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Women Aren’t Women, Anymore


The line that sums up the current state of affairs in Anglo culture: “Women aren’t women, anymore.”

Feminism and social engineering (a.k.a. Cultural Marxism) have turned marriage and even relationships into shitty prospects for men. This was by design, but the situation has left women in quite a pickle. They don’t know quite what to make of their newfound “empowerment” now that the egress from the path of feminism has led them straight into a thorny brier patch (not the rosy field of flowers they were promised) featuring a lifetime of loneliness, corporate bondage, and spinster bitterness.

Life Site dug up some interesting statistics about changing attitudes towards marriage among women:

Fewer young men in the US want to get married than ever, while the desire for marriage is rising among young women, according to the Pew Research Center.

Yes, the ensuing disaster seems to be working in an inversely proportional manner for each sex when it comes to the desire to get married.

Pew recently found that the number of women 18-34 saying that having a successful marriage is one of the most important things rose from 28 percent to 37 percent since 1997. The number of young adult men saying the same thing dropped from 35 percent to 29 percent in the same time.

As suitable suitors abandon Anglobitches in droves, ticking biological clocks and worries about “Who’s going to take care of me now that I’m aging and my pussy pass is expiring?” are skewing those statistics for women. Meantime, men have found that life is better without the baggage of an Anglobitch to carry around.

Pew’s findings have caught the attention of one US writer who maintains that feminism, deeply entrenched in every segment of the culture, has created an environment in which young men find it more beneficial to simply opt out of couple-dom entirely.

Could the male exodus from marriage (and relationshits) also be happening because modern Anglo women literally bring nothing to the table except a long list of demands, an entitled attitude, cellulite, hair bleach, too much makeup, too many tattoos, and a vagina that has been the cock holster for too many men? Of course, that’s a rhetorical question. Those are certainly reasons why men are abandoning modern women.

Ultimately, feminism has been just as bad of a deal for women as it has been for men. Women have just been too foolish and short-sighted to realize the consequences of their actions. Consequences like being economically pumped and dumped by corporate America, like so many of the bad boys they lust after. The much ballyhooed fact is:

For the first time in US history, the number of women in the workforce has surpassed the number of men, while more women than men are acquiring university degrees.

With regards to their newfound roles as common laborers rather than mommies, we have just one thing to say: Enjoy those jobs, ladies! And the lifetime of non-bankruptable debt bondage incurred by your “education” at lefty colleges and universities.

Your hard work and interest payments will let us men take it easy for a while, banging younger, hotter, tighter bitches poolside. After all, turnabout is fair play. We worked hard to build a glorious civilization for you, and betrayal was our thanks.

Now that women have displaced men in their traditional role as provider and pushed them out of their jobs, let’s let Anglobitches bask in their glory. Men now have a chance to live better lives than we ever have before, freed of the bridle that once had us carrying our own weight plus the carriage weight of the sickeningly materialistic lives most women want to lead.

Here’s a game changing fact. Today’s male minimalist can live a world-roaming, pussy-slaying lifestyle on less money than indoctrinated corporate drones ever dream of. Yours truly has calculated that cost to be about $18,000 to $25,000 a year for the astute, travel-savvy shitlord. (A motivated minimalist living abroad can swing it on as little as $5,000 to $7,500 a year.) I’m not just making that claim, I’ve been doing it for two years and am writing a book showing other men how to do it. I want to turn a trickle into an avalanche when it comes to males freeing themselves of a system that simultaneously exploits and berates them.

Suzanne Venker, author a book entitled The War on Men, urges women who are drunk on their own pussy power to back down from the height of feminist insanity before its too late. (But, it’s already too late. Still, it’s nice to watch smarmy Anglobitches start to backpeddle.)

“The problem? This new phenomenon has changed the dance between men and women,” Venker wrote. With feminism pushing them out of their traditional role of breadwinner, protector and provider – and divorce laws increasingly creating a dangerously precarious financial prospect for the men cut loose from marriage – men are simply no longer finding any benefit in it.

What a shock that no man wants to take on a lifetime of hard work for a depreciating asset that disrepects, hates, and cheats on him every step of the way!


