsible lives without male guidance, and our children are paying the price. Their ideology has led to:

  • Hostile relations between the sexes, in a society in which men and women compete with and can’t stand each other rather than getting along.
  • Demographic suicide for whites via sub-replacement level fertility, i.e. more whites are now dying than being born.
  • A sharp rise in childhood delinquency since single mommery became the norm.
  • A total takeover of the minds of the nation’s youth due to unchecked propaganda from the state “education” complex and the corrupt media as absentee moms chase the gilded fantasies of the Career Girl lifestyle, and dads are reduced to gelded check writers.
  • Women depending on the state to finance their lives rather than a husband, as 2/3 of public spending benefits women even though men pay 3/4 of income taxes. (The Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks concept makes yet another appearance.)
  • Women spending like drunken sailors in the economy, in which they are responsible for 80% of spending while duplicitously complaining about environmental destruction – brought on by their materialistic lives.
  • A rise in the number of women whose lives have been totally destroyed by drugs, sex, and rock ‘n roll.
  • A coming bubble of aging spinsters who need will even more government largesse as they age, for they will have no husbands or children (other than fluffy cats) to assist them in old age.

These problems and others could be solved by giving males a seat at head of the table of the human family, rather than regressing into a less civilized society we now see unfolding before us – a society Oxford anthropologist J.D. Unwin warned feminism would bring. If only the narrative that men and women need each other could gain traction in the minds of the sheeple, entering the all-important Overton Window perhaps we could begin to reverse the results of the tragedy brought on by 50 years of man-hating.


The government functions as a mafia, only a much less efficient one than a real mafia

Big Daddy Government, a Legal Mafia

As alluded to earlier, what should really make the Red Pill man’s blood boil about this situation is this fact: Big Daddy Government literally uses the equivalent of mafia force to rob men of their productivity, and uses this stolen productivity to replace male provider roles in society. Make mistake, the institution of the welfare state is the single biggest act of cuckoldry in the history of mankind.

Without the welfare state, women would need men again. Women could not simply avail themselves of the benefits of male utility and productivity without having to give something back to men in return. The government extracting male utility and productivity by force while legally (figuratively) castrating men is an abomination.

But, there’s a reason men were cuckolded by their own government. The good guy’s objectives for society and the objectives of a tyrannical, profit and revenue obsessed monster (i.e. the corporate-government complex) stand in direct opposition to each other. Men want healthy families, loving and productive wives, and peaceful, stable communities for them to live in. The corporate-government complex wants constant problems it can “fix” by either selling “solutions” to people or creating government grants to “wage war” on problems. Broken down families, degenerate women who can’t live without Uncle Sugar, and communities that need lots of “fixing” are what it desires.

Men and fathers with roles in society beyond sperm donor and wage slave fuck all that up.

It’s the profit motive gone awry. Rather than fixing real problems, the system now creates problems for itself to solve. But it never really solves anything, it just moves more money around. This insanity looks good on paper for it drives the GDP higher and higher, but a higher GDP in modern America really just represents a society that is completely sold out – one that exists with a high level of social degradation. There is no free lunch.

The corporate-government complex needs to create constant problems with people’s lives in order to produce profit. We see this time and time again with CEOs turning normal human behaviors into “illnesses” that need to be treated with endless pills. We see it with the global warming racket providing a pretext for the government to tax the air we breathe. We see it with the state passing endless laws and creating bureaucracy to forcefully extract even more money from its slaves through endless paperwork, fees, and fines.

Having men at the center of the family would put a stop to this racket, because after a generation or so we would see white picket fence communities growing rather than third world-type slums. We would see happy and healthy women and children again. There would be no “problems” for the government to solve. This is why your government hates you. As a man with traditional authority over women and children, you stand in the way of the government and its corporate paymasters using them as profit machines.

And these bastards have the audacity to call this progress. But what are we progressing towards?

