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Paper Chase: Exploring the Links Between Feminism and Law

Sexuality is being warped and other assorted cultural insanity is now being unleashed by endless legalism

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

Despite the State’s unstinting legal support for false sexual abuse claims and misandrist divorce settlements, very few manosphere writers discuss the strong links between law and Anglo-American feminism. This is a startling omission, when one considers how many prominent feminists are lawyers, legal academics or politicians with legal backgrounds.

In fact, it must be said that law contains the intellectual ‘cream’ of the Anglo-feminist movement. Of course, the subaltern wing of academic feminism resides in the social ‘sciences’, with its non-patriarchal mathematics and other nonsense. The manosphere expends much (digital) ink discussing these poltroons, largely ignoring the legal wing of academic feminism. This is a pity, because the legal profession contains the best feminist minds; it is also the strongest feminist link to official institutions, the conduit through which feminism is imposed on the wider society.

Men always enquire, ‘How did this come about?’ whenever some misandrist agenda is arbitrarily applied to schools, public washrooms or sentencing procedures. More often than not, the answer is feminist legalism acting directly on ‘official’ institutions without reference to electoral processes.

Manosphere scholars seldom address feminist legalism for several reasons. First and most important, law is an obscure field full of specialist jargon. Second, manopshere scholars prefer easy conceptual victories against the (much weaker) arts-humanities wing of academic feminism. Third, the anti-Marxist fixation of the traditionalist manosphere blinds it to the intimate links between Anglo-American feminism and ‘traditional’ Anglo-Saxon culture. In this case the link is obvious, since ‘rule of law’ defines Anglo civilization. Indeed, law ‘rules’ Anglo-American society in a very literal way: think how many prominent Anglosphere politicians have a legal education or worked in the legal profession. In Continental Europe, a far higher proportion of politicians are scientists and economists (Angela Merkel is a scientist, for example).

Feminist legalism should therefore not surprise us, since the Anglosphere is defined by its legalism. The US is legalistic above all other nations; it has countless branches of law, all ever-growing like a vast tree. To pursue a biological analogy, if Anglo-American societies are the phenotype, law is their genotype; that is, they are regulated by pharisaic legalism above any other structural principle. Indeed, it might be said that the Anglosphere is law, in essence. Not only does Anglo-American feminism derive its legalistic character from this fact, it also derives much of its power from it. Curious, then, that the manosphere remains blind to feminist legalism and its power to engineer dramatic social change.

Some admiration is called for: dissident males in the Anglosphere raise a lot of rhetorical dust, while their feminist counterparts infiltrate the cultural genotype – namely, the legal system – and proceed to systematically fashion society in their own image. Equally important is their domination of legal education, since it will shape the next generation of lawyers, judges and judgements. Unlike the social ‘sciences’, law is one of the oldest and most prestigious of the university subjects: all elite universities have law departments and these attract high-status students who will become active members of the future ruling elite.

Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and a host of other political feminists all trained at elite law schools. In sum, feminism has been wise to infiltrate Anglo-American jurisprudence, for whoever controls law has the true keys to power. Feminist sociology might be the yeast, but feminist jurisprudence is the finished loaf.

Law is the “teeth” of social engineering schemes, making entrenched feminists puppeteers

Legalism Begets Social Engineering

My research for this article unveiled a veritable hornet’s nest of feminist jurisprudence. Nearly every major law school in the Anglosphere has powerful feminist representatives, as we can see from the following website:

It is no surprise that the site unambiguously links law to social engineering. Since no one really understands law except for specialist experts, it is perfect for the underhand manipulation of society in this way. Even more disturbing is the close link between law and politics, a seamless association in the Anglosphere. RF and other American dissidents talk a lot about America’s lapse into a police state: Feminist Law Professors is where that process really begins. The following passage gives some idea of the kind of articles posted there:

The U.S. Feminist Judgments Project seeks contributors of judicial opinions rewritten to reflect a feminist perspective, and commentaries on the cases and rewritten opinions, for an edited book collection tentatively titled Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Torts Opinions.  This edited volume is part of a collaborative project among law professors and others to rewrite, from a feminist perspective, key judicial decisions in the United States.  The initial volume, Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Opinions of the United States Supreme Court, edited by Kathryn M. Stanchi, Linda L. Berger, and Bridget J. Crawford, was published in 2016 by Cambridge University Press.  Subsequent volumes in the series will focus on different areas of law and will be under review by Cambridge.

It is easy to see what these legal activists are doing: rewriting legal precedents in order to create a corpus of pseudo-precedent for future judgements. In so doing, the future will be theirs (for as long as this dysfunctional civilization lasts).

The Anglo-feminist domination of the legal profession is of seismic significance, when one considers the vast power of jurisprudence in the Anglosphere (not to mention its deep historical links to politics and social administration). Conversely, masculinist activism in the English-speaking world lacks any legal wing, let alone an organized one. Instead, it assumes being ‘right’ will automatically confer ‘victory’ over feminist lawyers and politicians; sublimely missing the point that law, not truth, is the key to the Anglosphere.

