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Slavery Never Ended in America: It Still Exists in Family Courts


After the sex act, men have absolutely no reproductive rights and few legal rights

American politicians love to self-righteously pat themselves on the back, play the race card, and genuflect before audiences about the horrors of slavery. Oh, what backwards times those were. Surely, lessons have been learned after slavery died as the de facto labor system worldwide, and we will never again subject another human being to work under threat of imprisonment or other indignities.

Well…not so fast. Husbands and fathers that are dumped by Anglobitches in that misandrist nation are once again subject to enslavement.

As is the case with almost anything politicians say, the harsh truth shows just the opposite. Indeed, slavery was legally abolished in 1865, but it has been resurrected in the family court system. Men are being forced, by the vicious teeth of the Anglo legal system to make wealth transfer payments to women despite the fact that in the 21st century every female claims to be a Strong, Independent Woman™ who Don’t Need a Man™.

Evidence shows quite the opposite of these bold feminist claims. Women do need a man. At least, a man slave. And they especially need his child support and/or alimony check to clear every month. Meantime, the male prey item (referencing the apt term found in the classic book The Predatory Female) is reduced from father to sperm donor by the legal system if a relationshit or marriage doesn’t work out.

This predatory system has become big business in the world’s preeminent sellout culture. A National Fatherhood Initiative report exposes the big business child support has become in the U.S.:

From 2001-2012, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement reports a whopping increase of 50 percent in child support collections from $21 billion to $31.6 billion.

That’s 50% growth over the course of a decade of the child support gravy train – outstripping the growth of most businesses. As we will see, men are being literally turned into financial slaves of ex-wives or ex-girlfriends. Worse, women initiate or cause 4 out of 5 divorces, so they hold the cards when it comes to male liberty and slavery.

Feminists and the misandrist Anglo legal system have succeeded in usurping male rights by implanting this toxic mentality into the minds of several generations of women in the Anglosphere: What woman needs the inconvenience a man represents (with his needs for food, love, and sex) when the fruits of his labor can be forcibly extracted and delivered by Big Daddy Government?


The family court system frequently turns men into servants

What is Slavery?

Let’s look at some definitions of slavery to see if forced child support and alimony payments fit the definition.

How much are men forced to pay into the system? Child support alone averages $500 a month per child, and alimony for a man who makes $5,000 a month would be an additional $1,600 a month payment in most states. These are payments that must be made whether or not the newly minted slave of the government gynocracy can afford them, whether or not he has a job, and with no regards to his personal health or well-being.

American men are being forced to make a wealth transfers to women under threat of imprisonment and/or having both professional and driver’s licenses revoked, with no accountability on the part of the mother to show that the funds are being spent exclusively for the benefit of the child, or if she even needs the alimony in this age of career girls. It would appear this scheme fits the textbook definition of slavery well:

  1. The state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty, and fortune
  2. the subjection of a person to another person, esp. in being forced into work
  3. work done in harsh conditions for low pay

The current child support and alimony system in the U.S. fits textbook slavery definitions #1 and #2 very well. When men lose driver’s and professional licenses after falling behind on court mandated wealth transfers to women, slavery definition #3 comes into play.

In fact, a recent expose by a prison guard turned expat on Rookh Kshatriya’s excellent blog illustrates how men who contribute to society are being betrayed by both women and their government. He tells the story of a surgeon whose life was destroyed by a predatory Anglobitch, a man who went from saving lives to doing work in harsh conditions for low pay:

The very worst case I saw as a prison guard was a surgeon, yes an American surgeon who was one of the most respectable guys I ever met, hard working, worked until 2 a.m. 6 days a week to save people’s lives. With all the work hours, his wife got “lonely” and started sleeping around, eventually having 2 kids that weren’t even his as he found out later. And then she filed for divorce so she could take the surgeon’s money, blow it on cocaine and stupid luxuries for herself without doing any work herself (that’s the real destination where the “child support” money goes) and sleep around with her favorite Chad of the week, all on her hard working surgeon ex-husband’s money. She won an insanely high judgment in a US family court, millions of dollars in child support and “alimony” that the poor surgeon would have to pay. Since by the court’s judgment, “she should be entitled to maintain the same standard of living after the divorce”, even though this greedy gold-digging Anglobitch is the one who filed for the divorce to steal from her hard-working husband who was actually saving people’s lives.

After a few years of doing this, and losing his house and his nice car, the poor surgeon threw out his back while helping a patient onto an operating table. He had to cut down his hours as a surgeon, and went to the divorce court asking for a reduction in the support demands, and ask that his lazy, spoiled brat bitch ex-wife get a damn job herself. But the court refused using the same delusion filled imputation bullshit they pull on other ex-husbands, claiming he could somehow make millions of extra dollars using his surgical wizard skills somehow. Which he couldn’t do in reality with his injured back, something the family court judge couldn’t or wouldn’t even try to understand. So then now the alimony and child support were demanding 120% of his income. You see, the family court system will never let you off the treadmill once they target you, especially if you earn a lot of money. Eventually he drained his savings and retirement, couldn’t make the payments at all—and he wound up in the prison where I was a corrections officer.

The corrupt American family court-media-feminist-academia cultural Marxist-big business-prison industrial complex had worked perfectly to ruin this poor man, and what a prize they had. A dedicated, hard working US surgeon, saving lives every day, drained of his money and reduced to poverty by a gold-digging, spoiled greedy bimbo who divorced him due to his very dedication, had kids with other men to force him to pay bullshit “child support” in addition to never-stopping alimony, his assets taken by his gold-digging ex wife and the state to grease their own corruption, the “child support” in actuality supporting the ex wife’s corrupt, hedonistic lifestyle after divorce. And then the poor surgeon himself made a literal slave in a US prison, stripped of his license and made a perpetual debtor, worked to the bone but never allowed to profit from his own efforts or hard work. That really is how it works in the US family court and prison system. That poor surgeon was the worst case we ever saw, made us so mad we were talking about how we were going to “free the Bastille” and start a revolution ourselves to stop all the corruption, Robespierre style. And free all the innocent men, and even some women, who were imprisoned this way, to feed more slaves to the machine.

As this case shows, women have absolute power over men in the court system. A man’s life, liberty and finances are subject to forfeiture by an oppressive, legalistic system simply because he had a failed relationship with an Anglobitch.

Let’s look at another definition of slavery.

Slavery is a legal or economic system in which principles of property law are applied to humans allowing them to be classified as property, to be owned, bought and sold accordingly, and they cannot withdraw unilaterally from the arrangement. While a person is enslaved, the owner is entitled to the productivity of the slave’s labor, without any remuneration.