Modern men have their own thoughts on societal role reversals brought on by feminism

Men Act Rationally to a Lack of Incentive

Venker also stumbled upon our segment of the new counterculture as she wrote her book. Our messages are at last bubbling into mainstream dialogue.

As a writer and researcher into the trends of marriage and relationships, Venker said, she has “accidentally stumbled upon a subculture” of men who say “in no uncertain terms, that they’re never getting married.”

Damn straight. We’ve figured out the ruse, and aren’t too keen on being placed back into bondage for women who demonstrably don’t give a fuck about us. These are women who are, for all intents and purposes, have become wannabe men indulging Freudian Penis Envy fantasies. And on that note, here’s the best line from the entire book:

“When I ask them why, the answer is always the same: women aren’t women anymore.”

No, they’re not. They’re predatory creatures living eat-prey-love lifestyles at the expense of any man too stupid to realize he’s being fleeced.

Feminism, which teaches women to think of men as the enemy, has made women “angry” and “defensive, though often unknowingly.”

Of course, a misandrist Anglo culture always finds men to blame for well, everything.

“Now the men have nowhere to go. It is precisely this dynamic – women good/men bad – that has destroyed the relationship between the sexes. Yet somehow, men are still to blame when love goes awry.”

Now that Anglobitches are starting realize they’ve killed the goose that lays the golden egg, i.e. the Beta male they’ve relentlessly shit upon and belittled for a couple of generations now, they want to nurse him back to health only so they can continue to ride the Gravy Train. And perhaps, leave those miserable lives in Office Space hell behind – the very lives they lusted after for so long. Good luck getting that genie back into the bottle, ladies.

The bottom line: When cultures work, men and women compliment each other. When cultures self-destruct, men and women compete with each other.

What’s your response to the women who betrayed you and tried to usurp and subjugate you using the power of the state when given the first opportunity to do so, and now want you to come back and do their bidding?

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Even Women Are Now Saying Feminism Has Gone Too Far


Even women are beginning to question the motives of feminism on American college campuses

There are early signs the tide seems to be turning against feminism. At least, in some circles. More than ever, thoughtful women are beginning to see it as the cultural cancer + misandry movement that it is. And they’re speaking out.

But, as always, women have ulterior motives for opposing feminism. It’s not about truth and justice as much as it is keeping men from leaving women holding the bag. Sensing, perhaps that men are ready to walk off the plantation permanently, leaving women to handle the crushing weight of their own material and financial demands, even college women are now telling rabid feminists to calm down as they lob spittle-laced attacks at modern males.

As we were questioning the legitimacy of the aims of the International Day of the Girl right here at TNMM, so were some (worried?) women at George Washington University, as reported by IWF:

On the International Day of the Girl, the Network of enlightened Women (NeW) chapter at George Washington University hosted a panel discussion on why Modern Feminism and the Third Wave Feminist movement do not speak for all women.  Panelists included Karin Agness Lips, the founder of NeW and Senior Fellow at IWF, Emily Jashinsky, graduate of George Washington University and current commentary writer for the Washington Examiner, and IWF’s very own Julie Gunlock, the Director of the Culture of Alarmism Project.

Hmm. One immediately wonders what motive women have to break from the herd. Why, it’s self-interest, of course.

In any case, women telling feminists to keep their bile to themselves is a nice sentiment, but it’s a whisper in a very loud Anglo-American echo chamber. The fact is, feminists do all the talking in CIA-manipulated mainstream media and in the Hollyweird “play pretend in front of a camera” bubble. Of course, most women sheepishly follow along with the narratives extolled from their so-called social betters. Still, it’s nice to see women pointing out the follies of their own kind.

The toxicity of the Third Wave Feminist movement is easily seen on college campuses, making organizations like NeW and events like last night all the more important. Often times a conservative voice is lacking in the curriculum, let alone a female conservative voice. However, Gunlock and Lips agree that relations between the feminist movement and the majority of women who don’t consider themselves feminists didn’t used to be so vicious.

What an astonishing change in tone. For a half century, women have been happy to jump on the feminist bandwagon to take whatever they could get from men, and the system men support with their labor and tax dollars.