Perhaps the fact that most male rights activists are engineers and tradesmen explains their political impotence; after all, engineers and tradesmen do not create/interpret laws or become politicians. To be blunt, Anglo-feminists are winning all the battles because they fight on the right battlefield, namely the legal one. Unless the Anglo men’s movement adjust to this reality, they will always be marginalised and powerless.

Unless they leave the Anglo-American Matrix, of course.

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The “Gender Pay Gap” Myth is Actually About the Deficit Women’s Reckless Lives Create


Women make crappy career and life choices – the essence of the “Gender Pay Gap” myth

The infamous “Gender Pay Gap” myth is a recurring theme on both sides of the corrupt American political aisle. Even Ivanka Trump touted this leftist narrative during her dad’s coronation at the RNC convention in 2016. Why do we keep hearing about the pay gap, and why are political game players so interested in it? Let’s gobble up another of the Establishment’s false narratives like a Bon Bon with the cleansing truth of Realtalk. (Are you noticing America is an empire built atop a mountain of lies, yet?)

It starts with this fact. Since the nuclear family was destroyed by The Anglo-American Matrix and its feminist “turn women into corporate drones” schemes, Western women have started to run deficits of $100,000 to $250,000 over the course of their lives due to their financial recklessness, spendy ways, and general irresponsibility.

How does The Anglo-American Matrix intend to balance the books, forcibly transferring money from hardworking, sexless Beta males to fat, frigid, sassy, demographically sterile, insolvent women? In much the same way it steals resources for any of its Big Daddy Government campaigns: using the Hegelian Dialectic to create a false narrative with the preconceived solution (robbing men to make up for the deficit created by women) hidden behind the Big Lie. In other words, by promoting the “Gender Pay Gap” myth.

The pay gap myth is a nefarious, clandestine solution to an actual problem created by feminism and women in the workplace: America will literally go bankrupt post-feminism without legions of man slaves ready and willing to be cucked even more than they already are by their government. We are already seeing foreshadowing of national financial ruin directly tied to the fallout from feminism with the ongoing retail apocalypse. Retailers are collapsing because YouGoGrrl, career women don’t have the money nor the time they once did to waste inside these churches of consumerism. They’re too busy enjoying their “liberation” as wage slaves on the corporate plantation while barely making ends meet.

As TNMM recently reported, the retail collapse in America and Britain – the two sides of the gynocentric Anglo cultural coin – has been brought on by the fact women have screwed themselves financially (and temporally – they don’t have free time, anymore) by working 70 hours a week while barely getting by. They were better off (and happier) when they were stay at home moms.

Women will bankrupt more and more institutions unless money is stolen from men to make up for the deficit women create. It all goes back to the fundamental difference between the sexes elucidated by TNMM: Men are natural minimalists, and women are natural materialists. Once again, biology refuses to bow to fantasies of equality spun by Socialist social engineers. The Gender Pay Gap myth is all about paying men less for the same work to make up for the fact women are wasteful with money. Meninist recently destroyed this false narrative by examining the statistics:

By now, you’ve probably heard the statistic that women earn between 77-78 cents on the dollar compared to what men earn. However, with just a little bit of research and some logic, it can easily be proven that the statistics are misguiding.

Quelle surprise! More lies from the matrix. Let’s delve into the stats:

One large factor is that women statistically choose lower-paying fields of work. Citing two lists, [Glen] Kessler [of the Washington Post] shows that nine of the 10 highest-paying fields are dominated by men, and that nine of the 10 lowest-paying fields are dominated by women.

The long and short of the matter is women want jobs where they get to wear fancy clothes, and men want jobs that pay well.

Contrary to the beliefs that patriarchy forces women to choose lower-paying jobs, the numbers support that women, in fact, choose the careers they prefer, they just happen to not be as lucrative as the ones chosen by men.

Even the Establishment can’t prove the validity of its own false narrative.

Lisa Maatz, a spokeswoman for the American Association of University Women, has confirmed that there is indeed no evidence that actually supports discrimination as the reason women earn less than men. When asked about how the wage gap is due to discrimination, she responded, “We’re still trying to figure that out.”

Well, we’re not trying to figure it out around here, Lisa. We know you are your minions are trying to cook the books in a way that will further disenfranchise men. Big Daddy Government already stole men’s families away with the welfare state, now he intends to steal all of the productivity of male labor and give it to women so his Socialist schemes don’t bankrupt the nation.

If realized, the “Gender Pay Gap” wealth redistribution scheme could turn men into abject slaves. Women will be happy, as they’ll be able to continue spending free money. The state will be happy, because its main enemy – the family – will be hopelessly lost as women won’t have anything to do with men who can’t provide them utility. Men, however, will be left to miserable lives of loneliness, drudgery, and poverty. (Except for those of us who Go Galt, adopt minimalism or become MGTOWs.) Orwell’s famous quote comes to mind:

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.