Being forced to pay a woman in order to stay out of jail means men have become property owned by the state, as men are bought by the court system and sold by women into their bondage – and of course men cannot withdraw from the arrangement. A man’s owner, the state, entitles itself as well as his ex to the productivity of the newly minted slave’s labor for 18 years or even for a lifetime in the case of alimony, forcing payments to be made to a totally unaccountable “mother” or ex.


Women have the right to choose, therefore men must be given the right to choose in the interest of equality

Legal Abortion: Men’s Right to “Choose”

How do we remedy this situation in the interest of men’s rights? A start would be giving men the right to a legal abortion.

One of the conditions of slavery is the fact a party to the “agreement” cannot withdraw unilaterally from the arrangement. It’s is an interesting condition to elaborate on. Men in the United States have no legal rights to withdraw from being fathers after conception, even though women can physically abort their child anytime they choose. This means women have all the power over men and their children’s lives, and men have none. In effect, all a woman has to do is find an idiot who makes a good salary to impregnate her, then she gets a guaranteed income for 18 years. (If he marries her, potentially an income for life!)

At the very least, to give men the rights granted to slaves in 1865 – to unilaterally withdraw from the arrangement – American lawmakers need to follow the model recently proposed by the Swedish, reported by the Daily Mail. Interestingly,  the idea of “legal abortions” came from European liberals:

Expectant fathers in Sweden should have the right to ‘legally abort’ their unborn child up until the 18th week of pregnancy, the youth wing of the country’s Liberal Party has proposed. Swedish Liberal Youth argues that men should be given an equal say in whether or not they wish to become a parent, and be granted the option to cut any lawful responsibilities. The suggested ‘legal abortion’ would be irreversible and would see the man renounce all parental duties and rights to see the child once it has been born.

Men are currently given no say in whether or not they wish to become a parent after the sex act. Once again we see bias against men in society, while women play the victim card to their benefit.


Statistically, women are more likely to become deadbeats than men

Deadbeat Moms

To illustrate one of the many hypocrisies of Anglo culture, let’s examine a term of scorn heaped upon men who can’t make the expected wealth transfers. The phrase Deadbeat Dads is a popular one on the left and in the media. But we never hear the term Deadbeat Moms, even though women have a higher percentage of child support defaults (i.e. falling behind or not paying) than men. Deadbeat moms occur at 1.2 times the rate of deadbeat dads in Anglo America:

  • 32% of custodial fathers did not receive child support payments from “mom”
  • 25% of custodial mothers did not receive child support payments from “dad”

Delving into the numbers, child support statistics get even more interesting. Mothers default more often even though they are not forced to pay as much as fathers by the court system.

  • The average due to custodial mothers is $4,800 annually
  • The average due to custodial fathers is $4,100 annually

So, even though women do not have to pay as much child support as men do, they become deadbeats more often. The media never discuss this, nor do lawmakers. Also, thanks to a gynocentric court system that displays the opposite of “equality” leftists and feminists claim to hold so dear:

  • 84% of the time women get custody
  • 16% of the time men get custody

If equality was truly a desired outcome, rather than women continuing to enjoy all legal rights and privileges men would get custody 50% of the time, or both parties would co-parent (as is done in Iceland) and neither would be forced by the legal system to make payments to the other.


Men need to be more than sperm donors in the eyes of the law

A Rising Tide of Men Speaking Out

There is good news. Men are now throwing off the culturally-imposed prohibitions on speaking out against a system that abuses them.

Male utility is often cited as the only use women have for men in the modern age. In the long darkness before humanity became civilized, men were not given roles in society. After giving men roles in society, civilization flourished. By banishing fathers from the matriarchal kingdom, we have regressed, not progressed as a society.

As alluded to earlier, there has been some kickback to this model of female privilege and superiority, however. Daniela Carrigo posted this comment on the National Fatherhood Initiave’s page:

As a woman it infuriates me that dads’ sites always start with ‘respect the child’s mom’ and mom’s sites never mention dad. Dad sites say ‘pay child support’ or ‘be fiscally responsible for your child’ and mom sites, not so much – like – never.

You want to protect marriage? Make giving dads custody and making moms pay child support the NORM. All studies show moms start divorce proceedings or, in the majority of births today, never marry dad – why, alimony is on its way out but child support is tax free and GUARANTEED.

Cut off the free cow and women (as one I know) will stop raising kids dad free with free money. Get a damn job and stop expecting money from the man you keep the child from! You should be able to earn enough to not need child support OR you don’t DESERVE THE CHILD!!!!

Indeed, there is rarely if ever any question of accountability on the part of the mother. Men are blamed from the moment the sex act occurs, while women are not blamed for spreading their legs. Women receive government benefits for children they can’t afford, while men are sent to prison for children they can’t afford.

Men at Yahoo! Answers also give us a taste of the dirty underbelly of the Anglo American family court system:

Think about it, the man has his monthly income taken away from him. Not to mention he can go to jail for not paying this fine. This utterly DESTROYS any motivation the man may have to work harder/improve his performance or start a business for example, what’s the point if his hard-earned money is just stolen from him?

Meanwhile, the woman is free to mess around w/ other guys w/ the money she receives for free from her former victim. The financial needs of the child are almost always a small fraction of what she receives, and so she is free to spend the extra money on purses/shoes/jewelry, etc.

The saddest part is, the man is denied of seeing his child either by the woman or the Gov’t, despite any attempts he may try to make contact. Even worse is when the woman trains the kid to hate his dad by calling him a “deadbeat” or a “loser”, when in fact this is usually further from the truth (MOST fathers will not abandon their kid).

Child support is nothing but slavery. The fact that a few careless/manipulative women can exploit the system to deny honest men contact with their children WHILE stealing 50-60% of their hard-earned income is just wrong.

The Yahoo! discussion continues with this response:

I totally agree with you. That’s why more men are foregoing the marriage and staying single. I can tell you that if my wife and I divorced I would never get remarried. Divorces are slanted against men. Women are so vindictive when it comes to revenge that they can’t see how their actions are hurting men and their own kids. If the courts were a lot more fair and the lawyers a lot less greedy then men would not be so afraid of the marriage contract or the results of some woman with dollar bills in her eyes.

It’s true. Men are waking up to the fact that any dealing with an Anglo American women puts their entire lives in jeopardy. (A fact made even truer by the recent spate of #MeToo sexual witch trials in this Neo-Puritan, anti-male, anti-sex, anti-procreation, feminist culture.)