But now, they’re marginalizing feminism because the well of clueless chumps and hard workers the plantation needs is drying up. Men are going their own way, ready to abandon women completely beyond pump and dumps, and Anglobitches are changing their tune.

Analyzing women’s own claims about how mean-spirited feminists are, the viciousness of modern feminists makes it obvious that cultural brainwashing has been very effective on humanity’s ultimate followers: Anglobitches. Just as these unstable drama-seekers once had “witches” burned at the stake, they’re now figuratively burning nonbelievers in the feminist doxy at the stake.

Ergo, women are dangerous without proper male and cultural guidance. They don’t ever seem to know WHY they’re what they’re doing, really, but once they’ve drank the Kool-Aid served by their masters they forbid critical thinking outside the myopic world of what they’ve been told to believe. Perhaps that’s why the Christian bible has called for men to be the heads of family and community for two thousand years.

This is why all religion AND social engineering schemes AND advertising primarily focus on manipulating women. Because it’s so easy to manipulate them. The vast majority of women don’t think for themselves, so manipulators have been doing it for them for thousands of years. In today’s bizarro world of imposed feminist zealotry, if a woman decides she doesn’t subscribe to the ideals of the claven, she’s a heretic:

And the attacks are just that, vicious. Many conservative women face harsh criticism online, and in the classroom if they speak up about their political beliefs. While Jashinsky stressed the importance of reading the defining literature on both sides of the argument, Lips suggests that when dealing with the name calling that often comes with taking a stand against the traditional leftist feminist voice, to “talk about what the real secondary consequences are for their policies.” By turning the conversation into an intellectual debate, all of the panelists agreed that conservative women would have the upper hand.

This is how feminism will be destroyed. It is a doctrine based completely on irrational, emotional groupthink spurred on by social engineers working from lofty perches inside the Anglo-American thought control matrix. Once the cleansing truth of Realtalk reaches a critical mass, feminism will die from the massive doses of truth-based chemotherapy.

Like just about everything The Anglo-American Matrix is based on, feminism is a house of cards built upon a mountain of lies. Even the girls at GWU are asking questions about the origins of feminist narratives. Here’s what the girls had to say:

Where are all of these radical feminist ideologies coming from? And what makes them seem so prevalent in the feminist movement?

Hint: These narratives originated from the CIA, the treasonous organization that funded Gloria Steinem’s Ms. magazine at the behest of the Rockefeller family back in the 1960s, as revealed by Hollywood filmmaker Aaron Russo. The CIA also has tentacles extending into the anal sphincters of the agenda-setters who run mainstream media, as revealed by whistleblower Kevin Shipp. Even the college girls see how they’re being manipulated:

Gunlock and her work at IWF focuses on conservative women in pop culture, and how they are never portrayed in a flattering light and almost always fall into the tropes that the Third Wave Feminists use against us. Gunlock argued that it is because “popular culture is not conservative” further calling it “overwhelmingly liberal”.

The tactic of freezing and polarizing your “enemy” (in this case traditional women and families) is known as Cultural Marxism. Here comes another blow to its aims:

Because the left “can’t comprehend being pro-women and also a conservative” Lips continues to push NeW on campuses across the country in order to give women without a voice, a platform to speak openly about their beliefs.

It seems women will used the tried and true oppression card (“women without a voice”) to once again get their way. Except now, they’ll use it to “speak openly” against feminism rather than in support of it.

In short, women are beginning to realize the fantasies they’ve been sold about having a “career” and being “empowered” and being a “YouGoGrrl” are mirages. As they’re sold into lives of corporate bondage under duress of neverending student loan payments by following the directives of the system, a few women are beginning to take note that they’ve been had. The Strong, Independent Woman™  fantasy is the same as the mirage of a vanishing oasis in a dry, dry desert.

The few women capable of critical thought are starting to maybe, just maybe realize they were fooled by feminism and the lies of The Anglo-American Matrix. These chicks then put on the cloak of being “conservative” women, when in fact they only realized they have it better with man slaves in their lives than without.