It seems that face will be male if the matrix has its way. Is it any wonder the U.S. government is so worried about its own security? Turning itself into a grotesque parody of democracy with surveillance and police state forces popping up all around us? It’s taking a massive dump on men everywhere, on top of all the other misdeeds and wrongdoings it spearheads throughout the nation and the world. As Gore Vidal put it:

You can’t have a war on terrorism because there’s no actual enemy. It’s an abstract. It’s like having a war on dandruff. That war will be eternal and pointless. It’s idiotic. That’s not a war. It’s a slogan. It’s a lie. It’s advertising. Which is the only art form we ever invented in America. And we use it to sell soap, wars, and presidential candidates in the same fashion.

And the matrix also uses public relations techniques to sell college debt slavery, a War on Drugs in which the CIA allows drug producers to bring drugs in while the same government kills and incarcerates people it sells drugs to, and of course, the latest lie, a pay gap myth. Wouldn’t you be worried, too, if you were king of the hill of this mountain of deceit and treachery with Internet truth tellers nipping at your heels?

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More Proof Feminism Left American Women Broke: They’re Selling Sex on Dating Apps


The realities of the Anglo-American dating and mating markets continue to defy the culture’s Hallmark card mental imagery it foists upon millions

In the past week we’ve already established the retail collapse and the education bubble are directly tied to feminism. This morally bankrupt ideology is also financially bankrupting American women, who remain powerless against the powers of feminist persuasion.

Even as their lives turn to shit as a result of the feted fantasies of feminism, they adhere to its doxy like mindless lemmings. Modern American women are hostile, degenerate, government dependents or wage slaves of the corporate establishment, alone, broke, and statistically sterile, yet they think they’re “empowered” in ways their grandmothers never dreamed of.

The delusion is almost beyond belief. But wait, there’s more.

Witness, mainstream dating apps in major cities filled with women who have dispensed with the guise of “Looking for Mr. Right” altogether. (Which any man experienced with women knows is a ruse, anyway.) Now, Anglo-American females are going directly for the red meat: trading sex for money. Money they “need” since Big Daddy Government only doles out gibsmedats in paltry amounts, the corporate life only yields women a basic existence, and men are wising up to the child support annuity and frivorce lottery games hoes play.

Incidentally, sex for resources is the foundation of the human sexual market. TNMM has reported in the past that all marriages (and relationshits) are at their core, buried under layers of sophistry, sex for resources. (If not cash, the promise of present or future male utility.) We’ve also shown how even females in the animal kingdom trade sex for resources.

That’s just how it works. Every woman has her price. It is what it is. This state of affairs has been the norm since time immemorial, but in dystopian modern times the state has rendered men useless to women as it cucks them by providing women with resources it steals from Beta males. This is the chief reason the dating and mating markets have become completely dysfunctional in Anglo America.

Now, we have another confirmation of this idea as I did some poking around on POF, OkCupid, and Badoo dating apps, investigating the new depths our society has sunk to. It seems the dating market in America has reached an interesting new low. I didn’t go in looking for the conclusions I’m about to draw; rather these findings came up organically as I searched for eligible ladies while traveling around America.

I sent out a flurry of messages to women in several major American cities the past few weeks: New York City, Atlanta, and Chicago. At least 50% of the time, women would respond back with either innuendo the street savvy man knows meant they were looking to trade sex for money, or would send back unmistakable replies like these:

  • “$$$$”
  • “60/100/150” meaning the cost in dollars of different intervals of time for sexual encounters with her. $60 for 15 minutes, $100 for 30 minutes, $150 for 60 minutes, etc.
  • “I’m looking for a sugar daddy.”

So, once again we find feminism has not empowered women but weakened them. It’s turning them into hoes.

But, why dating apps? Because the American Police State leviathan regularly terrorizes its sex-hungry populace with constant “stings” on victimless crimes like when Beta males (loathed and turned into pariahs in modern Anglo America) find a willing ho on Backpage. A conviction for soliciting for prostitution could render a hapless corporate worker drone destitute in this age of credentialism.

Read: You dumbfuck police, useful idiots of the power structure that you are, some things aren’t going away. Like the world’s oldest profession. Your ham-fisted stings just push this normal female behavior underground onto the black market.

Personally, I believe prostitution should be legalized. The ban on sex for hire needs to end along with other pseudo-moral prohibitions foisted upon the populace by a totally immoral American government. I see nothing wrong with it, especially since it dispenses with the ridiculous façade dating has become in a post-feminist world. Feminism has exposed the reality of women and the sexual market, as a direct “sex for resources” transaction is the default setting in an uncivilized society.

Meaning, modern women just want a man around long enough to extract sufficient cash from him to power their next fix of materialism or recreational drugs.

The fact women are now selling themselves on mainstream dating apps – of their own volition – proves the matrix is beyond delusional when it purports to “protect” women from evil sexual predators by rounding up “Johns” in prostitution stings around the U.S. In reality, the men they’re rounding up are timid and/or lonesome Beta males left out in the cold, masturbating ad nauseum post-feminism.