Rather than this unfortunate circumstance happening by accident, the outcome of enslaving men with their own children has long been the aim of the social engineers who have this nefarious goal: make sex and reproduction so risky for men they will not reproduce, which will lead to population control.

At least, that’s the idea in theory. In reality, it means that good, hardworking, law-abiding men are not reproducing because of the hell the legal system has created, but thugs and bad boys are reproducing because they are often in trouble with the law anyway and don’t give a damn. Statistics bear this out: Criminals have an average of 3.0 children per lifetime, while the average for the rest of the population is 1.75 children per lifetime.

The penalty for slaves who don’t pay once they are indentured by a state that meddles in family matters is discussed below, from the same Yahoo! Answers board.

If you come up short on child support you immediately get a warrant issued. The best solution I’ve seen for a more equitable solution for child support would be for the custodial parent to provide receipts to CSA and checks issued as valid reimbursements (just like a FSA account), any money not used out of that month gets returned. This will separate the good responsible parents from the not so responsible parents, unaccountable money leads to fraud and theft.

The stories of this waste of child support money are numerous among men I know. In one case, a friend of mine is forced to make $1,500 in child support payments each month. However, his kids go around in raggedy clothing while mommy dearest drives a Cadillac Escalade and always looks like she just walked out of the mall. And he’s powerless to do anything about it.

Finally, the breakup of family and subjugation of men also means the corporate-government complex will have more control over the minds of the next generation of children than ever before.


The figurative ball and chain still exists in Anglo America’s family court system

Slavery Still Exists

As these facts show, slavery literally still exists for men of all colors in the United States of America. If women are truly seize the mantle of the empowerment they purport to desire so badly, they must not be given a legal crutch with which they can support their past bad choices, including choosing fathers they could not reasonably have expected to stay with until the children they create are raised.

We have discussed definitions of slavery. Here is a term women need to learn, as it comes with the territory of an empowered individual:

Accountability is an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.

To be Empowered™, women must also become accountable. Big Daddy Government and his welfare state, i.e. Uncle Sugar is an enabler of bad choices for women, and his enabling of reckless and predatory female behavior must be stopped. Men are already being held legally accountable for their actions, however men do not get the same privileges women do. There are four ways to rectify this injustice:

  • Men need to have reproductive rights which are on par with those of women. My body, my choice needs to have the legal equivalent of Me Being Enslaved, My choice. Men must be given the right to a legal abortion if women are given the rights to a physical abortion. This will force women to be prudent about reproductive decisions.
  • Gynocentrism in the courts must be eliminated. Men must be legally recognized as more than sperm donors and check-writers, and fathers must be given custody o children half the time; or, Anglo law should adopt a model in which custody is shared and no forced payments are created by the court system.
  • The no fault divorce system must be abandoned and Anglo law must return to a model in which fault must be proven to get a divorce.
  • Even better, the government needs to stay out of familial matters between two adults as much as possible and let them sort out the matters for themselves.

But we all know women don’t really want to be empowered. They want their cake and ice cream, rights AND privileges, and to eat them both. However, this system will utterly destroy the social fabric in the Anglosphere.

The current legal system makes men totally disposable rather than stakeholders in the family and society. Many of us feel this is by design of social engineers and Marxists rather than a result of any real concern about women’s rights. The true goal of such a system is to reduce mothers and fathers to squabbling factions who wage war on each other in the court system, allowing lawyers, judges, and those allied with this unjust system to make a living off the backs of the common man.

Leaving the family in the hands of a corrupt government is destroying it. As George Orwell put it: The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians. Authoritarians have created Big Daddy Government, an authoritarian monstrosity that has removed real fathers from society and enslaved them. Libertarians are trying, unfruitfully, to get the government out of our families.

Until then, the best options for men who know they’ve been betrayed by both their women and their government are to go MGTOW, Go Galt, or become an expat and leave the hateful Anglosphere altogether.

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MSM Lists Reasons Women Get Divorced, But We Tell You The Real Reason


Everything is just fine and dandy in a relationshit or marriage – as long as you’re literally paying your dues to the female

The MSM loves to come up with clever, psuedo-explanations for just about everything. It’s an industry that runs on pretty lies.

Low-paid, gynocentric propagandists recently compiled a nice and tidy, hamster-wheel inspired listing of why women divorce men, and published the results in Business Insider. TNMM decided to peruse the claims and come up with our own, Red Pill conclusions rather than trusting those who have turned deception into an art form to tell us why divorces happen.

Right away, we can glean bias in the article by merely scratching the surface. The first mistake the story makes is assuming “couples” get divorced, when the plain truth is women initiate or are directly responsible for three-quarters or more of divorces. The report about why “couples” get divorced (as if men have any say in the matter) was driven by research conducted by Psychology Today:

When it comes to studying divorce, social scientists have two options. They can observe different couples and try to figure out on their own what predicts the end of a marriage, or they can simply ask people why their marriage ended.

Enter Hamster Rationalizations to taint the results. Asking women why they got divorced isn’t scientific, as females can effortlessly come up with a pocket full of excuses to hide their ulterior motives. Further, henpecked, Blue Pill men often go along with what women say was the cause of divorce without sticking up for their own interests. In any case, here’s the study’s methodology:

Researchers either ask participants to choose from a list of potential reasons for divorce, or they ask participants to answer an open-ended question about why they divorced.

Here are the reasons listed by this non-scientific study of divorce, based on research from psychologist Scott M. Stanley:

  • Infidelity: Predictably, this is blamed on men. The study highlighted this response: “He cheated on me … Then I met somebody else and did the same thing. And when he found out about it we both essentially agreed that it wasn’t worth trying to make it work anymore because it just hurt too bad.” Maybe he started cheating because she sucked in bed. (I just wrote an article discussing good sex vs. bad sex.) Maybe she could have used some pointers on how to be better in bed. (Women always enjoy giving men pointers on how we can do… everything… better. Why not return the favor?) Maybe she, like most women, turned into an ice cube when she didn’t get something she wanted (like $$$) out of him.
  • Substance Abuse: Also, blamed on men. From the study: “I said ‘absolutely no more bars’ and as soon as I found out he was back in them, I asked for [a divorce].” Never is the idea that maybe a bitch who is hell on wheels drives a man to drink. In my Beta days, I had several Anglobitches that made me want to drown my problems with tequila.
  • Lack of commitment: You guessed it. The man’s fault. Do you see a trend emerging from the gynocentric media? “It became insurmountable. It got to a point where it seemed like he was no longer really willing to work [on the relationship]. All of the stresses together and then what seemed to be to be an unwillingness to work through it any longer was the last straw for me.”
  • Too much conflict and arguing: I’m sure the belligerant tone we’ve already seen from women who chimed in on this study has nothing to do with conflict. Hell, I can barely stand to be in the same room as two loud-mouthed, entitled Anglobitches clucking around like hens laying an egg. Moreover, lock me in a room with a woman who treats me like I’m her man slave, and there will be arguments.
  • Growing apart: A female favorite. We’ll translate this hamster rationalization for you – Beta bucks guy isn’t thrilling her with the emotional ups and downs she grew accustomed to while riding Alphas on the cock carousel. So, cupcake feels herself growing apartNever to women seem to grasp the fact Betas are boring because they have to be.
  • Getting married too young: Actually, getting married young is how our grandparents managed to stay together 50+ years. What man wants to marry scratch and dent merchandise at age 35? But, here comes another neat rationalization spun off the hamster wheel: “The main reason [we divorced] was because of our age. I think that being 19 at the time we got married, it just didn’t take. I think that we didn’t take anything as seriously as we should have.”
  • Financial problems: This excuse means wifey has pushed her Beta Bucks husband to the very edge of a financial cliff with her wasteful, spendthrift lifestyle. Now that she can no longer extract any value from him, Briffault’s Law kicks in and she doesn’t want anything to do with the used-up bastard. She pushes him into the chasm.

Of course, all of the above are divorce excuses that sound good on the surface, but any man who has been through the frivorce meat grinder knows any and all of these rationalizations really come down to money. Financial problems are the real cause of divorce. But how many? It’s hard to put a figure on the number that are caused by money because the conflating factors provide convenient cover storys. In any case, from CNBC:

Finances are the leading cause of stress in a relationship, according to a survey of people in a relationship or partnership released by SunTrust Bank. Some 35% of all respondents experiencing relationship stress said money was the primary cause of friction. Among respondents with relationship stress aged 44 to 54, 44% said money was the primary cause.

The numbers are likely much higher than one-third and one-half, since money is clandestinely connected to the other listed problems as we will later explain.


If you haven’t figured it out, marriage is legalized prostitution

Saving Face

The New York Times confirms money fights and money problems accurately predict divorce rates. An important study helps us go beyond the divorce factors listed above:

A new study, by Jeffrey Dew at Utah State University, attempts to quantify that risk. His finding: Couples who reported disagreeing about finance once a week were over 30 percent more likely to get divorced than couples who reported disagreeing about finances a few times a month.

Professor Dew looked at responses from about 2,800 couples surveyed by the National Survey of Families and Households. In this survey, both husbands and wives were asked, separately, about how often they disagreed with their spouse over chores, in-laws, spending time together, sex and money.  These same respondents were then contacted again several years later, and asked if they were still married.

Of all these common things couples fight about, money disputes were the best harbingers of divorce. For wives, disagreements over finances and sex were good predictors of divorce, but finance disputes were much stronger predictors. For husbands, financial disagreements were the only type of common disagreement that predicted whether they would get a divorce.

Here’s the takeaway from that study. No matter how many neat excuses women and their enablers in the media make up, the simple fact is women only see men as walking wallets. Women make up other excuses for divorce so they don’t come out “looking bad” when all is said and done. Face is very important to a predatory female – she doesn’t want to look like the savage solipsist she is.

Once a woman has extracted the valuable marrow from one man’s bones, just as any predator move she moves on to the next kill. In our species, that means a call to the frivorce lawyer. Indeed, family courts have ballooned into a $50 billion a year industry in Anglo America as lawyers have turned innate female behavior into big business.

Here’s how divorces ultimately come down to money. A woman who feels she can no longer get money out of her boyfriend or husband, or feels she can monkey branch to a more profitable man, will often cut off sex and become quarrelsome and emotionally detach herself from the relationship – leading to the aforementioned infidelity, substance abuse, lack of commitment, conflict and arguing, and growing apart problems. An otherwise loyal, well-behaved hubby is going to screw around, get drunk, not be committed, argue with, and grow apart from a mean ass woman. How neat for this woman that by turning into a frigid cunt, thereby estranging her husband she now has ready-made excuses to ditch him in a court of law. She’s saved face, and she’s conveniently attached the blame for the divorce to her ex – even though she spurred his bad behavior with her own. How’s that for female manipulation?

It all comes back to Briffault’s Law: The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place. Benefit = money and resources.

It hurts to know women don’t see you as a human being worthy of love and respect unless they feel you can bring some benefit to them in the form of financial or other types of resources. But, it’s far better to know the truth about women than to persist living inside the candy-coated cultural delusions that create the suffering of so many millions of well-intentioned men.

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5 Reasons Why Men Are Still Opting Out of Marriage and Relationshits


Marriage rates are down once again, and men are wisely avoiding romantic entanglements with Anglobitches

Both marriage and long term relationshits continue a steep decline in a moribund Anglo culture. New statistics from the Census Bureau and Pew Research Center illustrate marriage hasn’t just died, it is a rotting corpse. This unfortunate reality reflects the ultimate success feminism was at achieving the Marxist goals of breaking up the family:

  • Last year, only 9% of 18-to-24 year olds in the U.S. were married, compared to 45% in 1960.
  • Only 45% of all households include a married couple.
  • 57% of adults got married ten years ago, but only 51% are getting married now.

But men aren’t just shunning marriage, they’re starting to shun relationshits altogether. It seems even the lure of the moist, pink anatomy is starting to lose its appeal. It could be because men know the average relationship isn’t going to last, anyway. From the Daily Mail:

A study looking into the impact of modern society on romantic lives has revealed that couples today are unlikely to last the distance that love birds in previous generations enjoyed.

New research reveals that couples are now most likely to end their relationships after just two years and nine months.

That’s the average. A man wouldn’t be wise to be in a relationshit that is statistically proven to be a passing fancy of overtly predatory women in today’s culture.

But why, on a deeper level, are both marriage and LTRs in decline as cock carouseling becomes the new, de-civilizing norm? We posit it is the unfathomably low quality of modern Western women. Men are getting wise to the game and the risks of the Divorce Industrial Complex. And they’re getting tired of taking shit from r-selected women. (Women in an r-selected environment become less feminine and less civilized with each passing generation.)

There are some very good reasons to avoid entanglements with fat, entitled, flighty, worthless American women. Here are 5 reasons men are wisely avoiding Anglobitches.