A situation like this cannot stand indefinitely. All it takes is enough men to realize the government is cucking them – financing the Alpha Fucks, irresponsible lifestyles of modern women with Beta Bucks tax dollars – and the playing table will be overturned. Feminists cannot stand men who take a stand against this system, but the only alternative is to continue to live like slaves.

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Red Pill Money: Modern Dreams of Retirement Are Another Ponzi Scheme


Even a cursory look at the numbers tells us the dream of a happy retirement will come to an end in the next couple of generations

America is full of myths that are being exposed as mirages in the early 21st century. One of the biggest promises that got broken was the promise of a decent life for those who go through the enormous expense of college, as well as spending 4 to 6 of the best years of their lives studying rather than enjoying their youth. College graduates are now woefully underemployed, and that’s if they’re lucky enough to get a job at all. That’s one bubble waiting to pop.

But the broken promises will only get worse as the nation is sold out by globalists and their prostitutes, otherwise known as politicians. Retirement is the next big mirage on the horizon. The illusion of the happy retirement looks increasingly like another corporate-government complex Ponzi scheme. The current Social Security and 401k retirement plans fit the definition of Ponzi scheme perfectly:

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors. The Ponzi scheme generates returns for older investors by acquiring new investors.

Isn’t that the very definition of the fantasy currently being sold to workers by cleverly amoral government bureaucrats and investment company PR flacks? Even Forbes magazine is noticing Social Security looks a lot like a Ponzi scheme.


Shifting from pensions to 401k plans was a massive corporate tax dodge according to one analyst

Moving Away from Pensions to 401k Plans

Pensions, long funded by companies to give their employees a modicum of decency in their Twilight Years, died in the 1980s to be replaced by 401k plans, which boldly claim that if people tuck away 5% of their income for their entire lives, the miracle of the stock market will make them millionaires when they turn 65. Meantime, we aren’t supposed to look at our 401ks and notice the growth just isn’t there. Helaine Olen, author of Pound Foolish: Exposing the Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry explains the end of pensions came about as yet another selling out of the working class:

What essentially happens is that the 401(k) comes in in the late ’70s, early ’80s. It starts as a corporate tax dodge, basically. It’s if you’re a high earner, you’re going to put some of your money aside. Nobody ever thought that this was going to apply to the rest of us. I mean, there was never any thought of that.

As Olen says, 401k plans were a system designed for high earners, not your average Joe making $43,000 a year or so and struggling to get by paying ever-soaring rents, taxes, and overall cost of living. As any rational person would expect, many people are finding their gains for retirement aren’t keeping pace with inflation, let alone making them rich when they go to cash out. Olen continues:

Most financial planners would say you need about $1 million to ensure a decent middle-class retirement. Absolutely almost no one is there right now.

So, just how badly is the new retirement scheme faring? The numbers are frightening. Most people will be able to retire at age 65 and hope they’re dead by age 67, assuming a retirement income of only $25,000 a year.

According to an EBRI  [Employee Benefit Research Institute] survey conducted last year, 66% of workers have saved less than $50,000 for their retirement. And 28% have saved less than $1,000. Good luck with that.

But that’s okay, Social Security will come along and save us, right? No, it won’t. Even though the system is funded with workers’ money and IS NOT a welfare program, it has turned into a welfare program because politicians have been raiding the Social Security Trust fund for decades. As Forbes reported:

“The Social Security trust fund is a fiction. In other words, the Social Security trust fund contains nothing.” The federal government has borrowed all of that trust fund money and spent it.  And the only way the trust fund can get some cash to pay Social Security benefits is if the federal government draws it from general revenues or borrows the money.

Quantitative easing, i.e. printing money out of thin air will only get you so far. We are already reaching the tipping point in America when it comes to the Social Security and program. Forbes warns:

The system is already bust. More money is going out in benefits and overhead ($714 billion a year) than is coming in from payroll taxes ($646 billion). For now, the government is covering the shortfall the way it pays for other things: by borrowing, collecting income tax and printing money.