Make no mistake, this movement of women against feminism has nothing to do with chicks giving a damn about men. It’s just that some women are realizing they sold themselves out to become common laborers, and will have nobody but the bankrupt state to look after them once they’ve passed their prime. In other words, nature’s master manipulators (women) are moving to save their own asses because their plan to usurp men isn’t quite working out the way they had hoped.

How’s that for supreme irony? Women tried to show they weren’t weak and gullible by subscribing to feminism, a movement that preyed upon their weakness and gullibility. Wow.

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Misandry on Parade: International Day of the Girl


Feminism, the unholy creation of a culture that has deep anti-male roots going all the way back to Puritan days, has destroyed relations between the sexes, families, and the nations of the West. It is also making career women less happy than housewives.

What’s the Anglo American solution to heal a deeply divided society in which the sexes are turned into each others’ competitors rather than members of a community, and are so miserable that living inside the culture itself is now deadlier annually than the entirety of the Vietnam War and terrorism combined? A society in which the ethnic group that founded America is literally dying off because it can’t reproduce itself in numbers sufficient to replace itself? A society in which females are coddled and males are turned into pariahs in droves such that an entire movement of MGTOWs, PUAs, and John Galts has arisen?

Why, more misandry. Of course! That should fix everything.

Happy International Day of the Girl, brought to you by the Marxists at the vortex of hell…er…globalism known as the United Nations. Women have it rough, don’t you know. Here’s what this special day is supposed to commemorate:

The observation supports more opportunity for girls and increases awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender. This inequality includes areas such as access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, and protection from discrimination, violence against women and unfree child marriage.

Once reading that twisting of reality, it becomes painfully apparent that Anglo American culture is suicidally insane. Here are just a few short reasons why, when taking a critical look at celebrating this day in America:

  • In education, women already obtain more rubber stamps (college degrees) than men. Further, the education system is geared towards females and not males, as diligently documented by Helen Smith, Ph.D.
  • In nutrition, Anglo-American women have access to government largesse through programs like WIC, TANF, SNAP, and every other made-up acronym imaginable while men aren’t so lucky. A stunning 85% of TANF welfare recipients are single “moms.” Oh, and we men are still the vast majority of homeless. If you’re starving but you have a penis, tough shit. Better “man up” and find a job. The benefits men pay for with their tax dollars are only for women, says Big Daddy Government.
  • With regard to legal rights, women can buy and sell men like slaves at auction in the Anglo-American family court system. They regularly frivorce rape men of hundreds of thousands, or in the case of actors, millions of dollars. They can also take custody of children and run fathers into financial ruin or even have them sentenced to debtor’s prison through the child support system. Women have also created a false rape accusation epidemic, and remain free of the consequences of their lies.
  • In medicine, “per capita lifetime expenditure is a third higher for females ($361,200) than males ($268,700)” according to NIH.
  • With regards to discrimination, only males can do the discriminating in the American legal system. Specifically, white males. Which, incidentally makes them the target of discrimination of every other group with permanent “scapegoat” status.
  • With regards to violence: Violence against women is discussed ad nauseum, but violence against men never is. As an example of this cultural bias, when Lorena Bobbit sliced off her husband’s penis back in the 1990s, it became a big joke in mainstream media. Imagine a husband slicing his wife’s breast off and if that would become a running joke amongst late night comedians.
  • What the hell is unfree child marriage? Is this part of the new “human trafficking” narrative being spun by social engineers working for the real pedos occupying the highest social strata?
  • And just a reminder, women already spend over $100,000 more than they earn during the course of their lives, and men pay 200% of the taxes chicks do.

There are many more points to be made about how ridiculous the basis of this day is. But, let’s cut to the chase. This farcical “holiday” is business as usual in a country in which social engineers are working overtime to destroy men and boys.

It absolutely loathes them, since it villainizes the masculine and pedestalizes the feminine day in and day out. This “holiday” is just more spit in the eyes of American men. It is nothing short of Cultural Marxism designed to buy women off with the money it robs from men, thereby dropping a bomb on the nuclear family.

As philosophers in Greek society knew, a society that was apparently far wiser than ours because it gave women low social status, once a woman is made “equal” to a man she becomes his superior.