1. Anglobitches are total sluts. Women in modern culture aren’t just sluts, they’re proud sluts. This is, of course, a reversion to a primitive state of affairs in human mating rituals. Women are sluts and males are expendable ONLY in uncivilized societies. When women sleep around and a permanent pairbond isn’t the norm, men have no incentive to invest in either women or society. Ultimately, this will bankrupt the society as women are statistically proven to spend more than they can ever produce. It will also lead to problems with delinquency since single moms are proven to raise more criminals and deadbeats, as well as slutty daughters. (Carousel riders, just like mama.)

2. Anglobitch entitlement mentality and Princess Syndrome. Women who bring nothing but a laundry list of demands and a condescending attitude to the table expect to land Prince Charming who owns a McMansion and a Ferrari, giving her access to a large disposable income for her to waste on her flights of fancy and materialism. Tatted up, short-haired, damaged goods women don’t want to build a life with a “good” man, they want life in the lap of luxury to be handed to them by Richie Rich with no obligations. Until such time they get tired of him and want to monkey branch to one of his rich friends. Ergo, men are seen by women as nothing but expendable provider modules. She “deserves” it. Well, in her own mind she does.

3. Women have total power over men in today’s Anglo culture. The legal system in America is a complete joke. With nothing more than a passing whim, a woman can destroy a man legally and/or financially. Take your pick of risks: She can destroy him with fake rape claims. She can destroy him with a frivorce and endless all-the-money payments. She can enslave him with child support. Best not to become legally entangled with a proven predator of male utility value.

4. Men are pariahs in Anglo culture. The vitriol Anglo culture spits at men is astonishing to witness to those who have spent time in other cultures. Men are viewed as everything from rapists to sex fiends to simple-minded beasts by the altering eye that alters all in Anglo culture. It has even been said men are like dogs. To which the best response is, yes, we (like dogs) are loyal as fuck when someone treats us good. Unfortunately, the arrogant demeanor of Anglo women today makes them unapproachable to many men. Those men considered “unworthy” of a sniff of the golden vagina.

Here’s a personal anecdote about this oddity of Anglo culture: I was recently traveling through the South and found myself in the middle of a social gathering on a Saturday in Nashville, TN. As a pack of 20-ish females walked by, I got the sense of utter arrogance and contempt from these girls. They looked down at me and other men as pawns in their game of acquisition. No, I didn’t want to break through their bitch shields or pass any of their inevitable shit tests for a pale, flat piece of tail. I just wanted to get the fuck away from them.

5. Women aren’t worth it. As a man ages and acquires wisdom and experience with chicks, he begins to realize they simply aren’t worth it. Sex ends up costing him more than its worth. It took me going through 150+ women to realize they’re all pretty much the same, only with different packaging of the same lies they tell me. There is no magic unicorn. Women are always a losing investment. At some point, the risk will begin to outweigh the reward. What’s more, trying to appease women with materialism and consumerism is a surefire ticket to slavery. A minimalistic man can live an awesome life on $18,000 to $25,000 a year. This modest income affords plenty of travel, booze, and rendezvous with fast women if he manages his finances well and learns the trade of PUA. Why work double to play a losing game of “Keep the Anglobitch Up” when a man can work half and invest in himself and his own interests rather than some ungrateful hag?

Fuck ’em.

Women are drunk on their power for the time being. But, the day will come when the pied piper must be paid. Society will collapse because the current state of affairs is not culturally, socially, or financially sustainable.

J.D. Unwin showed us all past societies that loosened restraints on female sexuality eventually fell and crumbled to dust. Bedlam ensued afterwards, as civilization ended. What’s more, each Anglobitch currently runs a $100,000+ deficit on society over the course of her vain, narcissistic life. This deficit has traditionally been balanced by taxing Beta males. Once these men stop working themselves like dogs to pay abusively high taxes to support a system that robs them to make up for the deficit Anglobitches create, the entire house of cards will collapse. Bring it on.

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Happy Father’s Day, Not Happy Single Mom’s Day


Nothing is more hated in the zoo that is a gynocentric society than civilizing fathers

A reminder to feminists and other tyrannical females out there: It’s Happy Father’s Day, not Happy Single Mom’s Day. Not happy Child Support Check Day. And not Happy Take the Kids and Run Day.

One of the most pressing issues springing from Anglo America’s hatred of all things male is the relegation of fathers to serf status legally and culturally. It seems this culture can never punish, denigrate, and disrespect men quite enough. It mocks them in the media. It vaunts females as some sort of divine creatures while males are viewed with nothing but devilish contempt. It gives men almost no legal rights with their own children.

Let’s stop the it’s always the man’s fault malarkey right here and right now.

Here’s how things usually happen. A relationship doesn’t work out because “mom” isn’t happy for one of an infinity of petty reasons, so naturally a gynocentric legal system accommodates her flightiness with laws crafted so she can continue to cash in on dad’s labor, while estranging him from his children and turning him into a financial slave who is then unable to spend quality time with his children because the fucker is broke.

However, while mom profits from having an 18-year annuity, dad loses everything and society as a whole loses as it begins to resemble a zoo. Children with child support checks instead of dads don’t turn out as well as those who have dads, and society begins to de-civilize. We are witnessing this happen in the West before our very eyes.

One of the biggest tragedies that came with the return to pre-civilization status brought on by feminism and the divorce-industrial complex is the negative effect unchecked female power is having on the next generation. The sexual and social zoo we are now witnessing unfold in the West descended like darkness upon the land because feminism is returning humanity to an animalistic state, to use Huxley’s term.

The insanity of disenfranchising fathers continues unabated, despite the fact that a mountain of evidence has piled up confirming traditionalists’ claims that children do better with a father in their life. This benefits society more in the long run than daddy being turned into a financial slave of both mommy dearest and a lawyer/rat in a black robe, i.e. a judge. However, since the 1960s Anglo society has been moving towards, and is now close to reaching its goal of turning fathers into little more than sperm donors and check writers.

Check out these bullet points from The Father’s Rights Movement, which spell out why children need BOTH their parents. Children with fathers:

  • Are LESS likely to drop out of school;
  • Are LESS likely to run away from home;
  • Are LESS likely to become Pregnant or have an abortion;
  • Are LESS likely to commit suicide;
  • Are LESS likely to seek, or create an abusive relationship;
  • Are LESS likely to commit crimes;
  • Are LESS likely to turn to drugs or alcohol;
  • ADJUST better to separation than children with one custodian;
  • Are MORE likely to have successful relationships;
  • Are MORE likely to have healthy sleep patterns and general health.