Translation: Aunt Sam wasted the money it forcefully took from people, promising to pay their retirement in another of its grand socialist schemes. But, even the Social Security administration admits it won’t be able to pay benefits starting in only 20 years.

As a result of changes to Social Security enacted in 1983, benefits are now expected to be payable in full on a timely basis until 2037, when the trust fund reserves are projected to become exhausted. At the point where the reserves are used up, continuing taxes are expected to be enough to pay 76 percent of scheduled benefits.

In other words, the generations born after the Baby Boomers are fucked. MarketWatch is sounding the alarm now, but few people are paying attention as most Americans continue floating around like mindless blimps in food and football induced comas.

Everybody sensible knows we are facing a looming retirement crisis. Tens of millions of baby boomers are starting to retire. They are going to live in old age far longer than previous generations. Tomorrow’s grandma is going to need medical care and nursing care beyond the imagination of grandmothers of yore. Yet so few people or families have saved anywhere near enough. And our public safety net is poorly managed, ill-thought-out, and threadbare.

Waiting on the government to fix the situation amounts to insanity. The time to take action is now.


By its own admission, the Social Security Administration will be insolvent in only 20 short years -2037

Old and Broke

Summing up the ineptitude of the current 401k system and the Social Security Administration to provide reliable retirement for the average person born after the Baby Boomer generation, the frightful bottom line is given to us by Boston College.

Based on current projections, about half the country is at risk of being unable to maintain their standard of living in retirement. Among low-income workers that rises to 60%. But it’s 40% even among the higher-income workers.

So, it is utter insanity for men to keep paying into this system and expecting to receive a figurative gold watch and literal retirement at the end of their careers. The advice of The New Modern Man is to take action, and take action now if you’re still young enough to have a decade or more before retirement.

Don’t be the average idiot with no money in savings, living paycheck to paycheck, expecting Big Daddy Government to take care of them. It’s time to go minimalist, cut out out the fat from your budget, and relentlessly save and invest at least 50% of your income before the system begins falling apart. Once the masses start realizing Social Security is going to be insolvent in only 20 years and their 401k plans are not going to allow them to retire, there will be a financial crisis in the U.S. that will make the Greek austerity crisis look like a cake walk.

Combine that with a massive welfare state and a looming student loan crisis, the weight of the retirement crisis along with these other two forces will be enough to break the back of the U.S. economy. The smart men will start making preparations now instead of waiting on more false illusions and broken political promises to come to fruition.

Don’t expect the government to take care of you. Build up a massive nest egg, and be ready to cash out of the U.S. economy when the inevitable comes. Optimism is cowardice, and happy endings are for sappy Hollywood movies. Sometimes, things don’t come to a happy end when the economy and the human machines powering it are repeatedly sold out by elite puppet masters.

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Video of the Week: Engineers and Architects Speak Out on 9/11

Taking the specter of government involvement in 9/11 much farther than some “crazy conspiracy theory” are thousands of high-rise engineers and architects who all say the official account of the collapse of the World Trade Center – both the Twin Towers and especially WTC Building 7 – makes absolutely no sense. They use the scientific method to deconstruct the narrative involving the disaster.

Never heard of these engineering and architectural experts? You can thank the media for blacklisting their compelling and very well-reasoned case, and labeling these giants in their field “truthers.” By the way, the shameless, lying American media recently attempted to coin the term “healthers” for those “crazy people” questioning Queen Hillary’s health until she dropped like a bag of bricks in video the mainstream media “missed” but eyewitnesses (lucky for us deplorables) were able to capture, changing the entire course of the 2016 campaign. She is sick, and the mainstream media owes the “healthers” a massive apology. So, the mainstream media’s myopic opinions and name-calling about so-called “conspiracy theories” have proven to have the same value as a steaming pile of excrement. The “truther” producers of the film write:

As millions of people are becoming aware that they haven’t gotten the whole story on 9/11, over 1,700 architects and engineers are leading the way at AE911TRUTH, with dozens of these professionals giving testimonials in this documentary, putting their careers on the line in their demand for a new independent investigation. High-rise architects, structural engineers, scientists, physicists, chemists, scholars, educators, firefighters, forensic fire engineers, demolition experts and others also testify in this ground-breaking scientific assessment of the events at the World Trade Center.