That is the true intention of this agenda. To reduce men to serf status, creating a world in which only a select few ever get sexual access or to reproduce. The family ceasing to exist, the Almighty God State will control the entirety of human affairs from cradle to grave. And of course, as the government micromanages the lives of citizens, in the future children may someday never know a mother and father if this insanity is allowed to reach a crescendo. That statement is not hyperbole. Aldous Huxley tried to warn us in Brave New World. We didn’t listen.

In the interest of fairness, there is no International Day of the Boy, as one might expect. But there is an International Men’s Day. Where was it inaugurated? In Zimbabwe. One might guess The Anglo-American Matrix is not going to create a day that goes against its agenda to turn men into outcasts.

P.S. In other news, the androgyny agenda is also proceeding as the Boy Scouts will now admit girls into the fold.

P.P.S. Would a meteor just come and destroy the globalist social engineers in one of their juntas down in the underworld already?

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Brainwashed, Manly Anglobitches Hate Feminine Women


A Russian woman comments on the hatred she receives for not being part of the Feminazi claven

An eyewitness account from the fires of modern Rome reveals what many of us who have abandoned aging, well worn, manly Anglobitches for superior foreign women already know. The comment came in response to a pithy writeup about the portrayal of white men by the lamestream media as bumbling idiots, weaklings and “racists” who need to be re-educated by shitlibs.

Here’s what one Russian woman had to say.

Anglo women (originators and purveyors of the cultural cancer of feminism) HATE, HATE, HATE women who still have intact feminine instincts, i.e. those who don’t subscribe to their creed of Penis Envy, YouGoGrrlism, the Church of Cock Carouseling, and civilizational destruction. These foreign women are the svelte, sweet hotties Anglobitches’ own men (including Yours Truly) have thrown them over for. PlutoKitten, hailing from traditional Eastern Europe, confirms the hatefulness and craziness of modern Western women:

Guys, this all much worse in here n Australia. I am a married Russian woman (32) and most Australian women over 30 hate-hate-hate the very fact I even exist. It’s like a subconsious thing. I am very attractive but also very bookish (rarely wear make-up/love science fiction) and I never let a Western woman to be my friend or even get close to me. They are dangerous, sick and deranged people, I am always stunned why Oz men can’t slap that shit down.

So much for the bland, feminist PR pleasantries about cultural diversity. The mere existence of this traditional woman perturbs crazy, power mad Anglo women who actually crave cultural uniformity. It seems that in Australia (like America) feminists have a “for us, or against us” attitude when it comes to supporting the evil feminist ideology. Diversity is actually a code word for anything that’s an affront to tradition and common sense.

This Russian babe knows well what many of us in the manosphere discuss amongst ourselves regularly: Western women are indeed dangerous, sick, and deranged. Is there anything that can be done this late in the game? An Australian man replied, explaining why Oz men haven’t slapped that shit down:

We’ve walked. Not allowed to fight. The state actively hates us. So we’ve walked.

He’s got a point. At this point, the Marxist state is so entrenched in Western nations becoming a MGTOW or PUA or Going Galt are the best options. I wouldn’t trade my freedom nor my time and experience with foreign women for any Anglobitch I’ve ever met. They made their man-hating bed, now they can lie in it.

Simple mathematics prove the gynocentric system will implode of its own volition once critical mass is reached, and Beta males stop allowing themselves to be fleeced by Big Daddy Government and predatory, frivorce happy women. Women will bankrupt the system without “x” number of Beta male dollars flowing into the coffers of revenuers working for Big Daddy Government to redistribute male productivity to hoes who spit upon the very hardworking men enabling their Eat, Pray, Love deathstyles.

In fact, the hatred for superior foreign women in English-speaking countries is so fervent TNMM was viciously attacked by feminists back in August 2016 for a simple comic portraying a lovelorn Anglo man winging his way over to Asia and finding true love. The vitriol was astounding.

But, it was truly, deeply satisfying to watch feminists writhe in pain over a comic about their men abandoning them for greener pastures of younger, tighter, hotter, sweeter poon. Feminist anger can be likened to a pet who shits up its cage, then expects someone it bit to now come clean up after it while it’s still growling.