Perhaps that was the reason fathers were banished from the family in the first place by feminists, operating as useful idiots for social engineers. A society that sees all of the above problems arise as the result of banishing dads, and makes it convenient for already Predatory Females to dispose of fathers while profiting from it, is, at least temporarily a more lucrative society.

Men have to work harder than ever before to pay exorbitant child support slavery payments, running like a rat in a wheel while women are never held accountable for how the money is spent. This creates a tremendous amount of waste. Men being forced to fork over 20% to 50% of their incomes, above and beyond what the state already takes in sky high income taxes get turned into paupers, but their extracted productivity creates more mindless spending and consumption than if dad had 50/50 time with his children.

More money flows into the economy than if dad wasn’t under duress to pay a supposedly “equal” woman like the queen she isn’t. Put simply, women are consummate materialists who spend more money in the economy on their children than dads would, because men look for other, more intrinsic means of being happy outside the world of materialism and gathering things as female gatherers do.

The above bullet points also make money move in other ways.

Dropouts create state-funded “help groups” designed at stemming the crisis. A runaway crisis means more “help groups” can be formed. Teen pregnancies keep abortion mills like Planned Parenthood running. Suicides create even more “help groups” in dad’s absence.  Abusive relationships help the state pass more laws to “protect” women and intrude into family affairs. Crimes help the growing Police State and lawyers stay busy.

Of course, people with unhealthy relationships are more susceptible to propaganda from the media and to manipulation by advertisers. Unhappy and unhealthy people, just sick enough to be medicated but just healthy enough to go to work are profitable for the medical-pharmaceutical complex.

So, in the end getting rid of dad is initially quite profitable for a society that seeks to create as many problems as it can with citizens’ lives to produce new revenue streams. Not to mention, one of the stated goals of world Communism (the corporate-government complex is de facto Communism) is breaking up the family so the state can mold children into passive adults who know how to do nothing but follow instructions and consume.

But, the gravy train doesn’t last forever.

Men, when welcomed to the supper table of the human family are the most powerful civilizing force there is. Getting rid of dad eventually means the entire society loses, as it degenerates and eventually crumbles in his absence. It should come as no surprise to any person who has studied the rise and fall of high cultures that treating dads the way Anglo America does will lead society to a more primitive state.

Perhaps that was the goal of social engineers all along. Bring it all down, and shape the ensuing chaos into a New World Order reflecting their dreams, not ours.

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Predatory Females at Work: Emmanuel Sanders’ Wife Files for Divorce Just as He is Set to Earn $10 Million Bonus


Yet another episode of Frivorce Rape Lotto: Emmanuel Sanders vs. Gabriella

Here’s a case study in why the awakened man should never put himself into the compromised position of being married these days. This case is still winding its way through the vagina-worshiping court system, but it sounds a number of alarm bells to the man who would glean knowledge from its details.

The press is having a field day with the Emmanuel Sanders divorce. We will look at it from a Red Pill perspective, yet another cautionary tale of what putting your scrotum into a legal vice grip yields when your bitch gets ready to flush you down the toilet.

Here goes. (This is all just one man’s opinion, of course.)

Their second baby hadn’t even been born yet, and already Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Emmanuel Sanders’ wife Gabriella was positioning herself for the kill. She was ready to cash in on his ass as her divorce lawyers had already begun writing up boilerplate legal screeds for the gynocentric, Anglo-American kangaroo courts. Gabriella served Sanders with divorce papers even before she squeezed out her annuity… er… child in the delivery room.

In case you haven’t noticed, children are nothing more than meal tickets to women in modern day Anglo-America. Fathers and fathers’ rights be damned. If women think they can’t cash in on their children, they simply go kill them at the abortion clinic. But, being married to an NFL player obviously ensures a nice, consistent stream of child support cash enforced by legal indentured servitude. (Pay up or go to jail.) We are living smack dab in the middle of one of the most insane socioeconomic systems in the history of mankind.

How much does she want? As reported by Meninist:

Gabriella is looking to score big as she is asking the courts for custody of their two children, a restraining order against Sanders, and she wants a “disproportionate” share of their assets. Ironically, Sanders is scheduled to make $13.2 million (includes $10 Million dollar signing bonus) this year from his 3 year $33 million dollar contract.

Disproportionate share, eh? Tell me again how women are not prostitutes and marriage is not legalized prostitution.

Witness, once again White Knights and fembots, The Predatory Female in action. Gabriella timed the divorce perfectly. She filed for divorce right before she pushed out her 18-year annuity that Sanders fathered. But she doesn’t just want a fat child support check. Oh, no. She wants a fat slice of the bonus he no doubt busts his ass to earn.

Sanders even reportedly said he was “blindsided” by the divorce. Ha. Yep, women will do that. They always hide their true feelings and emotions from men until they go for the jugular. This should come as absolutely no surprise to a regular reader of TNMM. Cynical as the truth may be, the truth is the truth. Women are financial predators of men, and in a society that has gone completely insane and let them frivorce rape with impunity, they’re cleaning out any men stupid enough to marry them.

Laughably, she is citing his side chicks as a reason she should be able to cash in. (I want money for the sex I gave you rule applies again!) From celebrity gossip rag TMZ:

The estranged wife of Denver Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders has declared WAR on the NFL star — claiming he lied, cheated and spent THOUSANDS on chicks he was banging on the side.

Umm…THOUSANDS to an NFL player is like dropping a $50 to the average working slob. It seems Sanders was another fool who soon parted with his money to pay for these girls rather than a PUA. A player on the field, and another Beta with more money than common sense when it comes to women. TMZ rages on:

It’s all in ANGRY court docs filed by Gabriella Sanders — who blasts the father of her 2 children with a metaphorical bazooka right from the get go.

“When he’s not playing football on the field, he ‘plays the field’ with numerous women whom he is or has committed adultery.”

Big shocker. Knowing an NFL player will more often than not have multiple harems because women will lay down for rich and powerful men on command, nay throw themselves in front of his cock, she sets herself up as…you guessed it…the victim while she lends him enough rope to hang himself.

Gabby lays out multiple marital “atrocities” allegedly committed by her husband – and claims he spent “thousands upon thousands of dollars on girlfriends and wasting the community estate, even purchasing a vehicle for one of his illicit affairs.”

There is no doubt a personal investigator was used to follow Sanders around in order to gather information on him while she planned her frivorce rape lotto victory.

Incidents like these remind me of the Incident at the Bank I have written about numerous times, in which two Anglobitches compared notes about how much money their vaginas had rewarded them in divorce court as they cashed out at a Latin American teller. My opinion of women was already pretty low at that point. But I was forced to downgrade my opinion after witnessing that cackling display.