The sudden, complete collapse of the third skyscraper, WTC Building 7 at 5:20pm on 9/11 at free-fall acceleration, is now being seen around the world as “the smoking gun” which disproves the official story about 9/11. These experts also introduce additional “overwhelming evidence” for a controlled demolition hypothesis of the three World Trade Center highrises – which raises many disturbing questions.

The film does not speculate – but does empathize with viewers by also introducing the professional perspectives of eight psychologists who explain some of the reasons why it is so hard for people to face the scientific evidence. This is the most scientific and compelling 9/11 documentary film to date.

The physics don’t add up. The fact no highrise building in history has collapsed as the result of a fire doesn’t add up. The engineering doesn’t add up, as the Twin Towers were designed to withstand an impact from larger airliners than the ones that impacted them. Jet fuel and office fires don’t melt steel beams, as several engineers explain in the film. Eyewitness accounts don’t match the narrative. The government’s actions following the disaster don’t add up, particularly rounding up all the evidence and shipping it to China. The fact Donald Rumsfeld announced $2.3 trillion was missing from the Pentagon the day before 9/11 doesn’t add up.

Many Americans will dismiss government involvement offhand when one discusses this event. But one must ask, is this out of fear of reality people behave this way? Are myths really that powerful for the average person? As Carl Sagan told us:

The truth may be puzzling. It may take some work to grapple with. It may be counterintuitive. It may contradict deeply held prejudices. It may not be consonant with what we desperately want to be true. But our preferences do not determine what’s true.

I, more than anyone wish we didn’t have to consider government involvement in terrorist acts. But, considering Neoconservative philosophy and policy which provides motive, and compartmentalization of information which provides method, we must be skeptical of a government that has repeatedly lied to and deceived its citizens about…well…everything.

The film is highly recommended, as it provides insight into just how rotten the official account of the collapse of the World Trade Center towers is. When engineers with lifetimes of experience building the very type of buildings that collapsed call bullshit on the official account of the collapse, and illustrate how the buildings could not have fallen at freefall speed without the help of demolitions explosions, the official narrative gets blown up.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is our video of the week.

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Operant Conditioning: Modern Governments Aim to Homogenize and Domesticate People


“If freedom is a requisite for human happiness, then all that’s necessary is to provide the illusion of freedom.” -B.F. Skinner

Not so long ago (on a geological timescale) your friendly dog’s ancestors were wild wolves. Through a process of selective breeding and domestication, the descendants of canis lupus have become everything from the great St. Bernard to the humble Chihuahua. This shows us the power of selective breeding to mold beasts into everything from service animals to rat-like pets. The principle behind selective breeding extends down to other mammals, namely H. Sapiens, or human beings.

When one looks at what world governments are doing to the human population in the modern age, pushing “diversity” as a means of mixing out differences in our species to ultimately only destroy true diversity in the human genome, one must wonder what other agendas are being pushed. The problem goes well beyond creating a “standardized” human being through sheer sexual force.

Modern Western governments also use B.F. Skinner’s principles of operant conditioning to help transform man into the equivalent of docile human livestock existing only to produce profit on the corporate plantation and government tax farm. Stefan Molyneux has detailed this concept in a brilliant thought piece titled The Story of Your Enslavement.

So, what is operant conditioning? Simply, it’s any procedure that delivers reinforcement to an organism according to some well-defined rule. It is what The Matrix refers to as “a prison for your mind.” The almighty state which creates the prison for our minds operates on two simple principles: reinforcement and punishment.