Do you want to get your hands dirty doing a shitty job?

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Trading Places: Noble Masculinity and Predatory Femininity


Feminism liberated men more than it liberated women. Living life on beaches in paradise is now within reach of the common man. But, not every man will realize it

Men get a raw deal in life. Especially in Anglo America.

Since the beginning of civilization, men have sacrificed their bodies, their time, their labor and their lives as offerings to appease the female. How do avaricious, solipsistic women respond? By seizing the first opportunity to take their covetous nature to tangential new lows in the mistaken belief getting a J-O-B will allow them to live life in the lap of luxury without a pesky man and nasty little children hanging around wanting attention. (And occasional sex.)

Every woman a princess! YouGoGrrl! Well, that’s the illusion sold to women by evil social engineers. And they bought it hook, line, and sinker. They lost their families, male protection, and most of their time to become laborers rather than nurturers.

ItalyHistorically, in return for their sacrifice men only wanted families and loyal wives they could invest themselves in, and yet this is too much to ask in today’s culture. Women won’t even fuck Beta males anymore, much less have kids with them.

However, as one Twitter user recently brought to the world’s attention, women can, however, have sex with the invaders of Europe on top of a pile of trash. By the way, at least from a distance this chick looks too clean to be a working girl, despite the boots. Besides, how could he afford her if he’s fucking her on a trash pile? The depravity of white women never ceases to amaze. This photo is a perfect example of how women destroy civilization.

Females, left unchecked, will quickly destroy everything it takes males centuries or millenia to build up. Cucking Western men is how women (who ALWAYS betray – remember that fact about them) repay men who built the most advanced, luxurious civilization the world has ever known. By breeding with masculine men after they emasculated their own men through feminism and legalism.

How can this be fixed? Could it even be fixed?

In essence, what we have is a very noble masculinity and an overtly predatory female nature. Women have refused the noble offerings of masculinity because their predatory instincts have led them astray. They think they can get more by doing the work themselves, when in fact they are getting much less.

It seems the only viable solution is to sit back and watch it all burn down. Trying to stop the juggernaut known as the Decline of the West is the equivalent of jumping out in front of a train and expecting to survive. Not gonna happen.

But, there is a way to balance the books in the never-ending war between the sexes. Since women displaced men in the workplace, and manipulated the state into robbing us of the fruit of our labor while simultaneously taking everything that made us men away, we should enjoy our reprieve from the plantation. Let women do all the work, and let’s sit back and enjoy lives of leisure.

What’s most astonishing to me is, after leaving the system and the fantasy of the “American Dream” behind, I’m now living a happier life on $20,000 a year than I waas when I made $50,000. (And, after paying off the bankruptcy brought on by being used by my former employers in mainstream media, my credit is better than ever. I just got approved for a high limit American Express this week.) As TNMM has stated before, men are natural minimalists and women are natural materialists. Getting rid of all the clutter allows a man to focus on what’s important. In my case, traveling, riding motorcycles, driving fast cars, drinking, sitting on the beach in paradise, and banging hot ethnic tail have brought me delights in life that credentialism and careerism never could.

And to think, I once wanted to be tied down with an Anglobitch, nobly working to placate her materialistic cravings while sacrificing my own life. And they collectively refused that deal to do the work themselves. (The fact women jumped on the chance to eliminate men from their lives when feminism came about lends credence to the claim women only see men as walking cash machines, utility objects, and sperm donors.) It was the blunder of all time. But women made their bed. Now, let’s let them lay in it.

We men can now be happier living lives of freedom, sexual variety, and financial independence than living inside The Gilded Cage women’s nesting instincts spur them to trap their bodies and minds inside of. In short, let women do all the work since they wanted to work so bad. We can now live the “oppressing” lives of rest and relaxation they desperately wanted to leave behind.

Men can cast off the burden of being noble, let women take on that role as they carry the weight of society, and we John Galts/MGTOWs/PUAs can start living the predatory lives women enjoyed for so long. Let’s call it Trading Places. Until a full collapse hits the reset button.

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