The reality is, women make the rules for sex in any society. Men only follow them. The rules used to be sex for marriage or commitment. But now, the rules have returned to their default setting of overt sex for cash. (Rather than clandestine sex for cash via marriage/commitment.)

This isn’t new knowledge. Our society has just become dysfunctional and insane as a result of social engineering and Cultural Marxism. The lessons about women and sexuality we are learning anew – the hard way – were written down in Bronze Age texts long ago.

If a woman bothers to respond to you at all these days on dating apps, there’s at least a decent shot she’s finally stopped pretending she’s interested in you as a human being, and like Capital One, is interested in “What’s in your wallet?” Have you noticed this latest social trend in your city?

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Women, Unsecured Debt and the Woes of the Anglosphere

Feminism and the financial chaos left in its wake has proven women cannot remain solvent without men in their lives

Rookh Kshatriya is the creator of the Anglobitch blog, The Anglobitch Thesis and the author of Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society.

RF recently posted an interesting article (The Retail Collapse) on the decline of retail stores and shopping malls in the US. Let me point out that exactly the same phenomenon has beset Britain in recent years: C&A, Woolworths, BHS, Comet, Blockbuster and Phones4U have all ‘gone West’ since the Millennium. And other retailers have had to write-off hundreds of stores just to survive. RF’s plausible argument is that women – society’s inveterate shoppers – now lack the disposable wealth to indulge their dubious passion. The jobs they hold are generally not very remunerative; and men are no longer prepared to support their profligate ways.

This incisive analysis is also supported by the figures on female debt. Most Anglo-American debtors are women, by a considerable margin; and much of their debt arises from paying expensive college fees for worthless qualifications in the arts and humanities. From Fortune magazine:

Women are now the majority on college campuses across the United States—representing 56% of all students enrolled as of fall 2016. And according to a new report, they’re also shouldering the lion’s share of the nation’s student debt problem.

A report by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) found that on average, women hold $833 billion—or almost two-thirds—of the country’s $1.3-trillion student debt, compared to the $477 billion that men hold.

Overall, after completing a bach­elor’s degree, women’s average accrued student debt is about $1,500 greater than men’s. African American women take on more student debt than any other group of women, with an average of $30,000.

In the UK, most college loans are never repaid and most graduates get jobs they could have had after leaving high school. In sum, the majority of students pursue higher education out of snobbery (it is still mistakenly considered ‘middle class’), outmoded parental expectations and the (largely false) promise of hedonistic excess.

Reality soon bites, however. Newly armed with irrelevant qualifications, the average college graduate quickly learns that a line of computer code outweighs a million lines of poetry. Now, culture is a wonderful thing and yes, it should be studied and transmitted to succeeding generations. But do we really need half the population studying it? Besides, times were when the humanities were hardcore disciplines requiring mastery of ancient languages and intimate knowledge of the great canonical works of western civilization. Since the Sixties counter-culture infiltrated academia, those rigorous days are long gone; any clown can do Cultural Studies.

In many ways, the problem of student debt arises from a long-standing mismatch between reality and expectation. The western worldview is still rooted in the post-War era, an age of unprecedented prosperity and opportunity. In those days, going to college automatically made someone ‘middle class’ for life. Although that era ended in 1974, it continues to define the West’s general outlook – a legacy worldview, if you will. Even today, most middle aged people still assume that a college degree in any subject from any institution will confer privileged status on their offspring. Indeed, the whole ‘happy families’ narrative to which Tradcon politicians cling is also a legacy of those times. These mistaken beliefs are incredibly stubborn and persistent, something only fully apparent to someone from a non-western cultural heritage.

And in many ways the misty-eyed nostalgia for those golden years is understandable: they were times of unprecedented opportunity for ordinary Brits and Americans. However, this nostalgia has become problematic now the West faces tough competition from regions armed with higher IQs and the Confucian work ethic.

Anglosphere nations are so maladjusted to existing conditions that young people can no longer expect rational guidance from their elders. This is especially true for young men, whose parents told them ‘the right girl’ would happen along if they conformed to societal expectations; or that girls prefer ‘nice guys’ to criminal thugs. Indeed, the Manosphere in all its glory arose to fill this ‘advice gap’ that yawns like a crevasse in the lives of younger men.

But the post-War legacy hobbles women, too. Armed with pointless degrees in finger painting and Womyn’s Studies, they waste their prime years riding the thug carousel (or snarled in sterile hyper-hypergamy) and shuffling papers in a ‘beauty sinecure’ (most companies keep a few babes around as morale boosters, even today). When their Wall approaches, most ‘educated’ women hastily revert to the post-War Tradcon narrative: surely Prince Beta will ride up on his white charger, write off her debts and save her ageing ass with a wave of his credit card?

Sadly, it ain’t happening. Thanks to the Manosphere, Prince Beta knows the score. Besides, with sex tourism booming in South America, Slavic Europe and the Far East, he needs dusty Anglo tail like he needs a kick in the nuts. And so our crusty Anglobitch stumbles towards middle age, accruing ever more debt, her SMV sinking with each passing year. We know where this ends: a broken-down cat lady abusing opiates on Welfare, renting her rancid ass out to gammas for the price of her next fix. The economic repercussions will be seismic in the decades to come.