The same psychological principles used to control rat behavior also work on humans


Rats are often used to study medicine and how it will react with humans. Interestingly, studying rat behavior also gives us two clues as to how governments (with politicians who are bought and paid for by corporations) reinforce the type of behavior the elite want from the working classes and the those dependent on the welfare system.

As George Carlin said, the welfare class exists to scare the hell out of the working class. Follow the rules of the state, or you’ll end up just like them! Thereby, the working class is controlled by reinforcement. There are two types of reinforcement: positive and negative.

Positive reinforcement: This occurs when a behavior (response) is rewarding or the behavior is followed by another stimulus that is rewarding, increasing the frequency of that behavior. For example, if a rat in a Skinner box gets food when it presses a lever, its rate of pressing will go up. This procedure is usually called simply reinforcement.

With this concept in mind, how can you get millions of young men and women to spend the best years of their lives learning, nay, being voluntarily brainwashed by Cultural Marxism and liberalism in the college education racket and smiling the entire time? While, at the same time making them take on the equivalent of a first mortgage as they pay for the privilege of being turned into compliant corporate worker bees suffering and average of $30,000 in educational debt bondage for the privilege of working? Why you give them positive reinforcement.

Much like a rat hitting a feeder bar to get a food pellet, human beings figuratively go hit the rubber stamp bar at State U in hopes of landing a better feeding position at the corporate trough. They need the better feeding position because of cultural memes that convince children from a very young age the only way to compete with others and to be competent adults is by practicing competitive consumption. This makes them live adult lives geared towards using materialism to measure their self-worth, and they’re told college will give them preference in the pecking order.

It then conditions them to accept the increasingly ridiculous demands of the system by taking the very essence of childhood away, as today’s kids spend less time outdoors than prisoners do. Meantime, the promise of a reward for time served and good behavior becomes nothing more than a bait and switch job. But, while they’re in the education system as long as they pursue the illusion students are rewarded with good grades and empty accolades.

And, of course, today’s massive police and regulatory state which micromanages virtually every aspect of the human livestock’s behavior from cradle to grave doles out its fair share of negative reinforcement as well.

Negative reinforcement: This occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by the removal of an aversive stimulus, thereby increasing that behavior’s frequency. In the Skinner box experiment, the aversive stimulus might be a loud noise continuously sounding inside the box; negative reinforcement would happen when the rat presses a lever, turning off the noise.

Removing a negative stimulus is the key to negative reinforcement. Licensing and insidious government over-regulation fall under this category. One can think of this as paying fees to the government to remove the threat of fines or imprisonment for activities that really shouldn’t need the consent of the government. Or, studying to avoid bad grades on tests. Or, going to work at a shitty job so you don’t end up with a social stigma like those on welfare.

Other examples: Not having sex because you don’t want one of those “dirty little babies” the media says you shouldn’t be having. Obeying speed limits to avoid speeding tickets and high insurance rates even though the autobahn proves speed limits aren’t necessary to have a perfectly safe road. Being forced to bake a cake for someone who challenges your religious principles. Sure, it goes against your belief system to bake a cake for a gay couple, but to remove the negative stimuli, media ridicule, SJW swarmings, hate mobs, and legal consequences one bakes the cake anyway.

Before long, you have an entire population that has no idea why they’re doing what they’re doing. They’re just doing it. And if reinforcement doesn’t work, the state proceeds to the punishment phase.


“The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” -Tacitus


The U.S. government excels at punishment. As its already enormous legal code gets larger and larger, there’s just about nothing that isn’t a crime these days. In fact, libertarian lawyer Harvey Silverglate wrote a book entitled Three Felonies a Day, detailing the fact there are so many laws on the books today that if one got on the bad side of a government official or someone with political power a crime could be found to fit their behavior.