The long and short of it is only a fool marries an Anglobitch or a woman who has adapted to Anglo culture in today’s legal and social climate. That humble advice could have saved Sanders millions. Any other rich guys who I talk out of getting married, feel free to send me a nice contribution. I’ll take a fraction of what these hos will want out of you for my consulting fee.

The story of the Scorpion and the Frog applies: Men should not be asking why they were frivorce raped by a creature whose entire nature is built on dissimulation and acting. What they should be asking is why they were stupid enough to fall for the ruse. Taking advantage of men for material and economic gain is in women’s nature. And America was insane to let these instincts return, unchecked. It’s all just a downward spiral from here.

We’ll be on the sidelines keeping you advised of some of the more egregious frivorce rape lotto cases. These happen every day, it’s not like they’re uncommon.

Ergo, women always want money for sex. All the pleasantries around the exchange and myths of “love” and “marriage” and “commitment” are just sophistry and dissimulation. Find a divorce case in which women don’t want monetary remuneration for services performed, even in the YouGoGrrl age, and you will have found the proverbial needle in the haystack.

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Cancer Center Founder’s Wife Demands $400k a Month in Divorce Case


Is THAT woman worth $400,000 a month for the rest of your life? I bang better looking chicks than her every day of my life

As often shouted from the rooftops here at your advocate for masculinity, marriage has been reduced to a sophisticated game of prostitution in Anglo America. If you ever doubt that, the old maxim watch what women do, not what they say applies. When is the last time you saw a Strong, Independent Woman™ turn down a large divorce settlement and refuse to turn her ex-husband into an economic slave because she Don’t Need a Man™ and wants to maintain her lifestyle on her own?

Not going to happen, don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

In the latest high-profile demonstration of the oddities and evils of the American family court system and the shameless, predatory nature of Anglo women, Richard Stephenson, founder of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and his ex-ho Alicia are duking it out in court and she is apparently salivating in anticipation of a VERY big payday.


$400k a month for that? What the actual hell?! Jesus! I could be having eightsomes with hot 20 year olds at cocaine parties for a fraction of the price

In the case, Alica’s lawyer stated she lived in a celebrity lifestyle with the man of her dreams. Even better, by virtue of her having Nature’s Credit Card i.e. a vagina she is entitled to live that lifestyle for the rest of her life at Mr. Stephenson’s expense. (My wording, not the lawyer’s wording.)

She is seeking $400,000 a month to maintain her lifestyle.

Now, a few of issues arise here. First, why the fuck would any sane man want to get married in a male-hating society in which women really believe they are entitled to money because they provided sexual services in a marriage?

Second, why the fuck would any sane man get married when lawyers are swirling around like vultures ready to help women financially rape men?

Third, would you want to pay that much money for this old battle-axe? I wouldn’t give you $40 a month for her let alone $400,000. I bang better ass that that on a regular basis. Men, ALL WOMEN END UP LOOKING LIKE THIS. No matter how firm and high her tits and ass are when you seal your fate by signing your enslavement agreement/marriage certificate.

The story in the Chicago Tribune serves as a perfect demonstration of the predatory, frigid Anglo female in action. I almost feel like the narrator on National Geographic describing the play by play and explaining how she positions herself to someday financially rape this man.

First, you have your May-December romance.

He was a 51-year-old divorced father of four, an investment banker who had recently started the for-profit hospital network. She was a 26-year-old model and fashion coordinator.

Every white girl wants to be a model these days. Funny, I never heard of this plump strumpet before this court case became public knowledge.

Moving on.

Do you think Alicia was interested in Mr. Stephenson because he was a sterling man of character and she was madly in love? Or was she searching for a meal ticket and male utility value when she attached herself to him and inserted her tentacles?

The couple had one daughter together and traveled the world, flying by private jet among homes in Michigan, Colorado and the Virgin Islands, with staff at each.

Multiple homes. World travel. The modern day equivalent of kitchen slaves. Women like this don’t play around. If the check isn’t big enough and the lifestyle accoutrement not the envy of her pack of female predators, you don’t exist.

But the relationship eventually soured — what precipitated the breakup did not come up in opening statements — and Alicia filed for divorce in 2009, two years after she moved out of the estate.

Translation: She moved in for the kill.

She a Gold Digger

This is a typical performance of the Gold Digger. Find a ripe, plump target (plump from a financial standpoint) then reel him in using your feminine wiles and gifts of what Schopenhauer called dissimulation, hang out long enough to live it up on his dime while crucially sealing his fate by getting him to sign a marriage certificate, then when the novelty of being around him is over, call a lawyer and proceed to extricate the target’s money. That way, you won’t have the displeasure of having to be around him, but you get to keep his money.

At least Stephenson’s attorney David Grund tried a Strong, Independent Woman™ defense in court.

Grund contended Alicia Stephenson, who had a high school diploma and associate’s degree when the couple married, failed to live up to her part of the agreement because she didn’t continue her education so she could be “self-supporting.”

It won’t work. It’s not a question of if Mr. Stephenson will pay, but how much he will pay. The bitch won’t get $400,000 a month if Grund is worth his salt, but she nonetheless probably will never have to work again when it’s all said and done.

And women have the audacity to stay they’re oppressed. ROFLMAO.

Some men never seem to catch on to this tried and true method women use to financially rape men. Whether it’s the girl in the trailer park marrying a guy with a well-paying blue collar job then taking half of everything he owns, or an actress marrying an A-List actor then taking half, this is the female playbook at both the high and low ends of society.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a hooker or a gold-digging hussy, the transaction is always the same between women and Beta males: Pay 4 Play. Yet another example that marriage is nothing more than legalized prostitution in the modern age.

Oh, and just because somebody is rich doesn’t mean they’re not a Beta male idiot. This case reeks of Beta male stench. For $400,000 a month I could have 9s and 10s sitting on my face and wriggling in hourly rotation and multiple baby mamas and multiple homes abroad. Jesus, some men will never get it. No matter how much money they make. All that money for that pale and worn out piece of ass. Idiocy.

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Heeding the Warning of The Married Beta Male Stare of Despair


While princess gossips on the phone, one poor bastard realizes the trap he’s gotten himself into – the marriage trap

The 2015 film The Life of an Unhappily Married Man got the look right. That’s it, that’s it right there. Have you seen it among your friends? It’s what I call the Married Beta Male Stare of Despair. Beer in hand, he looks on, completely emasculated as his gleeful wife knows she has a meal ticket in hand and thanks to our wonderful legal system, can do pretty much whatever she wants to him short of murder and get by with it. Nay, be cheered on by a male-hating society.