I don’t claim to be an economist but even I can see that if a huge proportion of women take out massive loans they can never repay, someone somewhere must be getting shafted. Limiting college access would probably go some way to fixing things, as would expanding intermediate technical education. However, that would greatly reduce female enrolment rates – complete anathema in the gynocentric Anglosphere. In any case, American women must believe they are ‘middle class’ – a superior caste – for the post-feminist narrative to work. Even if this ‘status’ is illusionary, the illusion has to be sustained to keep females ‘onside’; an absolute imperative in our gynocentric civilization.

Ultimately, it is hard not to link the rise of Anglo-American feminism to the Anglosphere’s economic woes. Permitting trillions of dollars of unsecured debt so that mediocre Anglo princesses can feel successful, superior and ‘middle class’ is totally irrational in the competitive twenty-first century. This mass pandering to women first began in the prosperous post-War era, and doubtless hastened its end.

Essentially, women are clowns; and building societies around their infantile whims is a recipe for disaster. By nature, women are not productive; they cannot create, build or innovate. Though many of them study the arts and humanities, their contributions to these fields amount to zero. Jurisprudence, the only ‘serious’ field where they outnumber men, predictably requires no imagination. However, law does allow women to indulge their atavistic yearnings for social destruction and systemized misandry, abetted by the Pharisaic Anglo-American obsession with punitive legalism.

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The Retail Collapse: Without Beta Bucks, Predatory Females Can’t Spend Hand Over Fist


American retailers are cratering post-feminism because women don’t have Beta Bucks guys to foot the bill for their sickening orgy of materialism

MGTOWs, John Galts, and minimalists are having a devastating impact on the obscene behemoth known as the cyclical consumption consumer economy. Take note of the ongoing demise of major retailers around America. As reported by MSM outlet The Atlantic:

From rural strip-malls to Manhattan’s avenues, it has been a disastrous two years for retail. There have been nine retail bankruptcies in 2017—as many as all of 2016. J.C. Penney, RadioShack, Macy’s, and Sears have each announced more than 100 store closures. Sports Authority has liquidated, and Payless has filed for bankruptcy.

The perceptive man immediately notices that most of those strapped for cash stores are retailers Anglobitches (of all ethnicities assimilated into the culture at large) patronize. Except for possibly Radio Shack. But wait, it gets even better.

Last week, several apparel companies’ stocks hit new multi-year lows, including Lululemon, Urban Outfitters, and American Eagle, and Ralph Lauren announced that it is closing its flagship Polo store on Fifth Avenue, one of several brands to abandon that iconic thoroughfare.

There’s an important statistic to keep in mind while analyzing the death of retail – women make or influence 80% of all retail purchasing decisions in the U.S. economy. The vast majority of these stores thrived in the past because women had Beta Bucks to lavish on wasteful purchases.

Men don’t shop at these stores. And increasingly, men are moving away from the shopping and eating out lifestyles that women get off on altogether. Since men started awakening to their exploitation by The Predatory Female, et al. and her enablers in the corporate-government complex, the well of chumps with cash and credit cards in hand is drying up. Men are no longer throwing money at ungrateful, frigid, sex-hoarding women.

Women, sensing the Gravy Train is about to come to a grinding halt are already showing signs they’re going to make moves to keep American men on the Anglobitch plantation. They’re having huddles about easing up on some of the bile they regularly spit at men, saying feminism has gone too far. Not because they give a damn about you or me, but because they want to continue to live on the largesse provided to them in the past by hardworking men they spat upon.

The death of retail can’t simply be blamed on a bad economy. Continuing from The Atlantic:

A deep recession might explain an extinction-level event for large retailers. But GDP has been growing for eight straight years, gas prices are low, unemployment is under 5 percent, and the last 18 months have been quietly excellent years for wage growth, particularly for middle- and lower-income Americans.

That’s another interesting piece of the puzzle. Wages have been growing even though the U.S. economy is based almost completely on rampant consumerism. What gives? Along comes TNMM reader John Smith to clarify what is actually happening.

There is now a rash of mall closings all across America. The MSM is blaming it on Amazon and online shopping. That is certainly a component, but I believe the reason goes even deeper.

Historically, women love to shop with their friends for social reasons, buying worthless crap, having a long lunch with wine of course, and gossiping the hours away. Teenage girls also love hanging out at the mall, the mall rats. The mall closings are caused by a huge decrease in sales, but this doesn’t explain the “why” given the historical social context.

My hypothesis is that so many men (MGTOW and those that don’t know they are) have denied the female collective so many billions of dollars that they are running out of money and credit. With no men to bail them out or sponge off (the strategy of their mothers) they are broke and can’t shop like they historically have. It is better not to go mall shopping with your friends, not being able to buy anything or having the credit card denied in front of you. I believe this is the true social answer for the closings and the plunging stocks of merchants.