These laws make everything from faking a sick day at work a felony (Supreme Court Justice Scalia even pointed out how the law criminalizes this activity for a salaried employee) to making having an anonymous source as a journalist a felony. It’s all part of a program of punishment, of which there are also two types.

Positive punishment: (also referred to as “punishment by contingent stimulation”) This occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by an aversive stimulus, such as pain from a spanking, which results in a decrease in that behavior. Positive punishment is a rather confusing term, and usually the procedure is simply called “punishment.”

So-called “positive” punishment is merely adding a painful stimuli following a behavior. Just as a rat would be zapped with a mild electrical charge, humans get zapped with arrests and imprisonment.

Some examples include jail time for just about anything you can imagine as the per capita prison population in a “free” country far exceeds any other nation on earth. Most of those in jail are there for petty drug crimes, i.e. putting people in jail for possessing or selling chemicals or plants the government says they can’t have. (Meantime, we aren’t supposed to notice prescription drugs kill far more people than recreational drugs.) Refusing to pay taxes to your “king” and then being raided by IRS agents and put in jail is another example. Rather than “protecting and serving” you, the American police state protects and serves the interests of their patrons, namely the corporate-government complex.

Negative punishment (penalty) (also called “Punishment by contingent withdrawal”): Occurs when a behavior (response) is followed by the removal of a stimulus, such as taking away a child’s toy following an undesired behavior, resulting in a decrease in that behavior.

Negative punishment means taking away something the human livestock need or want. An example would include penalties for consuming plants the government deems inappropriate, i.e. taking away a person’s right to work because they smoked a single doobie one weekend in Colorado (detectable in the urine for 30 days and now in hair follicles for 3 months!), while consuming alcohol to excess the same night is not punished.

Other examples of negative punishment would include taking away a person’s business license or other privilege granted by the government for not accepting degeneracy promoted by social engineers who run the media. Then there’s social stigma for not following trends, fads, and ways of thinking deemed important by social engineers.


“I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.” -Hitler

Scientific Dictatorship

In short, using the ideas of Skinner to manipulate the masses – along with many other psychological scientific principles – is how the faux democracy we live in does whatever it wants while convincing its subjects the state has the moral right and responsibility to control their behavior through reinforcement and punishment. The state no longer needs violence as it shifts towards figurative mind control of the sheeple through control of everything from media narratives to the education system.

The state legitimizes itself by eliminating competition, so it can be an entity with a monopoly on violence and kidnapping (arresting, imprisoning and executing people). Moreover, with the advent of widespread cultural Marxism it can eventually replace God as the moral entity in the average person’s life.

It’s all about molding the human species according to the whims of those at the top of the political and economic games. In Anglo America, this has resulted in the loss of culture and many of the simple pleasures of being alive so one can dedicate his life to producing profit in a never-ending game of material and consumer oneupmanship.

It produces an enormous amount of material wealth which is then shifted up the pyramid, out of the hands of those producing it. But, it ultimately destroys the cultural and social fabric of the society. The end goal is a completely homogenized and domesticated planet, in which men and women become little more than androgynous, interchangeable cogs in a perpetual motion, machine culture of profit making who do not move without permission from an authority figure.

Sadly, it seems many of our most innate behaviors have not evolved much beyond those of lower mammals. Worse, those at the top of the food chain have figured out a way to exploit this vulnerability through the use of science and psychology.

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Child Support Laws and Jail Hurt Poor Men the Most


Financial indentured servitude is doled out daily in the American court system and disproportionately affects poor men

As yet more evidence women will do anything for a perceived Alpha male, including sharing him with other women, young football star Orenthius Perkins got 3 girls pregnant at age 17. Rather than blaming men all the time, where were these girls’ parents and where was any sense of responsibility on the girls’ part? How could they not have known he was having sex with other girls? Orenthius is paying for his irresponsibility, but the young women he knocked up are getting a check for the next 18 years. In any case, Perkins told the press he had to give up his football scholarship and go to work.