Once the Predatory Female has a man’s balls in a legal vice grip, no matter what happens she will walk away with cash and prizes. She can talk about being a Strong, Independent Woman™ until she’s blue in the face, yet we all know she will never, ever turn down a large divorce settlement. What a paradox.

Other examples of the Stare of Despair: As someone snaps a photo of the “happy” couple, the wife is happy in her new dress and perhaps standing in front of some new crap she bought and wants to show off in the photo, but the husband has a deeply troubled look on his face. Or, in moments of solitude the husband looks as if someone has been pissing in his Cheerios every morning of his life since he said those fateful, life-ending words, “I do.” If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a thousand times. Usually among married couples who are friends of mine on Fakebook.

Just by looking at his face, one can see the weight hubby has upon him by virtue being saddled with the baggage of powering a materialistic lifestyle for wifey. He seems to be asking himself questions like: What have I gotten myself into? How the fuck am I supposed to pay for all this? Why can’t I ever satisfy her? Will she ever stop making so many demands? She doesn’t need all this crap I have to buy! What kind of creature can walk around bleeding for five to seven days and survive?

The smarter ones will be asking themselves questions like: How do I get out of this mess? If I fake my own death, can I get away from her and start a new life? If I put all my money in an offshore bank account under an assumed name, can I survive divorce?

At once, a Red Pill man feels sorry for the poor Beta bastard but at the same time realizes most of these guys are beyond redemption. Try to put an original thought in their head and a lifetime of cultural programming and brainwashing will make them lash out at you with the most incredible mental acrobatics as they voluntarily continue the life of a slave. Many won’t learn their lesson until they get put through the divorce meat grinder. Even then, once they’ve been stripped of their pride and their fortunes many men will still seek out another predatory female and let the new wife clean them out just like the old wife did. Just call it an unfortunate circumstance of nature. Many men have been programmed with the proclivity to become disposable meal tickets.

Not me.


The look of submission as the husband bows his head and reads the newspaper, caving to wifey’s increasingly ridiculous demands

Hopeless, And Sexless

Beyond becoming hopeless, most men get married with the mistaken notion that it will guarantee them a lifetime supply of sex. As we will see, this is unfortunately not the case even though women definitely use marriage as little more than a front for legalized prostitution. What’s worse, the young, nubile thing you’ve married will be losing her SMV at an ever-increasing pace as she ages. After all, men age like wine and women age like milk.

A photo of a happy married couple (at least a year into their marriage, and in which the emotions aren’t being faked for the camera) is as rare as gold-pressed latinum. Once the female has the submission of the Beta male legalized on a piece of paper and knows she controls his destiny, she can proceed to live out her materialistic fantasies without a wit as to the financial, physical and emotional stress she is causing her new provider slave. What does her husband get for his participation? The bill. And utter hopelessness about his situation. As an added insult to injury, sex, and the quality of it, decreases after marriage.

A highly respected University of Chicago study found that, while the frequency of intercourse decreases by over 700%  between the ages of 20 and 70 among the general populace, among the married the decline is even more striking. Even among couples who rate their marriages as very happy and say they are still in love, frequency of intercourse declines. In another survey, 60% of couples stated that marriage had “completely ruined the excitement of having sex.”

Meantime, the vagabonds of society like me – chastised and loathed by bitter Betas and opportunistic females alike for being single and living a swinging lifestyle banging the 20 year olds Betas secretly wish they could have and that older women are jealous of – are happy swapping out sex partners almost as often as we change underwear. After all, variety in women is the spice of a heterosexual man’s life. Louann Brizendine’s book The Female Brain knows, paraphrased by a blogger:

Men are evolutionary designed for having sexual variety. They simply have a powerful HORMONAL drive to have many partners. Sexual involvement does not include in many cases emotional attachment and connection from man’s point of view.

Notice how easy some women speak negatively about male sexual drive. Particularly when a man is in a relationship. The same way someone who never had hunger can’t understand what a starving person might be feeling. Their craving for food may seem unnatural and “over-the-top”. The only advice men hear – shame on you, suppress it, it’s easy. Blaming men for their strong sexual drive will not bring any woman far. Only understanding and eventual acceptance will.

If a man does not satisfy his need for having more than one sexual partner – his interest towards his wife/girlfriend will gradually decrease. No amount of so-called “relationship advice” such as wife wearing sexy lingerie, having sex in unusual places, etc. will help to solve this issue.

In other words, men crave sexual variety, and marriage destroys sexual variety inasmuch as it destroys other things that make men happy – freedom, minimalism and not materialism, and control over their lives.

So, the Stare of Despair also reflects a longing for some “strange” that most married men will never realize once they’ve become the legal property of a female. (Incidentally, bringing up strange also brings up an opportunity for a teachable moment. When women cheat, it’s an attack on their partner. When men cheat, it’s because we are genetically programmed to seek out and plunder strange. Men with our characteristics survived nature’s and the female’s shit tests for a reason. Our ancestors spread their seed far and wide. Modern men still have those instincts. If women want men to stop having those instincts, they should stop being manipulative and cunning and give men guarantees of paternity and fidelity. That is not likely to happen, so our philandering is not likely to go away. Nice guys who attach themselves to females in a sexual jungle most certainly finish last. Only when female sexuality is tightly controlled – no pun intended – do Beta males flourish.)


Al Bundy is another great example of the Married Beta Male Stare of Despair

But putting that all aside, instead of falling into the trap today’s men should realize that until the current legal system is set afire and begun anew, marriage has no benefit for men. Want kids? She can take them away on a whim. Want to “do the right thing” and get married? You are literally gambling your entire financial future and freedom on an emotional and disloyal creature, not a rational one.

Have you seen the Stare of Despair among your friends and family? To me, it is one of the most convincing warnings against getting married there is. Just look at men who are married? Are the happy? Or are the miserable. Are they trying to hide their misery? That said, 1 in 10 married men may actually be clueless enough (or even more rarely, dominant enough) to have a happy marriage.

But the risks of being miserable are far higher than those of being happy. I don’t want to look like a totally defeated, married guy like Al Bundy in a few short years. (Many men also gain weight and become pudgy motherfuckers with no incentive to take care of themselves, or give a damn about their lives anymore.) Make sure to show the unhappy faces of married men you know to other potential meal tickets before they make the biggest mistake of their lives and sign on the dotted line of a marriage certificate. If even one heeds the warning, you will have performed a public service of incalculable value.

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