Females have not changed their social needs. So, why the change in behavior? Getting their validation and gossip from their smart phones doesn’t explain it all. So, what does? The only answer I can come up with is that they are broke. This could also explain the ever rising stock market – men aren’t pissing away money on women anymore and investing instead.

Another telling indicator is the wedding chapel business in Vegas. The bottom fell out of it a few years ago and it continues to shrink.

John hit it out of the park with this one. The Anglobitch no can’t sustain her eat-prey-love orgy of consumerism without Beta Bucks chumps to finance her. It is a mathematical certainty that “empowering” women and disenfranchising men will lead to a cratering of the economy. It will be proven once again, as it has been throughout history, that putting women in charge of society and culture is tantamount to societal/cultural/economic suicide.

Because women spend more than they earn, men pay twice the amount of tax revenue into the system as women do, and the YouGoGrrl narrative has resulted in most women taking menial, low-paying jobs they hate rather than becoming the CEOs and titans of industry they dreamed of, women simply don’t have the spending power they had when men footed their bills. (Incidentally, the editor of this humble outpost thoroughly enjoys watching white chicks toiling miserably at those crappy jobs that were “supposed” to mean the end of men!)

As men start dropping out of the economy altogether, becoming Naughty Nomads and minimalists who live in minimal houses, the investment economy will continue to grow while the consumer side of the economy will continue to decline.  Why? Men are natural savers and builders of wealth, and women are natural spenders and destroyers of wealth.

The long and short of it all is, the great Marxist social experiment is ending in disaster and tragedy for the West. Men and women went from being natural allies to becoming modern day enemies, and men will be much better off post-feminism than women will be. In fact, the Anglobitch is on her way to utter destitution without nice guys to “bail her out” of the fiduciary disasters she creates by spending, on average, $100,000 or more than she earns over the course of her lifetime.

Anglo media is, predictably, turning a blind eye to the fact the War of the Sexes they helped foment is resulting in women becoming poorer and men becoming richer.

I say, let women reap what they’ve sewn. I’m enjoying my new lifestyle, free from the dead weight toting an Anglobitch around represents. I’m not ready to strap one on my back just yet, especially considering the superior quality of poon (not to mention behavior) I can pick up abroad.

Put that in your eye, feminists and globalists.

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Women Aren’t Women, Anymore


The line that sums up the current state of affairs in Anglo culture: “Women aren’t women, anymore.”

Feminism and social engineering (a.k.a. Cultural Marxism) have turned marriage and even relationships into shitty prospects for men. This was by design, but the situation has left women in quite a pickle. They don’t know quite what to make of their newfound “empowerment” now that the egress from the path of feminism has led them straight into a thorny brier patch (not the rosy field of flowers they were promised) featuring a lifetime of loneliness, corporate bondage, and spinster bitterness.

Life Site dug up some interesting statistics about changing attitudes towards marriage among women:

Fewer young men in the US want to get married than ever, while the desire for marriage is rising among young women, according to the Pew Research Center.

Yes, the ensuing disaster seems to be working in an inversely proportional manner for each sex when it comes to the desire to get married.

Pew recently found that the number of women 18-34 saying that having a successful marriage is one of the most important things rose from 28 percent to 37 percent since 1997. The number of young adult men saying the same thing dropped from 35 percent to 29 percent in the same time.

As suitable suitors abandon Anglobitches in droves, ticking biological clocks and worries about “Who’s going to take care of me now that I’m aging and my pussy pass is expiring?” are skewing those statistics for women. Meantime, men have found that life is better without the baggage of an Anglobitch to carry around.

Pew’s findings have caught the attention of one US writer who maintains that feminism, deeply entrenched in every segment of the culture, has created an environment in which young men find it more beneficial to simply opt out of couple-dom entirely.

Could the male exodus from marriage (and relationshits) also be happening because modern Anglo women literally bring nothing to the table except a long list of demands, an entitled attitude, cellulite, hair bleach, too much makeup, too many tattoos, and a vagina that has been the cock holster for too many men? Of course, that’s a rhetorical question. Those are certainly reasons why men are abandoning modern women.

Ultimately, feminism has been just as bad of a deal for women as it has been for men. Women have just been too foolish and short-sighted to realize the consequences of their actions. Consequences like being economically pumped and dumped by corporate America, like so many of the bad boys they lust after. The much ballyhooed fact is:

For the first time in US history, the number of women in the workforce has surpassed the number of men, while more women than men are acquiring university degrees.

With regards to their newfound roles as common laborers rather than mommies, we have just one thing to say: Enjoy those jobs, ladies! And the lifetime of non-bankruptable debt bondage incurred by your “education” at lefty colleges and universities.

Your hard work and interest payments will let us men take it easy for a while, banging younger, hotter, tighter bitches poolside. After all, turnabout is fair play. We worked hard to build a glorious civilization for you, and betrayal was our thanks.