I wasn’t mentally ready. I got put on child support for all three at one time. At that time at school being young and wild, I wasn’t focused. It took a while to kick in, to understand that I had three kids, and a lot of responsibility.

Once again the federal and state government has imposed itself in the lives of its peons. Perkins often challenges the insanity of the child support system.

Why do I [have to] pay you when I can pay my child directly?

Interesting statistics show 70% of child support arrears are owed by men who make less than $10,000 a year. The predatory nature of this system is never brought up in the lamestream press. David Pate, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee says:

Twenty percent of the people in this system shouldn’t be in there because they’re too poor. Those $10,000 or even $20,000 earners. Jail is appropriate for someone who is actively hiding assets, not for someone who couldn’t pay child support in the first place.

Many poor men then get caught up on the teeth of the system, disparagingly referred to as “deadbeat dads” by the gynocentric press and the rent-seeking mothers of their children. The only sin of many of these men is not making enough money.

Once they get caught up in the cycle of going to jail for not being able to pay child support, it’s wash, rinse, and repeat. They cycle between jobs and when they’re unemployed long enough or don’t make enough money long enough, they end up back in jail.

As pointed out by The New Modern Man this is abject slavery being doled out in the family court system in a nation that brags incessantly about how much “freedom” it gives its tax farm human cattle.


The life of children has been reduced to a money fight and money problem by your government

Time To “Man Up”?

Walter Scott has been in and out of jail for getting behind on child support, even though he’s made a good faith effort to keep a job. His brother, Rodney says:

Every job he has had, he has gotten fired from because he went to jail because he was locked up for child support. He got to the point where he felt like it defeated the purpose.

Once he lost his job, all the circumstances tilted against him made Scott say to hell with it all and throw up his hands.

I got mad at everybody in the whole world because I just lost the best job I ever had. I just stopped doing everything.

In Anglo America, for men when these things happen – that’s life. For women, the government always asks, “How can we do more for you?” One lawyer says details the insult to injury being poor adds to also having your children stripped away from you.

Parents who are truly destitute go to jail over and over again for child support debt simply because they’re poor.

Let’s just call this what it is – Cultural Marxism designed to break down the family. One can marvel at all the Draconian legal teeth of the American family court system, in which such slave-driving tactics are imposed men who can’t pay:

  • Withholding up to 65% of a man’s paycheck
  • Seizing bank accounts
  • Seizing investments
  • Seizing tax refunds
  • Suspending driver’s licenses
  • Suspending professional licenses
  • Imposing jail time

The irony of suspending driver’s and professional licenses while imposing jail time then expecting men to wave a magic wand and make money appear is apparently lost on the system. Once a man has no means of transportation other than hitching a ride and no way to use his hard-earned credentials in a job search, with the added baggage of having an arrest on his record, a simple income issue quickly turns into a huge life issue.

Making matters worse, many states can even base child support payments on “imputed” income, or the amount of money a man should be able to make in the eyes of the system rather than that amount of money he is actually making. This means a child support payment this is a higher percentage of an already low-income man’s paycheck. The system apparently never considered the inability of men to pay, whether through disability, unemployment, health issues, or being thrown overboard by the system as the middle class is shrunken by yet more piss-poor government policy. Vicky Turetsky, commissioner of the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement says:

While every parent has a responsibility to support their kids to the best of their ability, the tools developed in the 1990s are designed for people who have money.

In some cases men can be forced to pay huge sums of child support, in one case $166,000, even though there is DNA evidence the child is not biologically the child support payer’s son or daughter.

As with many things in America, when it comes to child support the system is totally stacked against men. It’s either pay, or suffer the consequences. In an economy where people are working so hard to just get by, a man suffering a divorce may soon – literally – find himself living under a bridge even though the only thing he did wrong was getting involved with a predatory Anglo female in the first place. Any wonder Men are on Strike?

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