Now that women have displaced men in their traditional role as provider and pushed them out of their jobs, let’s let Anglobitches bask in their glory. Men now have a chance to live better lives than we ever have before, freed of the bridle that once had us carrying our own weight plus the carriage weight of the sickeningly materialistic lives most women want to lead.

Here’s a game changing fact. Today’s male minimalist can live a world-roaming, pussy-slaying lifestyle on less money than indoctrinated corporate drones ever dream of. Yours truly has calculated that cost to be about $18,000 to $25,000 a year for the astute, travel-savvy shitlord. (A motivated minimalist living abroad can swing it on as little as $5,000 to $7,500 a year.) I’m not just making that claim, I’ve been doing it for two years and am writing a book showing other men how to do it. I want to turn a trickle into an avalanche when it comes to males freeing themselves of a system that simultaneously exploits and berates them.

Suzanne Venker, author a book entitled The War on Men, urges women who are drunk on their own pussy power to back down from the height of feminist insanity before its too late. (But, it’s already too late. Still, it’s nice to watch smarmy Anglobitches start to backpeddle.)

“The problem? This new phenomenon has changed the dance between men and women,” Venker wrote. With feminism pushing them out of their traditional role of breadwinner, protector and provider – and divorce laws increasingly creating a dangerously precarious financial prospect for the men cut loose from marriage – men are simply no longer finding any benefit in it.

What a shock that no man wants to take on a lifetime of hard work for a depreciating asset that disrepects, hates, and cheats on him every step of the way!


Modern men have their own thoughts on societal role reversals brought on by feminism

Men Act Rationally to a Lack of Incentive

Venker also stumbled upon our segment of the new counterculture as she wrote her book. Our messages are at last bubbling into mainstream dialogue.

As a writer and researcher into the trends of marriage and relationships, Venker said, she has “accidentally stumbled upon a subculture” of men who say “in no uncertain terms, that they’re never getting married.”

Damn straight. We’ve figured out the ruse, and aren’t too keen on being placed back into bondage for women who demonstrably don’t give a fuck about us. These are women who are, for all intents and purposes, have become wannabe men indulging Freudian Penis Envy fantasies. And on that note, here’s the best line from the entire book:

“When I ask them why, the answer is always the same: women aren’t women anymore.”

No, they’re not. They’re predatory creatures living eat-prey-love lifestyles at the expense of any man too stupid to realize he’s being fleeced.

Feminism, which teaches women to think of men as the enemy, has made women “angry” and “defensive, though often unknowingly.”

Of course, a misandrist Anglo culture always finds men to blame for well, everything.

“Now the men have nowhere to go. It is precisely this dynamic – women good/men bad – that has destroyed the relationship between the sexes. Yet somehow, men are still to blame when love goes awry.”

Now that Anglobitches are starting realize they’ve killed the goose that lays the golden egg, i.e. the Beta male they’ve relentlessly shit upon and belittled for a couple of generations now, they want to nurse him back to health only so they can continue to ride the Gravy Train. And perhaps, leave those miserable lives in Office Space hell behind – the very lives they lusted after for so long. Good luck getting that genie back into the bottle, ladies.

The bottom line: When cultures work, men and women compliment each other. When cultures self-destruct, men and women compete with each other.

What’s your response to the women who betrayed you and tried to usurp and subjugate you using the power of the state when given the first opportunity to do so, and now want you to come back and do their bidding?

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Even Women Are Now Saying Feminism Has Gone Too Far


Even women are beginning to question the motives of feminism on American college campuses

There are early signs the tide seems to be turning against feminism. At least, in some circles. More than ever, thoughtful women are beginning to see it as the cultural cancer + misandry movement that it is. And they’re speaking out.

But, as always, women have ulterior motives for opposing feminism. It’s not about truth and justice as much as it is keeping men from leaving women holding the bag. Sensing, perhaps that men are ready to walk off the plantation permanently, leaving women to handle the crushing weight of their own material and financial demands, even college women are now telling rabid feminists to calm down as they lob spittle-laced attacks at modern males.

As we were questioning the legitimacy of the aims of the International Day of the Girl right here at TNMM, so were some (worried?) women at George Washington University, as reported by IWF:

On the International Day of the Girl, the Network of enlightened Women (NeW) chapter at George Washington University hosted a panel discussion on why Modern Feminism and the Third Wave Feminist movement do not speak for all women.  Panelists included Karin Agness Lips, the founder of NeW and Senior Fellow at IWF, Emily Jashinsky, graduate of George Washington University and current commentary writer for the Washington Examiner, and IWF’s very own Julie Gunlock, the Director of the Culture of Alarmism Project.

Hmm. One immediately wonders what motive women have to break from the herd. Why, it’s self-interest, of course.

In any case, women telling feminists to keep their bile to themselves is a nice sentiment, but it’s a whisper in a very loud Anglo-American echo chamber. The fact is, feminists do all the talking in CIA-manipulated mainstream media and in the Hollyweird “play pretend in front of a camera” bubble. Of course, most women sheepishly follow along with the narratives extolled from their so-called social betters. Still, it’s nice to see women pointing out the follies of their own kind.

The toxicity of the Third Wave Feminist movement is easily seen on college campuses, making organizations like NeW and events like last night all the more important. Often times a conservative voice is lacking in the curriculum, let alone a female conservative voice. However, Gunlock and Lips agree that relations between the feminist movement and the majority of women who don’t consider themselves feminists didn’t used to be so vicious.

What an astonishing change in tone. For a half century, women have been happy to jump on the feminist bandwagon to take whatever they could get from men, and the system men support with their labor and tax dollars.

But now, they’re marginalizing feminism because the well of clueless chumps and hard workers the plantation needs is drying up. Men are going their own way, ready to abandon women completely beyond pump and dumps, and Anglobitches are changing their tune.

Analyzing women’s own claims about how mean-spirited feminists are, the viciousness of modern feminists makes it obvious that cultural brainwashing has been very effective on humanity’s ultimate followers: Anglobitches. Just as these unstable drama-seekers once had “witches” burned at the stake, they’re now figuratively burning nonbelievers in the feminist doxy at the stake.

Ergo, women are dangerous without proper male and cultural guidance. They don’t ever seem to know WHY they’re what they’re doing, really, but once they’ve drank the Kool-Aid served by their masters they forbid critical thinking outside the myopic world of what they’ve been told to believe. Perhaps that’s why the Christian bible has called for men to be the heads of family and community for two thousand years.

This is why all religion AND social engineering schemes AND advertising primarily focus on manipulating women. Because it’s so easy to manipulate them. The vast majority of women don’t think for themselves, so manipulators have been doing it for them for thousands of years. In today’s bizarro world of imposed feminist zealotry, if a woman decides she doesn’t subscribe to the ideals of the claven, she’s a heretic:

And the attacks are just that, vicious. Many conservative women face harsh criticism online, and in the classroom if they speak up about their political beliefs. While Jashinsky stressed the importance of reading the defining literature on both sides of the argument, Lips suggests that when dealing with the name calling that often comes with taking a stand against the traditional leftist feminist voice, to “talk about what the real secondary consequences are for their policies.” By turning the conversation into an intellectual debate, all of the panelists agreed that conservative women would have the upper hand.

This is how feminism will be destroyed. It is a doctrine based completely on irrational, emotional groupthink spurred on by social engineers working from lofty perches inside the Anglo-American thought control matrix. Once the cleansing truth of Realtalk reaches a critical mass, feminism will die from the massive doses of truth-based chemotherapy.

Like just about everything The Anglo-American Matrix is based on, feminism is a house of cards built upon a mountain of lies. Even the girls at GWU are asking questions about the origins of feminist narratives. Here’s what the girls had to say:

Where are all of these radical feminist ideologies coming from? And what makes them seem so prevalent in the feminist movement?

Hint: These narratives originated from the CIA, the treasonous organization that funded Gloria Steinem’s Ms. magazine at the behest of the Rockefeller family back in the 1960s, as revealed by Hollywood filmmaker Aaron Russo. The CIA also has tentacles extending into the anal sphincters of the agenda-setters who run mainstream media, as revealed by whistleblower Kevin Shipp. Even the college girls see how they’re being manipulated:

Gunlock and her work at IWF focuses on conservative women in pop culture, and how they are never portrayed in a flattering light and almost always fall into the tropes that the Third Wave Feminists use against us. Gunlock argued that it is because “popular culture is not conservative” further calling it “overwhelmingly liberal”.

The tactic of freezing and polarizing your “enemy” (in this case traditional women and families) is known as Cultural Marxism. Here comes another blow to its aims:

Because the left “can’t comprehend being pro-women and also a conservative” Lips continues to push NeW on campuses across the country in order to give women without a voice, a platform to speak openly about their beliefs.

It seems women will used the tried and true oppression card (“women without a voice”) to once again get their way. Except now, they’ll use it to “speak openly” against feminism rather than in support of it.

In short, women are beginning to realize the fantasies they’ve been sold about having a “career” and being “empowered” and being a “YouGoGrrl” are mirages. As they’re sold into lives of corporate bondage under duress of neverending student loan payments by following the directives of the system, a few women are beginning to take note that they’ve been had. The Strong, Independent Woman™  fantasy is the same as the mirage of a vanishing oasis in a dry, dry desert.

The few women capable of critical thought are starting to maybe, just maybe realize they were fooled by feminism and the lies of The Anglo-American Matrix. These chicks then put on the cloak of being “conservative” women, when in fact they only realized they have it better with man slaves in their lives than without.

Make no mistake, this movement of women against feminism has nothing to do with chicks giving a damn about men. It’s just that some women are realizing they sold themselves out to become common laborers, and will have nobody but the bankrupt state to look after them once they’ve passed their prime. In other words, nature’s master manipulators (women) are moving to save their own asses because their plan to usurp men isn’t quite working out the way they had hoped.

How’s that for supreme irony? Women tried to show they weren’t weak and gullible by subscribing to feminism, a movement that preyed upon their weakness and gullibility. Wow.

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